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[Arc 2] Chapter 68

Chapter 68

Tournament 2nd Day (2)


Chu Shen didn’t sit down, but remained in the simulator room. Shortly after there was another announcement.

“The battle has ended between contestants 2 and 8 with contestant 2 being the winner! It has all come down to this… Who will win, Dixxilio’anios Gatoonisga from the Nugitraaiil empire, or Chu Shen from Sparta? Find out after the break.”

In two minutes the fight would start. As Chu Shen started prepping for the fight, the was a knock on the door. Opening it there was a black-purple scaled figure.

The Nugitraaiil bowed to Chu Shen. “I am Dixxilio’anios Gatoonisga from the Nugitraaiil empire. I request that you let my brother be freed of his bonds.”

Chu Shen just stared at her for a second.


“I asked if you could free my brother.”

Chu Shen shook his head. “I heard, I just don’t understand. I don’t have your brother as a captive, so how could I free him?”

The Nugitraaiil hissed in their own form of amusement. “I see. You weren’t even aware of what you did. The Nugitraaiil are a warrior race. If you beat them, then they will obey you until they can beat you. I would like for you to free my brother from such an obligation.”

Chu Shen nodded. “I can do that. I also free you from your obligation as well.”

Now it was the Nugitraaiils turn to look confused. “What do you mean, I have no obligation to serve you.”

He laughed. “Well in about ten minutes you will so I wanted to clear things up before hand.”

The Nugitraaiil blinked in astonishment before showing her teeth in amusement. “Hissss. You are an arrogant one. I will face you in battle, but I will not lose. It is unfortunate that you took my brother off-guard otherwise you might not be here.”

“Alright it’s time for the final match. Contestants, take your positions please.” The Nugitraaiil left quickly while Chu Shen climbed back into the simulation pod.

Soon he was back in the match. Just like her brothers Drethgaalos, her Frethgaalos was shaped like a box and used nanites to form it’s weapons all over it’s body.

As the crowd counted down Chu Shen prepared to end this quickly.


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The Frethgaalos immediately shot upwards, but this time over twenty meters in the air. Chu Shen switched his hammer into its plasma gun mode. Heating up the plasma cannon took time but it was better to have it deployed then miss an opportunity.

Using his HUD he switched all of the dials to 100 for the first time. Suddenly his robot blurred, leaving an afterimage. It immediately appeared in the middle of the arena.

Raising both arms, lasers fired towards the bottom of the Frethgaalos. The Frethgaalos dodged left as the lasers lanced past. Bolts of energy shot downwards from the guns of the Frethgaalos as they grew out from underneath it.

Chu Shen left after-images as he moved so fast the people watching couldn’t process his speed. The energy bolts impacted beside him. At the same time the Frethgaalos dodged his lasers.

Both sides blasted at each other with only the occasional blow landing. As glowing beams of energy was exchanged, the shields on both sides quickly depleted. Suddenly a crackling ball of energy emerged from the raised left hand of Chu Shen.

A beam of purple energy shot out as a particle cannon opened fire from the back of the Frethgaalos. Both sides dodged but Chu Shen was clipped with the beam on his side.


Chu Shen was sent flying backwards, leaving a crater in the ground. Suddenly several pieces of his hammer detached before flying upwards. The flew towards the Frethgaalos.

Activating his hammers [Plasma Slug Mode], a blue ball of plasma fired out towards the Frethgaalos. As the dangerous projectile grew closer, the Frethgaalos quickly moved sideways.

However, how could Chu Shen not have known this? The hammer parts in midair suddenly projected a magnetic field, redirecting the plasma ball towards their target.

The ball changed direction in midair, homing in on the fleeing Frethgaalos. Before it could do anything else, the plasma ball smashed into the robot, sending sparks into the air as it’s shields were massively depleted. The hammer parts quickly came back down to him.

Chu Shen once again fired lasers at the robot. Activating the explosives in his boots he quickly closed the distance between him and the other robot.

Knowing how disadvantageous it was to get close to him, the robot quickly sped away. Spinning around, he fired explosives from his feet at the fleeing robot and several laser beams for good measure. The explosives exploded barely a meter above the robot.


The explosives shockwave forced the robot toward the ground. Also landing on the ground, Chu Shen closed the distance but right as he was about to reach the Frethgaalos, it shot upwards once again.

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That purple light lanced out and hit him smack dab in the middle. The superheated particles blasted a hole in his chest but this time his shield did not stop the beam. As a result he kept charging forward, not being blasted backwards.

The impact gel absorbed the blast and stopped the particle beam from going completely through him. Activating the explosives at 20% of their power, he shot upwards far faster than before.

Boom Boom creak

His leg armor cracked slightly from the blow. Flying upwards at a speed the Frethgaalos could not dodge he oriented himself to fire everything he had. He fired the plasma cannon still in its previous mode, the phantom bomb at 90% power, and the energy cannon at point blank range.


The resulting explosion launched him backwards and obliterated the Frethgaalos completely. He fell downwards, his shield had been destroyed by the particle cannon and the blast ripped apart most of his front.

He fell downwards, hitting the ground hard. Green goo spread on the floor surrounding him in a puddle, eerily similar to a human bleeding out. Sparks flew from his body. Struggling he stood up, compensating for the power bleed outs.

Metal plates were stripped, still dripping with impact gel, revealing the hydraulic system underneath. Bits of metal dangled from his mangled left arm.

“Chu Shen has placed first! A twelve-year old has come in first place! Well folks, he still has to defend his title so get ready!”


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