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Chapter 99 – Choice

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3329 characters
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 0 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

The Imperial Court’s peak experts had always been supreme existences in Lily’s eyes, both powerful and wise, but why was big sister Ayaka hanging in midair surrounded and entangled by that starry aura? Why was her clothes all torn up and so revealing? Why was she unconscious?

Lily was unable to speak, and that stabbing pain in her soul, no matter how powerful her soul defense was, she couldn’t stop the pain…

Beside her, Tamamo-no-Mae was also speechless seeing the scene.

“Lady Ayaka! Sister Ayaka!” Lily shouted out, her trembling hand reached out to touch the orb, but hastily withdrew her hand for fear of disturbing the array.

Within the orb, she could see bright arcane blasts and arrows flying and exploding, forming waves of light, as if there was a thin huge shield protecting the area where Ayaka was.

“What’s going on, sister Ayaka!?? What happened!??”

Although Lily’s voice transmitted from the orb, the other side was too chaotic with the multitude of attacks and the constant tremors. It seemed that no one could hear her.

“Who!?? Who dared do this!!!”

A scary aura surrounded her causing the image in the orb to waver.

“Lily, calm down…” Tamamo-no-Mae grasped Lily’s hand.

Tamamo-no-Mae had seen much and could instantly tell that there was some sort of powerful protective formation, and Fujiwara no Ayaka was within that formation.

“Lily, just from this image, I can judge that this is real and not an illusion. Fujiwara no Ayaka is in great danger, for some reason a powerful adept like her is unconscious and that location should be the Chief Advisor’s Mansion. She’s currently facing a siege.” Tamamo said seriously.

Lily continued to stare at the orb, her body trembling uncontrollably and her eyes watering.

Seeing Ayaka suspended in the air like that, Lily could feel herself almost lose control.

“Lady Kimiko, I need to return!” Lily got up.
Tamamo held her back, “Where are you going?”
“Of course Heian-kyo, Chief Advisor’s Mansion!”

“Lily, calm down! Even if you go back, what can you do? We don’t know the situation at all. If you encounter an enemy capable of forcing Fujiwara no Ayaka unconscious, what do you think you can do?”

“But, I can’t watch Lady Ayaka suffer such injuries! She’s already unconscious! Why do they still attack her!?”

“Lily, battles between experts are like that, there is no tactic too dirty and nothing can be held back! There must be a powerful faction wanting to take down Fujiwara no Ayaka, but Lily, you don’t need to be too worried. From the situation, it looks like Ayaka has lost consciousness, but that formation is both stable and extraordinary. It looks like she has formed a connection to the formation through that starlight aura. The one who activated the formation must be Ayaka herself!”

“But… Why is sister Ayaka unconscious?”

Lily could not help but think back to sister Rinne stuck in the mirror. Why is it that the women she valued would all encounter such misfortune.

“I can’t say for sure, but that attire is not her usual attire. Not only is it revealing, it’s also in such a bad condition. Perhaps she had no choice but to engage in a fierce battle with someone more powerful and was knocked unconscious by that expert, but fortunately, she activated that formation with her remaining consciousness temporarily protecting the mansion.”

“Lady Kimiko, you said temporarily…”

“That’s right, Lily I don’t want you to risk it but I won’t lie to you. If someone can attack the Chief Advisor’s Mansion and knock Ayaka unconscious, then… it is only a matter of time before they break the formation…”

“I need to return, Lady Kimiko, is there any method of transportation between Suno and the capital?”

“Mm.” Tamamo nodded, “Lily, I shall prepare and go with you.”

“Eh? But, Lady Kimiko, your condition…”

“Relax, no matter how bad my injuries are, I’m not afraid of any opponent on this Land of Ashihara! Lily, if you return, then your opponents are those capable of putting Ayaka into that situation. Do you think you alone can be their opponent?”

Though worried about Ayaka, Lily understood that Tamamo-no-Mae was speaking the truth.

“Lady Kimiko!” Lily immediately knelt to pay her respects. “What Lady Kimiko has done for me, I will use my life to repay.”

Tamamo lifted Lily up and hugged her, “What are you saying, how can I not understand you? If I were the one in danger, you would also go through any danger to rescue me. What I will do for you is also the same… we are sisters, sisters that transcend the boundaries of life.”

“Lady Kimiko…” A few tears flowed down her eyes.

“Lily, this cannot be delayed. I will go prepare and then we shall leave, give me… two hours!”

“Lady Kimiko…” Lily looked at Tamamo in distress, Tamamo was so strong, but she was injured to the point she couldn’t walk steadily.

“Lily, two hours.” Tamamo got up and walked to her room, but before she passed the door Tamamo shook before collapsing, a mouthful of blood spraying on the door.

“Lady Kimiko!!!” Lily rushed forward to support Tamamo, “Lady Kimiko, what’s wrong, what happened?”

Tamamo’s face was paper white and blood was dripping from her mouth and was only able to lift her upper body up with Lily’s support, “It’s nothing… Lily, you… carry me into the room… I’ll use some secret medicine and methods… and then I’ll go with you, to Heian-kyo… cough… what’s going on, I was already better, how did it…”

Tamamo started coughing up blood again and her body was chilly.

Lily supported Tamamo and felt that her pulse was weak, the powerful spiritual energy in her body was extremely disordered, it might be the reason why her injuries flared up.

Walking a few steps would be a problem, how could Tamamo possibly go to Heian-kyo in this condition? Lily wanted to rescue Ayaka, but she wasn’t willing to see Tamamo die!

Looks like she would have to go by herself! There was no point in taking Rei, she would have to go alone! She could not let Tamamo go in this condition!

At this moment, a male fox in hunting clothes appeared in front of them.

Male foxes were not allowed in this house, not only was this Tamamo-no-Mae’s residence, but females were currently residing within.

But this male fox panickedly ran in and knelt down at the entrance of the hall, “Lady Kimiko! …bad, bad news!”

Under Lily’s aid, Tamamo forced herself to sit on her knees, she wiped her lips with a handkerchief and asked, “What is the matter? Do you not know this is a forbidden area for men?”

The male fox was handsome and tall, but at the moment he was dripping cold sweat as he bowed, “Forgive me Lady, but there’s an emergency military situation!”

“Military situation? Speak.”
“According to the secret report, the imperial court has deployed three hundred fifty thousand troops to Suno!”
“Not, not only the imperial court, Shuten Doji has deployed a hundred thousand and Daitengu has also deployed several thousands! More than five hundred thousand troops are marching towards Suno!”

“Five hundred thousand…” The number was ridiculously high.

Tamamo swayed but didn’t fall under Lily’s support, with a pale white face and unsteady break, Tamamo asked, “Is the source of the report reliable?”

“It is absolutely accurate.” The male fox trembled before asking “Lady Kimiko, your condition…”

“A little injury, do not worry about it, do you have any other information? The imperial court deployed three hundred fifty thousand? Who’s the commander?”

“It is said that it is a three hundred thousand black armored army from Kanto, it was dispatched by Minamoto no Yoritomo, the commander is unknown. They will merge with Shuten Doji and Daitengu’s army on the way to Suno and then…”

“Then what?”

“They… they plan to kill Tamamo-no-Mae and exterminate the demon fox clan!”

Boom! A powerful tremor shook the room and an ancient vase fell to the ground, shattering.

Terrifying energy exploded from Tamamo’s body, her face was white and her lips bled, but her eyes burned with terrifying fury.

“Lady Kimiko… you must not anger yourself.” Lily worriedly held Tamamo.
“Enough, you, go investigate.” Tamamo calmed down and ordered.
“I obey.” The male fox left.

Silence, a short but long silence.

This sudden change, as if the world had flipped over, but Lily was residing at the center of this turmoil.

“Lily, at the back mountains of this village is a shrine. Within that shrine is a divine moon formation leading to Heian-kyo. Tonight, you and Uesugi Rei depart for Heian-kyo…”

“Eh? Lady Kimiko, but…” Lily had not expected Tamamo to say such words.

“There is no buts… sorry, I must stay and guard the demon foxes and the people of Suno. I cannot go with you to Heian-kyo, you… you must not be impulsive, you must take the utmost care… don’t confront those forces head on…” Tamamo’s breath was unsteady.

“No! Lady Kimiko, how could I leave you right now? That, that’s a five hundred thousand army!” Lily tightly grasped Tamamos’ hand.

On one side, Ayaka had been knocked unconscious by some terrifying faction and in great danger!

On the other hand, Tamamo-no-Mae was seriously injured and facing the combined armies of Minamoto no Yoritomo, Shuten Doji, and Daitengu! They were in danger of annihilation1!

In an instant, the world was in chaos!

Facing such a dangerous situation, how should she respond?


(The Seventh Book, Finished)

Thank you all for the constant support. The current situation is the most tense ever. I, Carrot Sauce, won’t say much. I’ll hurry and rush out the Eighth Volume.

The original balance of power has been broken and the world falls into true turmoil!

Lily, a girl from another world, no longer has any support that will allow her to remain soft. She can only, and must, shoulder the fates of herself and her most important sisters!

In the next volume, Lily will break the shackles of darkness, and soar into the sky and in this chaotic and dark world, bloom with true brilliance!

The Eighth Volume—《Higanbana》

Stay Tuned2!



  1. Robinxen: Time to awaken your 5D chess protagonist power and save both of them.
  2. Robinxen: Wow we really finished another book. Well, I guess I should use this chance to prepare for tomorrow’s first chapters! I have to set up the contents page and everything haha.
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