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Chapter Six – My First Weekend [Part One]

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Author: ArcanePunkster Original Source: Scribble Hub

It had already been a few days since the Nariko had started to attend the military academy located in Hellscape. At first, she had been reluctant to put herself forward considered she was new to the whole social norm of how things are done in this world.

Although Mana wasn’t much better off, she did, however, have the basic understanding of how to socialize with the fellow students. After a while, Nariko just followed in her stead and tried to act as normal as possible around the other students at the academy.

Once again the duo was in the dining hall having their morning breakfast, dressed in expensive royal attire, the dreary look on Nariko’s face had started to become all too apparent at this point.

Munching on what looked like a red velvet cake, Mana looked to Nariko noticing her gloomy look. “You alright there, Nariko?”

Turning her head Nariko groaned, “I’m telling you, drinking this human blood is starting to get very tiresome”

Nariko at this point had started to get use drinking the blood, however, it still sent an uncomfortable sensation through her body. Thankfully for her, I wasn’t as bad as the first time she had drunk human blood when arriving in this world.

She looked around noticing that Lucifer had been in the dining hall today either that or had already eaten and left. Nariko turned to Six wondering if she knew where he could be, “Six, do you know where Lucifer is?”

“Apologies Lady Nariko, I couldn’t tell you I haven’t seen him today” Six bowed slightly.

Nariko then looked to Twenty who had been standing next to Six before she could even ask, Twenty interrupted her, “Sorry Lady Nariko, I, unfortunately, haven’t a clue where Lord Lucifer is today”

I wonder where he could be? Nariko thought as she casually drank the remainder of the blood that was left in the vial that she held in her hand. She hadn’t even noticed that Mana had already finished only until she turned back around to see her finishing off the last of her glass of water.

“It is weird that Lord Lucifer hasn’t been here to greet us this morning” Mana spoke out loud.

“Yeah, it is a little bit weird, but then again he most likely someplace to be maybe that’s why he isn’t here” Nariko commented.

Both Nariko and Mana decided that for the time being they would go back to the formers quarters and relax before they decide what they were going to do on their first weekend together, they were also accompanied by their personal maids on the way back to Nariko’s quarters.

Once they had returned to Nariko’s quarters the both sat down on her bed wondering what to do for the rest of the day. After a few moments of quiet boredom, Nariko groaned out loud. “There has to be something to do around here!” she asked no one in particular.

“I would suggest going somewhere, but I haven’t been anywhere else besides the Market District, Lady Leviathan never really wanted me out and about by myself outside of the academy” Mana explained.

Nariko laid on top of her bed thinking to herself, “Let’s head out for a bit”

Mana laying on the other side of Nariko’s bed sat up, “To where exactly?”

“Hmm, Don’t know anywhere I guess!” Nariko responded excitedly. She didn’t waste any time jumping to her feet running to the wooden double doors. Mana stumbling over herself went after her friend almost panicking to herself.

“N-Nariko wait!” Mana with a hand out in front of her raced after Nariko out of the door. Standing near the entrance of the quarter’s both Six and Twenty stood waiting for if they were needed suddenly, however, they were surprised to see Nariko bursting through into the corridor clearly ecstatic about something.

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“L-Lady Nariko?” Six asked perplexed.

Nariko looked at Six nonchalantly wondered why Six was looking at her in that way, “Is there something on my face?” Nariko touched her face repeated clearly embarrassed.

“N-No, my Lady…” Six turned her body facing Nariko “…I was wondering why you were in a hurry?”

“To explore the city!” Nariko responded with a big smile, Mana suddenly stumbled into the back of her friend nearly knocking her over. Not hesitating, Nariko started running down the corridor towards the main entrance the morning bloom leaving a lovely pale yellow glow over much of the mansion.

“Wait, Nariko!” Mana chased after her. Six was about to do the same before Twenty grabbed her by the shoulder gently, the former turned around looking at her work colleague her face clearly worried about Nariko.

“She’ll be fine, after all, she’s only exploring Hellscape she’d have to go outside the walls to be in any real danger” Twenty bluntly said.

Six nodded in response, however, she couldn’t help but feel protective of Nariko over the last few days she had become quite fond of the girl. Nariko’s cheerful and sweet persona had started to rub off on Six, the latter sometimes finding herself enjoying the company of Lady Nariko.

“Yeah, you’re right” Six replied a small gentle smile appeared.

Twenty sighed for a moment then she too smiled to herself, “Anyway, enough of that we still have our chores to complete…” Twenty started to walk the opposite way “…come on, Six!”

Bringing her out of her daydreaming state, Six turned around walking after Twenty, “O-Okay, wait for me”

Reaching the main entrance of the mansion Nariko pushed the two doors wide open with ease, without realizing it, she surprised two Demon Guardsman standing guard at the entrance. The two of them kitting in their armoured gear looked to Nariko for a moment.

Nariko feeling awkward suddenly bowed, “S-Sorry about that!”. As if nothing had happened Nariko darted down the steps headed for the steel gates a dozen or so metres from where she currently was. As for Mana, she would be still chasing after the overly excitedly Nariko trying to keep up with her.

Having already pushed opened the steel gates, Nariko stood there for a moment thinking to herself. “Where should we go?” she muttered out loud to herself.

Mana having finally caught up to Nariko from all of the sudden sprinting around the mansion that she had to so early in the morning. “N-Nariko please slow down” she spoke between quick breaths.

Nariko laughed embarrassingly, “Oh, sorry about that I just got really excited about the idea of exploring this city some more”

Sighing dejectedly the only thing that came across Mana’s mind would be, Yeah a little bit too excited if you’d ask me.

Nariko looked around eagerly like a hawk on the prowl for its next prey, her eyes suddenly widen for a moment with joy, she ran over to a group of older men that were chatting to one another as they walked by minding their own business.

Mana realizing what Nariko had in mind tried to stop, however, it would be too late.

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“Excuse me…” Nariko bent over slightly posing cutely in front of them, demon men blushing with embarrassment when they saw her “…do you know any interesting places to go and see in Hellscape?”

“Uhm, w-well, let me see…” the group of men stood there for a moment thinking to themselves their worn and scrapped dragon scales along with their chiselled jawlines clearly meant they were in some sort of work require rigorous labour.

As Nariko watched there faces it gradually became clear that they hadn’t a clue what to say to her question.

“Sorry Miss, I’m afraid we don’t know many places at least not anything we’d consider like an attraction or recreational” one of the men responded.

The disappointed look on Nariko’s became rather evident at this point, however, she laughed it off, “O-Oh don’t worry thanks anyway!” she waved goodbye leaving them be, running back to Mana, the latter sighed to herself.

“Damn!” Nariko exclaimed to herself “No matter, I will not waste this weekend of free time doing nothing!”. Mana just stood there smiling awkwardly not knowing how to respond to such a statement.

As for Nariko, her mind raced with endless possibilities of what she could possibly see in this new world of hers. Being the otaku lord that I was in my previous life I will not waste such an opportunity to experience the world to its fullest, Yuuma’s subconscious thought with pure determination as did Nariko.

ArcanePunkster’s Note

Sorry about the late post of this chapter I suddenly had to do some last-minute work from home so I had to put writing the next few parts on hold for a few hours so please forgive me!

Also, I want to say thank you to everything for getting this web novel to #1 trending twice in the last few days means a lot to me so thank you again!

And please check out my other web novel if you’re interesting the link will be here, Magical Ume Knight

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