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Chapter 28 – Ambush

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3043 characters
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1671 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Lily followed the group of maids into the dimly lit, vast hall, illuminated by eerie purple eldritch flames. Her gaze was drawn to the tall and steep stone steps in the center of the hall, leading to Shuten Doji, who was slumbering on his throne.

Her eyes widened at the sight.

Beneath Shuten Doji, there was a wine bowl, indicating that he was deeply intoxicated. Lily’s heart raced with excitement. This was her chance!

The maids dispersed, each attending to their assigned tasks in different corners of the hall. Following their lead, Lily moved to the sides, carefully observing the demon guards while feigning a weary expression. She remained unnoticed as she approached the guards, thanks to the distance and the dim lighting.

With each step, Lily steadily ascended the stone stairs. One of the evil spirit guards briefly glanced at her before shifting his attention to the wine bowl beneath Shuten Doji, assuming that the maid was heading to clean it. Lily took advantage of this distraction and continued her ascent, step by step, getting closer to the slumbering Shuten Doji on his imposing throne.

As she drew nearer, a seven-meter-tall Shuten Doji lay before her, peacefully asleep. Lily’s heart raced with anticipation. Could this truly be her moment?

Her pulse quickened, and she reached the top of the stairs, bringing her within reach of the colossal and mesmerizing arch-demon. The task of slaying a big dipper arch-demon was an arduous one, to say the least. Yet, no matter the number of stellar souls one possessed, there could only be a single origin soul. If she could sever that origin soul, Shuten Doji would meet his demise. Even if she couldn’t completely obliterate it, she could inflict severe damage upon him.

Suppressing her nerves, Lily composed herself for the decisive act. Suddenly, she sprang forward, leaping towards Shuten’s exposed upper torso—his sturdy chest, where his heart lay concealed. Yasutsuna materialized in her hand, emanating a vibrant purple glow, infused with the full force of her spirit power.

Stab! Yasutsuna impaled Shuten’s chest1!

“Success!?” Lily wondered, her heart pounding with a mix of hope and uncertainty.

However, even in his slumber, the flesh of a big dipper arch-demon couldn’t be pierced so effortlessly. Despite penetrating his heart, she found herself unable to sense his origin soul. Confusion swept over her. Where was his origin soul? Was it not in his heart?

Suddenly, the enormous figure of Shuten Doji dissipated into a billowing cloud of smoke, fading away into nothingness.

“What2!?” Lily gasped, shocked and bewildered.

All that remained was a maple leaf skewered on her blade… She had fallen into a trap!?

Laughter resonated from the depths of the grand hall, a mature and enchanting female voice filling the air. “Ahahahaha… Kagami Lily, the renowned Miss Kagami, how delightful of you to grace the great Lord of Mount Ooe with your presence. If only you had sent word in advance, we could have prepared a proper welcome for you, ehehehe.”

A chill ran down Lily’s spine. This was a failure. The figure before her was not Shuten Doji but a mere puppet crafted through arcane arts. She had been discovered. She must stay calm, Lily reminded herself. With her domain fully activated, she could only react to the unfolding situation.

“I sense no trace of Shuten’s aura. Is he concealing his presence?” Shuten’s realm surpassed Lily’s by far. If he truly wished to hide, she would not be able to detect him.

“My lord is absent. May I inquire as to why Miss Kagami seeks him?” A mature female voice emerged from the darkness, and a graceful woman in a white kimono adorned with floral patterns, birds, and maple forests stepped forward.

“Witch Momiji!?” Lily exclaimed, recognizing one of Shuten’s Four Fiendish Kings. She had crossed swords with this woman twice before, and in their last encounter, Momiji had proven to be no match for her. However, it was difficult to determine Momiji’s allegiance solely to Shuten. She had connections to the Imperial Court and Minamoto no Yoritomo, suggesting a complex and subtle role beyond her peak throned saint realm.

Momiji strolled into the hall, waving a paper fan in her hand. “It has been a while, Miss Kagami. You have grown more beautiful and alluring. However, why are you dressed so provocatively? Is the proud Miss Kagami here in search of some handsome companions?”

“Silence!” With a single thought, a veil of shimmering silver starlight enveloped Lily as she spun, transforming her attire back into her crimson kimono.

There was no longer a need to pretend to be a maid. While Momiji was a woman, Lily could sense her intentions. Although her strength no longer posed a threat, that gaze remained unsettling.

“Witch Momiji, speak. Where is Shuten?” Lily demanded, her voice devoid of warmth. Could it be that he was truly absent just because Momiji claimed so? Perhaps not!

Or was it some kind of trap?

“Not here. His Royal Highness Shuten has ventured far away,” Momiji responded.


Was he truly not present?

Whoosh! Lily swiftly moved, appearing beside Momiji in an instant, Yasutsuna’s icy blade pressing against her neck. Momiji was taken aback, unable to react in time.

“Speak! Shuten Doji, where has he gone?” Lily’s voice carried an edge of urgency.

Shuten Doji’s absence was a stroke of luck, but Lily soon realized that it was not necessarily favorable for her. Avoiding the ancient formation made her invincible within Mount Ooe, but why had she come here in the first place?

She had come for the antidote!

If Shuten Doji wasn’t present, where should she turn to find the antidote? As the cold blade pressed against her neck, Momiji sneered, “Ehehe, Miss Kagami, you’re still as hot-headed as ever. We share fond memories of our time in Mino. Wouldn’t it be more appropriate for us to reminisce about the good old days?”

“Stop wasting time! I have pressing matters to attend to! Where is Shuten Doji? Tell me now! Momiji, you and your fellow arch-demons have committed countless atrocities. If you don’t speak quickly, I’ll execute you on behalf of Lady Ayaka!” Resentment emanated from Yasutsuna’s blade. Even without it against Momiji’s neck, it would be effortless for Lily to end her life.

“Ahahaha, Miss Kagami, your strength has grown astonishingly fast. I truly admire and envy you. But be careful, if you accidentally kill me, the antidote might just3…” Momiji’s voice trailed off, her smile unwavering.

“What?” Lily’s rigid posture faltered for a moment, and the pressure of the blade against Momiji’s neck eased slightly. Momiji knew about the antidote?

“Ehehe, Miss Kagami, you’re a genius, and your power is skyrocketing. But you still have much to learn from Auntie Momiji when it comes to experience and methods. Mount Ooe can be considered the hell of all women. You may be formidable, but you are no match for His Highness Shuten. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have resorted to disguising yourself as a prostitute for this assassination attempt, would you?”

“Shut up! I’m not pretending to be a prostitute! This is a maid disguise! If you continue with your nonsense, I’ll…”

“What will you do? Kill me? Then go ahead. But you’ll never find out where His Highness Shuten has gone. He is a supreme arch-demon. How will you search for him in this vast world? Do you have the time?”

“You… How do you know!?”

“You are not as powerful as His Highness, and it’s common knowledge that he desires you the most. Yet you dared to take the risk and infiltrate this place. There must be a significant reason behind it. You share a deep affection with Uesugi Rei, and everyone knows that. Didn’t Uesugi Rei ingest Shuten’s most potent poison, Dreaming Fragrance? When Tamamo-no-Mae rescued you, Uesugi Rei didn’t take the antidote. Normally, the poison should have already taken effect. But then I realized, Uesugi Rei is the daughter of a mortal and an exiled celestial maiden. She might have inherited her mother’s celestial constitution. However, that will only delay the poison’s effects. And now you appear here? It must be because of the poison! Ehehe, am I right?”

It must be acknowledged that Momiji might not be the most formidable among the arch-demons, but her analytical abilities and intellect were truly terrifying.

“What do you want?” Lily tightened her grip on her blade. “If I kill you, I might not find out where Shuten went, but if you refuse to tell me, what reason do I have to spare your life?”

“Ehehehe, didn’t I say there’s no need to be so fierce? So fierce now, but in a moment…”

“In a moment?” Lily questioned.

“Ah, it’s nothing, nothing.”

“Momiji, since you’re aware that Sister Uesugi has been poisoned and is in danger, then you should understand that my patience has its limits!” Lily warned.

“I know… I am well aware of the depth of your affection for her, for your sister Uesugi. You would probably be willing…” Momiji trailed off.

Momiji showed no fear. With a swift movement, she lifted one finger and removed Lily’s blade from her neck. Then she leaned closer, pressing her body against Lily’s. Her other hand reached up and delicately traced Lily’s chin before curling around a strand of her hair.

Lily remained stoic, despite the involuntary tremor that ran through her body. “I’m warning you, don’t test the limits of my patience. Tell me where Shuten Doji is, or don’t expect to leave here alive!”

“Ehehehe,” Momiji’s expression turned seductive, her gaze fixated on Lily’s creamy white breasts. She swallowed hard. “I can tell you where His Highness is, but in return, you must promise me two things.”

Lily knew it. Momiji was one of Shuten’s Four Fiendish Kings. How could she truly be of help? There must be a trap hidden within Momiji’s offer. But… there was no time. She had to locate Shuten Doji immediately. She had to leap into this trap, no matter the risk.



  2. Yuki: You stupid fool… you shouldn’t be loosening your guard so easily, nor should you be letting an enemy know how emotional you are.
  3. Robinxen: How did she guess this? Author ex machina? There’s no reason to conclude she came for that specifically.
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