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Chapter 2-27: The Importance of Good Teammates (Part 1)

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1971 characters
Translator: Nexus English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1275 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Lil Red Imp, Deximus_Maximus

The night was thick, and the sky seemed to be covered by a black iron curtain with no visible starlight.

“Is this it?”

I held a small Bright Stone lantern in my hand, the bright jade light illuminated my surroundings. However, the dark hole in front of me still looked like a man-eating beast, the darkness made it impossible to see the insides.

The alley was as messy as it was yesterday, but the trio was gone and most likely had been rescued.
When the uncle finally settled down and rested for a whole day, I took note of the uncle’s endless list of things to take note of and brainstormed together with him. Then, it was finally time for me to participate in the slave auction.

Although I was bleeping rich in my previous life and a Dragon Princess in this life, I have to admit that I have never experienced anything like participating in an auction. If it wasn’t for the uncle who told me a lot about the auction process, I’m afraid I might have brought shame upon myself this time.

Although I don’t know why the poor uncle knew about the auction process that only rich people could participate in, he wouldn’t have lied to me.

After all, he was more worried than I was. If it was not for his health, I’m afraid the uncle would’ve followed me.
Moreover, when I left, the uncle solemnly handed me a badge.

“This badge was given to me by the organization. You might come across their people at the auction house, present this badge and those affiliated with it will help you.”
“So what organization are you talking about?”

“I don’t know the specific name of the organization, but I heard that the organization was created by the continent’s top expert to save slaves.”
“It makes people feel ill at ease not knowing the name, and since you’ve got the backing of a top-class powerhouse in the mainland, why didn’t they take a shot on their own?”

“Well, the influence of a top-class power is wide and their every word and deed will affect many things, so it is normal for them to not be able to act personally. But the mystery and strength of that organization are beyond any doubt. After all, I was promoted to a Mid-class warrior by relying on the treasures they gave me. So if you are in trouble you must find them, don’t be stubborn and try to solve the problem by yourself.
“Ok, ok, I got it.”

So now that I have another hidden backer, I’m more likely to succeed.
It’s just…

I played around with the golden badge, which was engraved with a canary standing outside its birdcage as it shone brilliantly.
I don’t know why, but looking at this beautifully crafted badge, I keep feeling that there is an unreliable aura coming off it.

That so-called organization… wouldn’t it be a scam right…
“Haha … how is that possible.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at myself, it seems that I have been overly suspicious because I had been scammed too many times. This was a chance for the uncle to learn his sister’s whereabouts, how could he screw me over on this matter.

Moreover, hadn’t Scarface asked the uncle for the whereabouts of that organization earlier?
Mhm, it definitely isn’t a scam this time.

I firmed my mind, then put the badge into my storage ring. After all, the auction house is still tracking the organization. If they find the badge on me, they may just capture me outright.

Alright, it’s time to start.
I slapped my cheeks to wake myself up, then I took out a mask I bought from a roadside stall and put it on my face.
Don’t expose your true face, that was the uncle’s first piece of advice.

“Hoo. Let’s go.”
Taking a deep breath to calm my nerves, I walked into the black hole with a lantern.

The diameter of the black hole is about one and a half meters, so I can just walk straight in.1 After walking inside, I found that the passage was longer than I expected, and I still haven’t reached the end after roughly ten minutes of walking.

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I heard that there were no less than a hundred holes like this to the auction house. How can they make so many holes like this? Maybe they should just call themselves the Rabbit House.

While I was making a retort, I found that I had reached the end of the tunnel. However, the end of the tunnel was just a smooth stone wall.
“How do I get in, by using intangibility ability?”

I kicked the stone wall but it didn’t even leave a mark.
Seeing that, I couldn’t help giving the stone wall a careful examination. Although I hadn’t used all of my strength, there weren’t many walls that could bear my kick.

But I watched it for a long time and noticed nothing except that the whole wall was made of polished stone.


Since that was the case, I kicked it again, but once more there was no trace left on the stone wall.
Damn that nefarious thing! I don’t fricking believe there’s a wall this princess can’t scale!


I kicked with all my strength and finally noticed some movement.
I saw a mirror-like circle suddenly appear on the smooth stone wall. The circle first reflected the fox mask I was wearing, then it gradually became transparent and exposed an angry grandpa with a white beard.

“Didn’t I say knocking three times would be enough? Which mother ⓕⓤⓒⓚⓔⓡ is kicking it? Why don’t you take some pity on the weary body of this old man?”

Although the grandfather looked very kind, like a white-bearded grandfather who a protagonist would meet after falling off a cliff, his tone was as vulgar as a rogue roaming the streets and alleys all year round.

“It’s me.”

“You?” The hooligan grandfather looks me up and down, “Why is a little girl coming here in the middle of the night instead of running on home. What are you doing now? Get outta my sight. You shouldn’t be here, run along before I tie you up and sell you off.”

“I’m here for the auction.”
“Just you? Haha, don’t joke with me.” The Grandpa disdainfully said, “judging from your flat-chested, you look barely over 13 years old. Hurry on and leave, this isn’t a place for little girls.”


I stepped on the mirror and said fiercely, “First of all, I came to participate in the auction, not to joke with you”
“Second, this princess is, already, an, adult!!!”

“It hurts! We2… I mean this little one gets it already, hurry… get your foot off me.”
The grandpa in the mirror struggled for mercy as if I’d actually stepped on his face.

After I got off, the hooligan grandpa’s face really had crimson footprints as if I’d actually stepped on him.

“You’re not human?”
“No ⓢⓗⓘⓣ! This elder is obviously not a human. This elder is a legendary sacred tool. Hmph, rude little girl, if you kneel on the ground to beg for mercy, this elder might kindly let you off, otherwise…”

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I stomped on his face again, and this time I even grinded my heel along the surface, “This princess already owns a few divine artifacts, and you think I’d be afraid of a mere sacred tool? Hahn?”


  1. She is 1.4m tall
  2. Royal ‘we’ as he is being haughty

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