Chapter 2-29: There Will Always Be Someone Who Thinks They’re Hot

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2061 characters
Translator: Nexus English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1366 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Lil Red Imp, Deximus_Maximus

“This is your number plate, please keep it handy.”

Following the directions the waiter gave me, I was led to a gate. There was a beautiful big sister in a low-cut pullover and short skirt, except it was cut low to emphasize her breasts and her skirt was so short it came up to her thighs.

“Can this be changed?”
I asked, pointing to the number plate in my hand.

“Is there a problem? Our number plate is issued according to the seat. You deposited 8,000 gold coins at once. We will directly give you an Earl’s treatment. This position is extremely luxurious.”
“The problem isn’t the seat, it’s just that this number 38 is making me uncomfortable.”

“This …” She was stunned for a moment after hearing my answer, and then quickly recovered her apologetic smile. “But this was the only available seat left from the first hundred numbers… see…”
“Forget it.” Thirty-eight is thirty-eight. I can’t always be too particular about the details. Moreover, the difference between thirty-eight and stupid1 is still very large.

“Guests, please come in.”
The older sister bowed slightly, and the door opened automatically.

As the door opened, the light and noise rushed towards me.
I quickly adapted to the light, and got a good look at the entire auction house.

The entire venue is like a huge classroom. The side I was standing at had rows of seats from the top to the bottom, and on the opposite side is a huge stage. At the moment though, it is covered by a red curtain that can’t be seen past.

This arrangement enables all the seated guests to see the stage clearly. Although rather than a beautiful and moving show, the stage would be showcasing the captured slaves instead.

The venue was almost full of people. Most of them were wearing masks, but looking at the family emblems at their chest, the mask they were wearing did nothing other than deceiving themselves.

I was guided to the thirty-eighth seat, it was in the second row, which was almost a step away from the stage.

“Well then, I hope our honored guests can buy their favored products. The auction will begin soon, so stay tuned.”
Favored … products? They really don’t treat their slaves like humans at all.

“It’s strange to see such a little girl come to buy slaves.”
I followed the sound and turned my head to find a blond man wearing a white half-face mask sitting next to me.

“Although you may not believe it, I’m actually an adult.”
“How is that … possible.” The man’s exposed cheeks twitched as he looked me up and down, spending a long time staring at a certain misleading place.

“I have spent more than ten years around sea of flowers, and I can guess their age accurately. You are obviously only 13 or 14 years old.”
I don’t want to investigate the meaning of ‘the sea of flowers’ nor do I want to look into if this man is in his early twenties. I directly pinched his arm with my small and delicate white hand.

“Ah, little sister, you are really enthusiastic. You did this kind of thing to a man you met for the first time, it’s too bad but you’re not my type. I like big breasts … owowowowowowow!!! Pain! It hurts!!! ”
“I’m an adult.”

“I… I see… this mature sister … please let go.”
Because the venue was too noisy, the man’s cries did not attract attention. I did not get too caught up and let go of the man’s hand. Then I started to look around.

“I didn’t think someone as small as you would be so strong.” The man said as he rubbed his arm, seemingly not wanting to let this matter go.

“I … I mean you are so cute … yeah, cute.”

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“Say… little— I mean big sister, are you alone?”
“Why do you ask?”

The blond man pointed around, “Because it’s almost only men who come to this auction.”
Indeed, I have only seen three women so far throughout the venue, and they are all accompanied by male partners. I’m probably the only woman who came alone.

But this is to be expected. In this type of auction where the sale of female slaves is the mainstream, the guests who come will naturally be people with a master-slave fetish. This also means that the slaves that are generally bought are those who appeal to those kinds of people. There is no hope of a good ending for them.

But that has nothing to do with me, I just came to rescue Carol.
I looked around, and although I had a bit of knowledge about it, I couldn’t help but sigh to myself.

“It’s really impressive.”
“Of course, this is the largest slave auction in the entire Luminous Theocracy.”

“I didn’t ask.”
“Uh…” The blond man scratched his face awkwardly, and suddenly came over and asked, “What kind of slave do you want to buy, big sister? An Elf? Beastman? A fresh and pure noblewoman? I personally recommend a succubus with a big chest and white skin. Hehe, especially when you’re doing that, their moans are so crisp.”

The blond man hugs his shoulders, his face colored by his imagination.
“Oh? Do you not like any of those?”

The man saw me staring at him without a word, thinking with a distressed grip on his chin, “I didn’t expect big sister to be so difficult to satisfy.”

Hehe, I won’t speak. I’ll just watch you continue the show.
After thinking for a moment, the man suddenly clapped his hands as though he just realized: “I got it! You’re a woman!”

You don’t say! Did you think I was disguised as a lady?

“That makes sense, since big sister is such a small…cute girl, you must have come to buy a lesbian, and if that’s the case then you must be looking for someone like you, a very small … lovely girl. ”

The young blond man gave an expression that said he’d stumbled upon the truth, “It turns out that older sister came to buy young girls. You’ve got style, I like it.”

The blond man patted my shoulder with relief.

“Did you know that we have a trick that is exclusively used to deal with lowly men?”
“You… you do?”

“Yes.” I gently put my hand on the man’s shoulder, and said softly, “Japanese Ninjutsu – Surprise Attack2~”
“This name … it’s really not stylish.”


Ten seconds later, I watched the blond man continually twitching while hugging his shoulders and sneered: “Some people really didn’t know how to listen, what do you mean a young girl like me, am I so small?”

“It turns out … you … hiss … you … don’t deny …” The blond man seemed to want to say something, but he couldn’t get it out because of the pain.

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Forget it, even if he said it, I wouldn’t want to listen. It’d just make me want to beat him up a few more times.

At that moment, the lights of the entire venue suddenly dimmed, but everyone who came to the auction seemed to have expected this. Instead of panic, they quickly became quiet.


A ringing sound reverberated throughout the venue, and the lights suddenly shone on the red curtain.
The curtain slowly opened, revealing a man in a clown mask.
The man bowed to us first and then said in a strong baritone, “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to tonight’s auction.”


  1. The Silver Silva provides context: A wordplay between “thir-ty eight” and “three-eight”. If you remove the “ten” between the three and eight, it becomes “three-eight”, which also carries the meaning of foolish and stupid.
  2. More context from the now tarnished Silver Silva:

    There isn’t really a direct translation for this term, 弹一闪.

    It’s basically a skill used in games where you click the attack button the moment you deflected the enemy’s attack in defense mode. It’s a high-end skill pursued by all players.

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