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Chapter 28 – Chiya Kasumi’s Request

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3139 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1793 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Lily’s dance always expressed her own feelings.

Although she was currently performing the Rakshasa Dance, it had once been described as too gentle and not deadly enough.

But now, since she was intoxicated, she practically forgot about that criticism as she danced.

“I am who I am. Even if I am a Rakshasa right now, I’m not like the other women.”

Lily no longer deliberately tried to imitate a Rakshasa. Instead, she performed a dance that expressed her unique interpretation of being a female assassin.

She was sometimes gentle, sometimes soft, and sometimes agile. She expressed the tenacity that only an extraordinary woman could embody. Perhaps it was true that women were not as tough as men. However, her persistence was constant and dependable, her will unbreakable.

Lily’s Rakshasa Dance didn’t carry any killing intent. Instead, it expressed honor!

It wasn’t about killing or seducing others with her dance moves. Instead, she believed there needed to be a good reason to kill or to seduce1.

This was Lily’s great honor.

Ultimately, it showcased both feminine beauty and righteous fury as she danced.

While shy, she also displayed her carefree nature.

“It’s so beautiful!” Chiya couldn’t help but stand up and clap her hands. The dancers around her also lost their composure, yet none of them felt envious because she was simply on another level.

Chiya approached, and while Lily was still dancing, she couldn’t help but embrace her.

“Huh? General Chiya…”

“Ahh…” When Chiya realized what she had done, she knew she had lost her composure.

“I can’t believe your dance is so seductive and extraordinary at the same time, Miss Lynne. I even lost control and did something I shouldn’t,” Chiya mused. ‘Perhaps she really is the right candidate. Back then, when I paid a heavy price for her, it was only a hunch. But now, it seems I wasn’t wrong. However… I didn’t expect her to be this good at dancing, so much so that I can’t bear to do it. I really want to keep her in my home and make her my wife forever. I’ll treasure her every night and protect her for the rest of my life. I’ll make her bear my child2…’

Chiya hugged Lily, her face flushed and her emotions mixed. Lily had no idea what to do.

“General Chiya?”

“I’m sorry, I was a little distracted just now,” Chiya confessed. At that moment, she felt the urge to carry Lily back to her room, press her onto the ground, and adore her thoroughly.

However, as a General, she understood the bigger picture. Additionally, the sense of honor Lily expressed during her Rakshasa Dance reminded her that she shouldn’t keep such a treasure all to herself merely to satisfy her own desires.

‘This woman might just be the one to determine the future of the Female Queendom,’ she thought.

Despite these thoughts, she carried Lily back to her bedroom without hesitation.

“All of you are dismissed!”

Chiya dismissed all her servants, leaving Lily incredibly nervous. She hadn’t expected Chiya to be predatory, but what if her dance had been too seductive and provoked an unwanted advance?

In the Female Queendom, women did not hold back in expressing their desire for another woman they liked. Given the queendom’s acceptance of lesbianism, and considering that Lily was purchased by her, wouldn’t it be seen as natural if she was forced into a relationship?

‘What to do? I’m not her opponent. How can I resist?’ Lily thought, feeling extremely anxious.

Unexpectedly, Chiya backed off after setting Lily down and knelt before her.

“Huh? General Chiya, what are you doing?” Lily asked, frightened. How could someone kneel before their slave? Was she about to propose? If so, how could she refuse?

“Miss Lynne, at this point, I no longer want to hide this from you. I fear that if I continue, I might eventually deceive myself and even jeopardize the future of the Queendom.”

“General Chiya, what do you mean?”

“Lynne, to be honest, it’s clear I purchased you for a significant sum because I genuinely liked you. I felt it would have been wrong not to. From the bottom of my heart, I truly desire a woman like you.”

“Huh?” Lily blushed, feeling embarrassed and anxious. Was she actually proposing?

“But…” Chiya continued.

Hearing that, Lily felt slightly relieved. She sensed that what would follow would not be flirtatious.

Although susceptible to flirting and intimacy, Lily staunchly adhered to her principles.

“Miss Lynne, I bought you because I want you to accomplish a great task for me and for this Queendom,” Chiya said, her expression suddenly turning solemn.

“Great task? I’m just a slave who lost her freedom. What great task can I accomplish?” Lily said, covering her face with her sleeves.

“Miss Lynne, your identity is irrelevant. Only you can achieve this. Your beauty, demeanor, and dance all signify that you’re the perfect candidate! This matter concerns the fate of the Female Queendom. So please, don’t refuse,” Chiya pleaded, bowing deeply once again.

Lily hurried over and helped her to her feet. “General Chiya, I’m just your slave. If you want me to do something, just order it. Is this necessary?”

“Miss Lynne, this is no small matter; it’s nearly impossible, and even deadly. Although I bought you, it only gives me the opportunity to ask this of you. I can’t just rope you into this without your consent. This matter is too important and too difficult, and my authority over you won’t suffice. It also concerns the safety of this Queendom and its tens of thousands of female inhabitants. Since it’s so critical, I can only beg you to consider the bigger picture and promise me,” Chiya explained.

“General Chiya, since you have rescued me, I consider the Female Queendom as my benefactor as well. I won’t suffer the fate of falling into the hands of demons and facing horrible treatment. I’ll naturally try to repay the favor, General. Please be straightforward with me. As long as it’s for the greater good, I’m willing to do anything,” Lily said.

“Indeed, I’m already sure you’re the right person, Lynne. You might seem frail, but your heart is incredibly strong and filled with honor. However, to be honest, although I’m asking you to help the queendom, your agreeing to it wholeheartedly only makes me feel worse… For so many nights, I’ve fantasized about making you my own woman. You would be my wife and forever my lover. I would protect you and our family, and raise our children,” Chiya said, her face blushing.

“Huh?” Lily blushed deeply. “General Chiya… What exactly do you want me to do? Please be clear, otherwise I might feel even more nervous.”

“I’m really ashamed that I’ve made you feel this way. Lynne, I want you to disguise yourself as a dancer and enter the palace to… to seduce Her Majesty the Queen3!” Chiya held Lily’s hand tightly as she said this. She felt equally terrible, asking the woman she wished to marry to seduce another woman—especially when that woman was the Queen.

“Seduce… the Queen?” Lily clutched her chest in both embarrassment and shock.

“Lynne, I know you’re pure and innocent, not the type to seduce the Queen for personal gain. However, this is about the fate of the Female Queendom and the greater good. It will determine the fate of Her Majesty and the tens of thousands of inhabitants. You mustn’t refuse; otherwise, the Female Queendom might face a crisis.”

Chiya’s eyes were filled with sincerity, making Lily feel like this wasn’t embarrassing at all.

“Since it concerns the fate of the queendom, I’m willing to do whatever it takes. Besides, since Her Majesty is also a woman, whatever I do might not be too… too shameless. However, I don’t understand why it must be me doing it?” Despite saying this, Lily still felt intense embarrassment.

“Her Majesty and I fell into Yomi over a thousand years ago. Back then, many of us were heavily injured, and even our memories became fragmented and lost. For a time, we were hunted by Yomi demons and had to flee constantly. Many of our sisters were sacrificed during the process. Eventually, we found refuge in the Abyss of Parting Sorrow, a place where no sentient male beings could enter. We healed our wounds here and founded the Female Queendom.”

Chiya’s gaze filled with nostalgia and sorrow. “The Female Queendom has been growing in prosperity, attracting powerful female experts from all around, which has bolstered our strength. Our sisters have regained their strength and become stronger. Yet, Her Majesty has always been depressed.”

“Many of our sisters have built families in the Queendom and are living peaceful, fulfilling lives, a rare achievement in Yomi, a land filled with unimaginable dangers. Yet, Her Majesty has always been alone. As the Queen, how can she be without a family at her young age? There are whispers in the palace, and the Queendom’s stability is starting to falter. Her Majesty seems perpetually obsessed with her past lover, who, I fear, is no longer in this world. When the sisters and I first fell into Yomi, we accidentally drank the waters under the Bridge of Oblivion. Being powerful Celestial Maidens, far superior to mortals, we instantly stopped after realizing something was off, but we lost part of our memories. As a result, Her Majesty cannot remember who her previous lover was.”

“She would only stare at the empty sky above the palace at night, saying that she wished to see the moon. However, this is Yomi; how could you ever see the moon here?”

Chiya’s eyes began to tear up as she spoke.

“Her Majesty is truly a persistent lover.” Hearing this, Lily was moved and took Chiya’s hands in hers.

“Her Majesty has been like this for a thousand years, and still, her lover hasn’t shown up. Fortunately, she is incredibly strong and has a long lifespan, allowing her to rule over the Female Queendom for another ten thousand years. This issue won’t affect the Queendom in the foreseeable future. Eventually, everyone stopped talking about finding a wife for the Queen.”

“But unexpectedly, a demoness recently came to the palace… This demoness is extremely talented, charming, and seemingly exotic. She clearly identifies as a demoness but proclaims herself to be someone from the heavenly Moon Palace. She’s quite capable and has actually tried to seduce Her Majesty. However, for some reason, Her Majesty is overly obsessed with the Moon Palace. She might be incredibly strong, but she’s as innocent as a young girl and hasn’t been with any woman in the past thousand years. If this continues, I fear she’ll eventually fall into that demoness’ web of lies!”



  1. Robinxen: You’re a magnet…
  2. Robinxen: Oh right yeah, I forgot that was a thing…
  3. Robinxen: Did anyone ever hold any doubt that Lily would end up ensnaring royalty?
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