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[Vol.2] Chapter 16: On The Day Of Departure


Peering from behind glass, while watching the azure sky, I suddenly muttered.

Looking at the sky which was seen every day when I woke up, the color of the sky was reflected in my eyes before disappearing.

Thinking about it, the sky is deeply impressive to me, most likely because it projects my thoughts in the form of a color in the sky.

Once I graduate from the Academy, and get permission to collect the necessary equipment from my parents, I’ll collect the necessary equipment──

I finished my preparations while controlling my impatience, today marks the departure.

To be honest, today will be the day when my second life finally begins, is what I thought.

Even if this was my second life, it could not be discarded easily, the craving for uncertain things.

With these hands that became smaller, this will be the first step on the road to being called the strongest. That is, today is the day.

──Today, I will go on a journey.

Taking a look around the world, exchanging fists with hidden Martial Arts masters.

Aiming for the title of the strongest. Sometimes exchanging blows with a blade──and maybe even fighting against a flame made out of magic.

Unlike my previous life of being entangled with a variety of ties, with a body of a nameless child, my heart was unintentionally excited.1

Iya, I’m not a child anymore because I’m presently 22 years old. It is scary to be accustomed to being treated the same way as a child to some extent.

However, there is still worry. Though I understood the importance of time and how quickly is goes by, the intention to go farther than my previous life with this long life was still there.

「Ou, you woke up after all. Old men always wake up in the morning ~e na.」

While I was looking at the sky and absorbed in my thoughts, the dry voice of my lifelong friend sounded.

「We’re the same in this regard. Although, you don’t seem to be a person who gets up early.」

「Katsukatsukatsukakkaka, well, it took me years.」2

In the hands of Chester who said thus, there were two cups being carried.

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Probably tea or coffee, since the steam is still coming up. Why did you bring it without coming whether or not I was up.

──Since yesterday, which was the day of my departure, I stayed at Chester’s mansion.

The number of rooms that weren’t in use were a lot. The reason for this was so that Cheryl could move into a new room if her temper came out at any time, and thus many rooms are always being furnished; I remember that the room I stayed in was very plain.

Recently, the number of rooms that Cheryl has destroyed seems to have decreased. In other words, her temper hasn’t been completely cured.

「Here, take it.」


Meeting Chester halfway, I took the steaming cup. What was inside, an amber liquid──it looked like tea.

I don’t know about high-quality foods or beverages, but there was a flowery fragrance, and the fragrance held a grace that couldn’t be helped but liked.

Suru, making a slight sound, the hot amber liquid went through my throat.

A good foundation gives off a rich fragrance as expected. With a consistency that lasted, a graceful fragrance tickled my nose──however, without feeling the heat, it disappeared as ephemeral as snow.

「Umu, delicious.」

「Well, it’s natural because I served it.
This has been my hobby recently. Though I don’t serve well.
….Ma, these are good tea leaves.」

Apparently, Chester made this tea.

Serving it by oneself as though one was a servant, I want to ask if this really is a hobby.

Feeling a comforting and strange sweetness, I let out a warm breath.

I see. Although I never put my hand into luxury goods, it may be a surprisingly long road.

「It’s probably because I became old, that it’s become fun recently.
──Maa, whatever. You’ll make a lot of trouble when you go look around the world. Fighting other people is what is fun, is what I think of it.」

Chester looks up at the changing sky, with a bitter face.

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I scratched my head with my finger. This man talking this way, it’s hard to give a response.

….Fumu. Fighting others as a hobby, huh.

「Aa, with this precious second life, I will fully enjoy it.」

My friend, the advice from this man who was also my strongest nemesis.

At a more mature age, though it’s just fighting──it’s me that should be worrying about Chester rather than him worrying about me.

….More than 30 years ago, when I was alive. Chester did not have such a hobby.

Since my disappearance, I wonder if he thought about me often.

「──Good idea. Stay with it.」

「Ou, I plan on living a life full of victories.」

Changing his bitter face, Chester put on a lively smile.

It made me tempted to laugh. This man, I can’t seem to hate it being in this place.

But hobbies, huh. I usually don’t think about it, but this is a pretty good opportunity.

Speaking of, shishou had a fishing hobby. ….Thinking about it, my life was just for seeking the truth of the fist.

「You should take Cheryl with you. It’ll surely be an experience that will be fun.」

Seriously. Moreover, Cheryl is now supposed to join me on my journey.

For the girl who has taken the dark road, letting her experience the outside world for a bit.

「….But, is it okay?
Your precious granddaughter, are you sure you want to entrust her to me?」

「Other than you, I wouldn’t entrust her to anyone.
I leave her in your care since it’s you. Got a problem? It’s too late to say that you dislike it.」

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Originally, the reason as for why I could go on this trip, it was mainly thanks to Chester’s grace.

There are plenty of ways to earn travel expenses if I want to go for a trip once, but for the initial cost of the trip, Chester provided it.

Although the amount wasn’t large, it was still a sum of money that a child who had just graduated from the Academy would have to struggle some trouble to make. It would take about a month according to my estimations──and the one who quickened this period, was none other than this guy.

Of course I plan on returning it, but Chester says that I don’t need to return such a sum. Instead he attached a condition──it was to allow Cheryl to accompany me on the trip.

「Not saying that I hate it, but do you think Cheryl can tolerate a situation with you, stupid ****** old man?3

If it’s a condition like this, I didn’t mind because I originally intended to offer it anyway──never did I expected to hear it from the other party, it made me bewildered.

Anyway, I safely got Cheryl to accompany me on my trip. These circumstances, such things.

Iya, but I still can’t believe it.

Never did I think that I would get such a proposal from this stupid ****** old man.

「Aho, do you think I can tolerate this. I’ll be wetting my pillow with my tears every day.」

Apparently, this was a tough decision for Chester.

I didn’t think that my old enemy who had matched me in my previous life, would have an expression full of sorrow.

「….Did I really lose to such a man?」

Unintentionally, I spit out the words in the depths my heart.

These past ten years I was registered at the Academy. Whenever I found time, I fought against him──although I had victories, the result was a losing record. Not being able to win against this senile nemesis, iya I shouldn’t be so unreasonable.

──Maa, the gains were worth the number of losses.

The thing cultivated for the past ten years, the general knowledge of elves, as well as relationships between fellow students.

The things I gained from this man, it will be an important guide on the road I walk.

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「Emp~ty….now I’m more spirited.」

「Aa. Should I wake up Cheryl soon?」

「Sure. ….Che, I’m going to be lonely.
My dearest granddaughter──and this ******* of a friend, going on a trip at the same time.」4

Listening to Chester’s words, I stopped moving.

──An ******* of a friend, huh. This is a pretty good evaluation.5

He said he got embarrassed, this nemesis blushing, I couldn’t help but smile.

「Kuku, oi Chester」

「Don’t laugh. Don’t question. I’m considerably ashamed, of this.」

With Chester’s eyes turning into the same shape of his mouth, I looked ahead.6

It was a self-destruction move that made him vengeful but, maa I’ll keep this sensation to myself.

「I’m going, my best friend.
Since I’ll bring a souvenir──when I come back, remember to serve me some tea.」

It was rare for me──I laughed with my teeth showing.

With a heart that was trembling from anticipating the outside battles, when was the last time it trembled like this.

Throwing out my fist, I turned a tightened fist towards Chester.

Chester’s face gave off the feeling of being bewildered, then turning into a smile.

「Ou, go. Don’t come back home empty-handed.」

Go get something, huh. This was what Chester’s face was implying, looking happy.

I know without being told. Surely when I return, I will surpass you and go to heights which you haven’t gone to.

「Aa, I’m going.
….Then, let’s first wake up a princess.」

「Do it. ….A, is Cheryl currently passable?」

「You’re the one who suggested it, stop getting stomach-sickness.
Cheryl seems to have been anticipating this trip, do you want to blow up her fun?」

「Underhanded….since I said it, I can’t say anything.」

With my nemesis whining his regrets and somewhat bitter feelings, my face was stained with a smile.

「Good food, good blankets. Good change of clothes──」

Rising when the day’s lights poured in, when the sun begins its duties.

I did a luggage check in front of Chester’s mansion.

There are plenty of jobs if I go to town, but no money before going there.

Although there is money borrowed from Chester, I decided to keep it until I could pay it back.

Before it is, it is just baggage which is prepared until I earn some income──iya, it amounts to a lifeline for us. It’s something that Chester prepared with a lot of effort even if it isn’t so. At any rate, I don’t want to forget it.

However I confirmed it the day before.

I also confirmed it again today just to make sure, and there seems to be no problems.

Originally there wasn’t much luggage──to. When I finished confirming my luggage, I discovered an unfamiliar large bag.

Let’s see, was there such a large among the luggage──checking my memory, the bag slowly began to move.

Although in all probability it could be guessed, I daringly watched the scene.

Then, a head with white hair popped out of the bag.

It was a deceptively fragile girl──the granddaughter of my friend, Cheryl Prime.


With just her face out of the bag, Cheryl let out a loose smile.

Calming down my heart and looking at those relaxed eyes, Cheryl fixes her vision on me as well.

Cheryl got out of the bag with clumsy movements, and moved towards me in a small animal-like manner.

「Forget, no good」

「I didn’t forget. Rather than that, did you finish saying your goodbye with Chester?」

「Not yet. ….I’ll go now, will you wait?」

Bouncing around like a rabbit, Cheryl ran to Chester who had come to see us off.

Although there was still a depressed expression, his facial expression became very spirited as though he had become 10 years younger.

….For my mind which the human side still remained, when looking at the girl who looked like she was only 10 years old and a bit, it was hard to associate her with a 25-year old.

「Goodbyes….I did it?」

As I was absorbed in my thoughts, Cheryl’s voice called me back.

Becoming aware, Cheryl had returned with Chester.

「Did you finish saying goodbye?」

「Honestly I still regret it. But, I can’t take back my words.」

Apparently Chester seems to be lonely even in a place like this.

I think it’s natural──yareyare, a grandchild’s presence is great7.

「Then, let’s meet in ten years.」

「Aa, I entrust Cheryl to you. Have an amazingly fun trip」

「Try to act accordingly」

I glanced at my second party member Cheryl.

Cheryl, confirmed her baggage happily.

Although it was unseen from behind, her happiness was still able to be confirmed, this will be a truly enjoyable trip.

「Ojichan, I’m going?」

「Oo…oh Cheryl, just come back home early naa!」

While wiping tears that he didn’t bother to hide anymore with a handkerchief, Chester waves his arms.

This guy is referred to as ‘Invisible Demon Fang’….a grandchild is a formidable existence.

「Yoshi, then let’s go, Cheryl.」


With a huge smile, Cheryl responded.

Carrying baggage on my back, I put my hand on the gate of Chester’s mansion.

Pushing open the gate slowly, I took one step forward.

「Stay healthy!」

The voice of Chester coming from behind, my face broke into a grin.

Lifting up my hand without turning back, I push forward.

Before long, Chester’s mansion becomes the background, and I suddenly looked up at the sky.

Unlike the dawn, the glistening blue spreads, and the brightness of the day makes you want to smile.

….I have started moving. My second life.

While wrapped in an unspeakable feeling, I look back, starting to walk.

「Nee Slava….first, where do you plan to go?」

「Thinking about it….we’ll go to the Castle Town of Arufareia, and earn some travelling expenses.
Once we get the travel expenses, we’ll aim to go to the Mountain Town of Natousha.」

From what Chester said, there seems to be a superior fist person in the town of Natousha that was able to open a path in the mountains.

Earning the travel expenses in Arufareia, we’ll aim for Natousha.

Afterwards, we’ll earn more travel expenses and ask the person with superior fists for where another Martial Arts master is. If there isn’t any information, then we’ll just follow the clouds.

….Iya, my body is still immature. It can’t help but feel excited.

Thinking about a powerful enemy who hasn’t been seen yet──I, clench my fist.

Right here, I have finally taken my first step on the road.


  1. TLN: He’s not degrading his current body, it’s just that it doesn’t have some famous identity. 
  2. TLN: Translated directly from the source… 
  3. TLN: “ジジバカ” = jijibaka 
  4. TLN: According to Google Translate, 最高のダチが, which I translated to ‘and this *******’, means ‘The best of the nigga’ 
  5. TLN: No it isn’t lmao 
  6. TLN: Basically Chester’s eyes are like ‘へ’ and Slava ignores it 
  7. TLN: Means important in this case 
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