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Chapter 26 – Ayaka’s Trip To Onire-cho

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3224 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1767 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Ayaka traveled alone through the vast and sweltering Yomi Hirazaka, dressed in only thin Celestial Maiden garb. She tried to contact Lily, who hadn’t entered the Mirror Dimension. When she asked Kagura, the latter was also clueless. She explained that Lily had forbidden her from sensing the outside environment, fearing detection by others in Yomi.

“Lily, where will I find you? No matter what, I should travel across Yomi Hirazaka and go deeper.”

Ayaka continued on her way.

As she walked, she realized two demons with dark green skin, clad in fur pelts, were following her. They stared at Ayaka from afar with lustful expressions.

Being here, she was fully aware of the risks.

She stopped, turned around, and asked the approaching demons, “Why are you following me?”

One demon, towering over three meters tall, inspected Ayaka from top to bottom. “Do you know where you are right now?”

“Yomi Hirazaka.”

“You’re a woman, scantily clad, and so beautiful. You’re walking alone in Yomi Hirazaka, and yet, you ask us why we’re following you? Aren’t you being naive?”

“I’m not as foolish as you think. However, I won’t kill you recklessly without understanding the situation.”

“Hahahahaha!” The two demons laughed hysterically. One approached and tried to grab her shoulder, intending to lift her immediately.

However, Ayaka, now fully recovered and as powerful as a Sextuple-soul Big Dipper, swiftly dodged, avoiding the claw and simultaneously throwing a talisman. It transformed into a gust of flame that burned a hole in the demon’s chest.

“Cough…” The demon was shocked. Before he could scream, his Spirit Sea was incinerated, and he died instantly.

“What?” Although the other demon couldn’t fully comprehend Ayaka’s attack, he realized he was no match after his partner died instantly. So, he turned and fled.

Ayaka waved a unique branch in her hand, conjuring a white crystal vine that ensnared the fleeing demon.

“Lord Immortal, don’t kill me. I… I didn’t know you were this powerful. I have offended you. Spare me, spare me!” the demon pleaded. They were only Throned Sovereigns, much weaker than Ayaka.

Recognizing an opportunity to learn more from the demon, Ayaka withheld her attack and sternly asked, “If you value your life, then tell me about this place. How does one travel to Yomi-no-kuni from here?”

“Although Yomi Hirazaka connects Ashihara to Yomi, it’s incredibly far to actually reach that place, or actually just impossible. For a living person to enter Yomi-no-kuni, they must rely on their own attachments and grudges to guide them. There is no actual physical path,” the demon said.

“I see.” Although the demon might not be reliable, he didn’t seem capable of fabricating such an elaborate lie based on his appearance. Ayaka then asked, “How do I find my own attachments and grudges?”

“This… I don’t know. I’m afraid only you know that.”

“I see…” With a swift motion of her hand, Ayaka released white lotus blade energy, decapitating the demon. Black blood spewed out as he died.

They had been ******* after her from the beginning. Had she not been strong enough, she would likely have been abused by now. They deserved to die. Ayaka wasn’t a saint.

She initially planned to search their corpses for a map. But upon further consideration, she realized there was no need for that.

“No, I should at least take a look.” Ayaka looted the corpses. She found nothing on the first demon and a crude map on the second one.

“This map is obviously incomplete; the path to Yomi isn’t marked,” Ayaka whispered.

“The demon said I must rely on my own attachments and grudges. What exactly are my attachments and grudges?” Ayaka was also puzzled.

She had always grappled with some questions. “Who am I really? Why am I so talented? And how can I perform such seductive but powerful dances?”

“Huh?” Ayaka noticed a place named Onire-cho on the map. For some reason, the name felt unique. Hence, she followed the map and traveled to Onire-cho.

As she neared the place, she heard mournful yet beautiful singing.

Upon entering, she realized it was an incredibly dilapidated village, marked with blade scars that were relatively fresh compared to the age of the village. Elsewhere, any woman might be swarmed by lustful demons, but here, many powerful demons avoided her as if she were the plague upon seeing her.

Ayaka was puzzled because she hadn’t revealed her strength.

Feeling stuffy as she walked, she took out a handkerchief to wipe the sweat from her neck and chest. Noticing a young demon peeking at her from a corner, she waved her handkerchief, which transformed into a long ribbon that instantly wrapped around the child and pulled him closer.

“Spare me, sister. Spare me, sister Immortal!”
“Why are you peeking at me?”
“Sister Immortal, you are really pretty. I couldn’t help it.”

The child was less than a meter tall and appeared emaciated, yet he looked robust with disproportionately large limbs.

Recognizing his honesty, she threatened, “I’ll ask you questions. If you answer honestly, I will spare you. Otherwise, you will die.”
“Sister Immortal, I will definitely answer truthfully.”
“Why are the demons in this village avoiding me? Could it be that the demons here are afraid of women?”

“Sister Immortal, here’s the thing. This is Onire Village. In the past, dancers and entertainers would come here, waiting for sedans to transport them to Yomi-no-kuni. The demons in our village would hide and attempt to ambush them. But a few months ago, a tall woman with silver hair arrived. She was incredibly strong and carried a glowing divine sword on her back that killed many demons with just its sword energy. That sword is extremely sharp; it can slice through everything like tofu. Many of my uncles were killed, leaving everyone terrified. Since then, no one has dared to assault women here; we’re all still afraid and keep to the shadows,” the little demon explained.

“I see.” After considering the description, Ayaka realized that the woman the child described closely resembled Rei. She then followed up, “What is her name? Where is she now?”

“Well… we really don’t know her name. This woman is distant and volatile. She killed any demon who approached her without speaking, so nobody dared to ask for her name. She was just passing by. After killing many demons that tried to attack her, she traveled north. This happened a few months ago.”

Ayaka nodded, convinced that this person was definitely Uesugi Rei. Even if she headed north now, she might not find her. Furthermore, it seemed that each person likely had a unique path into Yomi-no-kuni.

“What you mentioned before, the sedan chair to Yomi-no-kuni, when will it show up?”

“Well… uh… Sister Immortal, if you allow me to touch you once, I’ll tell you,” the kid said with a cheeky smile.

“Sure, you can touch and tell me. After that, I’ll burn your fingers off, one by one,” Ayaka said grimly.

“Huh?” The child was frightened. “I’m sorry, Sister Immortal, I think I lost control again. I couldn’t help it. I… I wouldn’t dare. I’ll just tell you. The sedan chair to Yomi-no-kuni doesn’t follow a schedule; it depends on luck. If you want to go, you’ll need to dance in the stone formation at the village center. If you’re lucky, it will appear. If not, nothing will happen even if you dance for a hundred years,” the little demon said.

Ayaka had no idea if he was telling the truth but realized it was worth a try. She wouldn’t lose anything by dancing anyway; she could consider it extra training. Consequently, Ayaka released the child and went to the stone formation to start dancing.

For a moment, her dance was incredibly gentle and seductive. She was proficient in dancing and would often be in a trance while doing so. After some time, she became sweaty, and her face was flushed.

But upon remembering that she once danced with Lily, she couldn’t help but feel sadness. This feeling of sorrow ignited all the spectral flames around the stone formation.

Not far away, in the darkness, a sedan chair carried by several hunched demons slowly approached the village.

“It’s here?” Ayaka couldn’t help but be surprised. The child had actually spoken the truth.

Simultaneously, in the Female Queendom, a realm incredibly far from Onire-cho.

Chiya Kasumi, the General of the Female Queendom, took Lily across the street and returned to her residence.

She dismounted with Lily in her arms and entered the mansion directly. Both its interior and exterior were decorated with purple, blue, and golden crystal lights, giving it a beautiful and ethereal appearance.

Once inside, Chiya was still unwilling to let go, seemingly finding comfort in holding Lily.

“General Chiya… can you put me down?” Although Lily didn’t dare use her spiritual senses, her intuition told her that Chiya was incredibly influential, likely on par with Rakshasa-Onna. Consequently, Lily didn’t dare resist, knowing the women of Yomi were decisively cruel and she could not compare. Offending Chiya, known for her volatile mood, could lead to unjust punishment and humiliation.

Chiya eventually put Lily down.

After being set down, Lily stood still, only slightly shorter than Chiya, who was over 180 centimeters tall.

“Sister, you really have a good figure. What’s your name? Where are you from?” Chiya inquired.

Lily remembered Rakshasa-Onna’s advice that Yomi women preferred obedient women. Although reluctant, she felt compelled to act accordingly.

Although Lily was once a formidable figure in the Heian Dynasty, she understood that in this world where the strong were respected and the weak dismissed, she was now at a disadvantage.

Being weaker, she had to obey. However, she was confident that she would master the challenges of Yomi-no-kuni and achieve her goals despite the dangers. One day, she vowed to become an unbeatable powerhouse!

The humiliation and pain she endured now and previously only fueled her motivation to keep moving forward!

Lily’s heart pounded, but she softened her expression and gently caressed her hair. She knelt down proactively, tilting her head slightly. “My name is Lynne. I’m merely a servant. I wouldn’t dare have you call me ‘sister,’ General Chiya. Please address me differently, lest it seem like I’m disrespecting you.”

Lily would never forget the obedience she displayed, the humiliation she endured, and the sensation of being enslaved today!

‘Since I’ve fallen into Yomi-no-kuni, I have no choice but to endure all kinds of humiliation. Let it be! One day, I will make Yomi-no-kuni tremble at the mention of my name,’ Lily secretly resolved.


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