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Chapter 13 – Kidnapped

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Rings cover the interior of the newly-formed, spherical cave, gradually growing in size until they merge with the soft, wooden walls. A bright light hovers close to the center of the ceiling, illuminating the cavity, and revealing an orange tint within the wood. A single archway acts as the only entrance and exit.

I stand in the middle of the room and watch Revus. He takes a step with his right foot, then uses his wings to compensate for his missing left as he progresses toward the exit. Red liquid drips from his severed limb and, upon touching the ground, begins to disappear into golden dust. Stupid… Idiot. Revus exits the wooden hole and, before I take a step forward, turns around.

“One final thing,” he states, holding out his arm, “I’m going to put up a barrier to prevent anything from getting in here.” A barrier? “You’ll be safe until we come back.”

“Wait!” I blurt.

As I take a step forward, large, yellow crystal pillars jut out from the edges of the doorless archway and rapidly converge in the center. You’re locking me inside!? I run to the translucent wall and bang my fist against it. “Revus!” I roar. He turns to Faraine, the blue-haired fairy, and says something. I can’t hear. “Revus!” I shout. Faraine nods and they both rise into the air, flying back in the direction of the enōōfen. “Let me out!” I bellow, “Revus…”

I aggravatedly sigh, then mutter, “Idiot.” I pound a fist against the yellow barrier, a jolt of pain shooting up my arm. “Why’d I have to get caught?” I lean forward and slam my head on the glassy obstacle. Ow… I chuckle, “I’m such an idiot.” I turn around, resting my back against the wall, and slide down until I am sitting on the floor.

I curl into a ball and plant my face on my knees. Why’d I let you leave? You dealt with the besāād, rescued me, and we escaped… So why’d I let you go back? I lift my head and prop it against the wall, my eyes focusing on the glowing orb near the ceiling. You got hurt because of me and now you’re going to hurt the enōōfen because of me… I sigh and close my eyes. What am I supposed to do if you don’t come back?

“Revus,” I mumble under my breath, “I’m scared.”

Suddenly my stomach growls and I place a hand over it. I look down at my stomach. Even after all that, and you want food… I chuckle, look at the two bags resting along the left wall, stand up, and walk over to them. There should still be something in here. I dig through my bag and pull out a shriveled fruit with a leaf wrapped around it. I sit down, remove the green sheet, and begin to eat the dried, light-red berry.

As I eat, I glance at the glassy obstacle in the archway. I know he’s trying to keep me safe and all, but isn’t sealing off the exit a bit much…

I swallow, then sigh. No… it makes sense. I couldn’t do much before but now I can’t do anything… I wonder why my par- I shake my head. …why would anyone bother protecting me? I continue to slowly nibble on the berry. I can’t fly well. I can’t grace my soul. I can speak Zoic but I still struggle with certain words… What’s so good about me that I need to be prot- I look down at the half eaten, withered fruit, and clench it tightly. No… Maybe it’s because I’m not good at anything that I’m being protected.

I stare at my food, then glance at my clothes. I turn to look at our bags, then shift my focus on the light inside the room, before staring back at the berry in my hands. Why… My eyes start to water. …everything in here is all because of Revus. I really wouldn’t have any of this if not for him. I wouldn’t have learned to fly, or even that I had wings, so getting food would’ve been difficult. Even if I could get food, it wouldn’t be as varied as it has been… I wrap the half-eaten berry back into the leaf, and place it back into my bag.

I wouldn’t have been able to make clothes or tools anywhere near as nice as this. I chuckle. If anything, I’d be wearing leaves that I folded into makeshift clothes and using sticks… I smile faintly. There’s our house too. If not for Revus, I’d have lived outside… and during winter, I would’ve probably frozen to death. I shake my head. No, I would’ve died well before then. If not for Revus protecting me, time and again, I’d have died long ago.

Not only has he saved me and provided me with everything I’ve needed, he’s also taught me how to speak, read, write, fly… I smile. …and there’s the animals, seasons, and moons too. I turn toward the crystal wall, stand up, and walk over to it. I place my hand against the smooth spires and look through it at the tinted yellow sky. All those things, and he’s still doing stuff for me, but… He’s putting himself in danger.

I place my hand against my chin and look at the branch beyond the translucent barrier. Actually, even before… Whenever he was gathering food, hunting animals, or dealing with the enōōfen, he’s always been putting himself in danger… but… Would someone normally go through all this just because it’s their job… I can understand an orphan wanting to repay someone for taking them in but, this seems excessive. I look back up at the sky. Revus… What are you hiding from me?

Hang on… is that? A dark speck appears from above some trees in the distance. Revus. He’s back already? But what about dealing with the enōōfen? I pout, pause for a moment, and blink several times. Am I… disappointed? No, that can’t be. I mean, I used to be one too, but… The painful memories of the enōōfen tearing my wings off flash through my mind as my heart rate increases. …they did such cruel things. And for what… I clench my teeth and tighten my fists. Maybe I do want something to happen to them. I turn around, resting my back against the crystal wall, and slide down it until I am once again sitting on the floor. Well, now that he’s back, we’ll be able to leave.

“Um… Mi… La…Excuse me,” Faraine’s soft, distorted voice rings out from beyond the wall.

I spin around and see her timidly standing in front of the crystal barrier. It’s Faraine, but… I glance around, my eyes darting to the sky as I quickly scan her surroundings. “Where’s Revus?”

“He’s…” Faraine turns away for a moment, “He went to… punish the enōōfen.”

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I place my hand on my chest and sigh. He’s okay and… I pause, smiling bleakly. I guess I did want Revus to do something to the enōōfen…

“I thought you were going to help him?” I inquire.

“He… thought it might be better to keep someone here to…” Faraine pauses, “keep you company.”

“Ha,” I utter. More like make sure I don’t get into more trouble. I sigh. But, with how things have been going recently, I guess I can’t blame him… I turn around and lean against the smooth crystal. “Hey Faraine.”


“Do you think Revus is going to kill the enōōfen?”

“Uh…” Faraine stays quiet for a bit before answering, “I… don’t think he’s going to go that far.”

“Would it be wrong if I wanted him to hurt them?” Faraine does not reply as I sit there waiting for her response. “Faraine?” I ask, turning my head. She is standing in front of the crystal wall, left hand clasped over her right elbow while she is looking at the ground. “Is something wrong?”

“No,” Faraine answers, shaking her head. She takes a deep breath, “It isn’t wrong… for you to want to hurt the enōōfen, especially after what they did to you.” Faraine’s eyes tremble as her lips quiver. “But… all sīīrfōōn should avoid harming the enōōfen.”

“I see…” I exhale as I turn back around and rest my back on the wall. So it is wrong for me to want to hurt them back… I sigh as a knot forms in my stomach. “Hey Faraine, what’s a… syrfone?”

“It’s pronounced sīīr-fōōn,” Faraine corrects.

I chuckle, “You sound like Revus.” My faint smile shifts into a frown.

Faraine sighs, “Enōōfen refer to people that live within the cardinal realms, while sīīrfōōn refer to the people that live within the spectral realm.”

“That makes sense…” So, syrfone shouldn’t hurt enōōfen. “Why not?”

“Why not what?” Faraine questions.

“Why shouldn’t syrfone harm enōōfen?” I ask.

“Si… Revus… hasn’t told you that yet?” Si?

“No,” I shake my head, “Is it something important.”
“I think it might be better…” Faraine pauses, “…to wait until he explains it to you.”

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“So it’s another thing Revus doesn’t want to tell me,” I grumble, “Figures.”

“Ah, um… I’m sure he has his reasons for-”

“I’m sure he does,” I interject, “but that doesn’t make it any less annoying.” I sit there for a moment before continuing, “Do you… know about the things that Revus is keeping hidden from me?”

“I…” Faraine hesitates, “I think I know some of them.”

“Can you tell me?”

“I…” she sighs, “Can’t.”

“Why not?” I shout, spinning around and placing my hands against the translucent barrier. Faraine is biting her lower lip as she looks down on me with her bang-covered eyes. “Please, I just… I want to know what’s going on…”

“I’m sorry, but…” Faraine looks away from me, “It’s not my place to say. After all, I’m… nevermind.”

I clench my fists and grit my teeth. Why? My vision gets blurry. Why? Tears roll down my cheeks and drip from my chin. Am I not supposed to know? Am I so useless that it’s better for them to not tell me? Should I just… No, it’s not like I’ll be able to do anything in my current state… Maybe it’d be better if I… If I… I lay down on the wooden floor and sob for several minutes.

“Faraine,” I whimper.

“Yeah?” she hoarsely replies.

“Is there anything that I can do?”

“Um… What do you mean?” Faraine inquires.

“I want… to help Revus.” I state, “I want to know what’s going on and I don’t want to be useless anymore.”

I wait for a response but, after hearing nothing I continue, “I don’t want to rely on Revus for everything, but now that my wings are gone, things are just going to get harder for him…”

“So… you want to lighten his burden?”


“Well, that can be a variety of things…” Faraine trails off.

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“Well… not putting yourself in danger would lighten his burden.”

I feel my body heat up. “Yeah,” I pout, “Just remain useless. Stay trapped in here. And don’t do anything.” I grumble, “That’ll definitely help Revus, but that’s not…”

“Not what you want?” Faraine asks, “Then, do you want to help him fight?”

“Yeah…” I nod, “I feel-”

“That’s not something you should be worrying about,” Faraine interrupts, “Fairies shouldn’t be fighting in the first place…” she pauses. “We have other responsibilities… that we should focus on.”

“Like what?” I ask.

“Managing the elements within the spectral realm,” Faraine replies, “That… is our foremost duty.”

“The spectral realm,” I scoff, “that’s not going to help Revus.”

“No but…” Faraine goes quiet for a moment, “If you truly want to help Revus, then you should focus on healing your wings.”

“In other words, do nothing,” I bitterly bark, “I can do that.”

“You’re not doing nothing,” Faraine retorts aggressively, “Channeling your spīīr to your wings will speed up their recovery.” She continues, “And if it helps Revus, then does it matter in the end?”

I lean my cheek against the ground and whimper, “I guess not, but it doesn’t feel like I’m doing anything.”

“Sorry,” Faraine sighs, “I didn’t mean to raise my voice.”

“It’s okay.”

“Evetta… You’ve already said it yourself,” Faraine remarks, “You won’t be able to do much with your wings in their current state.” She takes a breath and continues, “Don’t mix up your priorities. Try to get better first, then you can try to help Revus in other ways.”

“Right…” I mutter, “but, isn’t there anything I can do right now to help him?”

“You could smile more,” Faraine softly states.

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“Smile?” I furrow my brows and turn toward Faraine to ask, “What…” She is smiling faintly. I raise one eyebrow, “Does that really work?”

“I’m not sure,” Faraine answers, “but it’s something that my aunt always says.”

“And what would this aunt of yours have me do right now?”

“Hmm…” Faraine ponders, tapping her index finger against her chin, “Well, she’d probably tell you to rest up, and to not run shoulder-first into any more walls.”

I chuckle and smile, roll over onto my back, and stare up at the ceiling. “Thanks for talking with me…” I say before a yawn escapes my mouth, “I’m feeling… a little better…”

“I’m… glad I could help,” Faraine murmurs.

I close my eyes and exhale. An assortment of emotions calming down in me. A chill runs through my body and I curl up, trying to dissipate the cold. Please, come back safely Revus…

“Uh…” I yawn as I roll onto my side and pull my blanket closer to my face. Much better. I lay there for a moment, then force my eyes open and look at the fur blanket covering me. My bag is also at my side. When did? I scan the room and notice that the crystal barrier is no longer blocking the doorway. It’s gone, then…

Beyond the entrance, the sky is now painted by dark, star-filled, night. Hushed whispers bitterly echo into the room. Their tones are sharp and cold, yet seem filled with sorrow. I look around once more but do not see anyone else in the room with me. Are they outside? I quietly remove the blanket covering me, stand up, and coast along the wall toward the doorway, their words steadily becoming more distinct. I stop next to the opening and lean my back against the wall.

“This isn’t the time to talk about this,” Revus hisses. I tilt my head. Talk about what?

“Why not?” Faraine argues, a deep yearning present in her voice, “Do you have any idea how I felt earlier?

“That’s none of my concern-”

“None of your concern,” Faraine cuts in, “She seemed… devastated… when I told her that it wasn’t my place to tell her.” They’re talking about me? A cold sweat begins to form as my heart rate increases. “You need to tell her-”

“I can’t!” Revus hushedly roars. You… can’t?

A moment of silence washes over the area. The audible sounds of bugs chirp through the mountainous woodland. A soft whistle of wind rustles the leaves. I turn my head and look at the empty doorway. Why aren’t they saying anything? I clench my clammy fists. Did they hear me? I gulp. Should I go out there or wait here? What if-

Revus sighs, then whispers quietly, “I’m… scared.” He’s scared?

Faraine inquires, “Scared? Of what?” Perfect question.

“Of what she’ll think of me,” Revus mutters, “Anger, disappointment, disgust.” What? Why would I- “What if she-”

“Didn’t you say, that’s none of my concern,” Faraine interrupts.

“Tch.” Did he just?

Faraine bluntly states, “She needs to know.”

Revus exhales heavily, “I know.”

“She’ll find out once we get to Folian anyway,” Faraine explains, “Wouldn’t it be better for her to know before we get there?”

“Yeah, it would,” Revus answers dismally, “I just… I need some time.” Time? Revus, you…

“Haven’t you had plenty of time?” I smile as the words flow into my ears. Another great question Fariane.

“I need to figure out…” Revus pauses for a moment, “how I’m going to tell her.” Is it that big of a deal?

Faraine sighs, “Please, don’t take too long. She seems pretty upset about being left in the dark.” I nod lightly.

“I… I know,” Revus responds sullenly. “I would’ve told her long ago if she hated me, but now…” Why would hating you change anything?

“You could just answer her questions honestly, I doubt she’ll feel any differently,” Faraine comments, “Anyway, I’m going to lay down. Today’s been…” Not good!

I quickly dart back toward my blanket, trying to be as quiet as I can. I lay down, grab my blanket, and pull it over me, acting like I have been asleep the entire time. Please just go lay down.

“Evetta?” Faraine calls out faintly. Am I busted?

“Did you say something?” Revus replies.

“Ah, no,” Faraine answers, “Good night.”

Am I safe? Does she know? I feel sweat build up under my arms. Footsteps approach for a bit and stop next to me. Faint breathing tickles my ear.

“I won’t tell Revus, but,” Faraine whispers almost too quietly for me to hear, “did you hear our talk?”

I roll over to face her, slide the blanket down until just my eyes are poking out from it, and nod, “Mhm.”

Faraine is crouched down next to me and she smiles, her deep red eyes, masked behind her blue bangs. She brushes her bangs behind her ear allowing me to wholly see her clear, warm eyes. “I… shouldn’t be getting involved, but,” Faraine says, “I… think you should go talk to him.”

I lower the blanket a bit more, nod, and respond, “Okay.” I pull the blanket off me and lay it at my side. I sit up, face Faraine, and, as I stand up, mutter, “Thanks for…” I tilt my head and pause. What am I thanking her for?

Faraine chuckles lightly, “It’s okay… I understand… and you’re welcome.”

I look from Faraine to the doorway and walk over to it. I stop before the archway and look back at the silent fairy. She nods. I gulp. Here goes. I peek through the exit and see Revus sitting on a lump of wood, a faint campfire quietly crackling to his right. Opposite the campfire, his bag rests atop a branch. He is quietly staring at the night sky, his back to me. I tilt my head. He seems… sad.

I walk out toward him and stop just before reaching his seated form. Now that I am next to him I can tell that he is staring at the glowing, yellow moon. As I walk to his side, I murmur, “The moon is pretty.”

Revus snaps his head toward me, and I glance down at him, our eyes meeting. He quickly looks down to his lower-right, then faces the moon once more. He sighs lightly, then solemnly replies, “Yeah. It is…”

“Um,” I fidget with my fingers, “What did you say its name was?” Urgh. What am I even saying? Just ask him. I can do this.

“Miracule. The fourth moon of the year and the moon of light.”

“Right,” I mutter, “Um…”

“How are you feeling?” Revus asks, his gaze still directed at the moon.

“Um, I’m feeling alright,” I state, lowering my head, “but uh…”

“Did you overhear Faraine and I?”

“Yeah,” I nod, “I wanted to ask…” Where do I start? “Do you… uh… want me to hate you?”

Revus laughs lightly and lowers his head. A moment later, he lifts it, turns to look at me, and smiles, “Yes and no.”

“Care to elaborate?” I inquire, furrowing my brow.

“Sure…” Revus looks straight up at the sky, takes a deep breath, and exhales. He looks at me and clarifies, “It would make explaining everything to you easier if you already hated me, but…” He turns away from me once again.


“But,” he continues, facing me again, “After getting to know you, and knowing that the one I’m supposed to protect is such a helpless little girl-”

“Hey,” I bark, shoving him lightly.

He laughs, “With you being you, I’d like it if you didn’t hate me.”

Okay, here goes… I take a deep breath, and ask, “Why do you think I’d hate you?”

Revus returns his gaze to the moon and answers, “Because I’m not a good person.”

“That’s not true,” I argue, “If it wasn’t for you, I’d have died a long time ago. I wouldn’t have been living as nicely or safely if you weren’t there, so…” Revus looks up at me, smiling drearily. “Why are you smiling?”

“Because it’s nice to hear it, even if it’s not true.”


Revus lifts his hand and places it on my head, “I’m only a good person to you.”


He pulls his hand from my head, looks away from me, shaking his head, and whimpers, “Aeth, why’s it so hard talking about this. I’ve been contemplating how to tell you for years now…” He sighs, ”But now that you’re here.”

“Revus,” I waver, “What… No, is something wrong with you… or me?”

“Nothing’s wrong with you,” Revus clearly states, placing his hands on his face, “It’s what I am.”

I turn my head slightly, still keeping me eyes on him, and question, “Aren’t you a fairy, like me, and Faraine, and-”

“Yes…” Revus cuts in, his voice shaking, “and no.”

“What do you mean, you’re just like-”

Suddenly, Revus stands up and manifests his wings. Golden glitter rains down from his radiant, wholly-black wings. “I’m different!” he roars “I’m…” he chokes on his voice, instantly going silent.

But… My eyes bounce from his face to his wings. Wait… I glance back at where my wings would be. Right, but… I face Revus and ask, “Does it have to do with the color of your wings?”

Revus plops back down onto the wooden seat, his wings disappearing into golden dust. I watch each speck as they slowly disappear, one after another fading into the darkness. “Yeah.” he responds dully.

“But what does that have to do with anything?”

“Remember when we talked about wings and I said that I didn’t have a past life?”

“Yeah,” I answer, tilting my head as I watch him.

“Do you also remember what I said about black and white on a fairy’s wings?”

Yeah,” I nod, “You said that all fairies have… both… oh.”

Revus turns to look at me, and smiles. “Pretty sad, isn’t it.”

“But if you aren’t a fairy,” I hurriedly assert, “then what are you?”

Revus looks back up at the moons and states, “The simple answer is I’m a fairy, but unlike other fairies, I wasn’t reborn.” Ok. Now I’m confused.

“Is that important?”

“Incredibly,” Revus mutters, “You see, a fairy like me, who isn’t reborn, doesn’t have parents.”

“Yeah, you said you were an orphan before.”

“I did say that, but what I meant by I didn’t have parents wasn’t that my parents abandoned me, or that they died, or anything like that,” Revus sighs, “I wasn’t born from parents, I have no family, no relation to any other fairy that exists, none, no one.”

“But… you’re not alone,” I solemnly reply, “I’m here, aren’t I.”

“Yeah, it’s only you,” Revus laments, “But otherwise, I’m alone. I have nobody, no one I can turn to, no one I can rely on.”

My eyes fill with tears immediately. He’s like me. The old me. The pain I feel at hearing those words is something I can clearly remember from my past life. I kneel down in front of Revus and grab his hand. He looks me directly in my tear-filled eyes as I lightly sob, “I’m sorry Revus. I want to be someone you can rely on… because… you’ve done so much for me, but all I’ve done is put you in danger and…” I look at where his left leg should be, “Gotten you hurt.” I look back at him, “I know I can’t do much right now, but I’m trying so… could you…” I go quiet as I look down.

“It’s not the same…” Revus utters as he pulls his hand away from mine, “We aren’t family.”

“I… I don’t think you have to be related to be family…” I mutter, “The person who loved me the most wasn’t related to me.”

“Even so,” Revus argues, “You should be the one to rely on me, not the other way around.”

“Then…” I murmur, “When you do need someone to rely on, would you consider me?”

“Maybe one day…” Revus mumbles, “But none of that changes who I am, or the fact that I have no one who can truly understand me.”

“What about my parents, or Novaraine?” I state, “Couldn’t you-”

“It’s not the same!” Revus bellows, then calmly explains, “They’re not my parents. They’re not related to me. They could never know what it’s like to live like I’ve had to.”

I stand up and hug Revus tightly. He raises his hand to lightly grasp mine. After a few seconds, I pull away and ask, “Is there anything I can do to make this feeling go away?”

He smiles bleakly, “I don’t… think there is… but thank you for trying.”

I smile at him and I lean my head on his shoulder. After a few moments of silence I hesitantly ask, “Revus, if- If you don’t have parents… then how were you born?”

Revus leans his head back, looking up at the stars, and responds, “Sir Marth explained to me that I was born from the world.”

“The world?” I murmur looking up at the twinkling stars.

“Yeah…” he says, “He told me that it’s believed that black fairies are born this way whenever the world wants something.”

“What does that mean?” I inquire, “Like, the world wants you to do something for it?”

“Pretty much,” Revus bluntly replies, “According to your father, black fairies are born with no connection to anyone or anything to emphasize the importance of their purpose.”

A purpose. So something like a job? But… “Right, so you,” I tilt my head, “also have a purpose?”

“Yep,” Revus huffs, nodding his head, “It’s simple and straightforward, and yet I’ve already failed a couple of times.” Then it is…

“Well,” I nudge his arm, “don’t keep me in the dark.”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Revus asks looking up at me, “Or do you want me to say it?”

“I’m pretty sure I know,” I murmur, locking my eyes with his, “but could you tell me?”

“The only thing that matters to me. My entire reason for living,” Revus smiles at me, his yellow eyes glowing brightly, “My purpose is… to protect Lady Vestele’s fourth child. In other words, to protect you.”

“But…” I open my mouth, leaving it agape for a moment, “How does that make you a horrible person?”

Revus chuckles, “Because regardless of what happens to others. Whether that means abandoning your loved ones, sacrificing children, waging wars, or ending the world,” he smiles slightly, “Nothing will stop me from keeping you safe. Even if I have to become evil itself.”

“I won’t let that happen,” I boldly claim.

“I hope for both our sakes that you’re right,” Revus opens his arms, wraps them around me, and hugs me tightly. “I’m sorry for keeping this from you, and I hope you’ll forgive me for everything I’ve done, and whatever I do in the future,” he apologizes distraughtly, his voice cracking.

Tears fill my eyes again as I tightly hug him back, and I sob, “I won’t let you become a horrible person, and as long as I’m here, you aren’t alone, okay?”

“Yeah, I know,” Revus whimpers, “So, please, from now on, stay out of danger as much as possible. Please, if something happens to you, I won’t…”

“I promise,” I weep, squeezing him tighter. I stand there hugging Revus for what feels like several minutes until the tears finally stop flooding from my eyes, and my emotions settle.

Revus lets go of me, places his hands on both sides of my head, leans his forehead against mine, and locks eyes with me. His eyes are watery and look like tears could rain down from them at any moment. Is he going to cry? “I will lie to you… and do terrible things in the future… I will make decisions that make you hate me. I promise you these will happen… but I will keep you safe.”

“I…” I purse my lips, “Thank you.”

Revus starts to stand up and kisses my forehead. My body heats up as I look away, placing my fingers on my forehead. Did he just? I glance back and watch as he walks around the campfire toward his bag.

“It’s a little late,” Revus asks, his voice clear, as if nothing had happened, “but are you hungry?”

Is that it? I look up at him, blink a couple of times, glance down at my stomach, and answer, “Yeah, I am.”

Revus holds his hands over the small fire. Steadily the flame’s vigor grows and before long, it is raging. He reaches into his bag and pulls out a couple of leaf-wrapped cubes. “I wasn’t sure how long you were going to sleep, so I figured it would be better to wait for you,” he cheerily says.

I bitterly smile, “Um, yeah…” I get up from the ground, return to my seat, and stare at the popping fire. I’m glad that we talked, even if it did get a little emotional. I glance at his back. And he thought I’d… “Um…,” I examine Revus and as he begins to cut into the ingredients. “I won’t hate you because of your purpose, but why did you think I’d hate you?”

Revus pauses mid cut, chuckles, shakes his head, and, as he resumes cutting, answers. “I thought you’d hate me because of what I’ve already done.”

I sigh, lower my head, and scratch the back of it. “I wouldn’t hate you because I got captured, after all, that was my fault.”

Revus glances back at me and faintly smiles for a moment.

“And I won’t hate you because you hurt the enōōfen either.”

“I’m not referring to today,” Revus bluntly remarks.

“Then…” I tap my chin with my finger, “If it wasn’t today… Was it seeing me naked?” Revus stops, looks over at me dumbfoundedly for a moment, and quietly returns to preparing the meal. My body heats up as I feel my face flush. “At least say something.”

Revus chuckles, “No, that wasn’t it either. No, it was prior to you being born.”

“Before I was born?” I murmur under my breath, “Something with my parents? The spectral realm? Kāāli-” My gaze locks onto Revus and I blurt, “Something happened at Kāālith, right?”

“Yeah, something happened alright,” Revus bemoans, “Depending on how you look at it, one could say I ran away.”

“Wait,” I tilt my head, “you ran away? Why would you-”

Revus smiles, “It sounds like most people don’t see it that way though.”

I hesitate to speak. “W-what do you mean?”

He turns toward the fire, placing a pot over it, and replies, “You really want me to say it?”

“Yes. I want to know what happened.”

“You have no idea how jealous I am,” Revus sighs, “about being allowed to want something.”

I frown and look away, an aching pain piercing my chest. Revus… I return my attention to him and say, “Would you please tell me what happened?”

Revus turns around, holds his hand out over the ground, and the bark floor swells up until there is a second seat-like bump near the campfire. He sits down, faces me, and says, “I kidnapped you.”

I close my eyes, and turn my head slightly. He didn’t say what I think he said, did he? “Can you… repeat that?”

“Evetta,” Revus firmly conveys as I open my eyes and face him, “I kidnapped you from Kāālith. I took you away from your family. From your siblings and cousins. Away from potential friends, and away from those that were looking forward to meeting you.”

“Wha-” I mutter, my mouth agape, as I place my hand on my forehead. I look at him in disbelief, “Y-you… you wouldn’t do that.” Revus bites his lower lip as I plead, “Y-you’re joking, right?” He lowers his head and turns away from me. “Revus!” I shout as I bolt off of my seat. I rush around the fire, grab his clothes, and glare at him, tears blurring my vision. “Tell me you’re joking. Revus, tell me you’re lying.”

“I’m sorry, but it’s true,” Revus whimpers.

“Why?” I whisper, then, while shaking his clothes, shout, “Why!”

“I didn’t want to leave, alright!” Revus bellows, matching my gaze, “I would’ve preferred staying. Watching you grow up happy around your siblings was something I… something I wanted…” He goes quiet.

I let go of him and drop to my knees. “Then why’d you do it?” I glare up at him and yell, “If you wanted to stay then why leave!”

“Because what I want doesn’t matter!” Revus shouts, pointing at me, “I exist only to protect you!” He stops pointing and swings his arm in front of me, “Not to have wants or desires!” He closes his eyes, takes a breath, and, after a brief moment, glumly continues, “Dreams… wishes… wants… I’m not allowed to have those.”

“Revus,” I tremble. I slowly crawl forward, clinging to his clothes, and drive myself to my feet. I wrap my arms around him once again. He returns my embrace. I feel something wet hit my face and I look up at him. My eyes widen in shock on seeing his tear-soaked face.

Before I can say anything, he sobs, “Kāālith was attacked. I-I-I was scared of what would happen to you, s-so I took your bud, and fled.” I’ve never seen him like this. “Nova found me and helped me get out, but we were ambushed before I could escape, and Nova… she…”


“She told me to keep you safe as she protected me from the attack,” he weeps, “The last thing I saw was her getting pierced through the chest and head.” My eyes widen again. Novaraine… she… Revus snivels, then lifelessly continues, “Everything after that was a blur. All I know is I flew, and flew, and kept flying, until we ended up out here.”

I collapse into Revus’ chest, rivers running down my cheeks. “I’m sorry.”

Revus freezes as he holds his trembling arms around me, but does not hug me. He chuckles lightly, his voice cracking, “Why are you apologizing?”

“Even back then, you gave up what little you had to protect me.”

Revus hugs me, resting his chin on my shoulder, and weeps into my ear, “You can’t apologize. This is the part where you’re supposed to hate me.”

“I told you… I won’t hate you…” I pull myself away from him and look him in the eyes. His yellow eyes are now bloodshot, and his handsome face is a mess with tears and a little snot. “Because I’m thankful… that you’re here with me… so stop thinking I’ll hate you. Okay?”

“Okay,” Revus smiles, lets go of me, and says, “I’m sorry for not telling you all this sooner, but…”

“It’s okay,” I reply, “I think I understand why you waited.”

“Gah,” Revus groans while wiping his eyes, “I was hoping you didn’t have to see me like this.”

“What’s wrong with crying?” I tease.

“Nothings wrong with it,” Revus answers, “but I don’t like other people seeing me cry.”

I smile, “Too bad then, after all, we’re stuck with one another, right?”

“Right,” Revus scoffs, “Wasn’t expecting you to make me feel better today.”

I laugh and watch Revus as he calms down. We sit there quietly as Revus begins to monitor our meal. After a couple of minutes, he removes the pot, and pours its contents into two bowls. He walks over, hands me one, and takes the other to his seat.


Revus hesitantly replies, “Sure…”

I stare at the steaming stew in my hands and bite my lips. “Um…” I look up at Revus, “You said that your purpose… is to protect me?”

Revus removes the spoon from his mouth, swallows his food, and remarks, “That’s correct.”

“Do you…” I pause, “Do you know why I need to be protected?”

Revus tilts his head and stares at me. Does he- “Sorry,” he replies as he shrugs his shoulders, “All I know is that I have to protect you.”

“But why!” I bellow, tightly gripping the bowl, my frustration growing. I see Revus’ shocked face and utter, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to raise my voice.”

“It’s okay,” Revus states before putting another spoonful of food in his mouth.

I take a deep breath. “It’s just, I’m not good at anything,” I claim, “I can’t grace my soul. I struggle to keep up with what you teach me. And now, I can’t even fly.”


“So why protect me?”

“Because that’s what I was born to do,” Revus clearly says, “and because that’s what the world wants.”

“The world…” I whimper, “But there’s nothing great about me…”

“Sir Marth said that each black fairy has somehow changed the world, for better or worse,” Revus pauses and points his finger at me, “So, if I’m going to change the world by protecting you,” he smiles, “then I’m looking forward to what you’ll do in the future.”


“I know it’s going to bother you,” Revus declares, “but you should just do whatever you want.

“Right,” I mutter, looking down at my stew.

“If your father’s right, and the world believes you’ll do something one day,” Revus explains, “then it’ll somehow be connected to you, either now, or in the future.”

“Yeah, but…” What am I supposed to do then?

Revus sighs, “This is part of the reason I didn’t want to tell you everything…” He stops for a moment, “It doesn’t matter right now. Focus on what’s in front of you first.”

I glance at him, then back to my bowl of stew. “Right.” I look at him again, tilting my head. “How do you know you have to protect me?”

“What do you mean?” Revus inquires.

“How do you know?” I repeat, “Is it like being hungry?”

“Ah, I see what you’re asking,” Revus states, “You know, I’ve never really thought about it. Hmmm…” he ponders for a bit, “I guess you could call it a feeling, but I think it might be more like… a subconscious necessity. Like something’s engraved in me, telling me to protect you.”

“Isn’t that… I don’t know, weird?”

Revus chuckles, “Is breathing weird? Or blinking?”

“No, but-”

“That’s kind of how it feels for me,” Revus explains, “It feels… natural.”

“It still sounds weird though.”

“I won’t argue with you on that,” Revus agrees, “but for now, you should focus on your dinner before it gets cold. We’ll figure everything else out later.”

I yawn deeply. “Thanks… for everything.” I’ll find some way to make it up to you.


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