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Chapter 8 – Breaking The Spells

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3155 characters
Translator: LazyButAmbitious English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2160 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Lily sensed the extremely powerful aura emitting from Tarobo Tengu and felt that it was comparable to when she had used purple lunar force back in Mount Ooe, which made her invincible among Throned Monarchs!

Lily didn’t want to get entangled with Tarobo here, so she glowed with a faint purple light and increased her speed. She sidestepped and threw a slash at Tarobo with one swift motion!

Tarobo’s gray wings flapped suddenly, allowing him to circumvent Lily’s attack and open up some distance between them.

Tarobo then swept his spear horizontally, followed by the huge phantom who imitated the mighty attack!

The ability of tengu to fly gave them an advantage in positioning. Furthermore, the range of the giant phantom spear was too wide, making it difficult for Lily to dodge. Lily’s blade glowed with a slight purple radiance as she hacked down, but she didn’t exert all her strength.


With a massive tremor, Lily was pushed back violently.

Feeling that he held the upper hand, Tarobo became even more imposing.

Unexpectedly, Lily borrowed the force of the impact to turn around and kick towards the formation of black-armored soldiers, sending dozens of them tumbling like black waves. She then took the opportunity to speed up and run towards the high platform!

There were too many enemies so there was no point in wasting time to kill one expert. She just needed to destroy all the high platforms where the sacrificial hound spells were being cast. If these hundreds of thousands of troops possessed no other powerful means to deal with Tamamo-no-Mae, then they would all die.

“Damn woman! Stop right there!” Tarobo flapped his wings and turned into a grayish-white phantom that chased after Lily. Tarobo was a demon who was born with the ability to fly so his flight speed was much faster than those powerful Throned Monarchs who flew using precious artifacts!

Naturally, Lily was faster as well!

Lily had already run far away with the help of the previous violent impact, so she was the first to reach the base of the platform. She quickly stopped, stirring up layers of sand and dust under her feet before transferring her momentum into a sword swing!

Boom!!! The high platform collapsed!

However, Lily didn’t linger for long and ran towards several other high platforms!

I can only use this once! Otherwise, the enemy will be prepared! Lily thought to herself while running.

“Stop!” The other archdemons and military commanders couldn’t catch up, but Tarobo, who was speeding at low altitude, was about to catch up with her!

Lily jumped and spun in the air as she unfurled the Record of One Hundred Demons, summoning the raccoon Mita as well as Kagura into battle!

Fwoosh! Amidst a puff of thick white smoke, the tall and sturdy figure of the painted raccoon Mita charged towards Tarobo.

At the same time, Kagura performed some arcane arts and cast several speed-boosting spells on Lily. Although the increase in speed was very limited, it was better than nothing!

“Kagura! Go help Sister Uesugi!” Lily ordered. Kagura was unable to fight the several archdemons and military commanders with her current strength, but she could support Rei in combat. Rei’s weaker strength made it very dangerous for her to fight on this chaotic battlefield and Lily was too busy to protect her.

Using the time when the raccoon Mita was holding back Tarobo, Lily ran to five or six high platforms. When calculated, the distance and measurements of these high platforms added up to three or four kilometers, which was coincidentally the maximum killing range of Lily’s domain.

Whoosh! Lily suddenly jumped up high and opened the sakura parasol. Under the double enhancement of the sakura parasol and the domain treasure, unmelted snow, her Sakura Blizzard domain erupted with extremely strong power that filled the sky with cherry blossoms and enveloped the six high platforms.

“Not good! Stop!” Tarobo felt that something bad was going to happen. He had already defeated the painted clone of the raccoon Mita and began to accelerate towards Lily!

“It’s too late!” Lily’s face was chillingly cold.

In the night sky, the storm of cherry blossoms swirled, revealing a purple moon.

All the cherry blossoms glowed with a shade of misty purple, their power evidently growing stronger than before.

Under the shroud of cherry blossoms, a hundred-meter-long sacrificial hound spell was completed and instantly turned into a huge phantom that flew towards Tamamo-no-Mae with a ‘whoosh’! It was so fast that the domain couldn’t block it at all.

But there were still five high platforms that were casting spells. After all, this blood wish sacrificial spell was a very complex spell to cast, and because 10,000 people had to commit suicide to activate it, there was bound to be a big time difference between the completion of each formation.

“Sakura Blizzard· Purple Night.”

Lily had an epiphany and came up with a name for this move as she used purple lunar force to unleash a large-scale massacre within her domain!

Domains were originally brought about by one’s artistic conception. Although Lily only had a fleeting realization, it perfectly aligned with the true meaning of the domain!


Countless cherry blossoms danced crazily in the sky and formed faint purple cherry blossom blades that hovered over each high platform, leaving no gaps at all.

“No!!! Stop her!!!” Kato felt the horror of that domain and couldn’t help but howl loudly.

However, it was too late.

Lily’s heart turned cold!

Countless purple moon cherry blossom blades flew towards every high platform, and almost no one below the Throne Stage could resist!

Perhaps peak Permanence Stage archdemons who were born with strong bodies or defense-oriented warriors with precious armors could survive, but these dharma masters and onmyoji with weak defenses definitely stood no chance.

All their efforts were focused on casting blood wish spells, so it was impossible for them to stop and cast a joint spiritual energy defense, otherwise they would suffer a backlash from the terrifying energy of the blood wish spell.

The purple cherry blossom blades rained down from the night sky like lightning!

Swish! Swish! Swoosh! They fell quickly from all directions, striking the dharma masters and onmyoji on each platform.

There were shrieks of misery as the purple cherry blossom blades frantically mangled everyone, causing blood and flesh to splatter!

In the blink of an eye, most of the onmyoji and dharma masters on the six high platforms were killed, including the one that had already released its sacrificial hound.

All the blood wish spells on the five high platforms were interrupted!

Fifty thousand demon soldiers died in vain!

The enemies were furious and began to surround Lily from all directions!

However, Lily just looked at them coldly as the only one who could really threaten her was Tarobo.

“Defend! Set up a great formation to defend every high platform!” Kato ordered. It was only now that he realized what a major mistake he made during his leadership by ignoring Lily.

The black-armored army was well-trained and formed a circular formation of a thousand men to surround each high platform. The warriors in the circular formation did nothing other than to defend with all their strength.

Lily may be able to break through with all her strength, but it was impossible to use her domain again to break through this thousand-man defensive formation. It would only waste purple lunar force.

Although Lily had caused the other side to lose 70 to 80,000 people in vain, there were still more than a hundred thousand black-armored demon soldiers who could perform life sacrifices, and there were still twelve high platforms remaining1!

Furthermore, each of them was protected by the black-armored army or the demon army in a tight formation, so she couldn’t just slaughter them with her domain.

In the distance, Rei and Kagura tried to attack one of the high platforms in a roundabout way, but in the face of the formation, there was nothing they could do.

At this time, painful howls came from Tamamo’s direction. Three hounds had already besieged her and were fighting with her ferociously. For a moment, it seemed like the world was shaking as sandstorms and blood rain flew everywhere!

The fur on Tamamo’s body was dyed red in many places. These hounds were not only persistent and cunning, but they were also extremely fast and cruel!

They were like the natural enemies of the demon fox!

“Lady Kimiko!” Lily became anxious. She didn’t have any more hidden cards…

Hidden card… Wait!

Lily suddenly thought of something.

Purple lunar force erupted from her body and she turned into a stream of light that flew towards Ibaraki Doji!

“Dammit! How dare you try to use me as a breakthrough point! Kagami Lily, you actually dare to underestimate me?!”

Ibaraki Doji’s huge ghost hand stretched out to grab Lily.

Lily brandished Yasutsuna.

Bam! Lily broke open the ghost hand, and with the increased speed she got from her purple sakura domain, she easily swayed her body and dodged Ibaraki’s slash. She broke through Ibaraki’s position and rushed towards the high platform in the distance!

Lily quickly sped away and Ibaraki stood there blankly as his long hair was blown up by the incomparably swift and fragrant wind.

At some point, this little woman, who he could have easily subdued before, surprisingly no longer regarded him as an opponent and easily bypassed him…

Although her purple sakura domain couldn’t kill those dharma masters and onmyoji on the high platform, it could give her enough speed and strength to suppress Tarobo. Tarobo also had his own domain, but under the suppression of the purple sakura domain, it couldn’t be used at all!

In terms of domains, the sentimental nature of women already gave them an advantage. Moreover, Lily had two precious treasures that strengthened her domain, Sakura Blizzard, far beyond Tarobo’s domain.

Tarobo’s slowed down speed was similar to Lily’s. He couldn’t catch up with her right away, so he could only rely on the cooperation of the other archdemons to surround and intercept her!

“Don’t worry! Every high platform here is being protected by a formation. She doesn’t have enough time to break through!” Tarobo shouted while chasing.

If Lily started to attack the formation, it would take time and her speed would be greatly reduced, allowing Tarobo to overtake her immediately.

However, Lily didn’t seem intent on attacking the formation. She sometimes ran on the ground and then disappeared like the moon, jumping over the high platform nearby. When she encountered archdemons blocking her way, she would immediately dodge and flee without engaging in battle, leading the archdemons who were chasing and intercepting her in circles around the twelve high platforms.

“What is this woman up to?!” The black-armored commander, Sasaki, was puzzled while chasing her.

“To hell with her! All the sacrifices will be completed soon! Hahahaha! Once the demon fox is dead, let’s see what other tricks this Lily has up her sleeve!” Amano, who was wearing a kimono, sneered.

In their opinion, although Lily was currently difficult to deal with, it was because the main army had to deal with Tamamo-no-Mae, which made it impossible for them to focus on dealing with her. Otherwise, under the combined formation of hundreds of thousands of troops, there would be nowhere for her to escape.

At this time, four or five huge hounds flew towards Tamamo. The battle became even more bloody and intense like a fight between cornered beasts, causing the ground to be stained red with blood.

“It’s done!” Lily was experiencing unbearable heartache, but she had to wait for everything to be completed.

Lily suddenly jumped high into the air, and in the darkness of night, her hands seemed to shine with several strands of extremely delicate light.

“Retract!” Lily suddenly yanked violently!


Almost at the same time, all the remaining high platforms were broken into several pieces and collapsed.

“What???!” The defensive formation did not detect any kind of attack2. There was nothing to defend against; the high platforms just collapsed!

Not only did the high platforms collapse, but a large number of onmyoji and dharma masters were entangled by a thin, invisible force. Although it didn’t kill them, they were still strangled and lacerated to the point of bleeding, causing most of the dharma masters and onmyoji with insufficient strength and determination to disrupt their spellcasting.

This was not a spell that a small number of people could sustain, so among the seven remaining high platforms that were still forming sacrificial hounds, six of them had their spells destroyed, causing the blood and souls of 60,000 black-armored soldiers to scatter.

But there was still one that persisted in completing its sacrificial hound. Unfortunately, only the front half of this hound was finished while the remaining half fizzled and disintegrated before it could go far.



  1. Robinxen: These guys profit-to-loss analysis is absolutely bonkers! They lose 80,000 people for nothing and conclude they just need to throw more people at the problem?! How do they find these many people?!
  2. Robinxen: I wonder what loophole she exploited.
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