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Chapter 39 – Kamaki

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3096 characters
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1724 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

This night, due to Lily’s sudden attack, the attacking demon suffered great losses and quickly retreated. However, the army had already suffered casualties, at least a hundred men had been killed and among the dead was a permanence realmed expert.

On the demon’s side, seventy, eighty corpses were left behind.

When prepared in combat, usually the human elites would suffer much less casualties than demon, but in ambushes like this night raid, the human losses are often greater, this was still the case even with Lily forcing a quicker retreat, afterall, all the generals were discussing military strategies in the center of the camp.

In the messy battlefield, Lily spotted Amami Manya standing beneath an ancient tree, back towards the battlefield.

Walking over she greeted him, “Brother Amami.”

He turned around, his eyes still shut. His entire presence gave the feeling of the cold night, “Miss Kagami? I arrived just as the battle ended, your skills are exceptional.”

“I’m still lacking though, but thank you.” Lily humbly responded.

“Miss Kagami’s progress is prodigious, it would not be exaggerated to say that at least half of the arch-demon animas were acquired by you. I think in these lands, you would be the first to take advantage of war to practice like this.” There was no tone of complaint in Amami’s voice, in fact his voice gave the feeling that he had seen through everything.

“Brother Amami, I feel sad looking at how humans and demons battle and kill each other, but I think only through strength can this be stopped.”

“Haha.” Amami laughed indifferently, his eyes were shut but he seemed to be able to see Lily, “Miss Kagami is as beautiful as the flowers and moon, but when you continue to look, some sides are so genuine and not that cute.”

“Ah?” To think there’d be someone who called her not cute, though she didn’t really care about the eyes of men, for some reason she felt disgruntled, “Brother Amami must have the cutest girl in your heart?”

“Ahahahaha….Miss Kagami, go about with your business.” He turned around and looked at the night sky, unwilling to speak again.

Lily might have touched upon a forbidden topic, so she saluted and left.

On a hill several miles away, a massive blue demon with a tattered sickle stared at the torches in the distance.

This blue demon was darker than most of its kind and only two meters tall, but this demon radiated a mighty aura, cowing the group of four to five meters tall blue demons behind it.

This sickle-bearing blue demon was one of Shuten Doji’s Ten Demon Enforcers, the leader of the blue demon division.

“A red dressed woman acted? She destroyed the night raid?” The sickle blue demon asked.

“Yes, Lord Kamaki.” A little ghost reported, “That red dressed woman has a very sharp blade, even permanence realmed arch-demons cannot resist one blow, she also seems to specialize in capturing anima. Our night raid caught the humans off guard, but against experts of this level, we can do nothing.”

Kamaki nodded, “A red dressed female samurai capable of capturing anima. This must be Kagami Lily, recently Lord Shuten seems to be paying attention to her, I shall go and test her!”

Within the valley, seeing that the combat was over, Lily left and sat down on a rock beside the river to rest.

Recently, the fights had become more frequent, though she wasn’t tired, she paid great attention to remaining in the best condition.


A powerful aura radiated out.

“What!?” Lily’s eyes shot open, “Late-stage throned sovereign!??”

There was nothing more to be said, Lily got up and dashed towards that aura.


From the forests in the front, screams echoed, and soon she could see a two meter tall massive dark blue demon holding a huge tattered sickle facing a dozen warriors in the defensive focused formation, the octagon formation. One single slash crashed through the formation and beheaded all the warriors within.

A powerful outburst of blade maiden spirit power coated Lily as she turned into a red afterimage, charging at that blue demon.

But the blue demon welcomed it, “Kagami Lily, you finally arrived! These tofu-like formations are really boring!”

Lily’s strength, appearance, weapons are all too easy to identify, even Kamaki who had never met Lily, identified her with a glance.

“Shut up!” Lily had reached the blue demon in an instant, behind her a field of sakura blossoms bloomed as her domain suppressed the blue demon while Lily slashed down simultaneously!

Clang—! Kamaki’s sickle was tyrannical in the extreme and that pure brute power was only minutely affected by Lily’s domain suppression. The sickle clashed straight on with Lily’s blade and threw her back.

Caught off guard, Lily slammed into a thousand year old tree, the wood of the tree was at least of the sixth grade and didn’t break when Lily slammed into it.

“Such power!” Lily quickly recovered from the impact, rolled and stabilized herself, kneeling with one knee and hand on the ground. Throwing her hair back, Lily launched off the ground, speeding back towards Kamaki.

On the other side, Kamaki’s hands were numb, “Within the sovereigns I have faced, you are the one with the most powerful slash!”

Kamaki had no domain, but he had an innate ability. The powerful physique he had been born with, the demon god physique.

Boom!!! Kamaki’s aura surged as demon clouds filled the area. His body instantly gigantified, becoming a ten meter tall giant devil.

For the demon god physique, the greater the change of the body, the greater the strength. Though Kamaki’s physique was only at the most basic level, after transforming he could exert extremely powerful strength, or it could be said he could exert his original true strength.

Shuten Doji also had the demon god physique, as for Sugawara no Michizane, his body was very different from the demon god physique, his was an ancient tyrannical body manifested from his spirit. Michizane’s body shape could not be changed at will.

This sudden change greatly shocked Lily.

The gigantic Kamaki’s strength instantly increased to the peak of throned sovereigns. A stage stronger than when Lily used the purple lunar force! And his sickle was a spirit artifact, a weapon capable of getting bigger at will!

Boom!!! An overwhelming sickle slash!

Stomping hard, Lily dodged to the side, her clothes and hair fluttering wildly within the shockwave.

“What strength1!”

The giant Kamaki was not only massive and extremely strong, but his speed was also remarkable. After missing, his sickle immediately swept out in a horizontal slash, chasing after Lily.

Though he was slower than Lily, his immense height and arm length gave him an attack reach of at least 20 meters.

“What!??” Reacting swiftly, Lily met the sweep with her blade.

Boom—!!! Sparks scattered from the impact and Lily was shot out like a cannon, piercing through a huge rock in the distance.

“Ah——” The weapon impact had not only numbed her entire body, but also left multiple rips all over her clothes.

“Ahahaha,” Kamaki laughed, “Even a genius human female samurai is only at this level?”

“What an arrogant demon! Identify yourself!”

To the side of Kamaki, the blue long haired handsome swordsman, Amami Manya crouched in the quick draw stance.

Sensing the unusualness of the man, Kamaki turned and replied, “I am Kamaki, one of Shuten Doji’s Ten Demon Enforcers, who are you?”

“Amami Manya.”

“I have never heard of you. Amongst humans I only know the names of Minamoto no Yoritomo and Fujiwara no Ayaka. Against those two I must run, anyone else, kill! I hear you humans have killed all monsters on your way here, but my blue demon division is different from those weak monsters. This Tanba mountain forest will be the graveyard of your imperial army!”

Kamaki brought up his huge sickle and slashed at Amami.

Terrifying aura coalased within Amami, and instantly the air seemed to freeze.

“Brilliant Flash!”

Clang! A dazzling blade light lit up the night.

This slash was too fast, the gigantic Kamaki staggered back, before his sickle came down he took a powerful blow to the chest, leaving behind a terrifying blade scar as blood poured out.

But Kamaki adjusted his stance, and the sickle still came down.

Boom!!! Though the force had decreased, that powerful impact sent Amami flying back several meters. Tumbling in the air, Amami stomped down as he landed, forming a giant crater as he jumped back at Kamaki to retaliate.

Clang!!! Kamaki’s sickle met Amami’s blade, the collision and impact staggered Kamaki back several steps and sent Amami flying again. Landing feet first against an ancient tree, Amami landed on the ground, his blade cracked and blood trickling from his mouth.

“This demon’s strength is too overwhelming.” Amami couldn’t help but frown.

Fwish—! Behind Kamaki, a crimson lunar slash appeared!

Slash! The crimson blade light slashed against Kamaki’s gigantic back, sending him staggering forward and hastily swept his sickle behind.

In the air, Lily borrowed the force of her sakura domain and jumped up, evading the sickle strike.

“You dare ambush me?” Kamaki roared at Lily.

The two terrifying blade scars on Kamaki were quickly healing over. Very quickly, only scabs remained of those injuries.

The regeneration capabilities of the demon god physique were far beyond that of a normal monster.

Lily’s clothes were ragged, her breaths came out in uneven panting, but her battle intent was as strong as ever. Now that Amami was beside her, she would no longer use the purple lunar force, but even if she used it, there was no certainty that she could kill Kamaki. Also, the purple lunar force took a long time to replenish and in this current situation, once she exhausted her purple lunar force, normal methods of recovery would be too slow.

Kamaki took several steps in retreat, facing both Amami and Lily was a bit tough. “Ehehe, today is only a greeting, Kagami Lily, I will definitely catch and send you to Lord Shuten! As for the male beside you, I will kill you next time!”

With those harsh words, black smoke appeared in the area before disappearing into the forests.

Even if Lily and Amami worked together, victory was not guaranteed so they did not chase2.



  1. Robinxen: Who’d have seen it coming at his stage?!
  2. Robinxen: Intelligence for once!
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