Chapter 2-11: I have a Perfect Plan (Part 1)

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1363 characters
Translator: Nexus English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 846 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Lil Red Imp, Deximus_Maximus

“I said… let’s go together.”

As I said those words, I feel like the entire world began to move in slow motion.
Carol slowly stood up and her teary face slowly changing into a bright smile.
Then, as if the fast-forward button had been pressed, Carol’s small body suddenly slammed into my body like a silly but cute husky.

“Uwaaaaaan, I knew Lilith was the best. I knew Lilith was just a soft heart with a sharp tongue, she would never give up on me.”
“Don’t… don’t come over… so dirty, when was the last time you took a shower, huh? What are you doing? Get your dirty hands off me!”

“Uwa… haha, it’s not like you’ll lose anything with me touching you.”
“Woah! Where are you touching, hey, not there … not.”

“Are you sensitive here too, Lilith?”
“Hurry up and get off me.” I pushed away the over-enthusiastic Carol who keeps trying to take advantage of me in perverted ways, “If you keep doing this, I’m gonna leave.”

“Uwaa… don’t be such a spoilsport.”
“Okay. First, let’s talk about your plan.”

When I mentioned Carol’s plan, she haughtily raised her nose to the sky like a five-year-old child who just got a little red flower in kindergarten.

“This is an absolutely well-thought-out plan that I have made after exhausting my countless brain cells for three days. The success rate of this is a perfect 100%.”
“Wow … wow … applause … clap clap clap.” I answered expressionlessly.

“Hmmm, now perk your ears up and listen carefully.” Carol made a circle in place, then pointed to the sky with the other hand on her hip, “First step: we need to obtain reliable and concrete internal information, such as the number of strong enemies, location of the guards, and the terrain of the auction house, as well as find out the number of slaves and learn where they are detained.”

Sounds reasonable. Can the plan thought by Carol after spending three days be actually feasible?
“And the specifics of the plan?” I asked.

“The auction house is heavily guarded and even guests who are participating in the auction cannot bring bodyguards or advanced scrolls. Therefore, sneaking in and attacking from the inside isn’t feasible, so… this lady came up with this amazing method to get in. ”

“Sneaking in as a slave!”
“…..I’m just gonna go now.”

“Uwaa… Lilith, why are you leaving?” Carol hugged my thigh very skillfully.
“That’s nonsense!” I growled at Carol, “Your plan will only give them more slaves to sell at the auction.”

“What slave, I said I’d be pretending, pretending.”
“Oh sure, it’s a disguise when you first get in, but it’ll be real by the time you get sold! Moreover, every slave is bound by a contract, what are you going to do about that?”

“Don’t worry, I’ve done my research. There are two kinds of Slave Contracts, one of them is called a Blood Lease which is temporary and can be canceled. Normally, slaves that are put on the market in a hurry have this kind of contract.”
“And what’s the other one?”

“The other one is…” I’m not sure if it was my imagination or not, but Carol’s mood looked a bit low, “the other is called a Spirit Contract. That kind of contract forms a direct connection between the slave’s soul, the contracting tool and the contractor and so this kind of contract is permanent and can’t be undone once the contract is set into place. And if either the contracting tool or the contractor dies, then so will the slave.”

Carol… she seems to be very knowledgeable about this type of slave contract.

“How can you be sure they won’t force you into that kind of contract instead of the Blood Lease?”
“Don’t worry, forming a Spirit Contract is an incredibly long and tedious procedure, so generally only slaves who are born in-house will have that kind of contract.”

“Of course it’s true, do you not trust this lady’s word?” I gave her a slightly skeptical look which caused Carol to sulk a little.

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“Mhm.” I nodded my head, “very untrustworthy.”
“Waaa, Lilith you are too much!”

“… how do you pretend to be a slave?”
“That’s very easy, recently the number of auctions held in auction house has been rising. To provide for enough appetizers to entice the crowd for the main events, the auction house has been sending people to kidnap female commoners in the dead of night.”

“As long as I pretend to be a commoner, then with my perfect figure and beautiful face, I will be kidnapped within half an hour.” Carol raised her head proudly.

Is that something to be proud of, you idiot?!

“Okay, okay …” I interrupted Carol, who was pretending to be seductive. “Let’s say you do get in, how do you plan to get out?”
“Isn’t it obvious…” Carol stared at me brightly, “you just have to buy me.”



  1. silva: we might have expected too much from Carol?

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