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[Arc 2] Chapter 66

Chapter 66

Tournament 1st day (3)


While the crowd was stunned as to the reason the hammer could bypass the shield, the other contestants were looking decidedly worried.

‘D*mn. If he can cancel out my shields, doesn’t that mean my robot is useless?’

‘This…This is terrifying. I concentrate my robot on its defense! With this, I can’t win!’

‘How does he do that? I wonder…. Could it be he found a way to disrupt the shield through magnetic pulses?’

Such were the thoughts of the other contestants. While most worried what this meant for their fighting style, a select few were curious on how he accomplished such a feat. If they could figure out how, then would they be able to come up with a counter?

Chu Shen their concern written on their faces as he sat down. He smirked. It was so simple yet almost no one had thought of it! The way he canceled the shield earlier was this.

His hammer vibrated at certain frequencies. By vibrating at the exact opposite frequency of the opponent’s shield the two frequencies canceled each other out!

The oscillator changed the frequency while his robot scanned the opponent’s shield frequency. This was the real reason why he decided to use a hammer. To test out this idea!

All of the contestants were separated into brackets of eight. Each group had people with a similar win-lose ratio. For example. Chu Shen was in group 1 with a 2-0 count. However number 17 was in group 4 with a 0-2 count. Group 2 had a 1-1 count and so did group 3.

However the ones who won their first fight but lost the second would be in group 2 while those who lost their first fight but won their second would be in group 3.

Chu Shen could be considered as a very troublesome opponent. Of course others probably had hidden cards that wouldn’t be revealed like Sea God’s Wrath that unleashed that unexpected missile attack.

Chu Shen waited for another two hours. Finally it was time for the third and final round. With this there would be 8 groups made of 4 contestants. The next day they would be fighting to see what their specific rankings would be. Then they would do the challenges.

This time Chu Shen wasn’t called first. Instead he had to wait until the sixth fight was done. “Alright contestant numbers 28 and 1, please take your positions.”

Chu Shen faced the robot swarm. Yes, a swarm of robots. About twenty in total. They were small cylindrical robots about half a meter tall. Two lasers were jutting outwards from the front. The body was gold and had golden half spheres studded on the outside. It looked just like the Dalek from Doctor Who.

As expected from someone who named their robot swarm, The Daleks Revenge.


Chu Shen activated the shields and then immediately dodged. The daleks had immediately taken off, firing lasers at him. They swarmed upwards, flying through the air in a complicated swarm.

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Chu Shen had no idea how he was able to control that many but they were very troublesome. As he started firing into the swarm, his blasts would hit a dalek. However, as he started to wear down the shield another dalek would fly in front of the beam, letting the dalek recover it’s shield.

He was barely managing to dent the enemy. Using the explosives he shot upwards. When he became level with the daleks he started shooting towards them in a zigzag pattern. Right foot boom. Flies left. Left foot boom. Flies right.

He quickly closed in on them. Suddenly the daleks stopped their complicated maneuvers and made a wall. All of them fired the lasers at him! It was a wall of sixty lasers from the two lasers on the front and the one on the dome that looked like the head.

Shielding himself he blocked the lasers he couldn’t dodge and closed in the gap. Aiming with his left hand he shot the energy burst cannon. As the ball of crackling energy flashed into the swarm of robots, it obliterated one of the robots!

Bang Zzzzt

The energy ball smashed through two of the daleks, the third dalek’s shield flashed but managed to block it. Chu Shen fell to the ground as the explosives in his feet needed to cool down.

Unfortunately he couldn’t use his hammers shield nullifying property properly in a fight like this. For one, each dalek had a different shield frequency. For another, locking on to one in such a formation was impossible.

Chu Shen sighed. Another one of his trump cards was needed here as well. Grabbing the head of his hammer, the outer edge of nanites molded to his arm. Activating yet another icon, he pointed it at the swarm of daleks.

The seemingly solid shaft split apart, forming a showerhead like bottom.


Streams of bright blue superheated plasma flew into the air. The showerhead like opening might seem funny, but it wasn’t a laughing matter. The superheated plasma flew upwards in a stream that seemed to go everywhere.

The daleks couldn’t dodge it, every single one had some plasma strike it. The plasma sizzled on the shields as it burned through it. The shields quickly disappeared but the plasma fell to the ground without burning the robot themselves.

Chu Shen grinned. His plasma cannon could fire in different modes, giving rise to different effects. This one he called [Scatter Rain Mode] and shot out dozens of medium power shots.

Taking aim once again he fired. However the daleks quickly shot everywhere, dodging some of the shots. Another six were destroyed, taking the total daleks down to 11. He unhooked the hammer from his arm when his plasma cannon ran out of ammo.

Chu Shen went to fire again with his laser when five of the daleks charged towards him while firing. Dodging their fire his eyes widened as a dalek appeared in front of him.

“Exterminate! Exterminate!” A metallic voice called out which Chu Shen picked up with the audio receptors in his robot. Sensing danger he used the exploding boots to shoot backwards. Not a moment too soon either.


The dalek promptly exploded. As it went off his shield immediately went down from 44% to 12% on the first layer. The other four daleks quickly shot towards Chu Shen, continuing their pursuit.

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“Tch. So annoying.” Chu Shen frowned as he once again shot up into the air, making sharp turns as explosions went off with every move. He couldn’t fire the plasma cannon again, it took a while to charge up.

He laid down a swathe of plasma using the plasma welders on both arms. The remaining 6 robots that weren’t suicidal weren’t slacking either. Instead they were firing lasers at Chu Shen while he flew, constantly needling his shield.

The 4 daleks chasing him ran into the quickly dissipating plasma. When it did, the daleks started melting from the star-hot plasma.


Two of them sparked as their electronics were damaged. The other 2 had their appearance warped but they still chased Chu Shen. Unfortunately his boots were quickly overheating from the explosions. If he continued to use them, then the metal might become warped, causing a jam.

Changing some of the icons and dials on his HUD he pointed his foot towards the six daleks clumped together. The operator, apparently assuming that he was trying to change direction again didn’t do anything.

They were wrong.

An energy bomb flew out of the tube on the bottom of the Duralloy plated foot. It struck the group of daleks, promptly exploding.


How could the Phantom Energy Bomb dispenser be used as a just a transportation mode? Previously Chu Shen had turned the bombs down to only 5% of their normal strength. This bomb that hit the daleks was at 50%, the highest it could go without depleting its powercell seriously.

The four daleks closest to the explosion were ripped to shreds. The other two flickered with energy before being thrown through the air from the shockwave. The daleks had barely managed to regenerate their shields which saved their lives but now their shields were gone once again.

One of the remaining daleks spiralled out of control, sparks flying as the shockwave apparently knocked something loose. It fell to the floor, smoke rising from it’s body.

Zzzzt Sssssss

A crackling blue ball of energy once again shot out and smashed into the other functioning dalek.


It was ripped to shreds. Chu Shen turned around to deal with the other daleks but while he was distracted taking out the 6 daleks, these last two had gotten closer.


One blew up while the other hung back. Chu Shen flew backwards from the explosion. The fact that he was still in midair didn’t help him at all. As he fell though he fired both lasers at the one remaining dalek, causing two holes to burn through it.

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It blew up as something critical was hit. Apparently the plasma from earlier melted it’s shield projectors so it was completely unprotected. Unfortunately because of shooting down the other dalek, he didn’t have enough time to slow down his descent. Also, his shields were severely weakened from the explosion earlier, causing them to fail.

Because of the explosion hurling him downwards he hit the ground very hard. For the first time his robot was injured, a dent appearing in his left shoulder. Thick green goo oozed from it for a second before stopping.

“Contestant 28 has won once again! Give Chu Shen a round of applause folks, apparently he is the favorite for bringing home the trophy. It’s time for some other matches folks. Contestant numbers….”


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