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Chapter 21 – Applying What Is Learned

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3129 characters
Translator: LazyButAmbitious English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1881 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

In the Rakshasa Dojo, the transitions between day and night were only vaguely noticeable. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it was perpetually dark, devoid of daylight.

Gradually, Lily settled into a regular training routine.

She spent a few days embroidering at Rakshasa-Onna’s place before going to the Empty Spirit Cave to train her body. At night, she sank her consciousness into the mirror space to practice the Lunar Blossom technique in hopes of reaching the Big Dipper Stage. However, achieving the Big Dipper Stage with the Lunar Blossom technique proved challenging, and Lily’s progress, though steady, wasn’t significant.

Over the next couple of months, Lily’s physical strength increased by at least 30% compared to when she first arrived at the Rakshasa Dojo. Given her already formidable strength, a 30% increase was remarkable. Training in an environment like the Empty Spirit Cave opened a new path for Lily’s physical development, providing comprehensive benefits.

At this moment, Lily was embroidering in the courtyard. Since last month, she had started working on the Thousand Red Flora silk. The Painting of Flowers Beyond The Shore was complex and intricate. Unlike painting, where an artwork could be completed with a few brush strokes, embroidery required careful attention to detail. Each stitch needed precise focus, with the whole image clearly envisioned in the heart to create an exquisite and soulful piece.

Lily’s path of charm and demeanor underwent noticeable changes during this time.

Currently, the embroidery of the Painting of Flowers Beyond The Shore was about 20% complete.

“Oh? After not seeing you for a few days, you’ve embroidered this much already? This is truly a breathtaking piece of work. Miss Lily, your embroidery skills are especially apparent when you’re seated and focused.” Rakshasa-Onna approached from behind, placing a hand on Lily’s shoulder before caressing the back of her neck.

Lily dodged slightly to the side, not enough to draw attention, saying, “It will probably take seven or eight months to completely embroider this painting.”

“No rush, no rush. It’s fine as long as it’s completed within three years,” Rakshasa-Onna replied.

“I still hope to complete it faster. If it takes more than three years and I get eliminated, won’t Your Highness Rakshasa-Onna worry about abandoning this unique and precious silk cloth halfway?” Lily asked, her tone deliberately light.

“Hm? When did you learn to tease me? Did my month-long absence make you feel lonely?” Rakshasa-Onna leaned over and blew a gentle breath into Lily’s ear.

Lily recoiled slightly and replied, “Your Highness, please don’t joke around. I’m asking a very serious question.”

“As for that, I say let things be. The world has its own destiny. I’m not worried; why should you be?” Rakshasa-Onna straightened up. “By the way, starting tomorrow, you don’t need to come here for a while.”


“What’s wrong? Are you going to miss me?”

“It’s not that… I’ve just gotten the hang of embroidery, so wouldn’t it be a shame to stop halfway?” Lily replied.

“It’s not like I’m asking you to never come again. You’ll understand tomorrow.” Rakshasa-Onna blew Lily a playful kiss before turning to leave.

However, the playful kiss didn’t stir any positive feelings in Lily’s heart.

‘I wonder what will happen tomorrow…’ Lily thought, noticing it was time to leave. She headed back with Hyozuhi.

“Master, would you like me to wash your feet today?” Hyozuhi asked.

“Huh? No need…” Lily replied.

Lily sometimes felt a twinge of sadness when she saw Hyozuhi’s obedient and adoring attitude. Hyozuhi had once been a genius of the Nara Dynasty, an expert at the septuple-soul Big Dipper Stage! Unfortunately, she failed to cross the Heavenly Gate, falling into Yomi and eventually becoming weak, losing her sense of self.

“How can I help Hyozuhi regain her confidence?” Lily wondered. At the moment, she was unsure how to go about it, and letting Hyozuhi into the mirror space wasn’t suitable.

Over the past few days, Lily had been engrossed in her embroidery and physical training. At night, she practiced the Lunar Blossom technique, hoping to reach the Big Dipper Stage. Exhausted, she decided to go to bed early.

In the darkness…

“Mmm…” A familiar, beautiful figure appeared in her dreams again. Her delicate hands were both nimble and gentle, yet commanding.

Lily felt her body being caressed in a slightly aggressive manner, but she didn’t resist. She let those hands roam freely around her shoulders and collarbone.

Lily opened her eyes a little. The woman in front of her had beautiful, flowing hair and features similar to hers. However, there was an intense charm between her brows that set her apart. It was as if her presence could control the surroundings, and even Lily was mesmerized.

Lily showed no signs of complaint; instead, she displayed a hint of shy anticipation.

“Don’t be like this, Sister Rinne…”

The woman didn’t reply. Her firm and slender fingers traced the flat area just below Lily’s collarbone but stopped short of going further down.

If it had been anyone else, Lily would have fiercely resisted even an inch. But for this woman, she wouldn’t mind if her hands trailed a few more feet down.

“Sister Rinne, I… I want to…”

“Master, Master!”

“Ah!” Lily woke up with a jolt. She was in her room, her face flushed.

Lily’s body was shaking. It turned out that Hyozuhi had thrown herself onto her, shielding her from the kicks and blows of two blade maidens. These attacks seemed more intended to provoke and humiliate than to cause actual harm.

“Kagami Lily, you little s̲l̲u̲t̲, why are you screaming so early in the morning? Are you in heat or something?” Tamai let the two blade maidens continue bullying Hyozuhi while she watched from the side, casting a disdainful look at Lily.

Recalling her vague dream, Lily had some idea of what was going on. She felt immediate shame, uncertain what kind of noises she had made in her sleep.

If Hyozuhi hadn’t shielded Lily, stopping those women from pulling the quilt off her body, who knows what they might have found under her yukata. She could have been labeled a shameless s̲l̲u̲t̲.

After all, Lily knew she was at fault. She hugged Hyozuhi and then released a wave of air with one hand, pushing the two blade maidens away.

She straightened her yukata and summoned a white star silk scarf, which she wrapped around her waist. After that, she helped Hyozuhi to her feet.

“If you have a problem with me, come to me directly. I… I didn’t do it on purpose! Why humiliate me like this?! And you are not allowed to bully Hyozuhi anymore. I won’t pursue what happened today, but if anyone treats her like this again, I won’t be polite!” Lily angrily rebuked.

“Won’t be polite, you say? Does a dirty w̲h̲o̲r̲e̲ who moans while having erotic dreams in the middle of the night have the right to say anything?” Tamai sneered, pushing Lily. “Ha! Look at you, all wet. It’s quite a sight.”

“What are you trying to do?”

“I don’t want to do anything, but you can either keep quiet at night or go outside and moan in the open! Of course, there’s another way—you can let this sister help you relieve your loneliness.” Tamai reached out to touch Lily’s face but was brushed off.

“What’s the matter? You did such a vulgar thing, and everyone in the house heard it, but you’re still being mean to me? Why are you so shameless?” Tamai persisted.

“There were a few of you doing who knows what behind the screen, but I couldn’t be bothered to say anything. I said I didn’t do it on purpose, so why are you still pressing this? Tamai, I’ve tolerated you for a long time, but I’m warning you not to go too far!”

“Huh? So what if I go overboard? Do you have the guts to fight me?” Tamai challenged. “The loser will become the winner’s slave! Do you dare? Do you?”

“A duel, is it…” Lily lowered her head, then decided, “Alright then.”

Tamai was momentarily stunned. She didn’t expect Lily to agree so easily. Though it was unexpected, she replied, “Good, when and where? It’s up to you.”

“I’ll be ready anytime.”

“Okay! Don’t regret it!”

“What’s all this fuss about? Why is everyone so energetic this early in the morning? Is it mating season?” Renka, along with a few guards, burst through the door.

When Renka saw Lily confronting Tamai, she couldn’t help but sneer. “What a group of restless little vixens. Save some energy. You’ll need it soon.”

Then Renka shouted, “Everyone, follow me and gather in the front hall! Hurry!”

Lily and Tamai had no choice but to postpone their confrontation. They left the house with everyone else, following Renka’s lead. The hundred maidens from the eastern and northern quarters followed as well.

Lily remembered Rakshasa-Onna’s words from yesterday; today seemed to be an important day.

The hundred maidens followed Renka through the garden and reached a dimly lit hall. Inside, various strange and ancient incense burners released an intoxicating scent, slightly relaxing everyone present.

Rakshasa-Onna appeared at the front of the large hall, standing on the stage, and addressed the hundred maidens. “It’s been over two months. You’ve learned the ways of a maiden and made some progress in the arts of pleasure and service. The time has come for a practical test—to apply what you’ve learned over the past few months.”

The hundred maidens reacted with mixed expressions upon hearing this. They had expected their strength to be tested through a fighting competition, as among the hundred, only one would emerge victorious.

However, they wondered how their skills in the way of pleasure would be tested. This uncertainty was troubling.

Rakshasa-Onna continued, “36,000 kilometers away from here, there’s a mysterious place called the Abyss of Parting Sorrow. In that abyss, there is a Yomi female kingdom.”

“A Yomi female kingdom?” The hundred maidens were taken aback.

“I heard there’s a severe lack of women in Yomi, so how could a kingdom of women exist?” one female warrior asked.

“Hehe, the great Land of Yomi is vast, stretching for millions of kilometers. It’s natural for many wonders to exist. Even I don’t claim to know a tenth of Yomi-no-kuni’s secrets. Powerful women are extremely rare, but there are some special places where you can find them, such as that legendary kingdom—the Yomi female kingdom in the Abyss of Parting Sorrow,” Rakshasa-Onna replied.

“Is everyone in the kingdom female?”

“Naturally. Human women, blade maidens, female demons, fallen celestial maidens, and other beings. The only commonality is that everyone in the kingdom is female,” Rakshasa-Onna explained. “Now that you know this, you should more or less understand what the test will be, right?”

“You’re required to sneak into the Yomi female kingdom and use the ways of a maiden that you’ve recently practiced to please a woman of noble status. There’s no restriction on who it needs to be, and after three months, whoever pleases a woman with the highest status will be the winner1. As for those who fail to please anyone or those who please women with the lowest statuses, a total of ten among them will be eliminated.”



  1. Robixen: I… I guess that is a competition? Do you really want to assign the yuri magnet to compete in this way? Really?
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