[Vol.2] Chapter 17: The Bustling City

From the WanderingTranslator


Cheryl said in a somewhat flat voice as she shook her long hair.

Though her expression had been languid, the moment she stepped foot in the city, she seemed to be in high spirits.

Now that I think about it, I have spent ten years with this girl already. Lately, I’m able to read her mind without resorting to facial expressions. Though, that may be partially due to her being easy to read.

It had been less than a day after we left Chester’s house. Without anything noteworthy happening, we arrived at the largest city of the Elf country Mirafia, Arufareia.

Though I said nothing happened, it had a certain meaning to it. Arufareia is the main city, the capital if you could call it, of the Elves. There is increased focus on the security of the vicinity, and hence we saw no bandits or demons.

Talking about the human’s capital, even it wouldn’t be so peaceful to such an extent. In that regard, I guess you could say it would be the specialty of the elf race.

Well then. What should I do first?

Though some part of me wanted to bring Cheryl for sightseeing, looking for a means to earn money is a necessity.

But──for the time being, we should secure a bed with a roof first.

「Cheryl, shall we look for a place to stay first? Once we find a place, then we can go tour around the city.」

「Really? …. Then let’s go quickly.」

Cheryl who was spinning round and round, stopped at my words, and stared at me.

How cute. Lately, I’ve somehow realized how to handle this child.

「Very well, let’s go Cheryl.」

「Un… Okay.」

Unlike Cheryl, who was visiting this town for the first time, previously…or should I say, in my previous life, I have visited this city before.

While the landscape has changed slightly, compared to that of 50 years ago, nothing much has changed; as expected, it could be said to be a characteristic of the elf race.

「If it hasn’t changed, there should be a section where the inns are concentrated. Cheryl, follow me.」

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Relying on my memory, we walked briskly through the crowded street.

Cheryl followed behind snugly. …As I thought, she is rather eye-catching.

Cheryl, being a half-elf half-Majin, would attract attention no matter what.

It wasn’t to the extent in which all eyes were on her but, it definitely made it difficult to walk.

It would be nice if someday this child could freely walk outside without constraint but – the Majin race was warlike, as such, it would be unlikely.

At the very least, it would be nice if she had a few friends who she could confide in.

Until her number of friends increase, at the very least I’ll be her friend, I embraced such bitter thoughts as I walked.

Before long, it seems my memory had served me well, I saw the inn in which I had stayed in before. While embracing a slight relief that the inn reflected in my eyes was as clear as my memory of my previous life, I walk towards it──

「Nee nee, Slava-kun… ….that, what’s that?」

「That──seems like a stall for fried snacks. Want to buy one?」

After getting an inn without any issues, we began touring the streets of Arufareia.

We had no motive or objective, rather the stroll was a result of Cheryl’s curiosity.

Being the biggest city in the country, there were many people gathered here, and hence many merchants aiming at business opportunities too.

In my previous life, I’ve visited a variety of country with different races but, only this place continues to remain unchanged no matter what or how long.

But merchants who have gathered for such a reason, not all of them possess a shop.

Hence, Arufareia’s streets are filled with street stalls and booths.

Among the many uncountable stalls, Cheryl seemed to express interest in the stall selling fried snacks that gave off a sweet aroma.

Certainly if she was a young girl, it would be likely for her to be enticed by such a scent.

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Therefore, if it was only for this, I wouldn’t mind taking out my wallet –

「No…it’s fine. Because I might spoil my appetite for dinner…」

Apparently, it seemed to only attract interest.

But, what a kid.

To be able to stand firm, it strangely matches the upbringing of Chester.

「I see. But, if you do have something you want, don’t hold back.

It’s the job of the child to enjoy as much as you can.」

「Un, thanks. …But compared to Slava-kun now, I’m the older sister…」

With a somewhat triumphant face, Cheryl threw out her chest, slightly acting like a spoiled child.

For Slava-kun now──what she says was without a doubt correct.

Yes. What I said to her applied to me too.

Anyways, Chester knows, and she’s a girl I shall become friends with for a lifetime.

To continue hiding it──it doesn’t sit well with me.

Maybe if provided with a longer time, I might have decided to reveal my identity to Alma.

So far, although there certainly was a time I was more or less well-known, hiding my identity──what’s more, even to someone I’m so close with──was impossible to start with. That, and that I think that it wouldn’t go well if I tried to.

Anyway, what Cheryl said was true.

Though in total my age was more than a hundred, as of now──as an elf──I’m in my 20s──no different from a young brat.

Probably due to the fact that I’ve been dealing with a childish Cheryl, I probably forgot about the fact but, it is as she mentioned, she is older than me.

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「Sorry about that, it’s become a habit I can’t get rid of.」

「I’m not bothered about it. More importantly, what’s that…?」

Maa, perhaps she was just about to say that she just wanted to try to say that?

Cheryl, who said she wasn’t bothered, seemed to have shifted her attention to another place.

That frivolousness was childlike too. While looking at the girl who was slightly older than me, I laughed.

Her physical age is certainly more than mine but, if we are talking about mental age, then I have a hundred years more than her, hence I can’t help but treat her like a child.

…Though in terms of an elf, a hundred years isn’t very long, what a weird feeling.

More importantly, I should take a look at what Cheryl is pointing to.

The first thing I saw in the direction Cheryl was pointing to was a, to call it a stall would be giving it a little too much credit, it was a platform made of shabby wood.

There, an athletic man, who at first glance looked dishonest, sat. Observing carefully, there was nothing on display on the platform, just the man who looked like a shopkeeper smiling confidently with his arm stretched out.

「Hou…even in the country of elves such a plaything exists?」

Without noticing it, my hand had stretched and tried to scratch my beardless chin. Oops, a bad habit from my previous life.

No, I guess I should have realized it from Chester but, Elves like to show off their muscular strength.

As I had yet to make friends with elves other than Alma and Chester, I had yet to ascertain this fact but, my narrow image of elves was somewhat self-centered.

It’s likely that that stall is──

「Arm-wrestling, huh? Pay an amount to challenge that man and if you win, you get some sort of item.

No, I see, I see, such men exist in the elf country too huh?」

To see a stall for arm-wrestling in the country of elves.

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Before knocking on the door of the Shijima Style, I used to boast my strength, challenging people to fights in my youth, what a nostalgic thing.

「Arm-wrestling? …What’s that?」

「Placing your elbow on the table with your arm vertical, and your opponent doing the same, it’s a contest of strength where the victor is the one who forces the opponent’s arm to touch the table.

In the past I used to be challenged a lot.」


Looking at my involuntary smile, Cheryl also smiled.

It’s as she said, I can’t help but feel a sense of nostalgia. It’s because I recall of the times when I was young and I thought brute strength made you the strongest. When I recall such a time, I can’t help but think of many other things.

…Fumu, this reminds me that I haven’t had a simple competition in strength in a while.

Occasionally, such an idea may be good.

「Aa, yeah. …Well, shall I try challenging him?」

「Good luck…」

Well, let’s see what the extent is in which elves like to boast their strength.

Chester’s fist boasts a frightful destructive power but, it was a probable blow from the perspective of technique and magic. Pure strength is everything──such a game, the first time I’ve seen as an elf, peaked my interest.

Rolling up my sleeves, I walk closer to the stall.

Looking closer, he has well trained muscle. Although the element that decides 「Power」 is mostly magic, this extent of muscle would surely cause challengers to hesitate.

「Hey, can I challenge you?」

Cutting through the surrounding audience, I stretch out my hand with the amount of money denoted on the board, showing it to the shopkeeper.

The audience which had gathered in a circle around the stall so as to not get in the way froze at my figure──as though seeing something charming, laughter was stirred among the crowd.

Well, it’s no surprise.

In order to prevent it from getting in the way of flexible movement, I purposely didn’t build muscles, even then compared to someone of the same age, I was slightly more solid.

Due to the nature of elves, it’s difficult to estimate one’s age but, I look like an ordinary kid that’s no older than 100 years old.

「Oioi, I won’t stop if you want to but. If you’re still a kid isn’t it impossible?」

With the eyes of the crowd all on him, the young shopkeeper – whether that is accurate or not I wouldn’t know – spoke gently.

His words didn’t seem to have sarcasm but had good intentions. But precisely because he was worried about me, his tone of voice was somewhat admonishing.

However, no matter the race, shapes hardly differ, these words are deeply rooted in this world.

To judge things by their appearance, will lead to regret──such words.

「Children are confident in their own strength. Even just a little, they want to boast. No need to hold back. Lose or win, I will accept the results.」

To the extent where I felt like asking myself who am I to say that, I replied the shopkeeper with a tone that was unbefitting of a child.

Since I said it this way, I don’t think he can refuse the challenge.

「Maa even if you’re willing to accept the results, if you want to challenge me, you need to pay money, you know?」

「I don’t mind. If I get to play, I don’t mind paying that much.」

Beyond that──even if his main motive was to compete in strength──business is business.

I don’t think he will turn down a potential customer.

As though to say he accepted the challenge, the shopkeeper put placed his elbow on the table.

Kakaka, good. It’s been a while since I’ve experienced this kind of atmosphere.

「Do you need a handicap?」


「Oh, I understand」

With that it was decided, no further words were required.

In return, I walked closer to the table and placed my elbow there.

As expected of the well-built man, the length of my arm could not match his. He took a step back, so the height of our arms matched.

Though I said not to, I intend to go easy on him, at least at the beginning.

Though it was a short exchange, the guy doesn’t seem to be a bad person. Then in order not to hurt a child, I intend to hold back from using all my strength.

「Sorry but, can someone give the call.」

「I’ll do it」

For the sake of fairness, the signal of the start was left to the audience.

In response to the shopkeeper’s voice, a good looking young elf stepped out.

Both the shopkeeper and I moved to a position where we could both see the position of the young elf with his raised right arm.


──It’s about to start. Let me ascertain to what extent you boast of your strength.


With a short cry, the youth’s right hand swung down.

In that instant, magic swelled up in the shopkeeper, applying a strong force on my right arm.


If looking only at the force, it is considerable.

I don’t know his exact age, but if I follow my estimate from appearance, then it’s quite significant.

While training his muscles well, considerable training seems to have been put in for magic too.

If it’s this much then I can still handle it──the shopkeeper’s magic and muscle was slightly stronger than my magic, so my arm inclined towards the table a little.

「Boy, you’re strong.」

「The same goes for you, looks like the strength you boast of in your sign does not differ from reality.」

It is truly as the signboard wrote, Herculean strength, something definitely to be proud of.

It would certainly be a big deal if he still had more strength.

Maa──but that’s still within the realm of common sense.1

For me who lives in the world of martial arts…It’s not rare to see people who have taken one step in and left.

It is a place for people who are abnormal.

「How about going at it for real? If you keep making light of me as a child, you’ll lose you know?」

「What are you say──」

As if to block the words of the shopkeeper, I gradually increase my magic output.

Already it is at a level where children cannot hold but, my body is filled to the brim with power.

With an increasing speed, my rising density of magic power exceeds that of the shopkeeper.

「Ugh, Whoa?!」

The power that made the Shijima famous, even the shopkeeper seemed to realize it.

Realizing the meaning of my words in that instant, he frantically put in more magic power.

He likely put all his magic power into his arm.

Though it was wild, a significant amount of magic power, like a tide, came forth. It was a strong youthful force.

But, even then──

「Gugigigigigi…The heck, don’t startle me…」

The force I put in my arm was slightly insufficient.

As the shopkeeper said, after that bout of energy, my arm could lean no more──backwards, however.

Looks like I can’t play anymore.

No, I’ve seen something good. Something I won’t see again in another ten years maybe.

As I thought, it sure is fun to see.

I pushed back the shopkeeper’s arm that still had room for growth.

Before long, his arm began to tilt to the other side──just like the sunset.

Having matched against the brute force of Chester, this was nothing in comparison.

As I thought that guy’s brute strength sure is terrifying──I thought so as I pushed his hand down onto the table.

As his arm lost strength, the shopkeeper fell out of his seat.

As a result of using all his strength, his face was stained in fatigue.

The crowd remained silent, no one was talking.

Among the brief silence, like a glass ball breaking, the silence was broken.

Like a popping dry sound. Clapping could be heard from a pair of hands.

Looking in the direction of the sound, it was a petite girl──Cheryl.

Looking at Cheryl clapping for me, the crowd of men gradually started clapping──soon, the sound became applause.

「Amazing! This brat won against Ted!」

「No way, how does he have such strength!?」

Various exclamations erupted from the surrounding crowd.

…Was the shopkeeper that great?

Then the boasting of strength among the elves might be too lenient.

Well it’s only recently that Martial Arts became more popular so I guess it’s not unreasonable but──

Anyway, such thoughts are childish.

Adding up my age from the previous life, the shopkeeper is much younger than me──the degree of experience differs.

「Haa, haa…no doubt about it, I overestimated myself…and to be so overconfident…」

With a faint breath, the shopkeeper called Ted rose.

The audience surrounding me broke the circle and let him through.

「What? It’s just that you’re not stronger than me yet. Aa, but I didn’t expect you to accept my challenge.

But it was a good experience. To know that among the elves there are people like you, is a wonderful thing.」

Elves are the kind of race that pride themselves on their ability to use magic to fight more than strength.

I did not think that among that race there would be people who would boast of their strength but, it looks like I have much to look forward to in the future.

Slowly Martial Arts will spread across the world, and the number of people I can trade blows with will increase.

「No…For someone of your age to have such strength…」

「I intend to train even more, don’t fall behind.」

I laughed. (jorgelotr: The kind of laugh the hero lets out when he arrives at the scene of the crime or is asked a cute question by a child.)

In my previous life, believe it or not, it was me who lived rushing through life.

I won’t let myself lose and let it go so easily.

「I am still lacking. I guess I should change this sign board.」

「No no, Shopkeeper-dono, I think it may be a slight exaggeration but, among elves I can only think of 3 people stronger than you.」

「3 people huh…for reference, may I hear of who they are?」

「Aa, sure. Cheryl, come here.」2

At such an age, but still possesses immense strength, ambition , and is willing to honestly admit the strength of the opponent, what a pleasant man.

In a good humor, I called Cheryl over.

With light steps, she came closer and showed herself to the shopkeeper.

「First, this half Majin child. And then her pure-blooded grandfather. And also Alma of the Shijima. You heard of the name?」


Introduced by me, Cheryl’s chest puffed up in pride.

The shopkeeper pointed with his mouth agape.

「Alma aside──this child. I’m losing my confidence. I would really like to see her grandfather. He must be a real monster.」

「Outrageous monster he is. But, if Shopkeeper-dono fully utilizes your time and polish yourself, I think you could reach their height.」

「Really? I am glad to hear that.」

He cheerfully laughed. Though he said he was losing confidence but, his tone of voice didn’t seem to intend to deny Cheryl.

Like how he looks, he’s a cheerful man. They say that Elves are usually people of good character, but it’s only after seeing this guy that I’ve come to think so.

「Well then, after I train, come challenge me again in 100 years.」

「Aa, I will gladly accept. I look forward to that time…
…Well, we should go now Cheryl. There are still places we should see.」

「Un, Okay.」

Pressed by Cheryl to see other places, I turn my back to the shopkeeper after getting the promise of a rematch.

「Wait a minute, boy.」

But the shopkeeper stops me.

Not just with his voice, he put his body in my path, it must be something of great importance.

In his hands there was a stunning sheathed sword. It can’t be that he wants a duel, thinking that, I stop walking.

「That sword is?」

「You forgot. The prize, the prize. Didn’t you challenge me for this?」

It seems the sword is a prize.

…I totally forgot about it. I believe that if it was Chester, instead of arm-wresting for the sword, he would have just used the sword as an excuse for arm-wresting.

Well what should I do? It’s nothing I can’t handle but, if I don’t accept it it would be rude.

Maa, I’ll find a use for it maybe. It wouldn’t hurt to keep it I guess.

「Aa…No. Thank you for the prize.」

「I’m trusting you with this…Then until next time.」

「Aa, let’s meet again.」

Now with our goodbyes said, we began walking again.

With an additional sword to our baggage, we walk past the crowd of people.

The sheath is superb but, I wonder how the blade will be. Let’s take a look later when we return to the inn.

「Nee Slava-kun…」


「I also want to try arm wrestling.」

「Is that so, then if we find a place later, let’s do it.」


This child must really like to compare strength.

After that we found an appropriate solid place and arm-wrestled.

Pity but, Cheryl was stronger than the shopkeeper.

…Well it was obvious I guess. Hugging with a herculean strength enough to strangle a bear, she would have no trouble with that power.

Thinking about what would have happened if I didn’t control my power, we returned to our inn.


  1. TLN: Knew this was coming -_- 
  2. TLN: Another wreck train 

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