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Chapter 6 – Commanded to Go to School

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Return of Han & Tang
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“What, did you just say?” Mo Li had the pendant raised into the air and was in the action of smashing it into the floor when Elsa’s words caused him to make an abrupt 180 nearly pulling his waist.

“If you don’t believe me, feel free to test… Actually, you can just pretend I never said anything.” Elsa spoke with her arms crossed and an uninterested expression hanging on her face.

“….” Mo Li pondered deeply on Elsa’s words for a bit before slowly lowering the pendant little by little.


“Who, who’s scared? You really think I won’t do it? Don’t look down on us humans, you dragon!” As Mo Li bickered with Elsa, she hung the pendant back around her neck and carefully tucked it into her bosom. “Why are you looking at me like that?” Mo Li asked with questioning brows.

“You don’t need to worry about it anymore. That’s a pretty safe place to put it.” Elsa’s reply was full of banter as her gaze rested on the gem that was tucked away safely in the ravine of Mo Li’s bountiful peaks.

“… Miss Elsa, if you’ve had your fun, can you turn me back into a human now?”

“Whether you can turn back or not is your problem. Like I said earlier, I’m only here to awaken your bloodline.”

“Awaken my bloodline? Miss Elsa means to say that one of my parents isn’t human? Are you trying to insinuate that we’re relatives?” Mo Li’s mind filled with uncertainty when it came to her parents. She has never seen her parents before, and her memories before meeting Charles were a blank slate. It was as if she’d jumped straight out of her mom’s womb and started her life as a 5-year-old.

As for the mysteries of her own background, Mo Li had always carried an uncaring attitude. Maybe her parents were some old farmers who were kicked out of the household because of a cuckold, or maybe she was a result of a rich merchant making love in a brothel. Regardless of what it was, Mo Li wasn’t interested enough in such matters to go seeking answers; after all, at the end of the day, to Mo Li, her parents were just two strangers she’d never even met before.

She had no reason to go through so much trouble for two strangers. In fact, the only reason Mo Li now knew about the tip of the iceberg that is her background is because of the unfortunate events that befell her tonight.

“You’re free to think whatever you want.” Elsa’s face dripped with apathy as she replied, her tone filled with an ‘I know but don’t want to tell you’ vibe. Mo Li, on the other hand, reacted to the reply in quite the eccentric manner.

“Oh, then let me guess, is my dad a ***** womanizer dragon who went from woman to woman across different tribes, and I’m the product of him not using protection during said affairs? Stinky, shameless old womanizer, he really is such a scumbag, how irresponsible.” Mo Li observed Elsa’s reaction as she acted like a little rascal, slandering her father with crossed arms. This though had little effect on Elsa, and her expression didn’t change much, if at all. Though it did seem like she wanted to laugh a little.

Seeing this, Mo Li continued: “Oh, then maybe my mother is the unscrupulous sex-driven dragon with the favorite pastime of inviting foreign races to be her dragon knights… ah, ack.” Mo Li, who was already scared of Elsa’s every little expression, had her words choked off as Elsa clamped her slender, fair hand around Mo Li’s neck like a metal manacle, causing her to choke. While Elsa’s calm intimidating eyes overflowed with killing intent, this was the second time Mo Li felt that her death was imminent. “I, I… was wrong, I, I overstepped… ack cough cough.”

With a thud, Mo Li was fiercely thrown to the ground and gasped hungrily for air. Her original intention was to use Elsa’s expressions to deduce which of her parents was the dragon. She got a result, yes, but she also almost became a dragon corpse in the process.

“If you dare say another word like that, I have no other choice but to kill you.”

“I was wrong, I was wrong. I’m sure a magnanimous person like yourself won’t pursue the matter.” Mo Li was very adept at apologizing, skillfully prostrating herself in a dogeza as her tail sheepishly waved behind her. Although her mouth was indeed apologizing, in her mind, Mo Li had already begun to silently analyze the situation.

By her deductions, it seemed likely that her mother is the dragon of the family, and a relative of the ill-tempered dragon in front of herself now. They seemed to have a pretty good relationship at that. After Mo Li had a grasp on the situation, she also had a pretty good assumption as to why Elsa came to find her. Elsa most likely came to give Mo Li some assistance given that she is the descendant of her relative. With this logic, Mo Li also deduced that she and Elsa are most likely related by blood in some way.

This revelation caused Mo Li to feel some rueful and complex emotions that words could not describe. After all, she had lived as a human for decades, and to have someone suddenly tell her that her mom isn’t human, which in turn makes her not human, was a hard blow and a difficult fact to accept without good mental fortitude. “Then um, Miss Elsa, if possible, can you tell me what kind of relationship you had with my mother?” Mo Li questioned tentatively. After Mo Li realized that Elsa had no intentions of harming her but instead cared for her, Mo Li let out a light sigh of relief.

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“There’s no reason for you to know right now as it brings no benefits.”

“I see.” Seeing that Elsa didn’t want to tell her, Mo Li dared not question any further.

“Mo Li, that’s your name, right? It doesn’t sound like a girl’s name at all. Just call yourself Jasmine1from now on.”

“… Don’t randomly change other people’s names, and besides, I was never a girl in the first place,” Mo Li replied a little resentful. Elsa didn’t pay her any mind and continued on.

“Do you know about Orchid Academy?”

“Of course, I know. It’s the number one most famed academy on the mainland. Who doesn’t know about it?” Mo Li didn’t understand why a dragon like Elsa would suddenly mention this place to her. Orchid Academy is a long-standing academy situated above the Orchid River, and it is the prestigious academy for nobles. It was constructed around the later period of the ancient Ya Ting2empire and was originally composed of distinguished scholars from the early Ya Ting empire. Standing to this day, it preserves many lost texts and manuals. To say that it stands above the entire mainland with its wealth of knowledge would be no understatement.

The academy’s renown is known by people of all classes; even the nameless street hawkers have heard its name. Of course, to attend such a top-notch academy, only a noble could afford it, and it would usually have to be the more powerful ones to boot. Ordinary nobles couldn’t even afford the academy’s yearly tuition fee. Even if a noble could afford tuition, they wouldn’t be allowed half a step into the academy if they didn’t have the talent or weren’t hard working enough to pass the entrance exam. But although the entrance requirements are high, the academy itself was the real deal.

Its teachings are definitely the best of the best, and anyone graduating from this academy was guaranteed a lavish life, sought after far and wide in multiple fields. Not only that, but for generations, 70 to 80 percent of the big names on the continent have been graduates of this academy. Mo Li personally has a very deep impression of this school, but it would be better stated as a very harsh opinion. Not because she attended the academy, but because she’s been beaten by its graduates before.

One example being the person who ended her previous life, the princess of the Papal States, Emilia Arelinde. But it wasn’t just her; there was also the Princess of the Elf Kingdom and the Saintess of Oruweijia3. They are all graduates from Orchid Academy and could be considered bigshots across the entire continent. Put simply, this was an academy that nobles wanted their heirs to enroll in no matter what. They would gladly give an arm or a leg if it meant their child could enroll in it, since it wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that once enrolled, a life of prestige was guaranteed.

Being able to walk around with a badge and uniform from this academy gave an air of magnificence, and the wearer would 100% be the talk of the town. But things like getting admitted to Orchid Academy, rising up through its ranks, and inheriting family inheritances, those weren’t things that Mo Li should be concerning herself with. She is neither a noble nor rich, nor is she a genius, and she had no inheritance to receive. Those kinds of lofty aspirations were way too far out of her reality. As such, when Orchid Academy was mentioned, she didn’t even put herself in the same line of thought as the academy.

“You go there to study and graduate.” Elsa’s gaze fell on Mo Li as she nonchalantly uttered words that nearly caused Mo Li’s jaw to drop to the ground.


  1. ah yes finally the appearance of Jasmine I can probably quit just assuming author typos all the time now huuuge
  2. Soo Google likes to translate Ya Ting as Aden I have no idea why but I’m good to use either so I guess go ham in the comments which one you want for the future cuz you going to see this name a lot
  3. This, this thing of a name is very subject to change I might leave it the same but if it changes don’t be surprised
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