Chapter 2-32: When Going Out, You Have to Bring Enough Money

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1947 characters
Translator: Nexus English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1202 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Lil Red Imp, Deximus_Maximus

“Twelve Hundred!”
“Fifteen Hundred!”
“Two Thousand!”

The bidding had begun. With Carol’s beauty and the rarity of fairy elf, it was only natural that many people would bid, but the more those people cried out, the more Durango shook in front of me.

“Are you really that afraid?”
“No ⓢⓗⓘⓣ! Can’t you be afraid? If anyone lets that dragon-blooded lunatic know that his baby girl was sold as a slave, he will definitely kill everyone here!”

“Dragon-blooded… lunatic?”
“Yes, Emona Callanster, the youngest Saint-level expert in the last millennia of the Holy Dragon Empire’s history, he is also the man who once saved the entire western front of the Empire.
“Without him, I am afraid that the Holy Dragon Empire would’ve been breached by the Demon Army by now.”

Demon army? I remember that five of the nine human kingdoms bordered on the Demon Realm, and it was precisely because these five countries shared equal responsibilities that they were able to barely fend off the Demon race. In addition to that, the Demon King was injured and is currently chasing his son-in-law across the world.

But it stands to reason that the Holy Dragon Empire has the least to worry about, after all…

“Doesn’t the Holy Dragon Empire have the Guardian Dragon, Aurora? How could it almost have been breached?”
“It is precisely because of the existence of His Majesty the Guardian that the peak fighting power of the Holy Dragon Empire can be said to be the greatest in all of the nine kingdoms, but because of this we have always been the key offensive target for the Demons.”

“In the last Battle of Locarme, the Demon Army dispatched three grand dukes, even if the Holy Dragon Empire had the Guardian Dragon and Headmaster Mercaid, it would be difficult to say who would’ve won. In the end, Emona Callanster was born and repelled the third Grand Duke to win.”
“What to do … we’ll be killed, everyone will be killed.”

Durango curled up in his chair, holding his leg and trembled like a sieve.

“As for that, this is the Luminous Theocracy, no matter how terrible her father is, even he would be afraid to make trouble here.”
“I wouldn’t be so sure of that, Emona Callanster was nearly fifty years old when he was awarded his title of Duke, and his Majesty offered his own sister to him for his merits.”

“Do you know what this means? This means that he can basically do whatever he wants in the Holy Dragon Empire except to sit on the throne!”

His concubine is the younger sister of the king, not to mention his strength that’s at the peak of the Saint Realm, isn’t the King of the Holy Dragon Empire afraid of Carol’s father seeking power and usurping the throne?

“Furthermore, Duke Callanster is famous, if he knew that his daughter was sold as a slave, and I’m afraid he would even dare to break into the Demon King’s Capital…”

Durango smiled at me with a smile saying he had nothing left to live for, “There’s a reason he’s otherwise known as crazy.”

It seemed to be a little troublesome, but since her dad was such a big shot, why didn’t she directly call her dad to have the auction house destroyed? Instead, she just made everything more troublesome.
But … since Durango was so scared, maybe I …

“Don’t worry,” I pat Durango’s shoulder and encouraged him, “It’s not time to give up.”
“What … do you mean?”

“Since Carol’s father is known to be insane, wouldn’t it be fine if we didn’t let him know.”
“You mean …”

“Yeah …” I shoved the number plate into Durango’s hand. “You just have to buy Carol.”
“Buy … buy her?”

“Yes, buy it,” I seduced him. “You just buy Carol and let her go. Then you don’t say anything and I don’t say anything, and Carol won’t say anything for the sake of face. How would anyone know aside from Carol herself?”
“Yeah … yeah … Just buy Carol.” After listening to me, Durango came to a realization and his eyes bloomed full of color again.

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“It’s just … why are we exchanging number plates?”
“Ah… haha, don’t worry about such trivial things, you just need to be responsible for holding a plate and buying Carol.”

“Okay!” Durango clenched his fists firmly and puffed himself up. “I will definitely buy her.”
“Then come on. Oh… now the price has soared to three thousand, as long as you scream out five thousand, everyone will definitely be scared by you and won’t increase the price.”

“Of course.”

“But …” Durango’s face suddenly collapsed. “I only brought four thousand gold coins.”
You didn’t bring enough money?

“Heh-heh-heh, it’s okay.”
“Wow… your laugh sounds so scary…”

“I can lend you money.”
“It’s disturbing to see you laugh so scarily when you lend money.”

“See, I’ll only charge you one percent of interest.”
“One Percent? That’s not bad.”

“One percent…a day”
“One percent a day?” Durango’s face turned pale. “Isn’t that usury?”

“That’s right, it’s a high-interest loan.”
“However, young man…” I put my hand on Durango’s face, and flashed a kind (self-righteous) smile, “What other options do you have?”

Durango stared at me desperately, as if trying to remember my face, but I’m wearing a mask at the moment, so no matter how he looks at me, I won’t be shy.

After a short while, Durango finally made up his mind, gritting his teeth and saying, “Okay, I’ll borrow from you.”
“A wise decision.” I tossed him a small storage ring, “This is six thousand gold coins, paid in advance.”

“Don’t hold back, Young man.”
Durango glared at me again, as if wanting to take a bite out of me.
However, in the end he still had to raise the price, “Five thousand!”

Suddenly, the price jumped up by two thousand and the venue went silent. Everyone seemed to be waiting to see who was so impressive.
But that’s not my problem. I found a comfortable position and leaned back on the chair. I felt that the aggravation that had risen up in me over the past few days was gone.

Haha, I have been scammed so many times, and now this princess has finally scammed someone. It feels so good.

Speaking of which, the auction house really is powerful, it seems that going with two people for the price of one person would’ve had them losing money, but the value of the two people placed there and the final transaction price may be much higher than the price either of them could’ve been sold for in a single auction.

“Five thousand! Guest Thirty-Eight has bid five thousand!”

Seeing that someone directly raised the price by two thousand, the clown was also excited, and at that moment Durango also realized why I had to exchange a number plate with him.

“Five thousand! Are there any higher bids?”
“Since there aren’t, then this time the products will go to the thirty-eighth…”

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“Six Thousand.”
Just then, the balding Archduke suddenly held up a card.
“This old man will spend six thousand gold coins.”


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