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Chapter 31 – The Unexpected Sword Miko

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3144 characters
Translator: LazyButAmbitious English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1879 words
Editor(s): Robinxen


The Archdemons surrounding Rei were all surprised.

Even the wise Ibaraki Doji’s handsome face was filled with confusion. “Sword Miko, based on your current situation, you’ll be apprehended no matter what you do. Now, you suddenly surrendered. What do you mean?”

“That’s right! What is this woman up to? You’re destined to be captured anyway. We don’t need you to surrender!” The Lord of Mount Hiei roared.

“I think it’s best to tie her up fully and send her to Lord Shuten, no?” We’ve captured so many women in Mount Ooe. We do it forcefully each time!” Soto-no-Oni approached with a rope in his hands.

Ibaraki told Rei, “Sword Miko, at this point, you don’t have to waste your breath. It’s the end of the line for you anyway. Do you think your destiny will change if you surrender willingly? Soto-no-Oni, tie her up and send her to Lord Shuten!”

“Yes!” Soto-no-Oni’s giant figure was already behind Rei. The Throned Sovereign was way stronger than Rei. No matter how strong she was, she would have zero chance of escaping.

“Wait a moment!” Rei slowly raised her head. Without a hint of fear in her expression, she had a carefree smile on her face. “Do you think I can escape with so many Throned Sovereign Archdemons here? Do you need to tie up a warrior on the Permanence Stage in order to escort her? You people are weaker than I thought!”

“Stop wasting your breath!” Soto-no-Oni’s gigantic claw grabbed onto Rei’s shoulder.

“Wait.” Yet, Ibaraki waved his hand. He stepped onto the giant ghost claw which was always on his back and slowly levitated down. He approached Rei and looked down. “Woman, you should know what fate awaits you once Lord Shuten has you. At this point, why are you still smiling? Why aren’t you afraid at all?”

“Hehehe, hehehehehe!” Rei only lowered her head and laughed uncontrollably.

“B̲i̲t̲c̲h̲! How dare you laugh!” Soto-no-Oni punched Rei and slammed her onto the ground.

Despite the blood on her forehead nearly covering her eyes, Rei still continued laughing.

“This woman? Has she gone insane? I have no interest in talking to a mentally deranged woman.” Ibaraki said.

“You must be Ibaraki Doji… The so-called Shuten’s arm.” Rei slowly raised her body and returned to her initial stance, one knee on the ground with her hand on her sword.

“You recognize me? Then you should know that you shouldn’t play any tricks. In front of me, all your efforts mean nothing.”

“Hmph, is that so? People call you Shuten Doji’s advisor. But, do you understand what Shuten Doji is thinking?”

“What? What do you mean by that?” Ibaraki was stunned.

“Bring me to Shuten Doji. Since you don’t understand, there’s no point explaining it to you anyway.” There seemed to be a weird hint of ambition in Rei’s eyes.

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“Huh?” Ibaraki was dazed.

“Lord Ibaraki, I might be strong, but I’m not as smart as you people. What is this Sword Miko actually talking about? Didn’t we plan to send her to Lord Shuten since the beginning anyway? What difference does it make?” Soto-no-Oni was also confused by Rei.

“Sword Miko. After all is said and done, do you want us to not tie you up so you can find a chance to escape? Do you think your tricks will work on me? Even if you weren’t tied up, you can’t escape anyway. Do you think you have a say in this? Do you think you can still preserve your dignity? Soto-no-Oni, do it!” Ibaraki shouted.

Swish! Rei instantly pulled out a dagger and pointed at the Spirit Palace on her navel.

“If you dare to touch me, then you’ll get absolutely nothing.” Rei shouted.

“What a joke! We plan to take you in no matter what. Dead or alive! Do you think you can threaten us this way?” Ibaraki sneered.

“So that’s why I said you are incompetent as Shuten Doji’s advisor. Do you really understand him? How do you think you have driven me to a desperate state? Is it because of your abilities? Well, no. Isn’t it because of a man named Minamoto no Kenki? If it wasn’t for his deception, do you think I’d be in Tanba?”

“Minamoto no Kenki?” Others might not know, but Ibaraki knew about Kenki.

“Ibaraki Doji, Minamoto no Kenki was implanted in the center of the Imperial Court and an important pawn within the Minamoto Clan. Shuten Doji has exposed such an important asset and sent so many demons to their deaths. Do you think he did all that just to kill me? My strength will never manage to threaten Shuten Doji at all. Have you ever thought about why he did this? Once I’m dead, Kenki and the thousands of demons… Wouldn’t all these plans become meaningless? Do you think Shuten won’t be angered by your actions here?” Rei spoke calmly as blood trailed down her lips.

The Archdemons all became silent. They could somewhat remember killing several women that Shuten desperately wanted and enraging him.

“Of course, you’ll naturally choose to kill me if I attempt to escape. But now, I’m willing to submit to Shuten Doji and you all know that I can’t escape. Why would you want to risk angering Shuten Doji because of such trivial things?” Rei’s eyes glistened with a determined expression on her face.

Ibaraki had no doubt that this woman would commit suicide without a thought if they acted forcefully. Moreover, he wasn’t confident that he could stop her.

Ibaraki had captured countless women, but he had never seen anyone as foolhardy and determined as Uesugi Rei before.

Not only that, she showed no fear despite knowing her fate and being surrounded by these Archdemons.

Why wasn’t she afraid?

Ibaraki couldn’t help but ask himself.

No woman would be born with such courage and fearlessness. No matter what, Uesugi Rei was still a woman.

Then why wasn’t she afraid at all?

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It seemed like there was only one answer. Which was: Uesugi Rei had already resolved to die!

Just as Rei said, because they would rather kill her than to let her escape. But since she was willing to meet Shuten, why would they want to force her into dying? Shuten Doji had tricked her using Minamoto no Kenki, which meant he valued this woman greatly. He had no need to get her killed and risk angering Shuten Doji.

As for whether or not she would use suicide as a threat once she was in Shuten’s possession, it wouldn’t be something that involved him.

In any case, he knew he shouldn’t force Rei into suicide in this place.

“Alright!” Ibaraki said, “since you’re willing to surrender, we’ll show you some decency and treat you like a prisoner of war, instead of a slave! However, we still need to put these shackles on you!”

Rei smiled gleefully. “I can commit suicide it using my Domain. So you better don’t pull any tricks on me.”

She then tossed her dagger and longsword on the ground and extended her arms.

Soto-no-Oni returned the rope and took out a large and heavy pair of shackles, putting it on her.

“Take her away!” Ibaraki said. Meanwhile, Rei’s weapons were confiscated by the demons who followed after and were taken away as loot. The black horse Nioh was also taken and it struggled constantly.

Yet, Rei said with a smile, “settle down! Look at me. I’m fine, aren’t I?”

Only then did Nioh calm down and allow the demons to take it away.

In the depths of Mount Ooe, inside the demon nest.

Countless monsters and demons were screeching under illumination of demonic flame. They squirmed around like types of water. They seemed to be happy about capturing a Miko today.

Meanwhile, Rei had flowing silver hair and tattered clothing. She was blindfolded and had a pair of heavy shackles on her while being escorted by Soto-no-Oni. She seemed to be a goddess that had split the waters into two as the demons made way. She traveled between massive caves inside the demon nest.

In the deepest depths of the demon nest, Shuten Doji sat on top of the tall throne embedded within a boulder. There were several barely clothed women serving him.

Their demonic and alluring faces also stared at Rei, who was slowly approaching.

Countless demons made lecherous shouts and growled. They seemed to be waiting for the moment where this distant warrior would be violated.

Shuten waved his hand and gestured for the crowd to stay silent.

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A green demon approached and removed Rei’s blindfold.

Rei slowly adapted to the light level around her surroundings. Raising her head, she saw the tall throne, and Shuten Doji, who had a pair of ominous eyes.

His gaze seemed to break women’s minds and dignity once they met eyes. However, Rei used an ability she had, Charm True Intent, to turn this effect into her own energy.

Of course, even so, that alone wasn’t enough to go against Shuten Doji.

Ibaraki Doji, Soto-no-Oni, and the rest all stood beside him.

Shuten glanced at Rei and spoke in surprise, “I can’t believe that there will be a woman who dares to stare directly into my eyes in the current Heian Dynasty. Sword Miko, announce yourself.”

“Uesugi Rei.”

“Hehehe, I’m sure you’ve heard of my stories, right? Then, I’m sure you understand what I want after spending so much effort to capture you, right?” Shuten said. He leaned on the throne, grabbed a massive sake bottle and drank.

Clack! With a single intent, Rei’s shackles instantly broke and slammed onto the ground, letting out a noise that reverberated through the demon nest.

Rei could now move her hands. She pulled out a bamboo flask from within her belt.

“What are you doing?” The surrounding Blue Demon guards all screamed in caution and were about to approach.

Yet, Shuten waved his hand. “Don’t be scared. Miss Uesugi is smart.”

Rei smiled casually. “Lord Shuten, this is a grade-nine premium wine from Heian-kyo.”

“Huff!” Rei tossed the bamboo flask towards Shuten.

Clack! Shuten received the bamboo flask, opened its lid and smelled. “Hmm— it’s a really great wine. It’s also mixed with Miss Uesugi’s body aroma.”

Shuten raised its head and was about to drink.

“Your Majesty! It might be poisoned!” Ibaraki said.

With a wicked look, Shuten suddenly threw that bamboo flask and splashed all the wine inside onto her. It traveled well over 10 meters and accurately landed on her face, wetting her hair.

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Rei only licked clean the wine trailing down her forehead. “Your Majesty, it’s grade-nine premium wine. I’m sure there isn’t much of it in Mount Ooe, no? Why waste it?”

Seeing that Rei was fine, Shuten finally displayed his twisted desires. Both alcohol and women, his favorite things in life, were all present here. He might be immensely powerful, but there was unique exotic alcohol in all sorts of different places. Shuten had never tasted exquisite wine from Heian-kyo.

He drank all the remaining wine inside the bamboo flask. “Awesome! As expected of Heian-kyo. Their wine is way better than the ones in my Mount Ooe! One day when I claim Heian-kyo, I’ll sample them to my heart’s content!


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