Chapter 2-31: Life’s Chance Encounters Always Catch You Off Guard

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2535 characters
Translator: Nexus English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1513 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Lil Red Imp, Deximus_Maximus

When the clown finished speaking, many people couldn’t wait to start answering.

“Two Hundred!”
“Two Hundred and Fifty!”
“I’ll put forth Three Hundred!”

The audience’s mood was soaring and the price broke through four hundred in just an instant.

“Hey, why aren’t you bidding?”

I pushed out my elbows and sat firmly on the side. Durango didn’t seem to be thinking about getting involved either.

Durango sneered when he heard the words, “Although I like elf girls very much, this one is obviously badly adjusted and is no different from a puppet.”

“Slaves with training this poor are generally only for minor nobles who only have a little money to spend. If you don’t believe me, pay attention to the bidders sitting in the front, holding themselves back.”

Looking around, I found that Durango was right, all the minor nobles who shot were behind, and the real rich people in the front three rows were still sitting calmly amidst the chaos.

“OK! The 177th guest bids 480 coins! Does anyone want to bid higher?”

The clown looked around as usual.

“Four hundred and eighty, going once!”
“Four hundred and eighty, going twice!”

“Sold for 480 coins! Congratulations to the 177th guest, please go to the back office to go through the formalities of contract transference after the auction is over.”

The clown waved his hand at the green-haired elf, and the elf walked back obediently. Even after the auction concluded, her eyes did not show any signs of life.

Just like a living corpse, she was only able to follow instructions or move instinctively, and possessed no will of her own.

“Ahh ~ so boring, is there nothing interesting to buy?”

Durango sat sideways in his chair, bored and seemingly very dissatisfied with the previous item.
Even though he was the one saying that the auction house’s standard was not bad.

“The next item on our docket is a lovely beastman.”

Another person wearing a black mask appeared holding an iron chain in his hand and the end of the chain was a petite girl.

The girl is very cute, with a pair of furry animal ears on her head. If I was still a man, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to hold myself back.

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The atmosphere of the auction also reached a climax with the appearance of the beastgirl. A few people sitting in the front row sat ramrod straight and prepared themselves.

“You ⓑⓐⓢⓣⓐⓡⓓⓢ, let me go!”

Unlike the last ones, the beast-eared girl was still fighting. While struggling, she cursed their ancestors.

“Haha, this was what we caught last night. It seems she was hiding at the bottom of the cargo ship, trying to sneak in.”
“However, this kind of wild and difficult to train slave is more interesting, don’t you think?” The clown twisted his waist in a very vulgar way and said in an indecent tone.

“Hahaha!” The audience laughed loudly and agreed with the clown’s words.

“Ptooey! Scum!” The beast-eared girl spit on the clown’s face.

The clown pulled out a handkerchief from his sleeves and rubbed his mask slowly.

“Sweetie, the fiercer you are, the more people will want to buy you.”
“Then the auction will now commence, we’ll start the bidding at five hundred!”

The price for her was higher than the elf from a moment ago, but the bidders were far more involved now.

“Six Hundred!”
“Seven Hundred!”
“Seven Hundred and Fifty! I am Marquis Stewart, give me face!”
“You have no right and no potential to be more than a fart at the border. I am the Marquis of Modo. Eight hundred gold coins. You give me face.”

As soon as the Marquis of Modo spoke everything came to a halt, the calls stopped suddenly, and everyone seemed to be considering whether it was cost-effective to continue bidding on her.

Seeing that the bidding stopped, the clown asked tentatively, “Are there no more bidders? In that case, eight hundred, going once… eight hundred, going twice…”

“One thousand.”

The words were spoken in a calm tone, absolutely filled with self-confidence.

The Marquis of Modo, who had thought he had things in the bag, was disturbed by this and immediately looked at the speaker with a face full of anger.

But when he saw the man’s appearance, he was astonished as a daylily.

“I didn’t expect Count Muscara to come too.” Durango, who had been relaxing, put on a serious expression when he saw the man.
“Is he powerful?”

“His strength is secondary. The important thing is that the power behind him is one of the five cardinals of the Luminous Theocracy, who are the most powerful people in the sacred order.”
“I wonder if he came this time on his own or as a representative for the person behind him.”

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“Would be great if he’s here on his own…” Durango smiled mischievously, “If he’s here as the cardinal’s representative… that’ll certainly carry an interesting implication.”

Holy order… Cardinal, apparently I’ll need to reconsider the capabilities of the auction house.

“Guests No. 13 is bidding for 1,000 gold coins. Is there anyone else who wants to contest them? Since there is not, the deal will be concluded.” Someone is naturally very happy at the price increase. Besides, he also knew that it was impossible for anyone to add more. He only asked symbolically and then quickly finalized it.

“Heh-heh… little girl, see, I’ve found a good place for you …”

The animal-eared girl glared at the clown, and then looked at Count Muscara again. Apparently, she made up her mind about something, and then suddenly an expression of pain appeared on her face.

Not good… if she…

“Not on my watch!”

The clown found out what she was going to do and slapped the girl at least three meters away.

But it was too late, the animal-eared girl laid on her back and twitched slowly, then raised her head and showed a very taunting smile to the entire audience before spitting out a bright red tongue. After that, she lost all her strength and fell to the ground softly.

“Damn damn damn it!”

The clown quickly rushed over to check her breathing, and then suddenly kicked the girl’s body, sending her body over ten meters away.

“Take her away.” The clown’s voice was as cold as ice.

I don’t know why, but looking at the beast-eared girl brought down like trash, I began to feel an irritation in my heart and rage that made me want to destroy everything.

The auction room also became quiet for a while, and it seemed difficult for them to accept the scene that just occured.

“Ⓑⓐⓢⓣⓐⓡⓓ! This is the slave you trained?” Count Muscara was furious, growling and slapping his armrest.

The only unacceptable thing was the fact that he lost out on her.

“This … this was a freshly caught slave, after all. Being a bit wild is normal.” When the customer was angry, the clown quickly nodded and apologized, “Guests, don’t be angry, this auction will double your compensation.”

Seeing that Count Muscara was still angry, the clown hesitated and seemed to come to a decision, “Not only that, we will halve the price for the next pair of slaves we auction, that is to say, two slaves will be auctioned together, however we will only account for one in the price.”

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“Hmm.” After hearing that, Count Muscara finally hummed.
The clown clapped his hands, “Bring them up.”

Clang.” The sound of ringing chains came, and at the same time I heard screams that I knew very well.

“Waaa…scoundrel! Be gentle, you’re hurting this lady!”
Our young lady Carol was here at last.

Young Lady Carol was put in a white dress, which perfectly matched her beautiful face and pleasing figure.

Next to Carol was an elf girl, with azure hair and jewel-like eyes. Her perfect face was only slightly exposed in the light which eclipsed the surroundings.

It’s just that the beautiful elf is now trembling with fear, shaking with every step and making people wonder if she will fall to the ground in the next second.

“One is a stunning beauty who we caught last night that claims to be a young lady, and the other is a fairy elf, an extreme rarity even among other elves.”

“Two people, the starting price of which will be one thousand gold coins.”

Two people? Well there’s no harm, might as well buy them.
Just as I was preparing to raise a bid, Durango suddenly screamed.

“What’s wrong?”

Durango pointed at Carol on the stage and stuttered, “AAAAAHHHH…”
“What’s the matter? Why are you shaking?”

“You … know her?”

“Crap!” Durango grabbed my shoulder tightly. I couldn’t see his expression because of the mask, but I could see bloodshot red of his eyes.

“The sole daughter and only child of the Emona family of the Holy Dragon Empire, the baby daughter of that dragon-blooded lunatic, don’t you get it!!!”


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