Chapter 2-30: The Auction Begins

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2176 characters
Translator: Nexus English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1307 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Lil Red Imp, Deximus_Maximus

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the auction. I am the auctioneer today. You can call me Mr. Clown.
I don’t want to say too much, since I’ve no doubt that all of you can’t wait to see our wonderful products.
The goddess created beauty in this world, and it is our duty to dedicate those beauty to everyone!”

As the clown snapped his fingers, a gorgeous firework spewed out at the edge of the stage, and the audience at the venue began to get excited.

“Yesterday, our auction went perfectly. Some of you sitting here are old customers who are still interested after yesterday, as well as some new customers who want to pursue excitement. But no matter if you’re an old customer or a new customer, I promise you will find the beauty you seek here! ”

“Oh !!!” The atmosphere of the venue was instantly mobilized, and everyone yelled like crazy.

“So, here’s today’s first wonderful item.” As soon the clown spoke, several big men with black masks pushed a cart covered by black cloth onto the stage.

“Today’s appetizers— virgin twin sisters!”

The clown roughly pulled aside the black cloth to reveal the contents. The two girls that were about fifteen or sixteen years old were revealed hugging each other naked.

Maybe it’d been too long since they saw the light, but both of them were afraid of the light and lowered their heads together. After a while, the two slowly raised their heads, glanced left and right, and then found that hundreds of hungry wolves with green eyes were staring at them. Two almost identical faces became pale, their bodies trembled like leaves on the wind.

The two held each other tighter in order to prevent being seen completely naked, but what they did not know was that the valley of their breasts being pressed together would make people more excited.

“Hmm, not bad, as expected of the largest slave auction in the entire Luminous Theocracy. Only we could have appetizers of such a standard, and in all nine countries perhaps you’ll never find a second auction of this level.”

The blond man dangled his fingers under his jaw, smiling and offered a fair evaluation.

“What, are you aroused?”
“How can that be? I only said not bad as a figure of speech. As the son of Count Aneva of the Holy Dragon Empire, how can I, Aneva Durango, be aroused by these kinds of country bumpkins.” the blond-haired man said with disdain.

“Holy Dragon Empire?”
“Uh … that … actually I …” The blond man who claimed to be Durango also noticed he had said something wrong. He stuttered and tried to fix it, but didn’t say anything for a long time.

“Okay, so even the son of the count of the Holy Dragon Empire has come to the Luminous Theocracy to buy slaves. Are you saying that there are no beauties to be found in the Holy Dragon Empire?”
“That’s not it… I’m just here to search for novelty. Moreover…” Durango suddenly said with a mysterious expression, “I’m not the only person from another country.”

“Look at that …” Durango whispered, pointing to a big-bellied old man in the first row. “That’s Archduke Carterbell of the Shadow Theocracy. I was shocked when I saw him. After all, Shadow Theocracy and Luminous Theocracy have always been sworn enemies. He actually ran to the enemy country secretly in order to participate in this auction. Alas… he really is morally corrupt. If I were a goddess of darkness, I would surely tie him to a cross and burn him. ”

You’re the least qualified person to say that!
Perhaps Durango couldn’t stand my contemptuous look, he immediately changed the subject to someone on the opposite side.

“That is Count Karachi of the Macedonian Empire, the northernmost human kingdom on the mainland. The Macedonian Empire is three countries away from the Luminous Theocracy, you know? But would you just look at him, sitting there so casually like a pig.”

“So…” Durango straightened up. “It doesn’t matter if I came over from the Holy Dragon Empire.”

That’s irrelevant!

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Let’s just ignore this guy and focus on the stage again. Enough time has passed for everyone to appreciate the display, as such the clown has finally started speaking again.

“Then we’ll be starting off the auction at Fifty Gold Coins.”

Hearing the words starting off the auction, the two girls in the cage visibly tightened their hug and shivered even more. However, the audience did not show the slightest pity. Or rather, their mood was even higher.

“One Hundred!”

With a cry, the price for the two girls continuously raised, and finally stopped at the price of One Hundred and Seventy Gold Coins.

“One hundred and seventy going once… one hundred and seventy going twice…” The clown deliberately slowed down and hoped that someone would bargain, but everyone was silent.

“Excellent, sold for one hundred and seventy gold coins!” Seeing no one raising their voice again, the clown slammed the small wooden hammer in his hand, “Congratulations to guest two hundred thirty-three for buying this beautiful pair for one hundred and seventy gold coins.”

“One hundred and seventy… that’s really cheap.”

Just One hundred and seventy gold coins can buy two budding young girls. If I used all the gold coins in my ring… could I buy everyone?
After thinking about it, I shook my head and rejected the idea. I don’t even know the price of them all. If I buy all the slaves, I will definitely attract attention. I am afraid that will be even more dangerous.

And that’s just treating the symptoms but not the root cause, there will be more slaves next time.

So… destroying the entire auction floor is much more effective.
And to destroy the auction house… the information Carol brings out is essential.

Well, let’s focus on the auction. I don’t know why, but every time the clown reports the prices I suddenly feel very upset.

“Guest number two hundred thirty-three, please come backstage after the auction to collect the blood leases.
Excellent, now onto the next highlight.”

When it comes to the main event, the audience was instantly excited, and some even stood up and started shouting for the elves.
“That’s right! Some smart guests have already guessed, the highlight is a beautiful wind elf!”

This time there were no carts or cages, but a petite girl came out silently from behind the scenes. Her green hair and pointed ears displayed her identity as an elf.

The elf girl is wearing sexy lingerie. As opposed to being naked, this aroused the men even more. She wasn’t restrained, but her eyes seemed to have lost all their energy, and she was numb to the large audience.

Even Elves, the protagonists of many books since ancient times, cannot escape the tragic fate in this world.

I heard that in order to escape the fate of being enslaved, the Elven Forest in the South gathered all the power of the elves to create a magic infinitely close to the demigod ranked “Maze of Misdirection” in self-defense.

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But it is only infinitely close to the demigods. Any of the three demigods in the world can easily break that magic, but none of them are interested in it.

“This is an elven slave raised by the auction house from an early age. She is extremely skilled in all aspects.”

The audience suddenly gave a wretched smile, and it seemed that almost everyone knew what they meant by “all aspects”.

“She is also under a Spirit Contract, once you buy her, she will never betray you.
Such a beautiful and heartfelt elf slave, aren’t you tempted?
There’s not much else to say, start the bidding at two hundred gold coins!”


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