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Chapter 30 – Palace Dancer

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3247 characters
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1653 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Kanbayashi continued to sniff around, clearly taking delight in the inspection. Despite all being women, Lily felt extremely ashamed being in such a vulnerable posture with both arms raised.

Lily could only close her eyes and grit her teeth while Kanbayashi stroked her lower belly and patted her rear several times.

If it were General Chiya or a powerhouse like Rakshasa-Onna bullying her, she might tolerate it since they were stronger than her. However, being humiliated by Kanbayashi, a mere palace stewardess and a servant, was utterly degrading.

The problem was that this servant seemed overly pleased to examine her, yet acted as if she were merely assessing a tool for the queen’s pleasure. Lily wanted to grab her blade and fight, win or lose, to avoid being toyed with like this.

“Mm, a flawless beauty. Over the years, I’ve seen countless women enter the harem, beauties from all over Yomi. After all, many female adepts endure great dangers and hardships to join the Female Queendom.”

“Might I ask, Chief Kanbayashi, is the inspection over?” Lily managed to say, her face flushed red.

“Almost done. You indeed have impeccable attributes and are not carrying any weapons. Next, we need to take some intimate measurements for the palace records.”


“It’s the palace’s rules,” Kanbayashi said, producing an ancient measuring tape. “Stand still and relax. We’re going to take your measurements now.”

Another young palace maid walked behind Lily. With Kanbayashi in front and the maid behind her, they passed the measuring tape below Lily’s armpits and directly around her chest…

“Bust, 89.9 cm. Despite your youth, you certainly have some attributes, but don’t be too conceited. You don’t even rank within the top three in this palace.”

“Chief Kanbayashi, it might not be the largest, but it’s quite perky…”

Lily wished she could be temporarily deaf as she complained inwardly, “What? Is that something to be proud of? What sort of strange values does your Female Queendom hold?”

The measuring tape lowered.

“Waist, 54.45 cm.”
“What a slender waist; it makes one want to embrace it, doesn’t it?”
“Indeed, such a seductive little fairy.”

“Chief Kanbayashi, if I recall correctly, those with larger busts in the palace do not possess such a slender waist. It appears she holds an advantage.”
“Silence, don’t allow this little seductive fairy to become too conceited!”

‘As if I would take pride in such a thing!’ Lily thought indignantly.

The measuring tape moved further down.

“Hips, 88.11 cm1.”

“Oh, she seems to have the type of hips ideal for childbirth2,” Kanabayashi remarked, increasingly delighted with each measurement.

“I quite like this young lady. Our queen has been single her entire life without descendants. If Miss Lynne gains her favor, with her attributes, she might well bear a robust and healthy child for her majesty…”

“Silence! This little seducer is merely a dancer, not a concubine approved by her majesty. Hold your tongues if you wish to avoid punishment!” Kanabayashi chided.

“Yes, yes…”
“Miss? What’s wrong?”
“Little seducer?”

No one had ever spoken so casually about her; Lily felt dizzy and on the verge of fainting, unable to prevent herself from swaying.

Several young maids steadied Lily, supporting her body.

“Enough, this young lady appears to be exceedingly pure, having never experienced such proceedings. So shy she nearly fainted during our inspection. The examination is complete. Help her dress, take her to the baths, and arrange for her accommodation in the Diva Hall,” Kanabayashi directed.

The room was dark and chilly, lit only by the dim light of crystals that reflected Lily’s slightly unhappy expression.

The dancing clothes she would be wearing were currently being tailor-made, so she was temporarily dressed in a generic white yukata, as she couldn’t reveal her undetectable storage. The white yukata was quite conservative, presenting no issues.

The tailors in the Female Queendom were all blade maiden adepts; given their skill, the clothes were finished very quickly. Kanbayashi delivered a storage jade and several trays of clothes.

“The storage jade contains several sets of clothes for daily use, rouge, lipstick, perfume, and other intimate hygiene items. If you need anything else, please inform me. You have been evaluated as a first-class dancer, and your salary will be ten Blood Spirit Magatamas per year. Other needs will be evaluated based on specifications and merit. For first-class dancers, as long as the requests are reasonable, we will provide them without many restrictions,” Kanbayashi explained.

Lily received the storage jade while kneeling, “Thank you, Chief Kanbayashi.”

“Don’t thank me; these are the palace rules. We evaluate based on looks, figure, and temperament—we assess everything comprehensively. Everything here is provided by the queen. If you want to thank anyone, thank the queen.”

“Mm, I thought you might be somewhat arrogant, but you seem quite well-behaved and sensible. Typically, when newcomers arrive at the palace, I must administer a hundred paddles before they comprehend the palace rules. Since you’re so gentle and compliant, I’ll simply write out the rules. As long as you remain obedient, you’ll be exempt from the paddling. However, if you break the rules, prepare yourself for punishment!” While Kanbayashi said this, usually, unless a woman was a high-ranked royal, she would be subjected to paddling whether obedient or not. But since Kanbayashi had received Chiya’s bribe, she intended to spare Lily.

“Thank you for your grace, Chief Kanbayashi.”

“Mm. Since you were recommended by General Chiya, dancing should be your specialty, so we’ll skip the formal assessment. However, just to confirm, stand up and dance something for me.”


Lily stood up and performed graceful and unique movements with her arms and legs; her dance was akin to that of a celestial being.

Kanbayashi watched for a few moments before nodding. “That’s enough; your dance truly lives up to the General’s praises, which is excellent. The queen has been in a bad mood recently, and tonight, you will dance at dinner. You must strive to please the queen.”

“Yes, I understand.”

“Lynne, you seem like a good woman. Having entered the palace, I believe I understand some of your thoughts. Auntie Kanbayashi has lived long and seen much, but I must warn you—the Queen is unlike ordinary women. Your beauty attracts attention, but the queen will not be swayed by mere looks. The Female Queendom is a collection of stunning beauties; not a single woman has captured the queen’s attention for thousands of years. Despite your beauty, be prepared; you might be treated coldly.” Kanbayashi, quite fond of Lily, earnestly offered this warning.

In Kanbayashi’s experience, any woman as beautiful as Lily was likely to have grown arrogant from constant attention. Although aware of Lily’s harrowing life experiences, Kanbayashi recognized that Lily might not have faced significant setbacks in dealing with others’ covetous behavior. It was prudent to caution her to temper her reactions—Kanbayashi had witnessed too many past tragedies stemming from such situations.

“Thank you for the warning. I am merely a dancer; I have never aspired to receive much favor from Her Majesty. My only wish is to display my talents and help relieve the queen’s boredom,” Lily replied, lowering her head.

Kanbayashi approved, “Such an attitude is commendable.”

Lily already had a lover in her heart to whom she would be loyal until death3. Given that she landed here under duress, how could she genuinely seek to please the queen?

Moreover, regardless of others’ thoughts or their covetous glances, Lily paid them no mind, treating them as if they were mere air.

In the entirety of Ashihara or the realm of Yomi, was there anyone who did not covet her? Naturally, Lily did not view this covetousness as a point of pride; rather, it was a source of trouble.

Lily’s sole desire was to remain cherished in her senior sister Rinne’s heart, finding contentment in a peaceful and happy life with her sisters.

“Prepare yourself. The queen will soon be dining. Dress warmly and wait here. When it’s time, I will escort you to the dance stage. Here is the dance score; your skills should suffice for you to comprehend it. You will be positioned in the center.”

“Yes.” As Lily took the dance score, she experienced an ancient sensation.

“What?” Noticing Lily’s momentary lapse, Kanbayashi queried.

“No, nothing.” Lily examined the dance score, sensing a familiar air. This seemed to be a celestial maiden dance—not identical to the Dance of the Bell Maiden on the stone steles but unmistakably from the same tradition.

“Change clothes.”
“Yes… wait what?”

As several maids unfolded the clothes for Lily, she yelped in surprise.

“How can this be considered clothes?” Lily stared at the garments with a tilted head and a flushed face.

“Enough nonsense; don’t you know your place? Don’t think being a first-class dancer is so grand—you’re here to please Her Majesty! We’ve arranged these clothes for you. If you refuse to wear them, we can discuss it after a hundred paddles!”

Noticing Lily’s embarrassment, Kanbayashi softened her tone slightly, mixing threats with reassurance. Left with no choice, Lily asked the maids to help her get dressed. Once dressed, Lily seemed to radiate a brilliant glow…

“Oh…” Kanbayashi and the maids were stunned, even the usually stoic Kanbayashi blushed.

The attire consisted of three small pieces of red and white cloth suspended by red straps covering her most intimate areas. A bra-like top dangled from a thin red strap around her neck, supporting small cloth cups cradling Lily’s full chest.

A thin red belt encircled her waist, from which a red herringbone-shaped ribbon extended between her legs to a thin loincloth at the rear, embroidered with light pink patterns4.

Her long hair was adorned with a gorgeous and ornate headdress.

Attached to the waist belt was a long white ribbon with pink patterns, adorned with exquisite jewelry. It was designed to flow and flutter with Lily’s movements during her dance.



  1. Robinxen: Finally, finally we have them all.
  2. Robinxen: When I talk to artist about my OC it often gets emphasised she has childbearing hips…
  3. Yuki: Sure doesn’t demonstrate that loyalty at all though.
  4. Robinxen: Has someone been playing Final Fantasy lately?
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