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[Vol.2] Chapter 18: Challenger

An early afternoon at Arufareia.

Cheryl and I earned enough money today, so we walked through the town of Arufareia aimlessly.

When we were thinking about how to earn money before, we were surprised to get an unexpected find due to this place being the capital of the Elven Kingdom.

Now we hunt monsters, catch criminals──gather medicinal herbs in dangerous places, or mine Spirit Crystal, which has been said to be a slightly dangerous line of work.

There is an association that manages the work of every field──whatever the contents were, appearance-wise we look like children.

Where I belong to now, is an association that give highly dangerous jobs with a low degree of difficulty. Although no one thought that a pair of children could fit in──since I used an unexpected method to prove my ability, I was able to join this association.

As for the method──it was just…the sword on my back.

The first day when we arrived at Arufareia, after winning an arm wrestling against Ted, the sword was given as the prize.

After returning to the inn, I was impressed by such an excellent blade──somehow, it seems to be quite a fine thing.

I was aware of it, but it was useless since we entered the association in such a state.

Although I tried to talk to the receptionist of the Union, we were admonished and refused due to having the body of children, but then the head of the Union saw the sword by chance. When he pestered me to pull out the sword in an excited state, the Union head was surprised at the force used to pull it out.

It seems like a the sword was forged by a renowned sword artisan when I asked about the story behind the sword, and since I never expected it to be such a fine sword, my eyes turned a little bit wide. Still, I was surprised at Ted’s heart for giving this gift to a ‘child’. Setting that aside.

Apparently Ted was an adventurer famous for his muscular prowess, when I said that I beat him in arm wrestling──with the word of the Union head, I was admitted into this association.

Incidentally, today is fetching the soil of the Spirit Crystals, and I just finished the request.

Soil of Spirit Crystals, that is to say, soil that has vitality, spiritual soil with power in crystallized form.

Since I can mine it with my sharpened senses, this request can be finished relatively easily with Arubaku Mountain being nearby, so it’s good for me.

For the common adventurer, it was a place with numerous dangerous demons, so they hesitated to take a step into the mountain, but for me, it was just a place that I trained in frequently. It’s already like my backyard.1

Well, something like that.

Continuing like this, leaving the town by next week seems possible. It was going smoother than expected.

The next target, Natousha, as Chester had suggested.

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The distance shouldn’t be too far away from here. The excellent fighter that Chester mentioned──I want to meet as soon as possible.

「Slava-kun, Slava-kun」

When I lifted the corners of my mouth in anticipation towards the yet unseen fighter, the hem of my clothes was pulled with a slight force, with the voice of a girl following soon after.

Glancing, I noticed that the person who tugged me was Cheryl. It was a slight force that held back a lot of power. Something that makes you have shaking hands──maa, does it have to be now.

「Mu? What is it Cheryl」

「Guest….probably, Slava-kun」

Looking over and seeing a head slightly below me, Cheryl moved her arms slowly.

This 「Guest」was pointed at.

Following that snow-white finger with my eyes, I understood. Certainly this is my 「Guest」that is standing there.

「You, boy, I suppose you are Slava Marshall.」

「Indeed. Who are you?」

「My name is Philips. I heard that a boy defeated Ted, so I came to visit.
I would like to have a sparring match if it’s okay with you.」

──From that day I defeated Ted in arm wrestling, I have been challenged in this manner.

As I said earlier, Ted is a well-known adventurer in this town that serves as the capital.

To put it briefly and bluntly, he was a talented adventurer.

An adventurer’s job was to discover unexplored land and to find information about new evil beasts. That is to say, one’s fame was directly proportional to one’s strength.

Being like this, although that wasn’t the reason why I used my fist, I still defeated Ted in an arm wrestle──huh.

There were many who challenged me in arm wrestling in the beginning, apparently thinking that they could win against me, but now there seems to be more fighting challenges.

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It wasn’t unreasonable, but I hope they would refrain from overdoing it a little. Fighting those stronger than me is fun, but having to fight those weaker than me won’t make it a fun match.

Having my heart beat quickly at the thought of a strong enemy, it seems like I’m still immature.

Seems like I haven’t changed much from my past life, at all.

「Since it’s come to this. Cheryl, stay back.」


Cheryl was used to this, so she moved to a place where she wouldn’t be involved.

From Phillips who was holding a sword, magical power rises.

…Maa, if I call Ted weak, then this young man is weaker than him.

This young man had an appearance similar to that of a 17- or 18-year-old human. Well, if that is the case, then he should be around 60 to 80 years old according to his appearance.

Since I have a long lifespan, I can spend a lot of time on training, but compared to a human expert, the age difference isn’t even funny.

This isn’t too important.

While letting out a long breath, and bending my left arm back, I gestured 「Come」with my right hand.3

「…Should I use the back of the sword?」

「My fist is very strong. Don’t look down on it, you should feel relieved.」

Seriously, it’s not like I despise him.

That’s merely a proper evaluation.

However, Philips, being a swordsman, doesn’t seem to understand.

「I can’t fight a weaponless person. Take your weapon out.」

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「Leave if you think so. If you really think that a sword is stronger.」4

Philips face contorted.

Yare yare. Just by saying the truth straight out, this young person’s face distorts.

Phillips, whose eyebrows slanted in anger, held the rapier, and rushed forward.

Regardless if it was a straight movement or an illusive diversion, it evidently seems to be an attack with history behind it.

Feeling the muffled bloodthirst from the blade tip, I gently took a step closer.

There’s no need to use my left hand. If you look down on the fist, I’ll teach you the terror of unarmed combat.

Dodging the extending rapier, I enter his bosom area.

Although breaking the sword was fine, it is cruel. It should be over if I strike him with a palm.

Phillips face contorted in surprise, no longer hiding it anymore, I directed some magical power into my palm.

It’s best to defeat him without leaving any external injury. Since blood can be regenerated through magical power, internal wounds can be cured immediately in contrast to external wounds.5


The palm filled with magical power was rammed down.

As a result of being unable to hold out, Phillips flew parallel along the ground.

Before long, making a huge impact sound・・Phillips lands.

Shimatta. It seems to have been filled with more power than I thought.6

I rushed over to the groaning Phillips in the distance.

…Uumu, it seems like the opponent is exhausted.

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「Are you alright? Sorry, it seems like I’ve gone too far.」

While applying recovery magic, I chanted the healing incantation.

He might have died if left alone, with this damage.

Seriously though, didn’t I always remind Cheryl to hold back a little? (EDN: I think he is reminding himself that he should hold back too)

Intentionally playing the pig to eat the tiger is not what I want, thus, it had become a hassle to have to treat them each time. This is annoying.

「Uhm, I’m very sorry…the technique of unarmed fighting is amazing…」

Phillips became respectful. In the world of Martial Arts, it isn’t unusual for the defeated opponent to use a respectful tone, so I wonder if he has lost before.

Fumu, have you lost a little confidence?

….Maa if one polishes Martial Arts, then they shouldn’t be heart-broken from this.

Being able to accept defeat is important, it allows one to move on. If one can overcome this period of mental trauma, good results can be expected in the distant future.

「Judging things from appearance, you have a painful look.
Certainly having a weapon is advantageous, but unarmed is good as well, having good points such as being able to fight at a closer range.」

Finishing the treatment, I tapped his shoulder.7

Then, Phillips nodded with a meek face.

「To look down on you because of your young age, please excuse my behavior.
It was a good lesson.」

Rising, Phillips thanked me.

He’s a good lad. Changing his mindset, success.

「Then, I’ll leave it at this.
Cheryl, it’s alright now.」

Calling Cheryl over, Cheryl rushed over here and waited.

All right, that said, Cheryl should have no problem defeating most opponents.

Now, letting Cheryl face him should make her remember the pressure of training.

Recently, the best training for Cheryl is sparring. Since there aren’t any martial artists that have reached Cheryl’s level, this is why I want to take a look around the world as soon as possible.

「Slava-dono. Thank you very much.
Some time in the future, I would like to have a rematch.」

「Lift your face.
I’ll accept anytime. When you think you can win, come.」

Phillips lowered his head again while I told him to ease himself, and attached a condition of a rematch.

Becoming the goal of this young person might be a bit too much, but it may give birth to a future master──I cannot just carelessly decline.

However, it isn’t like I won’t decline.

Before getting too involved in the town, let’s try to leave the town as soon as possible. Now that the new places to see in this place has decreased, I say we go to the Mountain Town Natousha, which is surrounded by beautiful nature.

If we have a picnic on the mountains, I wonder if Cheryl will be pleased.

She is the granddaughter of an old friend, who doubled as my friend. As I took a quick glance at Cheryl, the person in question looked puzzled.

Fumu, it’s decided, we have to raise a little request tomorrow.

「Nee, nee」

As I was thinking about what actions I should take for the future, Cheryl started pulling the hem of my clothes.

What’s the matter? Using my eyes to question her, she pointed at Phillips in the distance.

「Recovery magic, is it useful?」

Cheryl’s question seems to be about the recovery magic I used on Phillips.

The thing called magical power, anyone can use it regardless of race, but the amount of inherent magical power is different.

Well, it can be used by anyone if he or she learns it diligently.

「Aa, when it’s the time to approve a rank of in the Shijima Style, there’s an examination for Recovery Magic (Maho) and Recovery Sorcery (Majutsu).
Injuries can’t be avoided in a match, even more so now that I’m a juvenile. Therefore, my mentor set it as mandatory while learning the ins and outs of the Shijima Style, and it was established.」

In my mentor’s home country, an excellent Martial Artist used magic to heal the injuries and the like. With such an experience in his homeland, my mentor cultivated the Shijima Style, so I say that Recovery Magic (Maho) is compulsory.

With this kind of school background, it was only natural for Recovery Magic to be one of my strongest point as a master of Shijima Style.

On the other hand, while I excel at Recovery Magic, the amount of pain I had to endure to raise my Recovery Magic to this level was proportional.

My mentor used to say that life and death were two sides of a coin, and looking back, he may have a point.

….Iya, I might be thinking too much.

「Is that so…anything else, is any other magic used?」

「Although I can use some Fire magic, unfortunately, it isn’t suitable for attacking purposes.」

Nonetheless, it’s simply was necessary to learn.

It is convenient for everyday life──although it is simple magic that can be used as long as one continues to practice, I don’t like magic that requires incantation to trigger it, which means I can’t use offensive magic.

Maa, my mentor and Chester shared the same mentality anyway, if I remember correctly, Alma was good at Fire and Ice magic.

「Could it be, Cheryl wants to learn magic?」

「U~un, I only asked….But, I do want to learn Recovery Magic」

Hearing the intention behind the question, there was a tacit declining.

However, using Recovery Magic, huh.

….Fumu. Although I don’t plan on depriving Chester of his favorite disciple, Recovery Magic certainly is certainly convenient.

It’s going to become a long trip anyway, so he probably wouldn’t mind if I teach her.

「I can teach you if it’s just Recovery Magic.
How about it, do you want to learn?」

「….Please. Since my power seems to be a little too strong….when something happens, I want to do something myself.」

It seems that she is aware of her own strength.

Even though I taught her how to control her power, anyhow, that’s just like Cheryl. Certainly, in preparations for an emergency, Recovery Magic would come in handy.

「Yoshi, then do you want to start learning immediately?
Well, if it’s for you, Cheryl, until you’re able to use it, I’ll keep teaching you.」8

「Really? Thank you, Slava-kun….」

While her listless eyes became dyed with happiness, Cheryl hugged me.

….Naturally, with the power of a vise. I feel her grip was a little stronger compared to ten years ago, or so I want to believe.

A little stronger, huh. With this much force, it might be possible for her to become aware of her Herculean strength.

I wonder if I am getting senile, with that feeling, we went to the inn.


  1. TLN: Backyard because garden just doesn’t sound right 
  2. TLN: Yes, it means ‘Yes’, fellow weebs 
  3. TLN: Come at me br0 
  4. TLN: 抜かせてみれば良いではないか。本当に剣の方が強いと思うのならばな 
  5. TLN: Wait what. In XianXia, it’s always the internal wounds that take longer… 
  6. TLN: Shimatta is like an “I ****** up” expression in Japanese. 
  7. TLN: Dunno how to word it, it’s like when you do a good job and a father puts his hand on your shoulder and says ‘Good job’ 
  8. TLN: Yes, ‘Yoshi’ is the green shi- I mean, cough, “Yes” in Japanese 

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