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Chapter 11 – Perfect Sculpture

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Author: We Ain’t Not Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1405 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 887 words

Mother was floating in midair with a red dress. In pair with her blazing red hair, it looked as though her entire being was on fire. She was so eye-catching even in the darkness of the night.

The moment mother appeared, those thousand pair of golden pupils extinguished immediately. And the ones who already engaged in fights stopped in place like a TV show that’s been paused.

“Don’t you have anything to say, Akarin?”

Mother fixed her gaze on Akarin, who was trying hard to reduce his presence by hiding behind other dragons.

Akarin had tried to stay hidden as he moved away from them, but with that question from mother, the other dragons had immediately set their eyes on him. Some of those eyes literally shone like spotlights. Akarin was now lit up by these lights, the pitiful man looking just like a criminal surrounded by helicopters in police action movies.

Akarin smiled awkwardly and raised the roast meat in his claw, “I am having my last meal…”

“The festival hasn’t ended yet, what do you mean by last meal?”

“Is that so?” Akarin smacked his head and it actually produced a metallic noise, “Just look at my senile old brain. The festival is clearly still ongoing, yet I thought it was already over. It looks like my brain doesn’t function well anymore if I don’t give it a good smack. Old age is finally catching up to me huh?”

Mother squinted her eyes and released a dangerous aura, “If you want to retire early, I can grant your wish…”

Akarin suddenly straightened his back and held up his head, “I suddenly feel like I can go on for another ten thousand years.”

“That’s good then,” mother reached out her hand, “Hand over the meat.”1

Akarin flew up to the sky and handed over the roast meat to mother.

“Hehe, so your majesty is hungry, you should’ve said that earlier. I actually fought over this meat for my queen, but those blockheads just wouldn’t let up, they seriously need to be punished!”2

Mother completely ignored him and fixed her attention on the roast meat with flushed cheeks, “Hehehe, it’s my daughter’s sculpture~ Although it has been cooked, but if I process it properly and then cast time freeze magic on it, I will be able to preserve it for eternity. That way, even if my daughter left me for whatever reason in the future, I can still use her sculpture to… hehehe…”

Oi oi, did you just say something outrageous? That’s a lump of meat, it’s food and meant to be eaten! Quick, Akarin, you should advise your queen to eat it! Otherwise, your queen would only walk further down the dark path as a pervert!

Upon hearing these, Akarin immediately said, “Your Majesty is right, how can such a masterpiece be eaten! We should process it properly and admire it at all times.”

*Akarin, how could you be so shameless? Aren’t you a mighty dragon? The romance of all men! How can you bend to power? You should know that the sculpture looks exactly like me without any skin. You could already label my mother as necrophilia with this. Are you really sure you want your queen to delve into such a strange direction? Careful that one day in the future mother might just get rid of you and make you into taxidermy mounts.3

However, Akarin was unaware of the future danger and continued to praise mother’s taste in artwork with a virtuous face.

Mother looked at the cooked sculpture with slight dissatisfaction, “It’s a pity that the head is missing…”

Then she looked towards my direction…

I immediately sliced a lump of meat with the knife and stuffed it into my mouth.

“Mmm, mmh (So good)”

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Don’t joke with me! If we really reattach the head, I bet mother will leave the ten meters tall sculpture in the cave and test one set of clothes after another on the skinned me while laughing creepily… just thinking about it gives me the heebie-jeebies.

“Tsk!” Mother unhappily glanced at the sculpture head that’s been messed up by me, then she looked at the sculptor.

“Auguster Bastier, you sculpt a new head for me.”

Reject it, you must reject it! Mother is going to do something bad to the work of art! This is a blaspheme towards the masterpiece! As an artist, aren’t you supposed to struggle to the bitter end to preserve the goodness of the art?

The sculptor transformed into a human and bowed with the right hand on his chest, “It is my honor to be at your service, my queen.”

How about your perseverance as an artist? Generally speaking, aren’t artists supposed to be more particular about their work the more they seek perfection? For you to agree so frankly, don’t you feel sorry for your work?

Alright, you know what? For a man… no, a dragon to salivate while looking at his work, he probably doesn’t give any ⓢⓗⓘⓣ about that.

He only cared if it tasted good or not.

At this very moment, I profoundly understood how very powerless I was. Even as ⓑⓔⓔⓟ— as I was in my previous life, I still couldn’t deal with the dragon queen with extreme daughter complex…

Thus… I have… no choice but to endure…


  1. Kek! She obviously just want the meat herself!
  2. He’s such a smooth talker…

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