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Chapter Five – First Day of Demon School [Part Six]

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Author: ArcanePunkster Original Source: Scribble Hub

Nariko had been at it for some time trying to complete the course, as for the students from her class many were still trying to finish in under four minutes. In the back of her mind, Nariko was rather grateful that Instructor Kufra didn’t expect the same from her.

This also gave Nariko some time to think to herself about the academy in a bit more detail. She couldn’t help but wonder what the purpose of this military academy could be, she remembered seeing the two guards at the base of the pillar and how they didn’t seem to fit under their academy’s jurisdiction, she sat on the glass panel floor for a moment to get some rest as thought to herself.

Come to think of it, they didn’t have lances like the guards back at the mansion, Nariko racked her memories for what was holstered around their waist. Thinking on this more she couldn’t come to any solid conclusion other than it must have been a firearm after all in her memory that’s the closest thing it compared to.

Then again nobody here can use magic and I have no idea what year it is, so it isn’t entirely out of the question if I presume they went through so technological advances. Nariko still couldn’t believe that such a world with all these fantastical races and beasts be stripped of their magic.

“Well, I guess nothing’s out of the question at this point” Nariko muttered quietly to herself.

“What isn’t?”

Scaring her half to death Nariko looked to her right to see a stoic Etsudo looking at her this time sucking on a lollipop. It’s like she’s a spirit haunting me all of a sudden, Nariko felt like saying that out loud but kept her mouth shut this time.

“Oh, hey Etsudo what’s up?” Nariko asked. Etsudo looked at her confused for a moment.

“I-I mean you doing good?” Nariko corrected herself. At this rate I’ll die of anxiety, Yumma subconsciously thought.

“I’m okay, just wondering what you’re talking about” Etsudo continued sucking on her lollipop waiting for Nariko to give her an answer. The sweat on her body was intense from partaking in the practical course.

Nariko twirled a strand of her hair, “It’s nothing just thinking about something Lucifer told me”

It wasn’t long before Mana had joined the two of them she too was covered in sweat, droplets of sweat dripped from the tip of her tail. Nariko looking at her couldn’t help but blush after seeing her naked a few times already made the Yuuma inside her mind get slightly excited.

“What are you two talking about?” Mana asked.

“Nothing much just having a friendly chat” Etsudo bluntly replied as she sat down next to Nariko with Mana following in Etsudo’s footsteps.

Nariko noticed that Etsudo too had a tail was a lot shorter on protruding from the back a couple of inches or so. She thought about asking Etsudo but felt it would too invasive to ask so decided to leave it for the time being.

“So what are you two doing now?” Nariko asked.

“Well I’ve finished my run under four minutes on my fifth attempt” Mana replied.

“Same here but I did mine on the third attempt” Etsudo interjected.

W-What! I’ve still haven’t gotten halfway and these two have already finished, Nariko couldn’t help but feel somewhat jealous of the fact that they were that physically fit. If she had been reincarnated in her original body from her previous life she may have already completed the course by now too.

“Guess we’ll leave you to it then” Etsudo announced as she stood up heading for the exit.

Mana did the same too, “Don’t worry I’ll wait for you at the main entrance” she said.

Nariko nodded in acknowledgement of Mana’s statement feeling rather thankful that Mana would wait for her by the main entrance until she had finished. With a determined look, Nariko stood back ready to have another try at completing this obstacle course.

Without hesitation, Nariko instantly jumped a few feet into the air grabbing hold of the grips that protruded from the wall they were attached to. She then proceeded forward trying her most damn to complete the course.

Even with the ridged grips on her gloves her exposed fingers still made it hard to keep a hand upon the grips. As her gaze wandered behind her looking at her tail an idea came across her mind. Without properly thinking it through she used her body as leverage once close enough she used her tail to wrap around one of the grips.

An uncomfortable sensation went up to her tail and then her spine, she forgot that the senses in her tail were still very sensitive. However, at this point, it was too late to change her mind as she continued grabbing hold of the grips switching between her hands and tail.

Instructor Kufra inspecting the class suddenly saw Nariko he was quite surprised to see that Nariko had taken advantage of the fact that her tail is a handy ‘third hand’ in these kinds of situations.

“Well I’ll be damned she may have some talent after all” Instructor Kufra muttered to himself.

Lying on the floor Nariko was breathing heavily although the last of the students had just finished the course, she on the other hand had yet to complete it once. It didn’t help that every time she and other students failed it was an instant restart at the beginning.

Instructor Kufra came walking over standing over Nariko, “I have to admit you did well for your first time” he spoke startling Nariko who jolted up to her feet saluting her Instructor.

“Thank you sir, but I haven’t finished yet” she responded clearly dejected by her failure.

“It doesn’t matter, I wasn’t expecting you to finish in the first place…” he paused for a moment “…I wanted to see how much willpower you had in you to complete the course, many first-timers give up and don’t bother…” he places a hand on her shoulder “…you though didn’t give up regardless of how many times you failed”

As he walked away Nariko couldn’t help but feel a little bit proud of herself considering what she had to go up against. To be honest, he’s not that bad as an Instructor, Nariko thought.

Instructor Kufra suddenly stopped turning back round to Nariko, “However, I do expect you to at least finish it next time” he laughed as he made his way to the exit.

On second thoughts, maybe he is an *******, Nariko smugly thought to herself. Still exhausted from all the physical exercise she plopped to the floor her body dripping in sweat. Grabbing her tail she started to massage it as it got sore from her using it as another grip on the course, this sent a pleasurable sensation through her body.

Whilst doing this it suddenly came across her mind that Mana was still probably waiting for at the main entrance of the academy. She darted upwards heading towards the platform in order to get the ground floor once she did she didn’t waste any time in getting back to the changing rooms.

In record time Nariko had changed back into her academy uniform albeit with some trouble. Well at least I have some idea how to dress, Nariko thought as she sighed. As she made her way back to the main entrance she was also surprised to see Six and Twenty waiting there as well.

“Finally Nariko!” Mana called out.

“Welcome back, Lady Nariko” Six said as she bowed, Nariko returning the gesture in kind.

When Nariko reached them her gaze laid upon something she never expected to see in this world. Near the main entrance of the academy a stylish vehicle had been parked, the silver-plated metal was curved and smoothed what it didn’t have was wheels which instead had been replaced with some form of hover capability. She could only compare such a vehicle to a limousine from her previous life.

Nariko really wanted to ask about the vehicle, but she didn’t want to draw any suspicion to herself from either Six or Twenty. So she decided not to mention anything for the time being. Suddenly one of the doors to the vehicle opened stepping to the side was none other than Lord Lucifer himself.

“Get in, it’s time for us to head back to the mansion” he ordered abruptly before getting back into the vehicle.

Without question, both Nariko and Mana along with their personal maids headed for the vehicle. Nariko couldn’t help but feel that something had to be on Lucifer’s mind considering his tone just then seemed slightly off than usual. Instead of thinking on it, she decided it is best to prepare herself for the worst.

ArcanePunkster’s Note

You may have noticed that I’ve changed the web novel name and synopsis to properly reflect the story that I’m going for.

Also, I have done a rewrite of the prologue which be updated in the next 30 minutes or so be sure to check that out if you’re interested, and let me know what you think!

Fire: It’s been already updated btw.

Be sure to support the author, ArcanePunkster by leaving some comments on this chapter’s Scribble Hub page and also favouriting it!


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