Chapter 10 – Birth Festival (Final)

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Author: We Ain’t Not Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1616 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1149 words

The cooked head was steaming hot, fats oozed out of the meat and dropped to the ground. The sweet aroma of the meat kept drilling into my nose, but I just couldn’t get my appetite up.

I suspect it would look almost the same if you skin my head and roast it…

When I looked at the cooked head in front of me, not only my liver, even my stomach started to hurt.

Looks like the cancer cells are already spreading.

Evelyn stepped forward to present me a knife and a fork, then she looked at me with high expectation, “Please enjoy it, princess.”

I received the utensils with both hands, but I didn’t know where to start because I had no idea where I was supposed to start “dissecting” my head. Moreover, I could feel the head staring straight at me…1

N- no way… This is definitely not a horror fiction, I can guarantee this with the author’s little brother on the line…

Seeing that I hadn’t moved my hands all along, Evelyn received a huge shock. She retreated with swaying steps and said while covering her mouth, “D- don’t tell me… the princess does not like our food? Oh god, why, why can’t we even satisfy the princess? Just what kind of blunder is this?! It looks like we’re not fit to learn culinary arts, after all. Hubby, let us go learn the art of massage in the human nation.”

The huge dragon also hung its head and said in approval, “Wifey is right, if we fail as chefs, our only option is to learn massaging.”

Why can you only learn massage techniques if you fail as a chef? There is absolutely no relationship between the two alright?! Or is it that my insight is too shallow and unable to understand the hidden connection?

There’s no way this ⓑⓔⓔⓟ— me will ever admit that I didn’t read much in my previous life…

I hardened my resolve and cut a piece of meat from the sculpture head with eyes shut. I really didn’t have a choice, if I kept stalling, the couple would go to the human world to learn massage techniques. With the raw strength of the dragons, I bet rivers of blood would be a common sight during their training… The occupation known as masseur would become extinct before long.

Truth be told, I’m also starting to feel a little hungry now… After cutting the meat into bite-size, I put it into my mouth…

T- This is… delicious! I’ve never eaten something this delicious before… That strong flavor when I put it in my mouth, and that sublime texture when it rolls on my tongue… this is too exquisite… absolutely delectable!

Only now did I realize the meat in front of me is indeed legendary-tier! Even in my ⓑⓔⓔⓟ—, this can still be rated as a very uncommon food. Meat on this level appeared in extremely rare cases even among ⓑⓔⓔⓟ— like me…

And of course, turning this meat into such a delicacy is also a testimony of their superb cooking skills.

I do feel apologetic about my opinion earlier…

Even if you both don’t have common sense, you have true skills as a chef. At least your specialty is a few millennia ahead of those other third-rate specialists.

While eating, I gave a thumb up to Evelyn to assure her. I still couldn’t speak after all.

My thumb up was synonymous to the trophy from a God of Cooking competition in Evelyn’s eyes. She was holding back her tears and turned around to hug his hubby’s big head, “Sniff… sniff… Hubby~ someone has finally given assurance to our cooking skills, I am so happy. Let’s make a child.”

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The big dragon also said with a sobbing tone, “Yeah~ it looks like the skills we polished for the past two hundred years did not go to waste. The child-making can wait until we find a nice and secluded place after the festival.”

Oi oi! You both studied for two hundred years and all you learned was how to roast meat? And how did you guys jump into child-making from that? Your line of thinking is way too erratic!

Evelyn turned her head to the dark area and said towards the other dragons, “Feel free to partake in the remaining portions among yourselves.”


The atmosphere suddenly turned eerily quiet. Even I, who was absorbed in eating, couldn’t help but stop my hands.

The atmosphere… felt a little weird. It’s like everyone here… no, all the dragons here had stopped breathing…

A pair of golden light gradually lit up in the originally lightless valley, then two pairs… three pairs… until it filled the entire valley.

The little sprouting that was me was already shivering in terror. Just for a lump of meat, was it really necessary to have to ignite the golden pupil?!

The sculptor that was closest to the roast meat took the initiative. His body abruptly enlarged as he transformed into a yellow dragon. He grabbed the roast meat with his claws and stirred up a cloud of dust with a flap of his wings. His figure quickly retreated into the sky along with the cloud of dust.

“The white whale meat was provided by me, so the roast meat is naturally mine! Nobody takes it from me!!”

A voice of disdain came from the darkness, “Same old rules, the meat belongs to whoever gets it!”

A dragon tail appeared out of nowhere and whipped the sculptor’s waist. His claws loosened due to the pain and the roast meat was quickly snatched by another dragon.

“Akarin, you old schemer! You set me up!”

Akarin, who was supposed to be under the spotlight, was already gone without a trace.

Not only Akarin, those dragons that provided spotlights also joined the battlefield with their luminescent eyes, causing havoc everywhere they go.

As for the brother who provided spotlights for me… he disappeared immediately and left me to embrace the darkness.

The golden pupils at the distant mountains were getting closer with each passing second. As for the few that were already fighting, magic power began to well up in their bodies… oh ⓕⓤⓒⓚ, are they really going to start a civil war over roast meat?!

Does roast meat have that much value to the dragons? I, who have a lump of meat all to myself, was already so frightened that I could feel a chill welling up my spine.

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“I order you to stop at once! What are you fighting over mere meat for?!”

Just at this time, the melodic voice that I have been waiting all along abruptly sounded out. Her arrival made me just want to jump into her embrace and feel her warmth.

It’s not like I just wanted to take advantage of the situation to rub against her breasts or anything like that…


  1. What kind of horror-play is this!

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