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Chapter 84 – Live stream: The Demon Lord’s Castle showcase

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Author: Resn Original Source: Kakuyomu
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Silva

The next Monday after the encounter with the young man nicknamed the ‘Hero’…

“Are you ready? Remember to not show any of our weak spots.”
“Mhm, I’ve memorized all the places we can’t show, I’m ready.”
“Good, I’ll get the Magius Orb up into the air then, if you don’t mind.”
“Go ahead.”

Once Crim nodded, Ryunosuke finished all the final checks and stepped away. That marked the start of the next live stream of Lua Cheia after more than half a month of inactivity. A stream to commemorate the completion of their new castle.

“…Adyyja, thou did well to come, humans. Crim Lua Cheia is my name, leader of the Lua Cheia guild.”

Comment: Adyyja!!

Comment: I’ve been waiting for this!!

Comment: It’s been a while, Ditzy Lord!

Comment: Wait, where is this..?

Crim turned around while holding onto a parasol, doing a little squat as she gave her usual greeting.

It had been a while since they had scheduled a broadcast, so Crim was pleased to see the chat window quickly filling with comments. Then she began reciting the announcement she had memorized for the day.

“I deeply apologize for my prolonged absence. To vary our routine, today I address all of you outdoors, and from none other than our new dwelling! …And please forgive the parasol, for it is a sunny day.”

Comment: I don’t mind at all!

Comment: Makes sense for a vampire

Comment: Your clothes are so cute today lol

Comment: Is that a new outfit?! It’s so cute!!

Comment: It’s white goth time lol

Comment: You’re showing too much chest and shoulders!

Comment: Your dad wouldn’t… He’d approve!!

She made her parasol lined with white lace spin around in her hand as she greeted everyone. That was different from her usual appearance, so the viewers would not stop commenting about it, and watching that pleased Crim.

Crim was currently wearing Ariel’s Dress, a piece of equipment she had obtained during the raid dungeon before, which boosted Crim’s stats the best. Its visual appearance was similar to an off-shoulder gothic lolita dress.

It looked like an outfit perfect for the end of the rainy season and all of summer. All of the frills, lace, and overall cute design that was not too exaggerated was also well received by most of the viewers.

As the guild’s leader, Crim felt obligated to represent them properly, and having to strip away and mill down her self-respect by wearing cute dresses to improve the public image of the guild was not beneath her, as long as it made things easier for the other guild members.

She had decided to just let things happen.

“As it turns out, the castle for Lua Cheia has been completed today, so I’ll give everyone a tour of its highlights.”

Comment: Did she say a castle?!

Comment: Congrats!!

Comment: So where is it?

The comments congratulating them pleased Crim, who nodded a few times. Some were also requesting to see the castle…even though it had been in frame the entire time.

“Well then, glance upon it, the new Castle Seyfert, our home!” As Crim pointed behind her, Ryunosuke played a loud “Ta-da” sound effect he had prepared, while also making the Magius Orb fly higher to raise the point of view.

That gave an overhead view of Castle Seyfert and the surrounding areas, all behind where Crim had been standing.

Comment: That’s huge!

Comment: Wait, that’s your Guild House?!

Comment: I thought it was just the background…but that’s all yours?!

Comment: That’s the same place as that raid dungeon!!

Comment: So the Demon Lord’s castle takes up a whole area lol

Comment: It kinda looks like a mix of a disney and castlevania castle lol

Comment: But wait, aren’t all of those Living Statues along the outer wall?

Comment: I know the one in the middle is an Iron Golem at least

Comment: Wasn’t it one of those that was set up incorrectly by some guild and it killed everyone?

Comment: I think it’s the most powerful automatic defense system available

Comment: The maid statues alongside the paths are called Killing Dolls, and they’re really dangerous enemies too

Comment: That’s some celestial palace levels of security. I expected no less from a Demon Lord!

“Mhm, I spared no expense in fortifying the castle. Thou mayst come to sightsee, but attempt anything untoward and they’ll escort thee out! Heheh… Mwhahahah!!”

Crim laughed about it casually, but building the defenses for the castle and Nebel had consumed so much of her fortune that she only had around 10% of the Points she had started with.

Comment: I’m scared of this place

Comment: Her laugh sounds so evil lol

Comment: Is it me or she’s done nothing but show off since the stream started?

“Hah, of course I’m showing off! I’ve spent XX0,000 Points to build all of this, who wouldn’t want to show off?!”

Comment: Wha-

Comment: Wait, how many zeroes did she just say?

Comment: Yeah, I’d want to show off too…

Comment: This scenery…this island…my head-

Comment: Please step on me, Milady!

Comment: Uh oh, someone’s having a breakdown

Comment: Why are there so many people traumatized by her?!

Comment: It just makes it easier for her to degrade us

Comment: Let’s try. Could you call us pigs?

Crim looked away for a second and the discussion quickly devolved into that request.

Usually seeing that would make Crim feel indignation or shock, but this time she was in such a good mood from the castle’s completion that she would happily oblige the viewers’ requests. And so…

“As you wish! If it’s thy desire to challenge me, then breach these defenses first! But I already know thou art naught but cowardly swine! Isn’t that right? Piigs!!”

Getting carried away by the comments, Crim’s face twisted into a bratty smirk she had been practicing (mostly by studying Frey), laughing loudly while insulting the viewers time and time again.

Comment: I want to punch that s̲h̲i̲t̲-eating grin so badly

Comment: It’s so unfair that she looks so cute at the same time lol

Comment: She’s clearly having a good time today lmao

Comment: I feel like she’ll keep remembering this and won’t be able to sleep tonight

Comment: Pure bliss

Comment: I’m a pig with resistance to shame, so don’t push yourself too hard lol

«The invitation to sightsee is actually true. We welcome anyone who wants to visit Lua Cheia’s territory. You can also buy lunch at the nearby town, and we’ll be thankful for any trade conducted there.»

There was a chime as a block of text appeared on the screen.

Comment: Now they’re showing ads lol

Comment: Is this real?!

Comment: She’s advertising her castle as a local attraction lmao

Comment: So the Demon Lord actually cares for the people living nearby!

Comment: Also, is it me or are those the voices of children playing?

Comment: Is this a daycare or something?!

And so, Lua Cheia’s live stream began without a hitch(?)

Also, just like many of the viewers had anticipated, that night Kou kept turning around in bed, wincing in shame until the sun began to rise. But that’s a story for another day.

Character Name: Crim
Species: Noble Red
Guild: Lua Cheia

Base Stats:

HP: 2150
MP: 1920
Vitality (VIT): 60/100 (+15)
Mind (MND): 90/100 (+30)
Strength (STR): 60/100 (+35)
Magic (MAG): 90/100 (+50)
Physical Enhance: 60/100
Magic Enhance: 90/100

Owned Skills:

Mastery Skills:

Full Weapon Mastery 50/100 (*1)
Armor Mastery 21/100 (Growth interrupted)

Weapon/Magic Skills:

Scythe 100/100
Weapon Master 60/100 (*2)
Claws 70/100 (Growth interrupted)
Fangs 15/100
Abyss Magic (Shadow Magic + Darkness Magic) 90/100
Hemomancy 95/100

Crafting Skills:

Foraging 30/100 (Growth interrupted)
Lumbering 30/100 (Growth interrupted)

Common Skills:

Master Forger 80/100 (*3)
Wall Running 70/100 (*4)
Health Regeneration 89/100
Sneak 30/100 (Growth interrupted)
Observing 30/100 (Growth interrupted)
Reviving 55/100

Support Skills:

Magic Aptitude 30/100 (Growth interrupted)
Transformation 100/100

EX Drive:

Ephemeral Spectral Swords 30/100

Point Total: 1157/1200
Crafting: 60/60

Extra Traits:

  • Half-Blooded
  • X: Weakness to Silver
  • X: Weakness to Bibles and Crosses
  • X: Weakness to Fire (Strong)
  • (Fire Resistance is set to -100, can only be raised with equipment.)
  • X: Weak to Light (Strong)
  • (Light Resistance is set to -100, can only be raised with equipment.)

Equipment Effects:

  • [Cloak of the Young Red Lion Emperor] – Fairies’ Blessing: Can alter the trajectory of incoming projectiles up to three times a day.
  • [Ariel’s Dress] – Netzach’s Blessing: Increases HP and MP regeneration speed.


  • [Full Weapon Mastery] Learning Conditions: Reaching Skill Level (SLv) 100 with Single-Handed Weapon Mastery & Two-Handed Weapon Mastery. Effect: Allows the proficient wielding of both types of weapons requiring less than the SLv of this Skill (Warning: This Skill increases at a slower pace).
  • [Weapon Master] Learning Conditions: Dealing a certain amount of damage with four different types of weapons. Effect: Allows the proficient wielding of any owned weapons requiring less than SLv/2 of this Skill. However, if Full Weapon Mastery is also acquired, any weapons within SLv can be wielded.
  • [Master Forger] Learning Conditions: Using magic to create weapons a certain number of times. Effect: Increases the durability of weapons created with magic and decreases the time of chanting needed for them. The effect scales with SLv.
  • [Wall Running] Learning Conditions: Reaching Skill Level 100 with Fall Resistance & Dash.

The protagonist has clocked in the most hours logged in out of all hardcore players.


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