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Chapter 2-28: The Importance of Good Teammates (Part 2)

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2088 characters
Translator: Nexus English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1346 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Lil Red Imp, Deximus_Maximus

“It hurts !!! I’m going to die! I’m really going to die!”
“Huh? You still dare to play games?”
“I don’t dare. Great aunt is surely generous enough to spare this small one.”

Seeing that the grandpa admitted defeat, I raised my leg with a cold hmph.
After that, two mercury-like hands unexpectedly extended from the smooth wall, the grandpa used both hands to repeatedly rub at his face.
A wall is rubbing his face? I watched the strange scene with interest.

“Are you really a sacred artifact?”
“Of course!” The gramps suddenly welled-up with arrogance the moment sacred artifact was mentioned and he completely forgot about everything that had just happened. “Back in those days, just the mention of my name is enough to strike terror into the existence all over the world.”

“Back then? What about now?”
“Now… I- I’m certain I still have the power to shake the world.”

“Why would someone strong enough to shake the world be doing here?”
“That… That’s because this grandfather is trying to avoid strife, cultivating my body and spirit.”

“Oh, I heard that the sacred artifacts are very powerful, but I stepped on your face, why didn’t you fight back?”
“This … this …” suddenly, beads of silver sweat began to roll down the old man’s face.

“Of course, that’s because this one is a magnamious grandfather, I don’t want to compete with a little girl.”
“Really?” I put my face close to Grandpa, and said with a nasty tone,” But I just said I’m not a kid ~ ”

“Hmm … wait …”
“It seems you’re not comfortable if I’m not stepping on…”
“Little … this little one was wrong! Wait …”

“Ah ah ah ah ah!!!”

“This… although this little one is a sacred weapon, he was injured in a past battle. He has no strength at all, so he has been reduced to the watchdog of the auction house.”
“Hmph! You should’ve obediently listened to me from the start.”

After being stepped on by me for more than ten minutes, the grandfather in front of me now acts just like a good baby. I spoke and he answered, he threw himself to the ground and talked.

“What did you say your name was again?”
“My name…” the grandpa took a moment to recall, “it seems that no one had called this one by his name in a long time now.”

“You’ve lived quite a miserable life.”
“This grandfather is called Inferno, sacred weapon of the former Saint of the Inferno.”

“Saint of Inferno?”
“Yes, he was a peak power thousands of years ago. When this grandfather was still at its peak, when the Saint of the Inferno and I combined our power, we were practically invincible. If not for that that year …”

“Stop! Stop!” Seeing that he was about to start a monologue if I let him keep talking, I quickly stopped him in fear that I’d miss the auction, “Stop with your glorious history, I didn’t come to the auction to hear your backstory.”

“Tsk.” Inferno was in an extremely bad mood with me having interrupted him and suddenly said with a lack of enthusiasm, “do you have a pass?”
“I have one.”

As soon as I took out the pass, an invisible force acted on the pass. The pass slowly floated, and the strange characters inscribed on it began to sparkle.

Inferno glanced up at it and nodded, “It’s been confirmed. You can enter.”
After that, Inferno’s face disappeared and the pass card lost the blessing of the invisible power and directly fell to the ground.

Picking up the pass card and looking around, I found that there were no changes in my surroundings, and the stone wall in front of me was still faintly glowing. More like, it looked even harder than before.

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Ⓢⓗⓘⓣ! How am I supposed to get in? Do I really have to phase through the wall?

Just thinking about that is making me angry. I moved toward the wall and kicked it.
“Ⓐⓢⓢⓗⓞⓛⓔ, how dare you trick this Princess. Try and see if I will not demolish you today.”

However, when my feet touched the stone wall, there was no real impact. What appeared to be a stone wall rippled like the surface of water, and then my foot passed directly through it.

Damn, I overshot it.

But now it’s too late to pull back, and I could only watch as I lost my center of gravity and fell forward.


I fell straight to the ground all at once, although it didn’t hurt, I must’ve looked really awkward right now. I could even faintly hear the old *******’s mocking laugh.

“Damn that Inferno. This princess will definitely tear you apart one of these days.”
As I greeted the eighteen generations of ancestors in my heart, a surprised voice sounded in front of me.

“Guest, are you okay.”

The man in front was dressed in a waiter’s suit with a professional smile on his face, but I could see the ridicule hidden in his face.

“I’m fine.”
“But you…”
“Are you laughing at me?”
“No, no.” The waiter waved his hands quickly. “How could I laugh at a guest.”
“Then, that’s fine.”

I stood up and patted the dirt off my body, “I’m here to participate in the auction, please take me to the venue.”

The waiter looked me up and down, and seemed to be looking for something. After a while, perhaps failing to find what he wanted, he bowed slightly and said “My apologies, guest. I can’t take you to the auction right now.”

“Why not?”
“The rules of the auction house stipulates that if you do not have a noble family emblem, you must first pay a deposit of one thousand gold coins.”

“So to put it plainly, you’re looking down on me.”
“Oh not at all, those are simply the auction house’s regulations, meant to prevent people from maliciously disrupting the auction. If you do not pay, it will cause huge losses to the auction house.”

“Your auction is a big business, what are you afraid of?”
The waiter smiled bitterly and said, “Even if that is true, there will always be some people we dare not provoke. For example, in the past, a saint bought a slave from us and did not pay, and to this day we still have yet to locate and receive payment from him.”

Even a saint come here to buy slaves? This place really is rotten.

“Okay, I understand. It’s only a thousand gold coins.”

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I remove the storage ring from my finger and shake it lightly in front of the waiter. A large number of gold coins flow out of the ring and gradually build into a hill under the waiter’s feet.

“Well, that should be a few thousand there. You can count it yourself.”

Seeing the hill of gold coins on the ground, the waiter didn’t panic at all and turned a blind eye to my embarrassing moment. I saw him take out a storage ring from his chest pocket. A faint light flashed, and the gold coins on the ground instantly disappeared. The waiter reacted and bowed slightly to me, but his face was still the same. It was a very condescending smile, as if laughing at my childish antics.

“A total of 8,532 gold coins, you may proceed, honored guest.”

Ok … I really want to hit him, but now the most important thing is to participate in the auction. If I caused a scene here and got kicked out of the auction house, that’d be troublesome.

I took a close look at the waiter, remembered his face, and walked in the direction he instructed.
It’s not too late for a gentleman to take revenge after three days, I’ll come to you to settle the bill when I finish my job here.
At that time … Hum, I will punish you by having you count gold coins till you die. After all, this princess is still kind.


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