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[Arc 3] Chapter 98

Chapter 98
Lucas Revived (For Real This Time)

“Alright Lucas, are you ready to start making your body?” Chu Shen asked. They had found the deposit very quickly after they found the nest. Lucas was very adept with the mineral scanner after all. Then they headed home to the fabber.

“Yep, I’m ready. I’m uploading the designs right now.” Lucas said with a smile.

Chu Shen started looking at the designs. It was a very wonderfully crafted design. The outside view was solid metal, extremely durable. Also very expensive. Of course, with the artificial skin it would look like a normal person. Or at least a giant muscular man, completely unlike the teenage Lucas before.

“So Lucas, what is this design like? What did you make exactly?” Chu Shen asked, a bit confused.

“Well, it’s very special. I used Heavy Iron Gold, which is highly magnetic, for the inside. Using electricity I can manipulate the magnetic fields at will, increasing their power by over tenfold.”

“I replaced the usual motors I had inside my last body so that it gives me far greater strength. And even better, the greater the power the greater the increase.”

“Next I used Dragon Iron, which is tremendously strong, for the internal frame and exoskeleton. Of course I also made sure it couldn’t be magnetized otherwise we could have issues. My positronic brain is supposed to go in the chest while the head contains the beast core needed for power.”

“I also modified the [Channeling Inscription] so that it releases Qi in a forcefield like way, similar to the body shield you have. Unfortunately I don’t have a way to contain it so it just wastes Qi. So until I can recreate the power of the soul, I can’t use it too much.”

“Each arm and leg has the space for over three types of beast cores. I also made it to where I can switch cores so in case they have different attributes. There is a burst and channeling inscription that leads to my palm and foot that I can activate for firing Qi.”

Chu Shen nodded before suddenly cocking his head. “Wait, I know you said that you can make inscriptions with the fabber, but how? You need to fluctuate the Qi as you put it down so if you just make the inscription pattern it won’t work.”

Lucas nodded. “Yeah but you forgot that any energy can work. A laser is a form of energy. I changed the laser scanners program so that as the inscription ink is put down, the laser hits the energy with the exact amount needed. That is how I made all the previous inscriptions.”

Chu Shen was stunned. “Well, I truly didn’t think of that. Way to think outside the box Lucas.” He gave him a thumbs up.

Lucas grinned. “Thanks. Now can you go ahead and load up the fabber with the materials? I can’t exactly do that with my body right now.” He shrugged helplessly. “I am still a hologram after all.”

Chu Shen smiled sheepishly and rubbed his neck in embarrassment. “Sorry Lucas, I’ll start right away.” He started lifting materials and putting them into the fabber.

The fabber whirred to life as it started to print out Lucas’ body. It was creepy. First a robot like frame started to come into being. Then skin started to cover it, turning it into a facsimile of a human body. Definitely creepy.

While Chu Shen was both fascinated and disgusted at the creation of Lucas’ new body, Lucas himself was staring at it with intense anticipation. It had been so long since he was able to taste food, feel the sunshine, or just touch something. He couldn’t wait until he could do so once more.

Finally, the process was done. It laid on the floor while Lucas stared at it eagerly. Lucas looked up at Chu Shen. “Hey! Would you mind putting my brain inside my body?”

Chu Shen shook his head. “You have no idea how weird that sounded. Alright, where’s the holo-drone?” The sphere of metal appeared in front of him. Opening it, Chu Shen took out Lucas’ braincase.

Going over to the body on the floor, he hesitated. How was he supposed to open it? The chest suddenly opened up, spreading into eight equal parts like a crab. The inside was very intricate. Inside though was a solid metal part in the left side of the body, opposite where a person’s heart normally was.

The metal part also opened up. It was an armored shell for Lucas’ positronic brain. Chu Shen opened up the braincase and placed the gray orb that was Lucas’ brain into the android body they had made.

The armored shell closed and a second later the chest cavity closed as well. Chu Shen watched Lucas, waiting for him to stand up. But nothing happened. He wasn’t worried, Lucas was probably just testing it out.

However, once five minutes had gone by, he started to worry. “Lucas, you alright?” There was no response. Chu Shen started to panic when he thought of something. You know, he never did put a beast core inside the body, did he?

He quickly withdrew a lightning beast core and went over to the head region. The head opened in a similar fashion to the chest. Placing it inside, the inscriptions pulsed brightly once as the energy from the beast core surged through it. The inscription ink all down his body lit up a bright gold, looking like divine tattoos. Chu Shen recognized it as the channeling inscription Lucas told him about.

The inscription ink faded as the energy calmed down. Lucas suddenly stood up, towering over the five foot 2 inch kid Chu Shen with his now massive height of 6 foot nine inches.

Lucas had turned into a true giant with arms and legs as big as half a tree trunk. Lucas turned to look at Chu Shen and then smirked. Reaching out a hand, he ruffled Chu Shen’s hair.

“How’s the weather down there, short stuff?” Lucas smirked at Chu Shen.

Chu Shen glared back at Lucas. “It’s nice and shady you oak. Real smart of you to forget to put a power source in your own body.”

Lucas shrugged. “Well you’re no better. You forget to remind me. You know, if I didn’t have an internal battery, I may have died.”

“No way. So how’s the body?” Chu Shen asked.

Lucas shrugged. “I have no idea. How about you help me get used to it?”

Master Ti Wu spoke up right as Chu Shen was about to agree. ‘Wait. You need to use the <Void King> technique to increase your strength. I have stored up enough Void Qi to use it in your training.’

Chu Shen shook his head. “Unfortunately I need to train. But it shouldn’t take too long, maybe an hour. After that, we can see about sparring to get you used to that body.”


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