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Chapter 2-12: I have a Perfect Plan (Part 2)

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1677 characters
Translator: Nexus English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1066 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Lil Red Imp, Deximus_Maximus

“B-Buy you?”

“Yes.” Carol nodded, “Lilith, you were able to pay for so much food before and were even able to pull out a Ninth Level scroll, so you must be rich. Therefore, you can just go to the auction and buy me.” Carol looked proud as if she had said something a genius would say.

“…You are really something…”
“Hey? Lilith, your expression looks terrible… what are you doing… uwaaa…”

I wrapped a hand around Carol’s neck and twisted it, “You really took a fancy to my money, huh!”

“Uwaa… how can it be! It… it’s because… I realized… how smart… beautiful… and strong… Lilith is… T-That’s why… uwaa… let me go… c-… can’t… breath…”

I only let go of Carol when I began to see the whites of her eyes. After she was finally freed, Carol slumped to the ground while panting heavily and sucking in air with long breaths.

“Wow, I almost died Lilith. Don’t you know that you should be gentle towards women?”
I answered with a sneer, “Being gentle towards women is only applicable to young ladies who are sweet and innocent, you are neither, you little beggar.”

As soon as I called her a beggar, Carol spoke up, “I’m not a beggar! I just got cheated out of my money, so I couldn’t eat and had nowhere to live… I have not even been able to take a bath in seven days! Wow… Lilith, you’re adding insult to injury again… it’s too much!!”

Seven days? You’ve become like this in just seven days?

I looked at Carol, who was rolling about on the ground and asked, “Are you sure that you became like this by not bathing for just seven days? Why do I feel like you haven’t taken a bath for a month?”
“Wow…” Carol paused suddenly, her eyes darting around as if she was avoiding something.

Huh? Weird.

I continued mockingly, “I see, you must have turned to like this because you’re frequently throwing a tantrum on the floor like a spoilt baby, but why a young lady would do such a thing, I wonder……?”
“Uwaaa… Lilith… you…” Carol rushed up to cover my mouth, but I easily resisted.

Hmmm… as expected, I knew it was impossible to be this unhygienic if it’d only been a week since she last took a bath.
I moved my mouth close to Carol’s ear and spoke slowly, “I suspect you became like this because…”

“Lalalalala… I can’t hear you, I can’t hear you!!” Carol shook her head like a rattle drum as she struggled to break away from her bonds, but there was no way she could break free from my clutches with her strength that was just slightly more than an ordinary person. Carol was immobilized with just a little more exertion of my arms.

“You were scavenging for food from the garbage,” I continued regardless of her protest.
“Uwaaa…” Carlo suddenly lost strength all over her body and fell to the ground. She looked up with a pair of lifeless eyes as if she was broken and murmured, “Lilith is so mean… Lilith is…”

“Oh ho ho, our young lady did shuffle through garbage for food, what a surprise. And she’s still rolling on the ground… as a matter of fact, you look just like a puppy.”
“Waaaa!!! Lilith!!! I’ll fight with you!!” Carol cried like a small animal baring its fangs and claws at me.

The result was obvious. Merely three seconds later, Carol was squatting and hugging her head, whispering some kind of curse under her breath.

“Who told you to act arrogant even when you are clearly after my money? Just consider this as a lesson.” I crossed my arms and said to Carol amusingly, who was squatting in the corner and ignoring me, “Oh that’s right, what about the follow-up plan?”

“What plan?” Carol lifted her head, her dirty face filled with confusion.
“Like, what should we do after I buy you, etc… or what, don’t tell me you didn’t…” I squinted my eyes and approached Carol.

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“Oooh… you mean the next part of the plan… of course… I have one, that is, um…” Carol opened and closed her mouth a few times, but couldn’t come up with anything to say.

I knocked Carol’s pig head and yelled, “Be Honest!”
“Uuuu… I didn’t have time to think of that…”

“That is to say …” I looked at Carol and felt like I was about to go crazy due to anger, “the detailed, thorough, and absolutely workable super invincible plan you took three days to devise is only half-finished? ”
“Awawawa… Lilith, don’t get angry …” Carol tried to run from me, but she had already retreated to a corner so she couldn’t move away any further. She could only look at me with a voice full of confidence, “Actually, the half-finished plan is already pretty awesome, we would be able to rescue the slaves in any case.”

“Awesome your head! You’re still light-years from rescuing the slaves.”
“Then what are you saying we should do?” Carol shrewdly asked me with a pout.

I sighed and spoke again after thinking about it for a moment, “for now we’ll start implementing it according to your plan, and then wing it once we get more detailed information.”

But this works in our favor, I honestly can’t feel at ease if the most important part was planned out by Carol’s low IQ. I might not be able to devise a perfect plan now but if we are stuck in a worse situation in the end then I can just use a saint-level scroll and blow up the auction house.

Regardless, I still have the teleportation scroll as a life-saving measure.
I kept feeling a bit uneasy at heart as if I have overlooked some important matter. I knew something was amiss but couldn’t put my finger on it.

I looked at Carol who was still drawing circles on the ground and cursing me under her breath, I spoke to her in a threatening tone, “You better wish that this infiltration plan is implemented well… if something goes wrong…”
I smiled slowly showing a cruel expression, “I’ll really sell you to the auction house…”

Carol quickly nodded in horror.
“I… I’ll follow Boss Lilith’s commands to the letter.”


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