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Chapter 8 – An Ethic less Fox

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Return of Han & Tang
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Mo Li swiftly accepted the fact that he was actually a dragon. After all, as someone who had already died once and lived two lives, he was much more accepting of things compared to normal people. “What’s wrong with me? What exactly did I think I was doing just now?” Mo Li muttered softly under the rustling of him putting on his linen coat. Under the moonlit night, the previously sobbing young dragon girl had turned back into a black-haired boy.

Recalling his actions of clinging to Elsa and begging for protection filled him with unbearable embarrassment. Sure enough, no matter the creature, they are a slave to their hormones, and their actions will be heavily dictated by the hormones they are secreting. So, a young girl, while confused and restless, will subconsciously seek the protection of her elders, as Mo Li had just done. Under normal circumstances, Mo Li, who had already lived two lives, would never reveal his vulnerable side to a stranger.

“Keep the pendant safe. After activating your bloodline, its function is to suppress it. Don’t stray too far away from it. Also, when it glows, that means the bloodline in your body is about to be insuppressible. When that happens, find a remote place to stay hidden.” Elsa, who had turned away, regained her composure, along with her previous indifference. “I’d prefer not only to meet your hide, claws, teeth, or other things of the sort the next time we meet.” After Elsa’s admonitions, Mo Li carefully tucked the pendant into his 1bosom.

“I have a question. Miss Elsa previously proposed that I go study at Orchid Academy, correct?”

“It’s not a suggestion. If you don’t want to die early, you’d best stay away from all human countries,” Elsa spoke, her words carrying a great sense of significance.

“But where do I go if I leave the human kingdoms?” Mo Li asked, a slight frown visible on his face. “At the very least, I can’t be expected to go learn from the beasts and live in the mountains while eating grass roots, right?”

“As such, the only place you can go is Orchid Academy, which is neutral to all races. As long as you can become a student there, you’ll be safe. Also… don’t reveal your identity in front of other dragons if you don’t want to be captured, that is.” For a second time, Elsa emphasized the importance of this point.

“As for encountering other dragons, you can rest assured, I won’t…” Qian Bai Yu, the royal bloodline of the dragon race and their unquestionable sovereign, resides thousands of miles away from any human kingdom in The City of the Sky. To this day, nobody has ever seen them. Being a dragon is already unbelievable enough; the odds of meeting another dragon would be comparable to the world itself ending.

“Don’t make too many of your own assumptions. Orchid Academy is a melting pot of races, and there isn’t a single race that would seem out of place there.”

“Let’s get back to the main topic, alright. My question is, Miss Elsa, how are you going to throw me into Orchid Academy?” As the saying goes, 2Orchid Academy’s graduates are all elites that stand at the top of society. As the number one academy on the entire continent, entering Orchid Academy is as hard as trying to climb the sky. But should you successfully graduate, your allure could be akin to that of a savory rice bun, an elite talent fought over by everyone. If Mo Li really manages to enter Orchid Academy, all his worries about being unable to support himself would disappear. He’d become the definition of a grass chicken turning into a phoenix. Since the opportunity was in front of him, whether it was true or false, it didn’t hurt to ask: what if he really got enrolled?

“That ‘grass chicken’ school of yours will have an 3elimination contest soon. Join the competition and become the last one standing, and you’ll…”

“Be able to become an elite?” Mo Li asked impatiently.

Ignoring Mo Li’s interruption, Elsa continued, “This is only to help you get the qualifications to participate in the Orchid Academy entrance competition. If you fail to become the champion in the upcoming contest or are eliminated in the entrance competition, you won’t be able to enroll at Orchid Academy.”

“Oh, I see…” Orchid Academy really lives up to its name. With just an entrance certificate, they can make several schools fight tooth and nail for it, and it’s merely a qualification for the entrance competition. “Wait, wait, if the elimination contest is happening soon, why haven’t I heard anything about it?”

“Of course, you wouldn’t have heard about it. There’s only one certificate. Do you think the nobles who got the news would spread it and invite competition for their own children?” Hearing Elsa’s words, Mo Li realized that his thinking was still too naive.

“If that’s the case, then entrance to the elimination contest has also been rigged by these nobles, right?”

“At least you’re not stupid; that’s exactly the case. The more privileged families can probably still throw money at the problem to give their children a chance, but those without wealth or power can only stand at the sides helpless.”

“… Then what am I supposed to do??” Mo Li asked, his face painted with helplessness.

“Originally, you had no chance, but today you made for yourself an opportunity.”

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“What do you mean?” Mo Li thought to himself for a second before immediately realizing. “You don’t mean to have me ask that noble lord for help, right?”

“It’s not a small favor that he owes you. Why not use it? At the end of the day, all I can do is point out a clear path for you to follow. Success and whether you follow that path or not depends on you, Mo Li.” As she spoke, Elsa had already finished packing her belongings, her face once again covered by her cloak. “Till we meet again… I hope the next time I see you, you’re still in one piece.”

Elsa glanced at Mo Li behind her, as if she wanted to imprint his appearance deep into her heart. Even though she was filled with an unfathomable amount of unwillingness, there was nothing she could do. Her every action was under the surveillance of the dragon race, so staying for a prolonged amount of time was impossible. With a wave of her wings, a pair of pure and holy dragon wings that looked as if they were made from millions of white feathers, the dragon girl standing in front of Mo Li vanished, as if she had never been there in the first place.

Leaving just like that, huh? It suddenly feels like there are a lot of questions I didn’t get to ask… “Dragon, dragon…” The exhausted Mo Li sat down with a plop, muttering to himself in a blank daze. Everything that happened today was so unbelievable… in fact, before even a few minutes could pass, Mo Li wondered if he was actually dreaming. Dream?… Mo Li reached into his clothes and retrieved the now dimmed pink gem. He took a deep breath and, as he regained his strength, slowly got up from the ground. As he was getting up, a cloth fell out of his pockets onto his leather boots, covering them. “This is?…” Mo Li picked up the piece of cloth with confusion and, after using the moonlight to get a better look, froze up instantly.

It was a piece of something akin to fox fur, no, it was a fox fur, but not from a normal fox. Right at this point in time, this piece of fur would still be on me. After this thought, Mo Li’s expression became a bit complicated. This piece of fur was something that he had been carrying around with him ever since he became conscious. Mo Li, who didn’t have memories from before five years old, had once assumed that it was something left to him by his parents, until one day, a fierce female fox appeared and beat the crap out of him.

Yep, a female fox. Alreiweija4, the race of fox fairies, born with a natural charm that’s said to have the power to lead a person to both heaven and hell with just a single glance. Their terrifying power of seduction over the opposite race is something that’s deeply engraved into their bloodline. Like Qian Bai Yu and the vampires of the Scarlet Blood Domain, the fox clan is also a mythical species, although they are a bit more active than the reclusive Qian Bai Yu, they still aren’t something that a person would normally run into.

In this sense, Mo Li is very ‘lucky’ in his last life. Not only did he encounter one, but he also got beaten up by them. Though it may have been due to his identity as a cultist, Mo Li felt that it was more likely because of this fox fur of unknown origins. Who knows what was wrong with that crazy fox; when she saw the fox fur in my hand, it was as if it was her own 5mother’s or something, and then she locked me in a separate dimension just to beat me up. Fortunately, this fox had some scruples; it seemed she just wanted to know the origins of this fox fur and didn’t use lethal force. Otherwise, who’d need the Princess of the Papal States to take action. I would have been long dead.

Although that’s what Mo Li told himself… That fox was incredibly beautiful. Even Mo Li, who at the time didn’t care much about women, couldn’t help but be captivated by her flawless, country-toppling beauty. Embarrassingly, he also experienced certain physical responses. Ahem, this isn’t because Mo Li is a LSP though, but rather the fox bloodline’s natural charms are too strong and irresistible! That ethicless fox 6better watch herself. Thinking of his last life’s tragic encounter, Mo Li considered whether he should throw this fur away to prevent future troubles. After all, this fur was basically a minefield that would kill him sooner or later.7


  1. I use bosom even though he’s a boy rn main to just signify his tucking it in his chest and so that it flows smoother.
  2. Ya um this was just the lost in translation type of phrase basically the original means something along the lines of people from from Orchid academy have the soul of Orchid academy and will be people that stand above of other people. and that sounded really chalky so I went with what I went because it’s what was reallying being conveyed anyway.
  3. This is technically suppose to be like ring or arena competition but it just sounded really weird so I sub in elimination contest.
  4. alright after much messing around with the phonetics and having the google voice say it back to me I think this sounds the closest soo this shouldn’t change anymore probably
  5. Soo uhh ya Mother was not used here but horse. I assumed author meant some kind of mother related cuzzing because of the ~ in front of horse but wasn’t really sure and could find any slang with just a ~ and a horse word sooo umm ya I just went with a somewhat safe translation.
  6. Soo uuh what was used here is 耗子尾汁 which is kinda annoying to explain but that literally means mean rat tail juice if you want to know just look it up it’s easy to find.
  7. Author excuse on why the first few chaps feel soooo well repetitive and slow (The start needs to be used to lay out the plot, so it’s a bit slow please bear with me, tomorrow will be another double update desu…) Also I thought them using desu was funny
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