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Chapter 30 – My Strict Academic Program (Part 3)

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2049 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1376 words

The air turned strangely quiet for a few seconds, then Fenice abruptly flapped her wings, causing huge ripples to form on the sea surface, as she threw her gigantic body at me like an arrow that had just been released.

I looked at Fenice who got in front of me in a flash… wait a minute, what are you doing? Are you going to silence me by means of murder? A- are you really going to kill someone just because of such a trivial matter? I was only joking! And besides, even if I really sell you out to mother, she wouldn’t… as if! She will definitely take that long and thick ice shard from earlier and stuff it up your ⓐⓢⓢⓗⓞⓛⓔ…

Oh ⓕⓤⓒⓚ!! There’s a dragon homicide here!!!!

Will I be able to make it if I run now? Is there any method I can use to survive under a dragon’s assault? Hurry up Google-sensei, this is urgent!

Bang! Fenice landed in front of me, giving rise to a huge cloud of dust.

“Cough, cough!” The dust slowly cleared up, revealing Fenice’s enormous body.

She wrapped me around her claws like a kitty cat treating its most beloved yarn ball. Her huge head was only a fine line away from me. I could even see the glistening teardrops in her small eyes.

“Ahhhh… Your Royal Highness Princess~ please spare me~, I didn’t do it on purpose…” She stretched her head in an attempt to rub against me.

“Wait… don—!” Big sis, might I remind you that you are a huge dragon! It might be cute if a little puppy pounce on you and rub against your face, but what if you change that to a huge dragon head about ten meters long? That’s nothing short of a horror movie material!!

Without minding my words, she still rubbed against me with her head.

Ah… this is the end for me… the sharp scales will definitely peel off a layer of my skin… ouch, ouch, ouch… Hm? How come I don’t feel any pain?

Not only does it not hurt, it feels kind of comfortable? It’s just like rubbing a smooth gem against your cheek.

Fenice looked at me with her tearful eyes, she looked as pitiful as a kid who had her toy taken from her.

“Princess, please don’t. I was wrong, it was my fault! Sniff… princess can do anything to me, but please don’t tell the queen. Otherwise, she will tie my tongue to the Eternal Ice and I will really have to live my whole life being stuck to it.”

Has your tongue really fallen to that degree already? You can actually use the word “tie” to describe it now? Um… when I think about it, I guess it’s nothing weird if she can already tie her tongue into a knot.

I heaved a sigh and gently stroked Fenice’s smooth scales, “Alright, that’s enough. I was only trying to scare you, there’s no way I will let mother know. Just don’t repeat the same mistake again.”

“R- really?” Fenice looked at me with gratitude, her excited look reminded me of a certain canine with low IQ.

“Dear daughter, what will you not let me know?” Mother’s voice came from behind…

I nervously swallowed my spit, and Fenice had an ugly look as though she just ate a housefly.

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As I turned around mechanically, I found that mother was looking at me curiously.

Judging from her appearance… she shouldn’t have heard the front part. After all, mother loved to use teleportation, so it wasn’t anything strange if she only heard the latter part.

“That’s… um… the matter regarding how she stole the teaching materials from another dragon for this class,” I reacted quickly and pointed to the blackboard and pointer at the side.

“Is that so?” Mother tilted her head, clearly unconvinced, “Then my dear daughter, why are you drenched?”

“……Haha… that’s…” I scratched my head. I doubt I have ever worked my brain as hard as this in all my life, “This is my first time seeing the ocean, so I got too excited and jumped into the sea to swim, that’s right… I was swimming!”

Haha, I really am too quick-witted, is there nothing that I can’t think of?

“Then, my dear daughter, why is your head bleeding?”

Huh? What? Bleeding?

I placed the hand which I used to scratch my head in front of me. I found that it was really stained red with blood. According to the surface area of the redness, it would appear that I have lost a lot of blood…

No wonder my head had been feeling really itchy since just now, so it was actually bleeding!

I turned my head to look at Fenice. She was looking back at me with innocent yet pleading eyes. She even stealthily made a thumb up at me.

Why are you showing me a thumbs up?! How am I supposed to spin this now? That I bumped into an iceberg in the middle of swimming? What am I, a Titanic?

“Actually, I bumped into an iceberg while I was swimming,” however, that was the only excuse I could come up with.

“Really?” Mother was still a little skeptical.

“Of course it’s true, you can ask Fenice if you don’t believe me,” regardless of the truth, let’s just push the boiler to Fenice first.

“Is that true? Fenice?” mother asked while squinting her eyes, laying bare her threatening behavior.

Fenice hastily nodded her head. It was so fast that… it formed a beautiful afterimage.

Stop joking around! If Fenice really told the truth, then she might really have to spend the rest of her life being tied to the Eternal Ice. Even if mother threaten her more than this, she has no choice but to catch the piping hot boiler with teary eyes.

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Mhm, let’s just treat this as your punishment.

“I see,” mother finally relented. She walked over and lovingly stroked my head, then she said ferociously, “I bet it’s that blockhead using ice magic in the sea again. If I catch him, I will certainly ram his head into the iceberg at the Land of Eternal Frost.”

The main offender here was so scared that she withdrew her neck. If not for the fact that she was afraid of the truth being spilled, Fenice might have already come up with an excuse to leave the area.

“Oh right, can you guess what I have brought for you, my dear daughter?” mother asked evasively.

How am I supposed to know that? Your hands are clearly empty… wait… what is that in your right hand? A chain?

Seeing that I have noticed the chain in her hand, she lifted it with a smile, “This is the thing I want to give you.”

Chain? Why does she want to give me a chain? Don’t tell me… mother is finally going to lay her ****** claw on me?

H- how terrifying, is it too late to run now?

Mother quickly knocked my head, “What are you thinking about?”

Ouch… my head is still bleeding you know!

“This is the training partner I found for you.”

“Mating partner?”1

“That’s right, a sparring partner. Real combat is more effective than a mere lecture. Come, let’s do this!” After that, mother threw the chain in her hand upward. A huge shadow from a distant mountain was pulled along into the sky, then it fell into the nearby sea like an asteroid.


Accompanied by that loud splashing sound, waves reaching up to a hundred meters arose. However, with one casual handwave, mother unleashed an invisible force that instantly dispersed them revealing a huge figure of a monster.

“As a dragon, you really do need to face an opponent the same size as you after all,” mother spoke with an expressive look, as though she was a living example of her own words.

I dumbly looked at the monster slowly getting up. Upon realizing that the seawater only reached up to its lower legs, I could feel my heart shattering into tiny pieces…

Then you should find one about the same size as me! That is clearly too big, I am only 1.4 meters you know!!!!


  1. Training partner and mating partner have the same pronunciation in Chinese

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