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[Arc 2] Chapter 67

Chapter 67

Tournament 2nd day (1)


Chu Shen was now in the top four. With his 3rd win he was finished for the day. Going home he celebrated his victory with Leonard. By now it was 10 o’clock and Chu Shen had only had a hotdog from one of the stands for lunch.

The next morning he ate breakfast before heading to the arena at ten. It was time for the finals. First group 8 would have a total of 4 fights.

They would have 2 fights, each between two random members of group 8. Then the losers and winners of the two fights would fight each other, giving them their final ranking.

This would be repeated for all the groups until the final rankings, 1st-32nd, were decided. Then there would be an hour to have duels to advance before the rankings became permanent.

Chu Shen arrived and it wasn’t long before the tournament started.

“Alright folks, I am sure we are all eager to get started. Just like last year, the finals are going to be special! The arena will no longer be a flat surface, but instead it will shift and create landscapes!”

“As for all those worrying about missing the action because of a tree being in the way, don’t worry! Our nano-drones will be capturing the action to be displayed on your seats. Just switch between the angles for maximum pleasure.”

“Now for the fight, group 8 contestant numbers……” Chu Shen watched for a while before getting bored. Various familiar faces such as Sea Gods Wrath and Daleks Revenge popped up every now and then. It took a long time before it was finally his turn.

“Contestant 28 and contestant 13 take your positions.”

It was time for Chu Shen’s next match.


Xentus Viri peered at his display. Beside him was a young boy with red hair.

The young boy pointed at the display. “Who is that Mr. Viri? Why did you ask me to watch him? You know i’m busy experimenting with the nanites building program.”

Xentus shook his head. “Lucas. You’re too impatient. I still remember when you asked me to find you some friends. Well, this person just might meet my requirements. He’s smart, friendly, and doesn’t judge people. He even made friends with a clone in a heartbeat.”

Lucas looked at the screen. “He doesn’t seem that impressive.”

“Look at this then.” He brought up the specs for the robot Chu Shen built. “Keep in mind. He started learning on a 6th grade level not even a year ago. He barely knew what square roots were.”

Lucas glanced over them a couple of times. “Interesting but I think I could improve it a little. Still. To come so far in a year, I think I just might like him.”

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“He lost his parents too. He was found alone on a planet the bugs had attacked. His parents had gone on a camping trip leaving him alone and while they were gone the bugs invaded. His parent’s weren’t found among the survivors or the refugees.”

Lucas kept silent. After a couple of minutes he got up and left. A small tear dropped on the floor as he walked out the door.



The enemy robot flew backwards as the hammer struck him. A dent appeared on the shield projector from the blow, causing the shield to flicker before fading out of existence. The opponent was Sir William, a robot designed to look like a knight and was a very sturdy robot.

However, it was very unfortunate that it had met Chu Shen. It had a lot of armor plating and shields. But it was like Chu Shen was made to counter this kind of robot. He could bypass it’s shield and destroy the robot itself or he could wreck it’s shields before destroying it with heavy fire.

His hammer nullified the five overlapped shields because they were the same frequency. Most of the time using shields of different frequencies interfered with each other and caused them to lose power faster.

As for memorizing the shield frequencies that interacted beforehand….. That was impossible.

They were a closely guarded secret on Sparta and as such, it wasn’t available to the public. The only way to use them was if you figured out the equation like Chu Shen had.

Chu Shen dashed forward, targeting the shield projectors. He had already destroyed the two lasers and plasma gun that had tried to shoot him. He also had his first close up look at a rail gun.

It shot a projectile at him so fast it broke Mach 7. He couldn’t see it, even with his enhanced body. It smashed into his robot and sent it flying backwards. It even took down his shields by 20%.

However, Chu Shen quickly dismantled the deadly weapon. As a result, all this valiant knight was, is a walking trashcan. It still swung the sword attached to its right hand in noble defiance.

He quickly dismantled the shield generators, leaving it vulnerable to his truly destructive powers. While his hammer was great against opponents with shields, it didn’t do as much heavy damage to armored opponents like this one. What really did the most damage was the vibrations that disintegrated the enemy from the inside out.

Because he had to break through the shield he couldn’t use vibrations to properly disintegrate the enemies robot. Instead he could bypass the shields and target its vulnerable spots like he just done.Out of respect of the noble warrior, Chu Shen shifted his hammer into its plasma cannon form, [Lancing Rain Mode][Lancing Rain Mode] was a very powerful attack meant for a single target.

This time instead of a shower curtain it turned into a funnel shape with the large end pointing towards Sir William. A blue glow appeared on the end. Suddenly a bright beam of energy shot out.


The beam was over a meter in diameter, obliterating the entire top half of the noble knight. Chu Shen bowed towards the smoldering remains of the robot before deactivating the simulation.

With that, he advanced on to the final round.

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