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Chapter 12 – My Clansmen Ought to be Intelligent

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Author: We Ain’t Not Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1865 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1256 words

As she received a favorable answer from the sculptor, mother nodded her head in satisfaction. With a casual flip of her hand, the huge sculpture disappeared on the spot.

This… could it be the legendary dimensional bag owned by every light novel protagonist? So cool… I also want it… If I asked nicely, mother will probably give me one right? After all, she pampered me this much… if I act cute in front of her, she probably wouldn’t make a deal with me in exchange for being her dress-up doll right? Right?

As if she wouldn’t do that?! She would definitely threaten me with a dimensional bag in one hand and an extremely shameful dress in the other, saying: “Do you want this? As long as you put on this dress, I will give it to you, hehehe…”

I suspect she showed that to me deliberately. By stirring up my desire for that item, she would take that opportunity to drop me into her dress up hell.

Too naive! I was a former ⓑⓔⓔⓟ— for one, enduring the shame hell for a few more times is nothing to me!1

Mother swept her eyes all around, then she floated to the dead center of the crowds and said with solemnity, “Nine million years ago, the Origin Dragon born from the void of the world gave birth to the dragon race here, at this very location. After nine million years of evolution, the dragons could be said to be one of the oldest races. We might be called one of the three strongest races in this world, and have power exceeding that of the demons, but nevertheless, the dragons are the most inconspicuous race of all. That’s because we do not own many territories. We have formidable might and long lifespan, but our fertility is extremely low. Even after nine million years, there are only a little more than one thousand of us, and that is everyone here…”

“Actually…” Akarin interrupted, “not all of us are…”

As mother was interrupted by Akarin, she glared at him and asked, “Didn’t I say everyone must come? Did you not notify all of them…?”

Akarin wiped the imaginary sweat on his dragon head and said with a stammer, “N- no, I have notified all intended parties, it’s just that…”

“Just what?”

“Didn’t the Aurora Dragon, Taylor, sign a contract with the first generation emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire? The term was to protect the Holy Dragon Empire for ten thousand years… since the contract is still effective, he couldn’t leave…”

“It’s him?”

“And also the Lava Dragon Transylvania who went to the Inferno Realm. We have lost contact for three hundred years already…”

“Who else?”

“A- and the Earth Dragon Gaia, due to some weird curiosity, has buried himself and erected a tomb. He still hasn’t come out after a hundred years… The Ice Dragon Fenice wanted to find out if the Eternal Ice is really unmeltable so he tried to lick it. Now, fifty years later, his tongue is still stuck to the Eternal Ice… The Eclipse Dragon just kidnapped the demon’s princess not long ago and is being chased everywhere by the Demon King…”

Oi oi, all of those guys seem to be in a dire situation, are you guys really fine with not giving them a hand?

“Is that all?” Mother asked without so much of a change in her expression.

“T- that should be all… they are the only ones who didn’t return…” said Akarin with his mouth twitching.

“Then go notify them again, other than Taylor who has contracted with the Holy Dragon Empire, if the rest of them… don’t come back within ten days, I will personally go assist them. Hehe…. Those that should’ve returned from the Inferno Realm and yet didn’t, I will throw them into the Sea of Origin and feed them to the primal beasts. Those that should’ve crawled out from the underground but didn’t, I will turn their burial ground into a real tomb. Those that should’ve pulled out their tongue but didn’t, I will personally cut off their tongue. As for the one who kidnapped the princess… tell him a job well done! If he didn’t die this time, I will personally award him the princess.”

Is that what you call an assist? That was a threat! A bona fide threat! This isn’t how you are supposed to look after your people! And why does the last one who kidnapped the princess receives a good job and you are even trying to betroth the princess to him? Have you guys ever thought about the feeling of the princess and the Demon King, you ⓑⓐⓢⓣⓐⓡⓓⓢ?!

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At this very moment, I finally realized that the dragons had mental problems, but that was not because of an illness. It was ⓕⓤⓒⓚⓘⓝⓖ heredity!

Give me back my romance… my fantasy!

“Oh, that’s right,” after thinking for a while, mother supplemented, “You can omit the middle parts and let them think of the consequences for themselves…”

It’d be a wonder if they could actually not comprehend the consequences! You actually just wanted to wipe them off the planet, wasn’t it? Especially that Lava Dragon. Having already lost contact for three hundred years, he didn’t even meet the basic condition to even begin comprehending your words!

Akarin’s face paled upon understanding mother’s meaning, but he still respectfully answered yes.

“Um~ Where did I stop just now?”

“You said there were only one thousand of us remaining,” reminded Akarin.

“Oh, that’s right. We dragons have a very limited number. There are only a thousand of us to this day, however, there is a very unusual trait unique to dragons,” mother stopped for a while before she continued,

“And that is, our fertility rate with other races is very normal. In fact, it is too normal. I know that most of you have dozens or even hundreds of lovers out there. Moreover, they come in all different shapes and races. Some of your descendants have already exceeded a thousand in population, far exceeding the number of our original race.”

I suddenly felt the air turning awkward. It was just like everyone was strolling in the nightclub with a tacit understanding but their night activities had been publicly disclosed. And it was disclosed by their family head no less.

Mother didn’t care about the awkward atmosphere and continued, “You guys need not feel ashamed, because your ancestors are the same. That’s why there are so many dragon sub-types. In a certain respect, you guys have created a new race.”

Some of the dragons laughed foolishly upon hearing these…

“Our progenitor was aware of this, that’s why they left behind a dragon monument to prevent the bloodline of our race to diffuse! Only a pure-blooded dragon will be able to leave their mark on the monument and obtain a true name. This is the reason the bloodline of our race remains pure to this day! And today is the day my daughter will obtain her true name. All of you, take a good look, for she will be the one who guides you in the future!”2

“Roooooar!” The dragon roar resounded from the valley without pause.

W- what? We’re already starting? I- I haven’t mentally prepared myself for this… but of course, as a ⓑⓔⓔⓟ— in my previous life, leading a small group of dragons is easy peasy.

“All hail her imperial princess! I want to give birth to your monkey!”

Only if they aren’t as retarded as these…


  1. Okay… so you’re still going to accept her offer if she really did threaten you with that… xD
  2. It’d be awkward if she couldn’t get a true name after all is said and done…

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