Chapter 2-10: People Always have a Weakness for Children Who Crouch in the Corner and Cry

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1824 characters
Translator: Nexus English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1199 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Lil Red Imp, Deximus_Maximus

“The biggest slave auction? Wait…” I look at Carol, “You… wouldn’t…”

“Hmhm… that’s right, the big thing I was talking about is…” Carol puffed out her chest, hands planted on her hips, and proudly spoke as if the hatred in her eyes from moments ago was a mere illusion.

“Let’s go save those slaves!”

“haha… Carol, you’re so funny… I’ve got to say, if you continue lying like that then you will surely be stolen by a wolf during the night…”

“Of course it’s the truth!” Carol’s face was completely serious with no hint of lies, “This was my goal from the start!”

I feel like I’ve just been told the funniest joke in the world… but the person who told me the joke said she was frigging serious.

“Can I take the liberty to ask you some things…”
“Go ahead.”
“You want to go save those slaves?”

“Since they dared to set up an auction house in a place like this, they must have some incredible backers.”
“Although I haven’t been able to uncover the people backing the Auction site, they should be pretty impressive. After all, many girls have disappeared recently, but nothing has come of it. There must be some government officials operating in the dark.”

“…and you don’t have any allies with you?”
“Um… not just me, I already have a partner.” Carol looked up at me with stars twinkling in her eyes.

Suddenly I felt like my body was enveloped by a thick layer of malice, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up.

“… The teammate you’re talking about wouldn’t happen to be me, would it?”
“Mhm.” She nodded.

“I’m leaving now.” What a joke, if you have no manpower and are not powerful enough yourself then going to such an auction house that is backed by some powerful people to rescue the slaves is simply equal to giving them more slaves.

“Waaa! Lilith don’t go.” Carol hugged my thigh again, “You said that as long as I show you the big thing I wanted to do, you would join me.”
“The hell I said that! Let go of me, I don’t want to go in vain and end up giving them a white, tender, fragile, and beautiful slave girl.”

“No way… this lady had such a well-thought-out plan, but I can’t implement it without you…”
“A plan?” I looked at Carol, who was still clinging to my leg even after I have walked a dozen meters ahead.

Seeing me turn around, Carol looked up at me with hopeful tears in her eyes, “Of course, my plan is a super invincible, ingenious, and comprehensive plan. I spent three whole days thinking about this plan to rescue the slaves and get us out safely.”

“You spent three days thinking about it? You sure it will work?”
“Of course!”

“That’s awesome.” I nodded with a smile, then bashed Carol atop her head.
“Yeowch, it hurts!” Carol covered her head with her hands in pain, and I took this opportunity to turn around and run.

“Only an idiot would believe that. With your IQ, you’ll come up with a good plan the day pigs fly.”
“Wao… Lilith, how could you say that? What’s wrong with this lady’s IQ!”

I looked back at her and smile, “Not much, it’s just below average.”
Then I turned around and continued running.

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“Below average… average… wow! Lilith, you called me an idiot. That’s too much!”
“Like I care. Anyhow, I won’t join you on this suicide mission!”

“Hmph… Lilith, you’re so naive. Do you think this lady didn’t expect you to do something like this?”
Carol suddenly sneered from her place behind me, “I’ve got you.”

I looked back and saw that Carol had pulled out a Spectrum Stone from somewhere and shook it in her hand.
“Normally, only those with power are allowed to participate in the auction, I have recorded the scene of you beating up the two of them. Lilith, if you don’t help me then… I’ll expose the video and from that point on they’ll chase you down forever like a street rat’”

After saying that, Carol shot a provocative look at me.
This girl… since when was she so smart? In the end… I had no choice but to turn around and walk back to Carol.

Carol got more and more excited as she saw me walking toward her. If she had a tail, it would have surely wagged high up in the sky by now, “It would’ve been better if I didn’t have to do that, but you forced me to use such a despicable method.”

“Really?” I squinted and snapped my fingers, “Don’t you know that to threaten your opponent like this, you’d have to possess the absolute advantage… otherwise… hehe.”
“Lilith… what are you doing… don’t come over … I’m kidding … don’t come over, awawawa…”

Ten seconds later, Carol was rolling on the ground while clutching her head.

“It hurts, Lilith, you hit me so hard… boohoo…”
I played with the Spectrum Stone in my hand, and sneered, “Sure enough, Carol, even if you occasionally show a higher IQ, it’s only average. I don’t want to die following you.”

After that, I deleted the recording and threw the Spectrum Stone back at Carol, “It’s getting late, so I’ll be heading off first.”
“……” Carol sat up suddenly, but lowered her head and didn’t speak.

“Go on.” Her voice was trembling with the sound of crying.

Carol stood up, but still lowered her head so that I could not see her expression.
“I said go away, from the start… I’ve always been alone anyway, haven’t I?”

Hey… it looks like she’s crying.

“It’s been like that since I was young, everyone is so busy, nobody has time for me. The only people willing to spend time with me were the ones who are considered lowly slaves in your eyes.”
“But why is she a slave… why does she have to be a slave? If she weren’t a slave, would she still be alive? Would mother have been able to save her?”
“Because of that… I hate slaves and anyone who would turn someone else into a slave. I don’t want anyone to be made a slave anymore, but… nobody supports me, everyone thinks I’m stupid.”
“I’m not stupid… I’m not.”

Carol slowly crouched down, her head buried in her knees as she hugged her head pitifully as if she’d been abandoned by the whole world.
Her appearance… is so familiar… Lilith felt as though she was looking at her past self.

“Tell me about your plan,” I said.
“Huh?” Carol raised her head in disbelief, her eyes were red and swollen, “Lilith… What did you just say?”

“I said…”

I thought back to how I was still weak and couldn’t help it. I was afraid of being alone… I was even afraid of being left alone by others as I always felt fear of loneliness. In the face of what I was most afraid of, I could only make compromises.
“-let’s go together.”


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