[Arc 3] Chapter 99

Chapter 99

Lucas left their house in the Black Night sect and headed out of the sect rapidly. Of course he couldn’t be found here, he had no authority to be here. Though with Chu Shen knowing someone high up, it was unlikely there would be serious consequences.

Chu Shen sat down in a lotus position and started concentrating. Master Ti Wu floated out of the Voids Hand and behind him. His hands lit up with a greenish blue hue before being taken over an inky black Qi. His Spiritual Qi turned into Void Qi with a single thought.

“I am starting now, get ready Chu Shen.” With enough words spoken, Ti Wu shoved his hand towards Chu Shen’s chest. Immediately the Void Qi was sucked up by his meridians and circulated according to the <Void King>  technique.

He started circulating it, increasing his strength. His strength currently was around 62,000 pounds. A normal Martial Practitioner Level 1 had 50,000 pounds of strength. With each level an increase of 5,000 pounds was seen for each practitioner.

Chu Shen, however, was currently having his strength increase tremendously. His previous maximum circulations of the Void King technique was 19 and allowed his body to become like iron. But now Chu Shen was able to circulate the Void Qi more since his cultivation was stronger.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, more and more circulations until Chu Shen reached the 19th circulation. Previously this was his maximum circulation amount. However, Chu Shen was able to push past, breaking through to the third stage of the Void King technique.

The 19th circulation gave him an increase of 1955 pounds. He managed to complete a 20th circulation, increasing his strength to 2,000 pounds. Then he completed the 21st circulation. The 21st circulation was a breaking point to the third stage of the Void King technique.

The increase of strength drastically increased to 3,000 pounds. Not only that, Chu Shen’s skin and muscles started becoming harder, like ropes of steel, granting him great defense.

Once he broke through, he circulated the Void Qi 21, 22, 23, 24, all the way to the 30th circulation before he had to stop. Chu Shen was excited, but knew that to finish the 3rd stage of the Void King technique, he had to complete 40 circulations. He was still someway off.

But what had him excited was the increase of 19,500 pounds from 62,000 pounds of force, to 81,500 pounds or 40.5 tons! Remember, currently a martial practitioner of the same level only had 50,000 pounds, or 25 tons, of force! This was almost double that of a normal martial practitioner of the same level and equal to that of a martial practitioner at the seventh level!

30 was the maximum amount of times he could cycle Qi according to the Void King technique. He could repeat this amount though, until Master Ti Wu told him to stop.

He started circulating his Qi and managed to do so 2 more times before it lost it’s effects. Now his strength was at 120,500 pounds or 60.25 tons! This mean Chu Shen was now 242% stronger physically than any normal Martial Practitioner! He was actually stronger than a level 10 Practitioner! Chu Shen knew exactly what this meant.

With his Null Qi and his immense physical strength and defense, didn’t this mean he was invincible unless he encountered an overwhelming opponent? This must have been what the Five Heavenly Mountains Sect had been afraid of.

Imagine, the nullification of all abilities except to fight someone on their strong points. It would be similar to facing a charging bull while in a dead end alleyway with no way to dodge. Unless you were lucky or had great skill, you would not get away unscathed. The Void sect sure was powerful.

Master Ti Wu, on the other hand, was flabbergasted. ‘Most people need two or three years to breakthrough into the 3rd stage of the Void King technique! Truly, Chu Shen is a cultivation genius, just like I thought. ‘

Master Ti Wu sighed mentally. Suddenly he thought of something and his eyes immediately widened. ‘Wait! If he uses up so much Void Qi training, then doesn’t that mean i’m running out as well!?’

Chu Shen left the Black Night Sect. He found Lucas waiting at a nearby restaurant. It was their agreed upon spot. Then they left for the forest and sparred out there.

Lucas and Chu Shen faced each other. “So Chu Shen, you ready to get beaten?” He asked with a smirk on his face.

Chu Shen smirked back at him. “No, but it seems like you are. Come, show me how strong you are!” Chu Shen dashed at Lucas.

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Lucas crouched low, gathering strength. Suddenly he leapt forward like a spring that had been released. He shot towards Chu Shen, almost catching him off guard. But Chu Shen was able to punch Lucas in the shoulder, sending him spinning backwards through several trees.

Lucas stood up amidst the splinters of one of the trees he destroyed. He grinned at Chu Shen. “Hehe. Dragon Iron lives up to its name. It barely tickled.” He charged towards Chu Shen. “Come on then! Let’s go again!”

Lucas and Chu Shen launched flurries of blows against each other. They would throw a punch while blocking the others at a speed so fast their hands were almost invisible to the naked eye.

Then, Lucas managed to land a punch on Chu Shen’s chest. He repeated the tragic accident of Lucas, flying backwards through the forest. However, he stood up with barely a mark on him. He immediately charged back towards Lucas.

It was amazing. Even with Chu Shen’s massive increase of strength, they was still evenly matched with each other. It should have been no surprise though that Lucas kept up with Chu Shen. His body was made of Dragon Iron and Heavy Iron Gold, both of which were very tough.

Chu Shen couldn’t even make a dent in his body, though he could send Lucas flying which was extremely satisfying. Then with Lucas’ electromagnetic powered muscles, he was just as strong as Chu Shen, if not a bit stronger.

The only thing that Chu Shen could do that Lucas couldn’t was pummel him with Qi from afar. So far, that was his only advantage. If Lucas got around to recreating his weapons and stocking up on beast cores than even Chu Shen would be in trouble.

Of course, Lucas would be stuck at this level of strength until he upgraded his beast cores. Otherwise, Chu Shen would advance his cultivation quickly and leave Lucas behind.

Lucas sighed as Chu Shen laid on the ground, exhausted from their fight. Chu Shen looked up at Lucas curiously. “Why are you sighing? You could have won that if you had your beast cores.”

Lucas waved his hand. “No, it’s not that. I had the same thought which is why I’m sighing. I’m going to be real busy working to recreate my equipment.”

Chu Shen nodded. “And I’m going to be busy cultivating and forging to get the money for those weapons you’re making.”

Both of them sighed at the upcoming dreary days.


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