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Chapter 64 – Female Principles

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3391 characters
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1803 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Lily knew it wouldn’t be easy to explain, but she wanted to make things clear.

“Sister Haihime was put on trial and humiliated by Igarashi, the expert hired by Fujiwaras. Just a while ago, I was helping my sister with her healing1.”

“Healing? I can be considered to be proficient in medicine, yet I’ve never heard of this sort of healing technique. Was it that Haihime who told you to heal her like that?” Ayaka responded.

“This…” If Ayaka was angry at her, then so be it, but Lily didn’t want Ayaka to direct her fury at sister Haihime. Afterall, Haihime had no deep relationship with Ayaka, Lily was afraid Haihime would suffer a disaster here so she replied, “It’s a method I thought up.”

Ayaka looked at Lily and coldly laughed, “Hmph, you are far too kind Lily. Even though I know of your flirtatious side, I do not believe you can think up of such an outrageous healing method! Being taken advantage of and yet you still speak for them? I don’t know if I should say that you’re too innocent? Or perhaps too depraved.”

Lily lowered her head without a word.

Lily’s appearance of not protesting calmed Ayaka’s temper, but even so, she wasn’t planning on letting Lily go just like that.

“Forget it, no matter what, I can believe that your motives were good. Just remember, in the future, even if you’re helping a woman, there must be a limit. Do not accept such ridiculous requests in the future, do you understand?”

“I will remember in the future.”

Ayaka nodded, though Lily had said she would remember, Ayaka knew that with Lily’s nature, if she was tricked in the future, her heart might soften.

She would have to make Lily remember this lesson for a long time.

Pulling out a small booklet, “This is something I wrote in the past. Copy this manuscript of ‘Female Principles’ three times and remember it in the future, understand?”

“Yes,” Lily was also relieved, she had thought that she would be punished. If it was only copying a manuscript three times, then she would copy it seriously.

“This ‘Female Principles’ will teach you the rules of being a woman, it also contains some heart principles of the jade maiden path. Copy this seriously, it will be beneficial to your understanding of seductive intent2.”

With a wave of a hand, Ayaka materialized three large sheets of one meter wide, two meter long rice paper, a large inkstone and a brush as thick as a large arm.

Taking a look, Lily thought that such a large brush meant that she should be writing large words, one word per page, but to write such large words, she should place the paper on the ground and write. This was nothing, Lily had talent and confidence in her calligraphy.

“Only…” Ayaka’s following words sunk the relief in Lily’s heart. Ayaka smiled coldly at Lily, “Three sheets of paper, one copy on each sheet, I think you understand right?”

“Mm” Lily nodded.
“These three copies, I have a rule. If you don’t obey then it’s not counted as a copy.”
“This rule is, every copy must be transcribed using different parts of your body. Your left and right hands are both hands, they count for one copy3.”
“Eh!???” Lily had just thought that even if her left hand wasn’t as good as her right, she could still copy.

“Understand? The words and characters must be copied beautifully, otherwise it won’t pass. If you don’t finish three copies by tonight, then I will judge Haihime’s guilt of seducing my retainer!”
“This…Lady Ayaka…”
“What? Not willing? You can go then, I will personally drag Haihime to the dungeon then.”
“No, no, I’m willing.”

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Ayaka pulled out a book and started to leisurely read, “Very well, then you should start. I shall give you until daylight to finish.”

Lily simply had no way to protest and decided to get the first, simplest copy out of the way.

After grinding the ink, Lily lifted the large brush and knelt beside the paper. She copied the book word by word, her brushstrokes graceful without weakness, each character was gentle, yet full of longing.

Ayaka couldn’t help but nod, “I must say, this calligraphy is very beautiful, it has both the delicateness of femininity and the sturdiness of bushido. I give full marks to this copy.”

“I am still a beginner, please give me guidance.”

Lily’s response showed that she was unaffected by the praise. The first copy was perfect and revealed the concepts of charming and reserved, sexy yet well behaved.

“The first copy is good, very good, it passes. You can start the second copy.” Ayaka waved and the first copy was pasted to the wall.

Lily blushed, even if the calligraphy was beautiful and well written, that was her punishment, for it to be posted to the wall was embarrassing.

“Remember, you cannot use your hands for the second copy.”

Lily was at a loss, how should she go about copying without hands…

Feet? That would be disrespectful and would be hard to pass, then she could only4

Lily lowered her body and opened her small mouth, biting down on the end of the brush and lifted it up and smeared the tip with ink. She walked up to the second sheet of paper and knelt down, one hand lifted up her hair as she started copying with a blush on her fair face.

“Aha?” Ayaka looked on with interest, “So you’re using this method. Your mouth is sure powerful, you can actually bite onto such a thick and long brush…and write with it.”

Using the mouth to write is several times more difficult than using hands. And such a strange way of calligraphy, LIly had never practiced before.

She was naturally awkward, but her understanding towards calligraphy and the control over the brush still remained. The words that were written still had a unique style.

Ayaka looked on in surprise, “Hm, Lily, is this really the first time writing with a brush in your mouth? Why are you so skilled at it and why is your calligraphy still so exquisite?”

Lily’s cheeks were still red, her eyebrows wrinkled, and one hand holding up her hair as she continued to write. Ayaka’s question was very shaming. Who would practice this sort of thing?

Only, as time passed, her mouth was sore, her neck tired, and her head dizzy…and she had only written a tiny bit.

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And another problem, the brush was too thick and difficult to control, her saliva would flow down and drip on the rice paper.

Ayaka stood up, walked behind Lily with a long ruler in her hand.

Smack—! and spanked Lily’s pert rear with it. “You aren’t allowed to drip saliva onto the copy, where’s your etiquette? How can there be such a shameless copy in this world? If it happens again, recopy!”

“Nnn~~~” Lily could only hold onto the brush tightly while whimpering, and continue writing.

Finally, the second copy was finished with great difficulty. Lily was out of breath, panting and feeling that her jaw was so sore she couldn’t close her mouth, and her hair was stuck to her sweaty cheeks.

“This copy contains a strange form of seductive intent…and there’s some water marks, but…I’ll count this as a pass.” With another wave of her hand, the second copy was posted on the wall. “I’m really looking forward to what you plan on doing for the third copy. I’m very curious, you cannot use your hands or mouth anymore, what will you do? Hm, are you planning on using…”

“Of course not!” Lily’s face remained a blushing red, but what should she do? This question really conflicted her.

But if she didn’t then sister Haihime would suffer.

Taking a deep breath, Lily made up her mind.

She glanced at Ayaka embarrassed before simply yet elegantly coiling her hair up and then looked down and undid her collar5.

“Oh?” Ayaka looked on curiously as her cheeks reddened.

Lily was depressed and helpless, for sister Haihime, and to calm lady Ayaka’s anger, she could only proceed.

Either way, both were her sisters, if everyone could get along better, then it was nothing if she suffered a bit.

She leaned down and her plump breasts were partially exposed by parted collar. Relying on her waist strength, she pressed her breasts against the inkstone and tatami and squeezed them to hold the brush.

“Lily…” Ayaka’s breath had involuntarily quickened and brushed her hair, “Ehehehe, that’s a method…can you write?”

“Yes…if lady Ayaka is satisfied and can spare sister Haihime, then I can write.” Lily gasped out, her hands could not relax and she could only walk forward on her knees towards the third sheet of paper. Completely relying on her waist, she leaned down with the brush held by her intoxicating chest and swung her hips to start writing.

No matter how good her calligraphy talent and artistic conception was, it was already very difficult to hold the brush steady, never mind actually writing properly. The result was crookedly written calligraphy.

Ayaka circled around, and though she felt sorry after witnessing Lily’s arduous task, she still slid the ruler over Lily’s back saying “That’s not good, you have to write neater.”

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“Yes…” Lily was after all an ingenious person and gradually grew skilled in this method of calligraphy, only, it was too hard, and there were too many words. She almost had no feeling in her waist anymore, and her skin was coated in sweat, making it more difficult to hold the brush.

The time it took to finish copying half was more than the total time for the first two copies. Sweat kept dripping down her face and chest, and several times, the brush almost slipped. If the brush slipped, then a big mark would definitely be left on the paper, that would be a serious mistake and she would have to recopy again.

Her body ceaselessly trembled and her breaths got shorter.

“I, I can’t…”

Lily’s eyes spun dizzily and her body on the verge of collapsing, loosened. The brush no longer being held started to fall, but a pair of gentle hands from both sides helped Lily hold the brush tightly…

“I shall help you dear…” Ayaka was behind her, her hands crossing under Lily’s arms.

The sensation of touch and squeezing made her face flush, and her body heat up.

“Lady Ayaka…” Lily turned to look at her half gratefully, half resentfully, but ended up in a liplock with Ayaka. Like this, in this posture, they had a kiss.

Ayaka guided Lily with her arms, and continued the kiss even as they continued to write6

Finally, under Ayaka’s help, the third copy was finished.



  1. Silva: helping heal… is not the word I’d use…
  2. Robinxen: Two things here. 1 – This will further Lily’s transition between genders. 2 – Another important material on seductive intent originating from Ayaka.
  3. Robinxen: So she has to use a hand, a foot and her mouth I guess? Surely she won’t have to use uh… there will she?
  4. Robinxen: Wait if she’s ruling out feet what WILL she use for the third?
  5. Robinxen: She… her cleavage?!?! WHAT?! AUTHOR!!!
  6. Robinxen: Ayaka like “Don’t get taken advantage of” only to immediately take advantage of her.
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