Abyss Domination

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Abyss Domination Abyss Domination (深渊主宰) is a Chinese Web Novel written by Eminent Student of Buddha (诸生浮屠). It is completed with 176 Chapters and 85 Side Stories.

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A terrible energy storm erupted inside a chaotic space-time, causing all gods to temporarily lose their godly influence and forced their holy selves to descend into the world. Since the beginning of history, this was the most chaotic period, full of unpredictable dangers and opportunities. All sorts of formidable deities fell from the sky and humble mortals became gods and omnipresent chaotic fighting affected the entire multiverse.

Saints were like dogs, witches and monsters wandered everywhere.

In this unprecendented turbulent period, there came a youth known as Suolun beginning his otherworldly travels

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