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Chapter 9 – Tomb of the Unliving Part II

David found himself in a long corridor after the descending down the stairway he had discovered at the grave. Lucifer had detected an area with more dark magic leaking out of the ground than the surroundings, and after further inspection, David had found the dark staircase.

There were no torches on the walls, so it was only after David casted <Light Sphere> that he could finally see. He saw that the corridor seemed un-naturally wide, especially considering it was underneath a graveyard. The walls seemed to be made out of stone, with moss growing in-between the gaps of each stone. There were also some sinister markings on them, which were runes as explained by Lucifer.

Moving along the corridor, he eventually came across identical doors. One on his left and one on his right. He was curious of what laid within. Just as he was thinking about which door he would open, something rushed at him. David barely managed to throw himself against the left wall to dodge it. He turned around and saw a spectre.

“<Light Sphere>”

David created another <Light Sphere> and made it fly towards the spectre that was about to rush at him once more. When it made contact, the spectre fizzled, then disappeared into nothingness as if it had never existed.

“I suppose the owner of the tomb has detected your presence, there’s a whole swarm of them coming.”

David send his <Light Sphere> down the corridor. Sure enough a horde of undead was swarming over. Even in this rather wide corridor, the undead were bumping into each other as they swarmed towards David.

“<Light Pulse>”

Seeing the horde of undead headed his way, he casted <Light Pulse>, an intermediate light magic that sends out light in a selected direction. Through injecting more mana into the spell, David was able to increase the damage it was dealing to the undeads. Although it was unable to destroy all of them in one hit, it was able to damage them severely, slowing down their movements. Many of the undeads in the front that took the full brunt of the spell had been destroyed, and the now non-moving corpses blocked the charge of the undeads behind, tripping many of them over.

David conjured his blades into his hands once more and moved forwards to meet the undead horde face on. Seeing this, the undead charged forward with more enthusiasm. Even though they witness first hand that many of their brethren had fell by the human in front of them, to them, a human was just a human. They didn’t expect the human to fight back. This was a poor judgement on their part as they soon found out.

The first undead to actually reach David was an E Gui, thinking that being a ghost made it totally intangible. David slashed down at it, and before the E Gui noticed, it had turned to dust. Normally speaking, it wouldn’t have been possible to actually cut it, but David had already pestered Lucifer a lot about the different types of undead, he knew that the easiest way to deal with ghost-type undeads were actually to fill their weapon with mana and use that as a catalyst to allow the supposedly intangible enemy to be damaged.

“<Light Pulse> <Frost Nova>”

Seeing that his earlier actions had been successful, David casted <Light Pulse> once again to clear more of the swarm, and decided to use <Frost Nova> as well in order to slow down his enemies. After confirming that they were successfully casted and their effects started to show, David run towards the horde himself.

A slice of his right arm bisected a ghoul, a backswing from his left hand knocked a jiangshi away. Three zhiren came at him together, noticing this, he utilised , and covered his blades in fire.

Upon seeing the flames, the zhiren seemed to hesitate a bit, but resumed their charged when they were pushed in the back by the rest of the horde. David easily sliced through them like the paper they are made of.

Confident that he could deal with the rest of the horde just as easily as he did with his initial enemies. David lunged toward, and in a flurry of motion, he was able to exterminate around 30% of the swarm. Although that was an impressive feat by itself, it was by no means enough. If he were to continue at this pace, he would definitely be overwhelmed by the sheer number of enemies.

David smiled wryly. He could tell that using large-scale fire magic in such a small space was definitely a bad idea. That left him with only two options. And on of them was to use <Possession>>.

He ran backwards, pulling a distance of around twenty meters between him and the undead swarm. Only then did he turn around.

“<Freezing Icicle>!”

The temperature around David dropped. Pieces of ice appeared by his side, shaping into multiple icicles. When the number of icicles formed were numbering too many to count, David flicked his wrist. The icicles fired towards the incoming horde at an incredible speed. Many were impaled. Many were torn apart from the storm of icicles that approached. In a way these undead were pitiful beings. Having stayed in the tomb for a large majority of their “lives” they had never been harmed. Even those that were occasional sent outside of the tomb to hunt had not come across anyone that opposed them.

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Now, without understanding. These undead were ripped apart by the brutal magic that David had casted. This <Freezing Icicle> was an advanced magic that David had manage to learn recently. For the current David, this magic alongside <Possession> and <Firestorm Twister>, could be called his trump cards.

Seeing the results of his spell, David was extremely please. The remaining undead were only ones that had used the corpses of multiple undead in front of them as shields. They didn’t numbered more than fifty. He bolted towards them, a gleaming black blade in each hand.

Upon witnessing this sight, a small portion of undead finally noticed the danger to their “lives”. They turned around, away from David and started to run away as fast as they could.

David became the one giving chase. In less than two hours upon arriving in the tomb, David had already exterminated the majority of its inhabitants.

In Lucifer’s point of view, he was very happy. His current host possessed the qualities he had been looking for. Not only that, but he was also someone who had great talent. Just like him. The choice of weaponry, and choice of magic were both the same. Perhaps, just perhaps, he had found who he was looking for.

The three of them approached the tomb. Why did they need to work today out of all days? They had only just arrived in Hong Kong not too long ago. Having been dispatched from the Vatican 2 days ago, and when they reported that they found the location of the feijiang, the higher-ups had screamed at them for even reporting it in.

Hikari couldn’t understand the reason for the higher-ups’ outrage. Even though they were only mobilised for things that seemed to have a higher threat level than B, the so-called threats they had been ordered to deal with had never been overly troublesome. Hikari believed full-heartedly that this time would be the same. Especially considering the fact that Guang and even Lux had been dispatched along with her. With such reliable comrades, nothing will become an issue. It was because of this that she didn’t understand the higher-ups’ outburst.

“Nee, Guang, what do you think the target is like?” Hikari lightly nudged Guang with her elbow.

“It’s a feijiang, so it can probably use magic and fly.” Guang replied. “Hikari, why is it every single time we get sent for a mission, you ask me what the target is like? Don’t you ever read the mission material?”

“Ehhhh, you’re so mean! I do read it, but none of it ever makes sense. The letters are wiggly and weird you know?”

“That’s because you don’t read it properly and scribble on yours before actually reading whatever is on it,” replied Guang. Having been partnered up with Hikari extremely many times, he knew that Hikari never bothered to actually read her mission material, instead constantly relied on himself to explain everything.

“Oops,” Hikari stuck her tongue out at Guang.

The two of them were on good terms with one another, having worked together a lot. Guang was the one who had been taking care of Hikari ever since she was introduced to the team. She was something like a little sister to him. If only she acted a bit… no a lot less like an idiot and used her brain slightly more.

“Guang, you can’t possibly be thinking something bad about me right? Right? RIGHT?” Hikari moved closer to Guang.

“Errr, no I wasn’t thinking anything like that.”

“That’s a lie. You were thinking about something mean!”

“No really I wasn’t.”

“What was it? Split it out you meanie!”

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“The two of you. SHUT UP!” Lux glared at them both with an immense killing intent. “We’re on a mission, so act like it. You can mess around in your own time, just don’t do it now. Especially since the tomb is right in front of us, so prepare yourselves.”

David arrived in front of a black metal door. The design on it was the same as the tomb, giving off a western feeling mixed in with an asian one. On it were similar markings to the ones on the wall of the corridor.

A baleful aura seeped out from behind the door. It seemed like this was where the feijiang was.


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