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[Arc 1] Chapter 18

Chapter 18 – Fathers preparations

“Father this, this is….” As Chu Shen stammered in surprise his father raised his hands to stop him.

“Yes, this is exactly what you think.”

“But father I can’t, I just can’t accept this. This is the family heirloom. You said it was the most precious thing our branch sect owned.” As Chu Shen spoke Chu Bai kept a calm face.

“I know this naturally. However, you are the most important thing to our branch family. Objects can be replaced by other objects but talent should never be squandered. Here take this, you already know its function.” Saying so, he immediately took back the spacial ring and extracted from it a small bead on a necklace.

Chu Bai hung the necklace around Chu Shens neck. When he put it on the necklace flashed white three times before fading back to a dull black. Chu Shen grabbed the necklace and looked at it with amazement present in his eyes.

Though this necklace did not look amazing it was a true lifesaving treasure. The necklace was made using pieces of a primordial beast called the Spider of a Thousand Tricks already in the late Martial Emperor Stage. It was a well-known beast because of three things.

It used its webs to set up many traps, the higher its cultivation the trickier the traps became. It was for this reason it was called the Man Spider of a Thousand Tricks.

What it was really well known for was its two inborn abilities, which had actually been copied to a lesser extent in the necklace Chu Shen now wore.

Once the person who wore this necklace came under life threatening danger it would immediately deploy a cocoon. This cocoon was made of strings of spider webs almost completely impenetrable even to a cultivator’s weapon. Even if the shell was penetrated it would still do the attacker no good.

Upon penetration the person inside would immediately be teleported up to 1000 miles away from the spot of the attack though the spot you would be teleported to would be random.

From these rare abilities it could be seen to be as an extremely good piece of equipment. However there was a limit. The spider web could only be used up to 3 times in a week.

After that the necklace had to absorb Qi and transform it into the spiders webs. Without the webs as a primer the teleportation could not be completed so it could also only be used 3 times.

The reason it was so precious was because of these features and also because of how rare it was. In order to incorporate the special abilities of the Spider of a Thousand Tricks the beast spirit had to be fused with the necklace.

A beast spirit was a very rare occurrence when the soul of the primordial beast, as beasts who could cultivate were called, fused with their beast core. The beast core was a beasts version of the dantian but instead of the dantian being an organ that dissipated once killed it was actually a stone like object that kept all the beasts energy stored in itself.

Once a beast was killed there was chance the soul of the beast would incarnate inside the beast core. Of course, there was a chance it wouldn’t. The higher rank the beast the more powerful the soul of the beast and therefore an increased chance of a beast spirit.

It was said that beasts above the World Stage would have a one hundred percent chance of gaining a beast spirit. Those that were at Tiger Stage and below only had a 1% chance. Those at the Student to Scholar Stage had a 10% chance. Those at the Warrior to the Army Stage had a 20% chance and the beasts at the King Stage had a 30% chance. Finally those at the Emperor Stage had a 50% chance.

The increase of almost 50% showed the massive increase of both strength and spirit the World Stage unlocked.

Chu Bai took from the spatial ring a stone. This stone gave off large fluctuations of Qi. “Chu Shen, this is called the spirit stone. The main sect uses these stones for currency. I only have a small amount of 10,000 stones. I give these to you so you can use these when you enter the sect.”

Chu Bai put back the stone inside the spatial ring and took out a medallion with the characters of Chu Bai’s name carved into it.

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“While I as an elder of a sect branch do not have a lot of influence in the main sect I do have some. An old friend of mine, Lan Wen, is an elder of the main sect that helps manage the school. “

“He will be able to help you a little if you come into trouble or need some things. Do not hesitate to ask something from him. Show him my medallion if he doubts that you are my son.”

“Yes father. I have a question though father.”

“What is it Shen’er?”

“Well father, I wanted to know why the elder of the sect does not have our families name.”

“That is simple. Our family runs the school and those of the main sect are favored so they typically become the powerhouses of the school. However, the main sect also takes in talents from the school directly into our clan. Those who join do not need to take on our family name.”

“I see father. Is there anything else I need to know then.”

“Yes. In order to enter the School there will be a trial. First there will be a simple screening, then a strength test, and finally some duels.”

“It is impossible to tell the strength of a person unless you see them in battle. In order to make it fair the sect also passes out a basic cultivation technique for all the surrounding villages, this way anyone who is talented will stand out.”

Chu Shen nodded. Naturally when someone entered the school they would of course need to test their talent. Of course, someone’s achievements could not always measure their potential.

Therefore in order to narrow that possibility down as much as possible the sect needed to have a basic cultivation technique readily available. This meant those who worked hard or those who were naturally gifted would stand out more than his peers.

“I understand. Truly the main sect has thought of many things. Is there anything else father?”

Chu Bai adopted a thoughtful expression as he put his hand on his chin. “Hmm, well. I gave you the medallion, the necklace, and the spirit stone. I already told you about he sect trials so there is nothing else. Now, in three days the flying spirit beast from the main sect will appear. You and Master Lin will be going together. Put the rest of your baggage in the spatial stone and prepare to leave. Remember son, you must become stronger to save your mother.”

Chu Shen nodded resolutely. A stubborn look came across his face. “I will father, don’t worry.”

The next three days was spent training in the and the techniques. His master was busy crafting the things he asked for so the crafting of the weapons for the Lin Sect was left to him. The replacement artificer came on the second day and took over, allowing Chu Shen to have more time to cultivate.

His strength was actually up to almost 360 pounds since he broke into the ninth level of the man stage. Each time Chu Shen broke into a new stage of the <Void King> technique, it would accompany a massive increase of strength otherwise it would only steadily increase the strength of the person.

Finally it was time to go.


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