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Chapter 5 – Threaten?

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Return of Han & Tang
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Word Count:
2137 characters
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1423 words

“Quiet, brat,” Elsa threatened coldly. “Colluding and plotting pitfalls for people are lowly actions that only humans would engage in. I have no reason to do such a thing; it’s beneath me.”

“Then how do you explain my current form? If you’re not here to mess with me, why not just change me back?” With a sudden whoosh, Mo Li’s breath halted as Elsa’s breathtaking face appeared directly in front of her.

“Do you believe you’re worthy of the blood coursing through you? Do you think I don’t want to strip your dirty, frail human body of this blood?” Mo Li’s words came to a halt; in that moment, she had no doubt that even one extra word would lead to Elsa’s merciless response.

“You’ve misunderstood what I meant. I’m saying that after being human for so long, I’ve grown accustomed to it. Plus, how could I be worthy of such a regal bloodline? I didn’t intend to belittle you or your race.” Facing an entity capable of crushing her with a mere step of her pinky toe, Mo Li sensibly chose to meekly submit. After obtaining a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be reborn, she didn’t want to anger this female dragon and die in some random catastrophe.

“Hmf,” Elsa snorted coldly and released Mo Li. She then produced a gem as clear as a mirror and light pink in color seemingly out of thin air.

“Miss dragon, Miss dragon?” Elsa didn’t reply. Mo Li pondered how to proceed while her pupils spun in confusion. Then, she tried calling out, “Miss Elsa?~~”

“What is it?”

“Can I continue being human?”

“Do you truly yearn for your human existence that much?” Elsa spoke while giving Mo Li a casual glance. “Humans are a fleeting race. In the span of time it takes to enjoy a cup of tea, a considerable number will have perished due to old age. What is there to long for?”

“That’s a bit harsh. While it’s true that human lifespans are short, to say that a large mass will die in the time it takes for a cup of tea… well, that’s quite the blow to one’s self-esteem, isn’t it?”

“Quit fidgeting.” Elsa didn’t respond directly to Mo Li, instead she coldly issued orders while correcting her posture. She made Mo Li sit on her knees and propped up her upper body. It was only then that Mo Li realized how unsightly her tied position was.1Her hands were bound behind her back, while her frog-tied legs were spread in an upside-down V shape, resembling a crab about to be boiled.

Another realization dawned on Mo Li as she sat up, the additional mass that had appeared on her chest, was quite astonishing. When she glanced downward, she couldn’t even see the ground beyond her chest anymore. Her body was gifted despite its young age. After this self-examination, Mo Li stole a quick look at Elsa, lamenting how only the word “excessive” could adequately describe the dragon race’s growth.

“What are you doing?” Sensing the pink gem pressed against her forehead, Mo Li couldn’t help but ask.

“I said, stop fidgeting.” Mo Li immediately ceased her movements, repeating in her mind, let it go, let it go, don’t provoke this ill-tempered dragon, don’t provoke her, don’t provoke her.

After a short time, the pink gem began emitting a gentle, warm light that enveloped Mo Li like a soothing spring breeze, making her incredibly comfortable. Simultaneously, she sensed an unfamiliar energy emanating from the gem. It was an enlightening experience, as the energy coursed through her limbs and bones, seemingly collecting something from within her body before returning to the gem. Once the energy flowed back, it caused the gem to suddenly blaze with a light so intense that made Mo Li think she might go blind.

“Sure enough…” Elsa gazed at the dazzling brilliance, murmuring in a daze, “Big sis, no wonder she’s your child.”

“Um, may I ask if we’re done?” Even with her eyes shut, Mo Li still felt that the light was going to blind her. Yet, she didn’t dare move, afraid that any movement may cause the gem to drop. As irritating, the ill-tempered dragon in front of her seemed unwise to Mo Li.

After the gem was removed, Elsa’s focus swiftly shifted to Mo Li. Without a word, she squatted down and firmly held onto her.

“What, what are you doing?!” Elsa’s unexpected actions left Mo Li flustered. “You, you, what exactly do you want?! This body is too small to even be considered a loli, this female dragon wouldn’t… “Ahh! Stupid dragon, big stupid dragon! Stupid dragon with a big tail! How could you bully such a young girl? Meanie! Hurry and untie me, weird auntie…”

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Likely due to the shift in gender and the secretion of estrogen, Mo Li’s temperament had taken a more childlike turn. Not knowing Elsa’s intent, she began shouting in panicked confusion. Elsa paid little heed to Mo Li’s shouts, her attention fixed on Mo Li’s navel as she murmured softly.

“7-striped bloodline…” For the duration of Elsa’s muttered contemplation, the individual she had entirely ignored, Mo Li, was in a state of sheer agony.

“Waaaa, waaaaaa, what, just what do you want? You’re not making any moves, but you’re still staring at me like that. Why are you torturing me like this? Just staring at my belly but not doing anything. Do you know how agonizing this is?”

The young white-haired dragon loli sat on her knees, her clear, glistening, golden pupils filled with crystal teardrops, while her restrained body restlessly trembled in her flustered panic. Her tender, immature voice had turned slurred due to her tears, and the curve of her lower lip was filled with grievance and resentment.

Only now did Elsa realize that her selfish actions had completely ignored Mo Li’s feelings. It’s logical to reason that based on dragon years, Mo Li is but an infant. At this stage, even if she’s of the dragon race, Mo Li wouldn’t have much advantage over an adult human. Although dragons are powerful beings with a long lifespan, their development is slower compared to that of humans.

It’s not that dragons aren’t as intelligent as humans, but more so the fact that all attributes take time to develop and grow. Even their physical strength and the innate magic resistance that dragons are so proud of all require time to develop and grow. As such, before these attributes are developed, the difference between a dragon and a human will greatly decrease. If a dragon were to be surrounded by a siege of knights in its infancy and lacked the protection of its parents or clan members, it would have no chance of survival2, even if they are a Qian Bai Yu.

Like a human, the heart of a dragon in its infancy is fragile – whether its mental fortitude or flexibility, they all reflect that of a child. This fact might not matter as much if it were a brazen male in question, but for a naive female dragon in its infancy like Mo Li, the current situation was much too stimulating. Although Elsa felt a bit guilty in her heart, her actions didn’t show it; she grabbed the loose ends of the rope binding Mo Li and pulled her loose, causing the latter to spin like a living top before falling to the ground with a splat.

The freed Mo Li rubbed her swollen wrists while looking at Elsa with resentment. “Hey, you’ve seen this ring and pendant before, right?”

“As I’ve already mentioned, the pendant was used to awaken your bloodline, but as for that ring…” Elsa glanced at the simple black ring on Mo Li’s hand before replying. “I don’t know how to use that ring, but a piece of advice: hide it well and don’t let anyone see it.”


“You’ll understand eventually.” Tsk, and now she’s talking in riddles again.

“Then, Miss Elsa’s experiment is over now, right?” Wiping off the tear marks from the corners of her eyes, Mo Li took off the pendant around her neck and raised it into the sky. “I can smash this thing to pieces now, right?”

“You can, of course you can.” As she spoke, Elsa’s tone suddenly filled with a hint of playfulness. “That pendant is very fragile; it probably isn’t even as hard as an everyday rock. If you don’t ever want to be able to turn into a human again, go ahead and smash it.”


  1. Insert weird knowledge acquired meme here
  2. I call BS here things happen later on is all I’ll say
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