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Fourteen Moons

Fourteen Moon Fourteen Moon is an Original Web Novel written by TearCRF.

Category: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Slice of Life

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TearCRF is a freelance author,
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Evetta, a newborn fairy, wakes in confusion and panic upon realizing that she is no longer a human man. Her fear shifts as she explores the cozy yet unfamiliar home hidden in a forest. Thanks to the help of her secretive guard, Revus, Evetta begins to adjust to her lonely life away from her new family. She learns a new language, how to fly, and begins down the path of using the elemental axioms. Her easygoing life is thrown into chaos when she learns that humans are hunting and capturing fairies, with her guard having been targeted for several years. How will Evetta deal with the ever-growing threat of the fairy hunters, while learning about the circumstances surrounding her separation from her family?

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