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Chapter 85 – Live stream: The inhabitants of the Demon Lord’s castle

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Author: Resn Original Source: Kakuyomu
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Silva

“The interior of the castle is obviously off-limits, but the gardens are open. I shall be thy guide.” Saying that, Crim began walking. The Magius Orb capturing everything also moved, floating slightly above Crim’s right shoulder.

Comment: This is like…a date POV!

Comment: This is genius

Comment: Whoever the producer or cameraman is, they deserve a raise!

Comment: She even keeps glancing at us from time to time while she talks…

Crim chuckled a bit to herself, seeing how excited all the viewers were getting, and continued walking to the gardens. “Hmm… It may take some time to get there, if it gets boring…”

Comment: It’s not boring at all!

Comment: I could spend a lifetime like this!

Comment: Look mom, I’m walking next to a girl!

“I…I see? Well, in that case…” She could not help cringing a bit seeing the viewer’s comments, but decided to gloss over it, convincing herself that anything was fine as long as they were entertained.

But it was still true that it would take some time to get to the gardens, so they had already thought of something for her to do on the way there.

“The way is still long, so why not have a little marshmallow Q&A session on the way there?” That was one of the social media applications that came bundled with an NLD, which allowed people to send anonymous questions to others.

Crim glanced quickly through the questions to make sure they were good ones, and then she began reading them aloud. “Well, first off… ‘I know you’re a vampire, but what blood type is your favorite?’ Ohh… Finally a proper question!”

Comment: Why would a simple question make you so happy lol

Comment: I mean, considering what all the previous questions were…

“Quiet! But hmm… I wouldn’t know what to say, as Freya’s blood is all I’ve ever drank…”

Comment: Is this it? Is it official now?

Comment: Some variety surely wouldn’t hurt her, right?

Comment: Is she flaunting their relationship? Is this what’s happening here?

“Enough! I’ve had it with thy shallow comments! Bring on the next!” Crim acted like she was annoyed with the flood of comments and then moved on to the next question.


After some time of walking and answering questions…

“Helloooo Crimmm!”
“ “ “Hello!!” ” ”

A group of children appeared, waving their hands as they ran past Crim. Crim smiled seeing that pleasant scene, and she greeted them back.

“Hello everyone. Don’t run too much or you might trip, okay?”
“And if you fall and get hurt, go straight to the flowery lady, got it?”

Comment: She broke character lol

Comment: I knew this couldn’t be a demonic palace!

Comment: She’s more like their reliable older sister…so precious

Comment: I told you, if anything she’s just a Ditzy Lord!

Crim grimaced a little seeing the comments, even though they were positive, and then remembered something and called to the small girl at the rear of the group of children.

“By the way, where’s everyone else?”
“They’re with the flowery lady over at the flower bed!”
“I see, thank you!”

The children seemed happy that they were of use to Crim, and they left running while laughing happily. Crim nodded to herself with satisfaction seeing that, and once they were out of sight, she continued walking.

Comment: Guys…I don’t like the idea of attacking this Demon Lord’s castle!

Comment: Damn you Ditzy Lord, psychological warfare is too cruel!

Comment: Whatever hero comes to defeat the Demon Lord will end up being the villain!

Comment: This feels almost like paradise, it’s ridiculous lol

“Hahah, my apologies, everyone. There’s many children in these areas, as I opened a school for kids to stay in until they’re old enough to help their parents at work.”

Comment: Seriously, why are you doing this to us, Ditzy Lord?!

Comment: This feels like one of those novels where the Demon Lord is actually a good guy lol

Comment: And everyone here trusts her too much

“I believe thou mayst appreciate meeting their teacher. Let us proceed thither.”

Comment: Ohh

Comment: Why am I getting excited about this now…

As Crim headed in the direction the children had indicated, the viewers realized there was no point in arguing and resigned themselves to just enjoying the view.

After some walking, another group of people came into view, in the same place where they had fought Adnammelech before. Back then the terrain looked ruined and desolate, but it had been rebuilt into a beautiful garden paved with limestone. The only thing missing were the flowers themselves, but that was something the people there were currently taking care of.

“Ah, there they are. Heyy, Freya!”
“Crim! The stream…is still ongoing, I see.”

Freya was carrying some soil to fill the flowerbeds when she saw Crim, and quickly noticed the Magius Orb floating next to her. Hinagiku, Lycoris, and Frey were not around at the time, as they had left together with all the newest members to help them raise their Skills.

“Yes, I’m giving them a tour of the premises. Where could I find Da’at?”
“Oh, she’s together with the children over there. Did you need her for something?”
“Mhm, I’d also like to introduce her. She’s the guardian of the castle after all.”

Crim continued talking with Freya for a while longer, and meanwhile…

Comment: Wait, is this…

Comment: Yeah… This is Milady’s territory

Comment: Step out, step in, step out…AHHHH?!!

Comment: I’ll do anything so please step on me!!

Comment: Y’all are too traumatized lmaoo

The chat window was going crazy with people terrified from their experience in the raid dungeon. Ignoring all of that, Crim walked forward to a hooded girl, who was squatting alongside some children next to a flowerbed.

“Try to dig a little deeper, otherwise the birdies will come and eat all the seeds.” She was a druid, instructing the kids how to properly plant the flowers. As Crim got closer, someone else came into view.

“Hiee… A-Ahem, Master, do you need anything?”
“…Thou still hath not overcome that trauma?”
“And whose fault do you think that is?!”

Crim was baffled by that reaction, so the blonde girl wearing a classic maid outfit blurted out a retort. Seeing that…

Comment: Wait, Adonis-chan?!

Comment: Why does she look like a maid lol

Comment: Did Crim-chan beat an innocent knight into submission…

“Stop making such scandalous claims! I’m employing her fair and square!!” That was something Crim could not pretend not to see, so she shouted angrily in response.

But the sudden shout made Adonis start to shake as all blood drained from her face, until she realized that Crim had been shouting at the strange floating sphere next to her, which piqued her interest.

“Ohh, so this is what’s capturing everything?” Adonis approached the Magius Orb, staring into it with curiosity and poking it lightly. Obviously, all of that was being streamed too.

Comment: She’s getting so close lol

Comment: It almost feels like we’re in love with her so close

Comment: Aww she’s so adorable

Having the beautiful face of a maid fill the entire frame caused another barrage of comments from the viewers.

“They do seem delighted with thy presence, Adonis. Thou art quite popular amongst them, I must say.”
“I…I see. It’s not like that makes me happy or anything, but I guess I should say thanks.”
“Still concealing thy emotions, I see…”

Adonis turned her face away with a frown, but it was obvious her entire face and ears were turning red.

Comment: She’s perfect that way

Comment: There’s nothing better than a classic tsundere

Comment: It’s so cute how it’s obvious she’s happy about it but tries to deny it

There were many viewers voicing their support for her, but at the same time…

Comment: I want to see her cry

Comment: I want to see her hopeless face

Comment: I want to push her down the throat of a swamps’ Giant Toad

Comment: I bet she’d look great slathered in the drool of a frog

The number of degenerate comments largely outnumbered the more positive ones. But Crim did not want to ruin Adonis’ mood, so she kept all of that a secret.

“Ah, what are the two of you talking about here, Adonis, Master?”

The two had been talking for a bit, which Da’at and the children noticed, so they came to check on them.

Comment: Oh, another NPC?

Comment: Her voice is so cute, it’s a girl, right?

Comment: All the kids seem to like her, I guess she’s their teacher

More comments came following the appearance of the new figure.

“Go on, Da’at. If thou hast any words for them, speak freely.”

Crim told her that, and she began stuttering and looking nervous, saying, “Huh, me? But…I don’t know…”

Crim, however, was also hoping that showing Da’at during the broadcast could somehow reach the ‘Hero’ who was accompanying Da’at Criferd, and both of them would come to visit. And also…

“Don’t worry, just think of us all as being part of the same family. So go on, say something.”

“Umm…well, if you insist…” Coughing lightly to clear her throat, Da’at pulled back her hood. “Umm, nice to meet you. I’m Da’at Seyfert, a common and uninteresting druid. And hmm…what more… Oh right, the flowers I planted with these children today will bloom next month, so please feel free to come see them…if you could?”

She was clearly nervous and not used to being in front of a camera, but she tried her best and smiled kindly to all the viewers.

There was a short pause in the chat window, all of the viewers being stunned by Da’at’s beauty, and then there was a torrent of new comments pouring in one after another.

Overall, the stream was a huge success, but before Crim could celebrate, she found herself swamped with countless requests from viewers to either join the guild, or to duel.


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