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Chapter 29 – My Strict Academic Program (Part 2)

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1544 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 974 words

Because the temperature of her tongue was slightly higher than her body temperature, she used her tongue to lick the Eternal Ice, resulting in her tongue to be stuck for fifty years. Only after receiving a death notice from mother did she finally did everything she could to pull out her tongue. As a result, her tongue has now become as flexible as a certain character in a famous Japanese manga. She could even tie it into a bowknot, and the most retort worthy thing is that she could even speak fluently under that condition!

In regards to that, I could only express my greatest surprise. There’s no way I can copy that, nuh-uh.

Perhaps starting to feel uncomfortable from my disdainful gaze, Fenice awkwardly coughed twice and said, “Alright princess, let us formally begin our lesson.”

Fenice took out a blackboard from somewhere and grabbed a chalk stick the size of my waist. With a few strokes on the blackboard, she had sketched the image of a human and a dragon.

Again, she took out a ten meters long pointer from who knew where and suddenly tapped the blackboard with it, “Your Royal Highness Princess, look over here please, the class is about to begin.”

“……Before the class begins, can I ask a question?” I raised my hand to ask.

Fenice revealed a contended smile like a teacher who just discovered that her students were the deligent type and said, “Of course you can.”

“Didn’t they say there’s no dragon who knows how to teach? Where did these specialized equipment come from?”

“You mean these?” Fenice asked as she raised the pointer in her hand. When I looked at the pointer, I couldn’t help but wonder if this pointer would be used to ⓑⓔⓔⓟ— the students. That sounds scary.

I nodded.

“These are left behind by a dragon who was once determined to become a teacher,” Fenice answered.

“Oh, then why didn’t he become a teacher in the end?” There is no teacher among the dragons right now. In other words, the dragon who wanted to become a teacher either failed or died. Combining their long life span, formidable power, and low IQ, I feel that the possibility of failing is much higher.

“About that…” Fenice let out a sigh, “Before he learned how to become a good teacher, he was attracted to the next-door sister who studied as a nurse. He is now putting great effort into becoming a qualified nurse with her.”

I see, so he’s a gentleman (pervert) who’s controlled by his instinct. What determined to become a teacher, more like determined to openly peek at the female colleague’s uniform and black stockings!

I am starting to doubt if this race has really lived for nine million years. Was there never a true hero who’d come to suppress these groups of silly dragons who only knew how to do foolish things? Oh… right, it seems like the human heroes are busy dealing with the Demon King. They don’t have time to take care of these mentally deficient children.

For the end-game bosses that appeared in countless stories, such as the evil dragon and the Demon King, to appear at the same time, the humans of this world are kind of pitiful.

I unconsciously started to feel sorry for humans again…

Eh? That’s not right, I am here to study, why am I thinking about these useless things for? What does the war between the humans and the Demon King have anything to do with me? It’s not like I’m a human…

Putting the useless thoughts aside, I waved my hand to indicate Fenice she can now begin the lesson.

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“Cough, cough,” Fenice cleared her throat and pointed at the dragon diagram, “Dragons are born with high elemental affinity and extremely powerful body, which makes us stronger than any other race of the same level. Elemental affinity makes it easier for us to use magic. We can even use dragon language and blood resonance to slightly revise the rules of our inherent magic, just like this.”

Magic power welled up in Fenice’s body, then she directed her attention to the sea surface.

“ⒻⓇⒺⒺⓏⒺ!” Unfamiliar words came out from Fenice’s mouth. I’d never heard those words before, nor did I even know what language they were in. However, I was able to understand the meaning of those words. It was as though those meanings originally came in pair with the words. No, it was more like the freezing phenomenon that followed just so happened to explain the exact meaning of those words.

Following Fenice’s words, the nearby sea surface started to freeze at an astonishing pace. Nearly a thousand kilometers of the sea surface was frozen.

T- that’s the dragon magic? A thousand kilometers of sea surface froze from just one word…

S- so powerful… I apologize for belittling the dragons just now. As expected, the dragons are the romance of all men…

Fenice looked at me a little proudly and said, “That’s a dragon’s aptitude for magic. Next, I will show you a dragon’s raw power.”

Fenice put down the pointer, then she flew towards the frozen sea surface and slammed it with her claws…

Cracks began to form on the ice layer and instantly spread out from where her dragon claws were lodged in the ice. Huge waves began to surge up and pushed the fragments of ice hundred meters into the sky.

After the waves settled down, Fenice’s excited voice could be heard, “How was it, princess? Aren’t I amazing?”

“Of course you are,” I praised. Then with a smile, I pulled out the shard that struck my head from the resulting waves just now, “but you’ll have to think about how to explain this injury to mother.”

“Otherwise, I doubt you will live to see the sunlight tomorrow~”


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