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Chapter 9 – Eliminate From the Roots

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Return of Han & Tang
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Carrying something like this will only bring trouble, so… should I throw it away? Logic dictated to Mo Li that if he didn’t get rid of this unknown fox fur, sooner or later it would come back to haunt him. Moreover, he had just gotten his life back, so throwing it away like this would be such a pity. So I really should just throw it away. Carrying an item with unknown origins brings me no benefit, right? “…..” Mo Li sighed and stuffed the fox fur back into his pocket. Regardless of anything else, this fox fur had a very high possibility of being one of the few keepsakes his parents left to him. He didn’t want to just discard it like this, even if he had no affection for the parents he’d never met before.

He’d just hide it a little better. Plus, he wasn’t guaranteed to encounter that annoying vixen again. If his memory wasn’t wrong, that fox was seemingly the Alreiweija saintess. Naturally, someone of that position wouldn’t just appear in a human country all willy-nilly.

Oh, right. Mo Li retrieved from his pocket the ordinary-looking black ring that was paired with the pendant. Under the moonlit night, the silver glow of the moon seemed to ignite the ring. If the pendant is for sealing the dragon blood within my body, then what’s this ring for? Since it was paired with the pendant, Mo Li refused to believe it was just an ordinary ring. Can it summon a ring spirit, or is there an invincible old man living inside it who will tell me to yell 1‘thirty years on the west or east of the river’ or something of that sort every day?

Before Elsa left, she only advised him not to show the ring to anyone. As far as its functions or how it should be used, she didn’t mention it at all. But the pendant can be casually displayed, why can’t this ring be seen by anyone? Is there something special about it, or does it have some kind of extraordinary significance? Perhaps due to their blood relations, after the awakening of his bloodline, Mo Li felt that Elsa wouldn’t lie to him. After fiddling with it for a while and getting no reaction, Mo Li hid the ring under his shirt. Since he didn’t know why he was told to hide the ring, it was better to not take risks. He’d be fine as long as he hid it well. After being reborn, Mo Li’s life difficulty had increased dramatically. If this ring were to attract some other monster or the like, he wouldn’t be able to bear it.

Fran City, located within the Viscounty of Munster, is an inconspicuous town among the many domains of the Papal States. The Munster family has been the lords of the Viscounty of Munster for many generations, and their family lineage can even be traced back to the middle ages of the southern Ya Ting Empire.

Within a castle, a common sight throughout the Papal States, inside of Fran City, the atmosphere had plummeted to freezing depths. Seated in the family head’s spot, a middle-aged man wearing elaborate clothing and the family head’s ring had his hands clasped together tightly, his face dripping with malice. With furrowed brows, his eyes were lowered in contemplation. Sitting beside him were his wife, his son and heir, and finally, his daughter, a girl with long brown hair. The man resembled a restrained male lion, hungry but silent, waiting for his prey to make an error. Aside from him, the three other people also remained silent in the tense atmosphere, especially the brown-haired girl, whose hands nervously intertwined beneath the desk.

“So, in other words, the assassination failed, correct?” After some time, the middle-aged man slowly spoke, his rough, thick voice suppressing his burning rage.

“This subordinate is incompetent…” An assassin in black clothes knelt on the ground without getting up, not even daring to raise his head. “This subordinate didn’t expect the person you arranged to suddenly betray us. He also thwarted my ‘remedial actions,’ and by that time, the guards were already on their way. I had no choice but to give up the assassination.” Hearing this, the brown-haired girl uncomfortably sat up in her chair.

“You can leave.” Viscount Munster shot the assassin a glance, then looked away.

“As you command…” The assassin was stunned and let out a big sigh of relief. As he turned to leave the room, he suddenly felt a piercing sensation from behind, causing his eyes to widen in shock. “My, my lord!” A sense of powerlessness instantly coursed through his body, and the assassin collapsed into a pool of blood, swiftly dying. Afterwards, the guards unhurriedly walked up and disposed of the assassin’s corpse. The assassin would become one of the many unnamed corpses in the slums. After all, there was no need to keep an assassin who failed his assassination, and the fewer people that knew of this matter, the better.

“Lord father, should we send more assassins? After all, such an opportunity might not come again.” Viscount Munster’s son, Barlow, couldn’t hold back from suggesting.

“Fool.” Viscount Munster replied coldly. “Since the assassination failed, Norma will obviously become much more vigilant. Forcibly attempting another assassination will not only fail but also expose the spies we placed next to him.”

“Then what do we do? In a few days, Earl Norma will be returning to his own territory. At that time, won’t we have even less of a chance?”

“As things stand, assassinating Norma is no longer an option.” Viscount Munster took a deep breath, then set his gaze upon his silent daughter. “Martha, if I remember correctly, the assassin responsible for carrying out Norma’s assassination was recommended by you, correct?”

“Yes, father. Among his peers, that Mo Li is indeed a good tool. I never expected it to turn out like this.” After she finished, Martha lowered her head.

“Hmph, I knew it. These useless untouchables can’t be relied upon at all.” As Viscount Munster’s only son, Barlow, who would inherit the family assets in the future, was very dissatisfied with the situation. If the assassination had been successful, the Munster family could’ve legally taken all of Earl Norma’s territory, but now that’s all down the drain because of that damned untouchable! “Lord father, that untouchable can’t be allowed to live! He knows too much.”

“Of course, I understand that. I’m just unsure as to whether he has reached some type of agreement with Norma, or if he’s just going to make a run for it,” Viscount Munster said, his brow furrowing.

“A monk can run, but his temple can’t. The orphanage that raised him is funded by us. Finding him is as easy as a flick of the wrist.” Everything that Barlow was saying, Viscount Munster naturally understood. Regardless, a brat who knew about their plans couldn’t be kept, so at the time of the incident, he had already sent his subordinates to search for him. At this exact moment, a few masked men appeared behind Viscount Munster.

“What’s the situation?” Seeing that their family’s assassins had returned, Viscount Munster raised an eyebrow while asking.

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“That brat didn’t leave. Just now, he went back to the orphanage and was sleeping quite soundly.”

“Kill him.” Viscount Munster made a slicing motion across his neck.

“Understood, my Lord, leave it to me.”

“No. You all go together.” Viscount Munster added.

“My Lord, I alone am enough. That half-baked brat is dead tonight for sure.” The tall and full-statured assassin confidently assured Viscount Munster.

“All of you go together, just in case.” The cautious Viscount Munster still demanded that the assassin go with all his subordinates.

“Alright, as you wish.” From the viewpoint of the tall and full-statured assassin, this was his master not trusting his capabilities. He held much disdain for this in his heart. It was just a masterless and immature brat; taking care of him would be as simple as drinking or eating. 2‘Tonight I’ll teach that brat how to be an assassin while also proving my capabilities to my lord.’


  1. An idiom for saying things are constantly changing with time.
  2. I’ll be using ‘ ‘ to quote thoughts for anyone other then Mo Li or if someone is quoting someone else.
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