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[Arc 1] Chapter 17

Chapter 17 – Requesting a gift

Chu Shen looked at Master Lang and he looked back at him.

“Chu Shen, you are leaving for the main sect in five days time. Well actually you are not. Instead you are going to a school managed by the main sect. Prepare what you need for the journey during that time. While you prepare I need to ask you something.”

“I noticed you were having difficulty controlling your strength in the forge, why is that?”

“I am sorry master. Do you know the reason why I can go to the main sect now?”

“Yes, a mysterious expert came by and gave you an artifact and a technique.”

“The reason I am having difficulty controlling my strength is directly related to this matter. I have started training in the technique he left me and have broken through to the first stage of that technique.”

“Ah, so it increased your strength. Good, good, good. Now, I am planning on forging you some things, what do you want and I will try to make them.”

Chu Shen paused for a moment to think. He wanted a hammer similar to the one he had in the trial but with a little modification. He would have made an adjustment then but Ti Wu may have objected to that, Ti Wu had already been upset when he changed his weapon mid-trial.

He told his master what he wanted. Master Lang frowned. ‘This kid, he sure is a piece of work. He requested only two things so that isn’t problematic. The only troubling thing is that they are both complex and fickle things. This will be tough.’

Seeing a worried expression on Chu Shens face Master Lang immediately laughed. “Haha. Don’t worry, I will have these things you have requested done before you leave. What is with that glum face, do you doubt your master?”

“No master, of course not! I merely was sad that I was leaving you that’s all.”

“What, what! Have you not heard? I will be coming with you. After all, even your master has to travel every now and then.” Chu Shen was truly astounded. His master had never left the Chu branch Sect since he had come here and had actually stayed for almost 20 years.

For a cultivator to spend almost a tenth of their lifespan in one town was truly rare. Often times unless it was a main city or the capital most towns lacked resources for martial artists to train properly.

“Master, you do not have to leave with me. I do not need your protection.”

“Brat, I am not leaving just for you though if you are bullied just tell me and I will rescue you. I am going to the artificer’s guild to test my skill again, now leave. I have to start forging those weapons for you, I will be too busy once we get to the School to forge anything else for you.”

Ushering Chu Shen out he watched him walk along the path back towards his valley. Leaning against the wall of the forge he sighed. “Ahhh. Seeing him like this really takes me back. Hehe, it’s a miracle I survived all that.”

Looking up at the sky he reminisced over all the different trials he had gone through in his youth. As he did, Master Lang reaffirmed his decision to go with his disciple and become a local artificer.

An artificer is well respected and has much influence, especially someone of his level. With his status Master Lang would naturally be able to protect his disciple from most of the troublesome problems that would crop up.

Chu Shen had no idea what was going on Master Lang’s head. As he walked towards the valley he started to prepare to start cultivating again.

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Suddenly a voice called out to him. “Son, I need you for a moment.”

Turning around he saw Chu Bai coming towards him.

“What is it dad, what do you need me for.”

“I just need to give you a couple things you will need for the School. You can start planning your strategy for this afterwards.”

“Yes father.”

Turning away from his valley, Chu Shen immediately followed his father back to their house. Chu Bai and Chu Shen did not say a single word on the way back but merely enjoyed each other’s company as they knew their time was limited.

They reached the house and went to his father’s storehouse. Upon reaching it Chu Bai went to the corner and grabbed a ring. It was merely a simple unadorned metal band.

He handed it to Chu Shen who looked at it in confusion. “Father, what’s this?”

“Its only natural you don’t know what this is, most people don’t use it in this little town. It’s a spacial ring. If you channel your Qi into it you will notice that it contains a space around five cubic meters in size.”

Doing as instructed he started to channel his Qi into the ring before his master stopped him. ‘WAIT!’

Cringing Chu Shen grabbed his head. ‘Master, don’t yell so loud. You are giving me a headache.’

‘I don’t care you little brat. If you had channeled Qi into that ring you would have destroyed that space with your null Qi. If you want to use that ring revolve your Qi according to this method.’

‘Oh. Thank you master.’

Ti Wu immediately passed on a basic cancellation technique not controlled by the library. Once used it actually cancelled the extra effects of null Qi.

Chu Shen immediately used the technique, after all it had no underlying concepts so it wasn’t hard at all but rather like bending your finger backwards. It was merely something you wouldn’t normally do.

Once his Qi circulated the right way he channeled it into the spacial ring. As he looked at the content he gasped. “Father this, this is.”


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