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Chapter 38 – The Reason it was Sealed

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Circle-warning.gif This chapter is translated by Baka-Tsuki
and is rehosted due to dead link.

After hearing that there was a village that had huge demand for herbicides, we quickly rushed over…

It might be that Firo was excessively fast, but we were able to make it to the region in just a few days.


“What is it?”

“Uhmm, the plants here are pretty crazy-“


Raphtalia and I both look outside of the carriage.

And when we do, we see the road completely buried in some sort of viny, squirming vegetation.

“T, The hell?!”

It’s advancing slowly and gradually, but the vegetation is most definitely expanding its domain.

“The village is…”

I take a look around and notice there were people gathered over at somewhere that looked like a refugee camp.

“Firo, head over that way.”


We head over to the camp and start to set up shop.

“Alright, what should I price these herbicides.”

I’m sure these will be used to try to exterminate those slowly encroaching vines.

I can see what the accessory merchant meant when he said I’d be able to make a killing here.

So then, just how much profit will I be making.

“Though there might already be a specialist here dealing them out.”

“You might be right.”

I get out of the carriage to try and gather some information.

On a side note, I changed my shield into Book Shield. I then turned the shield around to make it look like I was just any old peddler holding a book.

By setting my shield to something that doesn’t really stand out, I can hide my identity as the Shield Hero.

“I came by since I heard I can sell herbicides for a good price here.”

I ask someone at the camp who looked like they had some authority.

“Oh, a trader. It would definitely help.”

He responded quickly as if he was waiting for me.

“But what exactly is going on here?”

I inquire as I look towards the invading flora.

“What exactly… Our village was hit by a famine.”

Ah now that I think about it, I did hear of a rumor along those lines.
But didn’t Motoyasu handle that?

“However, we requested aid from the Spear Hero and he returned with a miracle seed that has been sealed since ancient times. While it did resolve our famine it…”

“That can’t be the miracle seed can it?”

I look towards the encroaching vines. Now that I observe carefully there are fruits and other vegetable produce stemming from the vines.

It doesn’t seem like this camp is having any issues with food, and there aren’t any food relief aids in sight. The vines also apparently have potatoes as I notice some farmers approaching the vines and digging them out.

In other words, the villagers have no trouble whatsoever with food, but because the plants are growing out of control, they’ve been driven out of their homes…

Are you retarded?

I’m thinking about it, the seed was sealed, was it not. There has to be good reason for it to have been sealed or they would have just ignored it and let it go.

So what the hell was Motoyasu thinking?

“Also it’s not an issue outside of the growth, but when you’re inside where the village is at, some of the plants have transformed into monsters.”

Oh, so the plants can evolve.

Are you retarded?

Why must I feel this way in such a short span of time.

Seriously, that guy [Motoyasu] is a genius at rustling my jimmies.

“And that’s why you guys need herbicide?”


Since they’re farmers I’m sure they know about plant and weed control…

“At first we were overjoyed with all the harvest we were getting. But then it started growing from the fields to our homes… We tried our best to weed it out, but it just grew too fast.”

“By the way, when did this happen?”

“It wasn’t an issue two weeks after the Hero left. But ever since two weeks ago…”

“I see. Have you tried reporting this to the kingdom?”

“We have. But since the Heroes are all so busy, it would take some time before they arrive it seems. So we’re just trying to stop it from spreading further with herbicide.”

Haaah… Before I knew it I let out a sigh.

“Have you tried just lighting it all on fire?”

“We’ve tried everything we can think of.”

“Oh, so you guys already did.”

I’m sure they’ve also called to adventurers for help.

I take a look around and see people with weapons who were clearly not villagers.


A scream comes out from the village.

“What’s going on?!”

“Some adventurers said they were going to go in to try and raise their Level. I tried to stop them, but they didn’t listen. That scream might have been coming from them…”

The villager says that as if he’s given up on them.

“Dammit…! Firo!”

I point towards the village and Firo, who was stuffing her face with the produce from the plants, rushes in.
She then busts out of the verdure outgrowth shouldering three adventurers who were in tatters.

“What’s it look like inside?”

“Uhhm, there were plant monsters inside creeping about. There were some pretty interesting ones that spat out poison and acid. These guys here sure are dumb going in there when they’re so weak–.”

“You didn’t need to mention that last bit.”


The villager was flabbergasted at Firo’s fluent speech.

“A, Are you the rumored Saint who rides a carriage drawn by the Holy Bird?”

The villager now asks me, covering my hands with his own.

“Well… I don’t know about a saint, but I am the owner of a carriage and a bird.”

“Please! If you can, please help us! There are some people here who have been infested by the plants!”

“So some of them have parasitic capabilities huh…”

With a remedy and herbicide in one hand, I’m lead into a tent.

Inside I see some people laid down with half of their bodies blighted by plants.

“I don’t know if I’ll actually be able to cure them though. But I don’t run a charity here, so you better make sure you pay the treatment fee.”

“We will…”

It was barely audible, but I could hear people around lamenting in a low voice, ‘If only the Spear Hero didn’t come here…’ It made me a bit giddy.

In any case, I go to the nearest patient who was a sleeping child that had troubled breathing, and had him drink some medicine.
A dim light appears, and the child’s breathing returns to normal. I then spread the herbicide along the diseased areas.

The child looked to be in a bit of pain, but the plants that were ailing him began to wither away and scatter about. What resulted seemed to be a full recovery.


“As expected of Saint-sama.”

Voices of admiration start flowing out.

I continue on to the other patients, feeding them the medicine and applying the herbicide.

After I finish treating everyone, the air around the camp seemed to lighten up a bit for some reason.

Well, even if it’s not that major, I guess good news would tend to brighten up the mood.

“Thank you, thank you so much!”

The people here give me their gratitude.

“Give me my treatment fee.”

I charge them a tad bit above the market price.

I gotta be careful here. Since they’ve already requested aid from the kingdom there’s a very high risk that I’ll end up seeing one of the other Heroes.

If that happens then there’s a good chance that these guys here will instead look to me in aversion.

The villagers are now giving me their money with smiles on their faces.

“Well then, I’ll be here selling herbicides now. After that, I’ll be off as I’ll no longer have any business here.”

“Ah… Saint-sama, if you can, could you please save our village?”

“The hell?! Why don’t you go ask one of the country’s Heroes?”


Ugh… The villagers are now gathering around and begging me as if in prayer.

I’m not the type of guy that would do anything so long as they ask. On top of that I have no obligation to help them.

“I refuse.”

“Please. If it’s money we can gather some.”

“…You pay me in advance. And after, no matter what happens don’t come crying about it. Now, tell me everything you know about the seal that the Spear Hero released.”

At my response, the villagers began to pull money out of their own pockets and amassed their funds. In the meantime I try to gather as much information as possible.

According to what they were told, sealed inside of the nearby ruins was the seed of a certain type of plant, and protecting it was a powerful guardian.

Really, did you guys not have any doubts considering there was a ******* guardian protecting this seed?

I had an almost uncontrollable urge to scream that out but somehow I was able to restrain myself.
And that’s all could get from the Spear Hero’s… Motoyasu’s story.

From what I got from questioning the villagers, long ago this region used to be the stronghold of an alchemist, and it was said that his one masterpiece was sealed here.

And some other details saying that some time ago, this whole area was under the domination of plants or something like that…

“If you had legends like that, don’t go around undoing seals! Did no one really stop to consider?”

Everyone averted their gazes at the same time.
I’m sure they thought it was safe since a Hero brought it to them after all.

It doesn’t seem like I can find any more useful information besides that.

And while we had these discussions, the funds have finished collecting.

… This is quite the sum of cash.

Since they paid up front, I can get away with showing my identity now.

“Understood. I’ll see what I can do.”

I then change my shield into one meant for combat: the Chimera Viper Shield.

“T, The Shield Hero?!”

I ignore the voices of the villagers and head toward the mass of vines. Behind me follow Raphtalia and Firo.

I tie the ample bag of money I received to my hip, and walk down the road rife with the encroaching vegetation.


Chapter 37 – Magical Study

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Circle-warning.gif This chapter is translated by Baka-Tsuki
and is rehosted due to dead link.

After that we continued peddling and for some reason the accessory salesman stayed with us.

I was getting a transportation fee so I didn’t complain, but I couldn’t get why he was doing this.

It seems the incident with the thieves made him really like me. The accessory salesman revealed what he was and said that he wouldn’t stop lecturing me until he got off the carriage.

Incredibly, his objective was to go around and learn the faces of the peddlers invading this area, and give a warning to them after riding with them. He was an assassin for the merchant association.

During that he saw my quality and wanted to polish me, or something…

On top of that the accessory salesman held quite a bit of power in the association. On the surface he was kind, but he was famous for not taking disciples or teaching things to others. I found out when a merchant I met later complained to me about it.

As for what he taught me, first was how to obtain jewels and things to work them with. The accessory salesman introduced me to an acquaintance of his at a mine for this.

Next was how to work precious metals into accessories. It seemed like there were a lot of different elaborate designs that he was working on now. I myself am an otaku when it comes to drawings so I had some knowledge for this. When I tried making something that felt like the design he liked it.

He also sold me tools for crafting cheaply.

There was a magical tool used for fuel that only existed in this world. It was a magical stone similar to coal.

As expected the shield reacted to it, but it was pretty pricey so I couldn’t go about absorbing it.

There were a few things that looked like what you would call rock polishers and burners in my world. They were used to make accessories.

He said that it was common sense to take iron or other hard metals to a forge and make then into molds. Well, after doing this much I was able to make it correctly thanks to my crafting skill.

And the main part started here.

Working on enchantments.

As I thought you needed to be able to use magic to do this.

I was growling at the spell book in one of my hands after being unable to perform magic when the accessory salesman called out to me.

“Can you not use magic hero-sama?”

“Yeah, my subordinates said that I have to tune my magic power, but I doing really get what magic power is.”

“Ah, I understand…that’s what it was.”

For some reason, the accessory salesman pulled something out of his breast pocket that looked like small and transparent shards and brought them to me.

“What’s this?”

“The fragment of a certain rare ore. It is expensive.”


“You are able to read the language correct?”

“Kind of…if it’s something easy.”

If you spend almost a month touching on and seriously working with this world’s letters, then you’ll start learning them.

I still can’t read difficult wording, but I’d become able to read easy things.

“The what’s left is just magic practice. If you can just feel the magic that will be enough.”

Ummm…that’s something that’s pretty difficult you just said.

While thinking that, I rolled the shards he passed me about in my hands.

The shards slowly began to glow.

It was like…how to say it. There was another hand in myself that I hadn’t know about until now, and I guess it felt like it had started to move.

There was an organ that had been with me without my knowing it and right now I was confronted with it’s existence. That’s how it felt.

It was like a bird who didn’t know how to fly flapping its wings for the first time…

“It kind of, feels weird.”

“In truth you can feel magic without using something like this, but it seems you grew up without knowing it, so I thought I would test it out. It looks like it was a success.”

“…I see.”

I am now conscious of another “arm” called magic power.

I open to the part of the magic book which I have already deciphered. The letter begins to shine. This is a magic engraved by me and only usable by me.

Naofumi:“I am the Hero of the shield who command the origin of power. I have read and deciphered a law of nature. May the power of nature defend me!”
Naofumi: “Fast Guard!”

A target mark appears in my view. I selected myself as a test.
A light shines over me. Then I check my status and it seems to have risen.

Naofumi: “Oh…”
Naofumi: “I seemed to have learnt it somehow. Well then, teach me some magic.”

The accessory merchant disregarded my excitement and begins another lecture.

Though, it wasn’t that draining to use such a spell. Then I recall the enchantment magic taught by the accessory merchant.

I try and apply magical power to a processed jewel.

I had trouble at first but my shield corrected some of my mistakes.

It gets difficult when I try mixing power from a different gem. Also I seem to be able to draw out magical power from medicine and apply it.

Accessory Merchant: “Well, that’s the basics. Please keep improving and apply it to your business afterwards.”

The accessory merchant gets of the carriage and heads off.

Thus, I learn how to craft something besides medicine.

Because it is necessary to use ores, when we arrived at a mining town, I started mining immediately.

Owner: “Eh? Is that an introduction letter?”

The coal mine owner asked in surprise when I showed him the accessory merchant’s letter of introduction.

Owner: “This is certainly a letter from him. How did you manage to get something from someone so stingy?”
Naofumi: “What do you mean?”

Apparently the accessory merchant is a very stingy person.

The owner of the coal mines was suspicious when I appeared with a letter of introduction from that scrooge, but was shocked when it was the real thing.

Owner: “Since the letter is real, how much do you want to buy? Since you have the letter, I’ll be flexible.”
Naofumi: “Uhm, may I mine it myself? It would be cheaper.”
Owner: “Eh? Well… That’s fine, take whatever you mine…”

I left the business to Raphtalia and Firo as I head to a cave with my pickaxe. I’m interested in the mining skill.

The sound of pickaxe striking stone echoes through the cave. To be honest, it’s quite noisy and the air is hot and stuffy.
As expected of a different world, a crystal is exposed on the wall and shines.

Owner: “This cave is safe unless there are extreme circumstances, so there are no problems wherever you may want to dig. However, the risk of collapse is not zero.”

I was guided to several places within the mine by the coal mine owner.
As I raise the pickaxe slowly, a cross-hair emerges on the wall.
What? Do I strike there?

Naofumi: “Tei!”

I swing the pickaxe down with momentum.

With a clang a crack emerges from the wall. The crack spreads and the wall falls apart.

Owner: “Whoa!”

That was a very fragile wall.

Naofumi: “Hm?”

The coal mine owner looked at me as if I’m crazy.

Owner: “That hard bedrock… In one strike?”

That was hard…?

Due to the mining skill, walls collapse whenever I swing and ores were collected at a terrifying pace.
But there are still walls that I can’t collapse no matter what…
Maybe it’s because of my low skill level.

Naofumi: “Well I’ll just work with this.”
Owner: “O-okay.”

I filled a bag with gemstones and leave quickly.

By the way, gemstones were even able to be found near the entrance of the mine. I just had to dig near a few mulberry trees.
It is surprisingly easy to find in the neighbourhood.
Although the uncut stones close to the surface seems to be of a lower quality for magic.

According to my knowledge of my world, there seems to be a famous place where jewels were dug up simply by digging in the field.
Even though this is a different world, I believed the good quality gems will be buried deep underground.

Ruby Bracelet was made!
Quality: Good -> High Quality

Even though I originally made that as a trial, It seems to have turned out well.
I also tried to imbue the bracelet with magic.

Ruby Bracelet (Fire-Resistance +)
Quality: High Quality -> Normal

Ugh… The quality fell a lot after magic was imbued.

I dabbled in making accessories as the peddling continues.

By the way, it is very hard to make accessories on a moving carriage, so I can only work on them at night.

It seems my shield is not high enough level to absorb a finished gem.

Time to sell it.

The bracelet that was created earlier was for 80 silver pieces. The value of gems in this world seems to be lower than my world. It takes time to create the foundation.

It might be worthwhile to make new designs in the wagon. Though, it’s a little inconsistent.

It seems anything will be popular. What’s popular in my world might be popular here too.
Though I don’t know much about expensive jewelry.

However, production takes quite a while.
That said, there is money to be earned. It might not be a bad idea to improve our equipment.

Requirements for Iron Ore Shield have been revealed.
Requirements for Copper Ore Shield have been revealed.
Requirements for Silver Ore Shield have been revealed.
Requirements for Lead Ore Shield have been revealed.

Iron Ore Shield
Unsealing completed… Equipment Bonus: Smelting Ability 2

Copper Ore Shield
Unsealing completed… Equipment Bonus: Smelting Ability 1

Silver Ore Shield
Unsealing completed… Equipment Bonus: 2% Damage reduction from Demons

Lead Ore Shield
Unsealing completed… Equipment Bonus: Defence Power 1

A skill which seems to be useful for the old man from the weapon shop appeared.
It’s pretty useless to me at the moment anyway.

The Lead Ore Shield seems to have displaced another skill. I’m not going to use that skill anyway.

Every day of peddling was passed with such a feeling.
Having stopped at a southern town.
Through a certain reliable source (Accessory Merchant), I heard of a province that wants to acquire large amounts of Herbicide.

Apparently there’s a lot of money to be made so we leave for a south-west village in haste.
Judging by speed alone Firo seems to be a match for a God Bird…1


Chapter 36 – To Take Everything But Your Life

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Circle-warning.gif This chapter is translated by Baka-Tsuki
and is rehosted due to dead link.

“Really…I’m lucky that I was able to get a ride on the heavenly bird carriage.”

“Heavenly bird?”

That day we had a merchant who said he wanted to go to the next town, so we let him on.

“You don’t know? Umm, you are the owner of this carriage right?”

The merchant wasn’t pointing to Raphtalia, who had been making small talk, but at me.

We normally had Raphtalia take on the role of the carriage owner but…

“That’s right…”

“It has become famous in the streets: A carriage with a heavenly bird is going around peddling in various regions while performing miracles.”

I looked at Firo from inside the bumping and swaying vehicle.

Seems like they’re speaking highly of her, even though she’s really just a glutton who likes to be spoiled.

However, I don’t really get what they mean by miracles.



Firo suddenly let out a strange cry and exploded into a run.

I, Raphtalia, and the merchant who were inside the carriage firmly grabbed onto the railing so we wouldn’t fall out.



Thud thump thump thump thump.

The wheels were making a noise so I couldn’t hear the situation outside very well.

Every now and then Firo explodes into a run like this…

This would be the fourth time since we started peddling. She’s pretty whimsical.

“It’s not just us here so be careful.”

“Okaaaay, I mean….Kue!”

We talked in a low voice to keep the merchant from hearing.

A talking monster got attention in a way, and it might bring something troublesome.

….I feel like we’re already getting attention though…

As for the merchant, he was surprised and looking towards me.

“I had heard that it could understand human language, but it’s really incredible.”

“I think so too.”

Thinking about it it’s great that she can understand what we say. How high spec would being able to speak be?

It would probably be good to take it as a sign of high monster potential. In that way it might be incredibly rare.

“Well we’re just using it to peddle goods, medicine, transport, and to be a jack-of-all-trades though.”

Getting back to the conversation, I answered the merchant.

“It’s said that people suffering from illness who ride the carriage are saved just by drinking special medicine given by a saint.”


The medicine is just a remedy that normal people could get their hands on, though it is a little expensive.

By the way, it’s also possible to change the medicine to match the symptoms.

The remedies that I first made were cure-alls but their quality was low. It’s only good point was that it worked well on respiratory problems.

Now I’ve gotten a lot of different types of herbs, so I can make remedies to match the need.

Using herbs for fever, respiratory problems, stomach problems, or skin disease changes the result, though they all are classified as remedies.

The intermediate recipe book was fully descriptive in that area. The skill from the shield, in it’s own way, has an assist display that depends on the type of herbs you are mixing.

“It’s just a remedy you know?”

I showed the merchant a remedy taken from the storage box.

“So this is the miracle medicine.”

The merchant removed the lid from the remedy and smelled it.

“It’s true that it has the same smell as the normal medicine I took a while ago.”

“…you can tell?”

Is this guy a medicine salesman?

And in response to the question the merchant shook his head.

“No, it’s just a feeling.”

So you can’t tell!

Well, I wasn’t sure if it was okay to react to that so I just let it slide.

“So, what kind of merchant are you?”

“I’m a jeweler.”

Jewels are those things right. They’re in this world too.

I guess for the most part nobles buy them as accessories.

“A jeweler…someone who sells such expensive goods is by himself?”

If a rich merchant is selling goods then there should be a corresponding escort, but he was travelling by himself. It was a bit suspicious.

“You hit on a sore point.”

The merchant lightly laughed as he answered.

“I have all sorts of things. Strictly speaking I guess you could say I’m an accessory salesman.”

“How is that different?”

“Well then, will you have a look at my goods?”

Saying that the accessory salesman showed me the inside of his luggage.

Looking inside I did see broaches and necklaces. Also bracelets.

However, it stood out that the metal used was iron or copper. Also the gems fitted onto them was….how to say it, they seemed somewhat too clouded to be call gems.

“For this trip I basically just have cheap stuff.”

“I see….has your business crashed or something?”

“No, the accessories this time are for low income adventurers.”


According to the accessory salesman, it seemed you could add magic over time to accessories to increase abilities.

“By the way how much does one usually go for?”

“Let’s see…this iron bracelet of attack would probably go for about 30 silver coins.”

Uu…That’s pretty high. My medicine, even the remedies, don’t sell for that much.

“If you were to enchant it, one would be about 100”

“Is that so.”


Hmm…this needs some thought.

Medicine sales have hit a plateau right now. We’re managing to pretty much sell out our stock, but we also have to buy herbs so the profit isn’t that great.

Collecting each and every one isn’t working in this situation.

Before we started peddling that might of been good, but collecting and making it lacks efficiency.

“Is crafting them good for things like that?”

“Let’s see…it’s fine for making the shape, but next I’m going to get them enchanted, if you add that in I don’t know if you could call it crafting.”

….I see, first you make the shape, and then when you enchant it with magic the effect shows up for the first time.

Enchanting…this is tricky.

It sounds unpleasant, I guess you could say. It also shows up in the medicine preparations every now and then.

It’s in the recipes for magic water and spirit healing water quite a lot.

This means that if you can’t use magic then you can’t make them.

“That was pretty informative, thanks.”

“No no, thank you.”

“Master~, somethings coming.”

Firo let out a somewhat tense voice and, keeping me in mind, came to a stop.

Raphtalia and I come out of the suddenly stopped carriage to confirm the situation.

And then human shapes appeared from deep within the woods.

Every one of them was carrying a weapon, and their attitude was the exact opposite of a warm welcome as they came towards us.

Their clothes were pretty sparse, but they each were wearing amour and seemed savage. No matter how you looked at them, they seemed like some kind of bandits.


The accessory salesman screamed in a panicked voice.

“Hehehe…you guys, leave everything of value.”

I was kind of amazed at how cliched that was.

Isn’t this situation off? There’s only meaning in ambushes if you keep quite while doing it.

Ah, Firo noticed them already so they just went ahead and attacked.

Their faces seem like they’re looking down on us and think they’ve won too.

“We know about it! That that carriage has a jeweler on it!”

The thieves raved at us.

I looked at the accessory salesman inside the carriage.

“Didn’t you say that you didn’t have anything valuable?”

“Yes…there aren’t any in my wares this time…”

The accessory salesman, while looking really scared, was already holding his things like they were important.

“There were some accessories I sold off for a large price.”

“I see…that caught their eyes I guess.”

I’ve let on a troublesome customer.

“I saved on escort expenses because I didn’t think a merchant travelling for personal reasons without any expensive goods would be attacked.”

“Your pretty stupid, haa….”

All I could do was sigh.

“I’m going to add a fee for the trouble.”

“…I understand.”

The accessory salesman nodded with a glum face.

“Raphtalia, Firo, they’re enemies.”



At my orders Raphtalia jumped out of the carriage and prepared for battle.

I followed with the accessory salesman sticking close behind me.

“Don’t move away from me no matter what.”


I changed from the shield that was in the middle of unlocking it’s power to one for battle.

“Y-you are the shield..?”


The accessory salesman was surprised after learning that the owner of the heavenly bird carriage was the infamous shield hero.

“What? You want to fight us?”

“Yeah, I have to put out the sparks coming down1, after all.”

I answered while glaring at the thieves.

The important part of this battle is to make sure the enemy doesn’t achieve their goal.

In other words, I have to make sure they can’t steal the stuff the accessory salesman is carrying.

“Raphtalia, Firo, can you do it?”

“Yes, if we don’t we’ll be done in.”

“I was just bored anyway.”

“I see, then…do it!”

At the same time I gave my order, the thieves brandished their weapons and started to attack.

Looking at them, it felt like there were a little over 15 enemies. A good amount people.

“Erst Shield!”

I showed the enemies running at me a shield in midair, and I was already triggering my next skill.

“Change Shield!”

Change Shield is a skill that let’s me change Erst Shield and Shield Prison into any type of shield I know.

The shield I chose was Bee Needle Shield.

Bee Needle Shield’s effects were needle shield (small) and bee poison (paralysis).

“Wha-, a shield just! GAHA-!”

One of the thieves running at us ran into the suddenly appearing shield, fell down, and went numb with cramps. I’m glad the effect activated fine.

“Shield Prison!”

“What’s with-”

And another thief was caught in the shield’s cage.

They each have limited time. Change Shield’s cool down time was 30 seconds. Using it continuously was difficult.

However, they can shave down the number like this, so the effect is pretty good.

About 3 thieves came up to right in front of me. They must have thought I was a stupid escort who didn’t have anything but a shield.

I stood in front of the merchant and prepared for the attacks.

Sparks rose from in front of the shield, and the thieves attacks were repelled with a metallic sound. It looked like their attack power wasn’t enough to overcome my defense power.

The shield I had equipped now was the Chimera Viper Shield.

The effects were snake poison (middle) and hook.

The sculpture of a snake on the shield started moving and bit the thieves that had launched an attack at me. Snake poison was a poison attack that reacted to enemies that attacked me.


“Ku, if it’s just thi- GAHA!”

“I-I feel sick…”

The snake poison then poisoned those who attacked me. It didn’t have much affect on guys with tolerance.

The poison’s effectiveness was high, I hadn’t tested whether it had an effect on humans, but it looked like it was indeed powerful.

I gave orders to the shield’s hook. The snake sculpture on the shield lifted up one of the thieves.

This hook effect doesn’t have and attack power, but it’s range is 2 meters. It’s good for grabbing things or climbing mountains.

The thief’s movement visibly worsened and he started to collapse.

“Th-this guy’s the shield hero!”

A wave of tension ran through the thieves.

I guess they just noticed that they ran into the hero whose famously twisted in this country.

However, it’s too late now. Plus the thieves immediately realized that that fear would cause their own disadvantage.



Raphtalia used her sword and cut into a thieve when he showed this opening. He took it on his defenses but Raphtalia’s slice must have been strong since he was blasted away, hit his head, and collapsed.

As for Firo, she was running around them at high speed, kicking one, then another, into the air with her strong legs. Just like that the thieves flew like Motoyasu 5 meters, no 20 meters, away and rolled on the ground.

….Did they die from that?

In no time at all the thieves numbers decreased. There were about 6 people left that could put up a fight.

“Che-! Withdraw!”

“I won’t let you!”

I trapped the thieve that stank of being their leader in a shield prison, and Raphtalia, riding on Firo, caught the ones running away.

“Right then.”

I checked on the now tied up thieves.

“These guys…will we get a bounty if we turn them into some village’s guard?”

“I do not know if they could give us that much during these times…”

Raphtalia answered with a smile and troubled expression.

“Do you know?”

I asked the accessory salesman, but as I thought he shook his head.

“However, I think we should hand them into the guards.”

“Hmmm…that’s true but…”

The guy who looked like the thieves’ leader was looking at me with a mocking smile.

I could guess, for the most part, what scenario he was imagining.

“‘We’re just adventurers that were attacked by the shield hero.’ is it?”

The leader’s face changed to discomfort.

“That’s right! Not a problem, the guards would believe us more than the infamous shield hero.”

“Well, the possibility of that is pretty high…”

Why is my bad name spreading this much….thinking carefully about it I can’t really accept it.

Because of that ****** princess and ****** king even if I act justly the people around me won’t believe it.


“No helping it. I guess we’ll kill them.”

Maybe they thought I wouldn’t make that choice, the thieves expressions all went pale at the same time.

There were some who were desperately trying to get out of their ropes, but Firo quickly kicked them and they stopped in pain.

“It might be good to let my dangerous monster know the flavor of humans too…”

I muttered at the thieves adding pressure into my voice.


Firo looked at the thieves while drooling.


“What should I do?”

“T-this is the heavenly bird carriage right!? Are you going to kill people despite going around doing miracles!?”

“I don’t really ever remember claiming that. It’s a given that I should put out the sparks coming down on me right? Up until now you’ve been taking from other people right? Just think of it as it being your turn and give up.”

“Pl-please leave us with our lives!”

“Then give me everything of value and your equipment, and tell me where your base is. It’s fine if you want to lie, but lying to me means an unpleasant death. If you lie once then my heavenly bird is going to tear off and eat your limbs one by one okay?”

The thieves, while trembling, answered me in a small voice.

I might be because I was the infamous shield hero, but it was extremely effective.

“I-I got it! Our base is-”

I confirmed where it was on the map.

It’s close.

“Alright, negotiations confirmed.”

I lowered my hand and Firo attacked the whole group of thieves with enough power to knock them out.

“For now let’s take everything of value from them, oh? This guy has some good equipment. Raphtalia, we’ll make this your equipment.”

Raphtalia was following my orders and efficiently depriving the thieves of their equipment.

“After this we’ll give the poisoned guys an antidote and load them on the carriage. Hurry up, we’re going to drop in on their base too.”


We confirmed that their base was there, and at the same time bond the hands and mouths of the lookouts.

And then, after loading the treasure the thieves were hoarding onto the carriage, we left them all tied up at the base.

There was a lot of different kinds of treasure.

Simple money, food, alcohol, weapons and armor, precious metals, cheap heal ointments, ect.

They had quite a bit more than I imagined so it was some unexpected extra money.

It’s possible that these guys were a gang of thieves who hit all over this area.


The accessory salesman, who had been half absentmindedly watching what had happened up till now, looked at me.

“So, about how much of a fee for the trouble are you going to pay?”

At my question the accessory salesman came to his senses.

“If it’s a few silver coins that would be….”

I guess I should add more threats.

It’s your fault that this became so troublesome. If that was enough to settle it then no one would have to suffer.

It was settled that I would receive a part of his accessory goods.

“…I’ll keep in mind that if the thieves had attacked me I wouldn’t have gotten off free…and accept it.”

It seemed like he was deeply moved. The accessory salesman’s gaze at me was hotter than before.

I felt like he wasn’t lying.

“Okay. I’ll offer you my treasured crafting and enchanting. As well as my distribution route.”

“…isn’t that a little too much?”

Even with the trouble, the reward was too large. It made me suspicious instead.

It was likely he was acting out of spite of having part of his accessories stolen.

“No no, recently, thanks to greed like yours, merchants that you can’t deal with without trouble and becoming fewer.”

“Aren’t there more than enough greedy people?”

“The meaning is different. It’s not trying to profit by exploiting people, using them and throwing them away, what we need is someone who can ***** the situation and exploit them while letting them live.

“Using and throwing away…”

I looked towards the thieves I had exploited and tied up.

They might have been doing well since they were wearing good clothes, so I took those along with their equipment but…

Although it was what they deserved, it definitely felt like they were people who had had everything stolen.

“Even though I left them like that?”

“They had tried to steal both our valuables and our lives. However you compromised and left them with their lives just stealing all they had. They are those with lives, even though it was a given they would be killed. Compared to what they would do to you it was the best outcome for them.”

Well, thanks to my bad name, it was pretty possible that the guards would have believed their claim. The was also the possible they wouldn’t though.

“They spent their entire fortune to buy their lives from you.”

“You can look at it that way but…”

“Also…after they restore their equipment, you can exploit them again when they come to take revenge!”

The accessory salesman was cruelly smiling.

What’s with this guy!? I starting to see him as pretty disgusting!

“W-well, I’ll let you off at the next city.”

“No, I’m going to teach you a lot. Until I finish I won’t leave.”

What exactly does this accessory salesman intend to teach me!?

I’m worried because he seems oddly motivated…

Anyway, like this we continued peddling with the treasure stolen from the thieves warming our hearts.

It doesn’t really matter, but it seems like there was a group of merchants who sold the information that the accessory salesman was riding on our carriage to those thieves, but later it seems they were purged.


  1. A phrase in Japanese meaning that you can’t just sit by while danger is coming down on you. 

Chapter 35 – Rumors of our Heroes

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Circle-warning.gif This chapter is translated by Baka-Tsuki
and is rehosted due to dead link.


We were about an hour from our next destination and I was inside the carriage working when I noticed there was an odd noise.

It sounded like there was heavy breathing coming from beside the carriage. I poked my head out and saw a man with a frantic expression running with a carrier bag in one hand.

“What’s the hurry?”

Satisfying your curiosity at a time like this is a secret to getting into some profitable negotiations.

“Hey, you, what’s wrong?”

“I need to hurry back, to the Mountain Side Village….”

“You need to get to Mountain Side Village in a hurry?”

It seems that his mother had collapsed due to a disease and the man had gone to get medicine. He was now hurrying back and had caught up to Firo.

“Yes. Every second counts.”

I heard the situation of the man who was sprinting at full strength next to the carriage the was thumping along.

Hmm…in terms of distance, it would usually cost about 50 copper coins for transport…

“Firo, if you ran at full speed could you get there fast?”

“Ummmm. If I could run without pulling the carriage I could get there even faster.”

“Got it.”

I met Raphtalia’s eyes and, she might have read what I was thinking, she nodded.

“For 1 silver coin I’ll carry you there.”


The man’s expression changed to surprise.

“But just buying the medicine cost all of my money…”

“I don’t mind if it’s something that is worth 1 silver coin. Medicine or even having you pay afterward is fine. Though if you don’t pay I won’t forgive you.”

“I-In that case…”

“Alright, we have a deal. Firo!”


Firo quickly put on the brakes and stopped the carriage on the roadside and looked back at me.

I then road on Firo’s back and caught up to the man and picked him up.


The man was surprised and grabbed onto Firo with both hands as she set out at full speed.

Raphtalia waved her hand at us from the carriage.

“Let’s go!”



Firo’s full speed, even without changing to her weird owl form, was pretty fast.

She could go twice as fast as the average filolial.

“Th-this is so fast…”

“It’s more important to get your mother to drink that medicine right. Don’t drop it.”


The man went into his house. I followed after him inside. I still hadn’t gotten my payment after all.

Coming up to it, it was a regular rural commoner house.

As I entered inside I heard someone coughing.

“Mother, I have the medicine. Please drink it slowly.”

I walked toward the voice and saw the man trying to get an old woman who had a pale face and looked like was could die at any time drink the medicine.

What kind of medicine is that? It seemed that it was more effective than any medicine that I knew.


“Hey. I’ll get her to drink it, so why don’t you go boil some water and make something that will give her energy.”

“Is that okay?”

“No problem, I’ll think of it as part of getting you here.”

I took the medicine from the man, held the old woman up, supporting her back, and had her drink it.

…hopefully the effective medicine skill I unlocked before will activate.


The old woman managed to keep the medicine in her mouth and swallow it down.

A soft light rose from her then faded away.

It seemed like it was effective.

Looking at her, I felt like the old woman’s condition was getting better. Her pale face started regaining color, and the amount of coughing went down a little.

“Just rest for now, your son will bring you something to eat soon.”

The old woman shakily looked up at me and then lied down.

“Right then.”

I left the room with the old woman behind and went up to the man.

“Ah, did she drink it?”

“Yeah, it seems like her condition has settled down too.”

At my reply the man looked relieved and the tension left his shoulders.

“I’ll be back later so make sure to pay me.”


I left the man’s house, climbed onto the waiting Firo and returned to where we left the carriage.

After we got back to the village, the man came out to meet us with a somewhat tense expression.


“What is it?”

I answered the man while gathering up the goods we would peddle and unloading the items we were carrying for people.

“My mother’s condition is remarkably improving, um, exactly who are you?”

“If you don’t already know me then you don’t need to.”

If he did know then he would probably just think of my bad reputation, and I’m sure he would look at me with distrust.

“If I could at least get your name.”

“I have no reason to give it to you. The medicine worked fine right? More importantly go get me 1 silver coin or something worth that much.”


The man bought some things from inside his house, food.

“Well, this seems to be enough. Alright then, if we meet again I’ll look forward to your patronage.”

“Yes! Really, thank you very much!”

The man’s face was kind of beaming.

By the way, the next time we visited this village. The man’s mother had become a healthy…I guess it’s going too far to say she had become a too healthy old woman.

And so I continued hiding in the carriage, preparing medicine and advancing my way through the intermediate recipe book.

The intermediate recipe book was easier to decipher than the magic book so I didn’t have wrestle with it as much.

When I finally managed to decipher the remedy recipe I felt pretty tired.

Thinking about, up until now I haven’t really tried to study.

A lot happened this month so I forgot about him, but if I manage to survive and meet my brother it might be good to say something to him.

“Naofumi-sama, we’ve finished our sales here.”

We arrived at this village a little after noon, and it was now evening.

“What about luggage and letters to carry to the next village?”

“I’ve gathered them.”

I got down from the carriage and loaded the luggage onto it.

Luggage that one can entrust to an unknown peddler can’t amount to much.

It’s mostly cheap stuff that they wouldn’t miss if it was stolen.

Even then we’re earning money so it doesn’t really matter.

Like this, we went from village to village, city to city, peddling.

For people who wanted remedies, we had them drink it right away and show the better than usual effectiveness.

After about two weeks, we started becoming well known in the area as a jack of all trades shop with an odd monster.

Becoming famous means that we gained trust, and the number people who would get a ride on the cart increased.

As a result our profits started trending upwards.

There were several advantages to traveling and peddling like this.

First, we can sell the medicine I make while we’re on the move.

Next, we can defeat the monsters that appear while we’re travelling and I can increase the types of shields I can use. Well, they’re mostly just status up shields though.

I knew this before we started, but the type of monster you encounter really depends on what region you’re in.

Even if they’re weak monsters, if I absorb them into my shield I become stronger, so, for me, it should be fine to think of this peddling journey as a success.

Also, we can get a lot of different information.

I became able to guess the bases and activities of the other heroes: Motoyasu, Ren, and Itsuki, who I didn’t really know about before now.

Motoyasu seemed to be focusing on traveling around in the region southwest of the castle town. Listening to the stories, it sounded like he had saved a village suffering from famine by releasing the seal on a legendary type of crop. For the most part, he was probably relying on the knowledge he had from that game he played.

Ren was based in the area to the southeast of the castle, but it seemed like he tended to go wherever there were ferocious monsters. There were some rumors about him, like how he had subdued a ferocious dragon in the east region.

As for Itsuki…I wasn’t sure what his aim was but the rumor was that he had joined up with adventurers visiting from Melromarc in a small country to the north. There he joined with the resistance and defeated the terrifying ruler who was abusing his authority.

It’s just, I didn’t really get why Itsuki was missing some crucial materials. (!) All I could get was vague talk about how the adventures with bows were the strongest, or that they reminded Itsuki of something.

I guess I can look at it as things happening similarly to the four heroes book I read before coming to this world but…

Well, like that we continued our journey on the carriage.

The result was that after 2 weeks our levels had grown to:

Me Lv34

Raphtalia Lv37

Firo Lv32

…It might have been because she was a monster but Firo’s rise in levels was abnormal.

At this point her physical ability was remarkable. She had been pulling the cart with both hands (wings?), but now she could pull it with one hand while yawning.

Of course I warned her about it, but she said

“The carriage is so light that I’m losing motivation..”

Well, whatever.

The shields I unlocked were mainly, as expected, status up types or resistance types.

The more notable ones were”

Pickaxe Shield

Ability unlocked…equipment bonus, mining skill 1

Crystal Ore Shield

Ability unlocked…equipment bonus, crafting skill 1

I happened to find, as we were arriving at a mining town, a broken pickaxe left by the roadside and a low-quality crystal ore that had been thrown away, and unlocked these shields by absorbing them into my shield.

These two skills should be good for making money, but for now I don’t have enough information to try using them.

When I tried polishing some of the crystal ore, it turned into a split in half trash rock, so it’s likely that I need some kind of recipe or something.

If the first place, I still had to read the intermediate recipe book I got from the medicine shop.

As expected after two weeks I had finished deciphering it. I had been staring at it for almost 3 weeks so the was no way I couldn’t read it at this point.



Heal ointment

Remedy (Already made)

Nutrient (Already made)


Strong acid

Magic water

Spirit healing medicine


After deciphering this much I had finished the book. These were the basics of the intermediate level. It seemed that the effectiveness of the medicine would change based on what else you mixed into it.

It seemed kind of vague, but I understand because they’re average recipes the medicine shop gave it to me for free.

After getting that far, I went ahead and let my shield absorb the intermediate medicine recipe book.

The shield that came out was this.

Book Shield

Ability unlocked…equipment bonus, magic up (small)

Yeah. It would’ve been bad to carelessly let it be sucked in thinking the intermediate recipes would come out naturally. I would’ve been wasting someone’s good will.

On top of that, the defensive power was incredibly low.

And so, this happened on the day after I had finished deciphering the intermediate recipes.

A monster called a Trent showed up, and we went ahead and defeated it and had the shield absorb it.

Trent Shield

True power sealed…equipment bonus, plant appraisal 2

Blue Trent Shield

True power sealed…equipment bonus, intermediate mixing recipe 1

Black Trent Shield

True power sealed…equipment bonus, amateur mixing

Am I being bullied?

Isn’t it horrible that these came out after I finished deciphering!?

The only consolation is that the shield only has the recipes up to heal ointment. Mostly likely, since last time it was the Mush monster, plant-type monsters are materials for the shields that have recipes.

If recipe 2 and 3 come out next I’m going to cry.

For the antidote, herbicide, and heal ointment recipes they could be made out of herbs that I knew of, but for gunpowder and below I didn’t know where the materials were.

For a medicine shop, the addition of gunpowder would be useful, so I tried testing out herbs that burned easily with sparks for making gunpowder.

It made a powder like substance…like burned up ashes. To test it out I filled a small bag to make a bomb.

After lighting it and trying to throw it like I was tossing it at an enemy,

a spark of pain flew through me and I dropped it at my feet and panicked. Well, it didn’t really burn up enough to call it a bomb.

The fact that I couldn’t even use items like bombs to attack made me go past frustration to just being impressed.

Strong acid was kept in a glass bin, it seemed like it was a water-like substance a little less acidic than sulfuric acid.

This wasn’t actually medicine, it was made by combining ore unique to this world with water….apparently.

I hadn’t made it yet so I can’t say anything for sure, but there must be wrong with the people who would want this, so I’m considering making just to add it to my shield.

If you drink magic water it will quickly restore your magic. However. the materials for it are scarce so getting them would be difficult.

They also sell for a high price at medicine stores. Rather than making this it might be better just to sell them.

In the same way, spirit healing medicine has the effect of restoring your SP, and the materials are, as expected, also scarce. Getting them would be difficult.

Insecticide was simple. You just mix together insect repellent herbs and dissolve them in water.

The new items we could sell would probably be antidotes, heal ointments, and insecticide.

However, if we consider the fact that you can get a lot of herbicide out of a few ingredients then it might be worth selling.

I let my shield absorb a bit of the surplus.

The requirements for the Anti-poison Shield have been released.

The requirements for the Glyhosate1 Shield have been released.

The requirements for the Medicine Shield have been released.

The requirements for the Plant Fire Shield have been released.

The requirements for the Killer Insect Shield α have been released.

Anti-poison Shield True power sealed….equipment bonus, defense power 5

Glyhosate Shield

True power sealed….equipment bonus, attacks from plant types 5% down

Medicine Shield

True power sealed….equipment bonus, medicine effect range up (small)

Plant Fire Shield

True power sealed….equipment bonus, fire resistance (small)

Killer Insect Shield α

True power sealed….equipment bonus, attacks from insect types 3% down

I think the Anti-poison Shield’s skill would probably originally have been poison resistance (medium), but I already unlocked that from the Chimera Viper Shield, so it changed.

It looks like when there are overlapping skills the most effective one overwrites the old ones.

The Medicine Shield has something about a range expansion, but I’m not sure what range it’s referring to.

It’s either the range a single medicine can be used at or the range that a medicine effects.

I feel like the latter would be way too convenient.

It’s unknown if the Plant Fire Shield has any meaning for me, since I take most magic attacks without any damage.

What the heck is Glyhosate? It does sound like something you would use on plants. Killer Insect Shield α probably means if I mix the right ingredients I’ll get a β version.

The effects are that against certain types the attack power and damage will be lowered. I think it’s a pretty useful skill.

The problem now is deciphering the magic book.

This is going to be pretty difficult.

It seems like Raphtalia has recently gotten the hang of it, she use similar magic even if she hasn’t learned it yet.

A ball of light floated in front of Raphtalia for a few seconds.

Because of the hero’s pride, I can’t afford to lose.

So, after Raphtalia had gone to sleep, I tried asking Firo who could use transformation magic.

I don’t know if you can actually call that magic, but I asked her while feeling like I was grasping at straws.

“Umm. Power rushes up from deep inside with a squeeze and I go Bam! and think ‘Become what I want to be’.”

Yeah. I don’t get it.

I get get that she not really thinking while she’s doing it.

It seems like like magic isn’t something you can use just because you can read the words.

Since I’m from a world without magic, I kind of felt like saying I can’t use it and running away.

Even then, I have to learn magic.

Not just to respect the old lady at the magic shop’s good will, but in order to live.

It won’t really be a problem if I don’t prepare for fighting the wave. I don’t know what will happen on the day of distortion, so protecting the villages and towns in the area is the perfect job for me. With that in mind the difference between being able to use magic or not will at some point matter.

I also have the option of buying crystal balls, but if I want to use it cheaply, then it’s obvious learning from the book would be better.

That’s why recently I’ve taken to muttering inside the carriage while holding the magic book in one hand.

According to Raphtalia, I have to use magic power to activate the words in the book and tune my soul to it. Just like Firo it was basically difficult to explain.

It seemed like it was easier to understand than Firo’s explanation, but what the heck is magic power? Is it another sense?

Ah, there’s no use in letting questions go in a loop in my head.

Well, this is what the outcome of those 2 weeks was like.


  1. A herbicide used mainly to kill weeds. 

Chapter 34 – Journey on Carriage

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Circle-warning.gif This chapter is translated by Baka-Tsuki
and is rehosted due to dead link.


“Uuu…have we arrived?”

We arrived at our destination. I looked at Raphtalia, who was still kind of collapsed, and let out a sigh.

It seemed like she was doing better than before, but high speeds were still to tough for her.

“We got to the cabin.”

Firo, who looked like she still hadn’t run enough, stopped the cart and shook her legs.

Raphtalia swayed back and forth looking like she didn’t feel well.

“Okay, let’s start loading the lumber.”

The lumberjack came out from the cabin and helped us load it onto the cart.

I also help him with his logging process. Due to the shield’s skill, the quality rose.

For a while, we worked on getting Raphtalia used to cart travel while transporting lumber. My shield also reacted to the lumber so I absorbed that while I was at it.

Kypress shield unlocked.

Recedar shield unlocked.

Kypress cypress shield

True power sealed…equipment bonus, woodwork skill 1

Recedar shield

True power sealed…equipment bonus, beginner woodworking recipes

Both of them were wood shields. It seemed that these two trees were the main source of lumber in this world. Kypress had a strong scent similar to cypress trees in my world. Recedar looked similar to cedar but it was odd because each time the grain of the wood was different.

Well that doesn’t really matter.

A few days later.

Bang bang bang.

In order to turn the cart into a carriage, I toiled away with a wooden mallet.

Thanks to the woodworking skills 1 I unlocked the other day I was able to guess at what to do to improve its performance.

I added to the frame above the cart, now I just needed to stretch a thick cloth on top of it.

Ryuuto Village’s reconstruction was progressing well. It had gotten to the point where they should be fine even without our help.

The villagers had also seen me changing the cart into a carriage and helped me with it.

“Alright, that should do it.”

“We finished it.”

The villagers who had helped me finish the carriage celebrated with me.

A filolial is going be moving it but it’s still a carriage1…well whatever.

“Thank you for helping me with this.”

“No no, hero-sama helped us in a lot of ways. We are sorry that can not help you with more than something like this.”

The villagers…they had a good smile on their faces while they were helping me.

Even if I had saved their lives, I can’t take advantage of their kindness. However, right now I’ll just honestly accept their gratefulness.

“I’m happy that you say so.”

“Are you going to start peddling?”

“We’re really going to be more like a jack of all trades. We’ll go from village to village, city to city, selling goods and transporting luggage and people.”


It seems that, as should be expected, the idea didn’t hit off with the villagers.

Well, from how Motoyasu talked it’s true that it didn’t seem like something heroes would do.

Even I wasn’t sure of how successful we would be, but we have Firo so we should use her.

“Hm? Wow…the cart turned into a carriage.”

Firo, who had been playing while in human form, was surprised at how big the cart had become.

“Am I going to pull this?”

Firo asked with her eyes sparking.

“Yeah, that’s right. From here on you’re going to pull this carriage and run around the kingdom.”


Firo’s voice rose with excitement.

Though I would think that pulling heavy things around was a terrible job…

“We really are going to do this aren’t we.”

Raphtalia muttered gloomily.

Raphtalia, who still hadn’t completely fixed her motion sickness, seemed like she couldn’t get on board with the idea of travelling in a carriage.

“You’ll get used to it eventually. Be patient until then.”


I faced Firo and, over and over, made sure she had it.

“Firo, what’s your job.”

“Umm, my job is to pull the carriage to wherever master says.”


“And if I see that guy with the spear I should kick him.”

“That’s right.”

“The second part is wrong! What does that mean?”

Raphtalia seemed to think something was weird and raised an objection.

“What…why are looking at me like I’m the weird one?”

If we see Motoyasu then we kick him. What’s weird about that?

If we talk to him each time it will never end.

“Alright, well then it’s time to start peddling. I’ll be hiding inside the carriage, so when we get to the first village or town start selling things Raphtalia.”

“Right…I understand.”

Outside of the Ryuuto Village area, I’m still famous in the bad way, so if I enter into negotiations without care, sell-able items won’t sell.

So I ended up putting Raphtalia in charge of sales and negotiations.

Raphtalia’s looks will help out a lot with this. Plus it’s not like she’s shy, it should be fine to expect her to be a good saleswoman.

“Well then let’s head out.”

We finished getting ready, put all our luggage in the carriage, and Firo started pulling.

“Ah, hero-sama.”

“Hm? What is it?”

The Ryuuto villagers were gathering for our departure. One of them, a man who was in his prime and had conspicuously good clothing, stepped in front of me.

“I am the lord to whom the king has entrusted Ryuuto Village. Shield hero-sama, thank you very much for everything you have done until now.”

“Don’t worry about it, this village just happened to be a good place for our base.”

“….take this.”

The lord hand me a single page of parchment as he said this.

“What’s this?”

“It is a trading permit. It should serve you well if you are peddling.”

“Trading permit?”

“Yes. In this country, when you conduct peddling, in each town and village you must pay a certain amount of money to the residing lord.”

…..I guess that’s how it worked. Well, I could use my status as a hero to…wait due my bad name it would just make it worse.

“You can use the trading permit with my seal on it for this. As long as you have this, you essentially will not have to pay. Please make use of it.”

“Um…is that okay?”

“Yes. If I were to not offer something corresponding to your actions, I would not be able to face the villagers.”

Thinking about it this area is a farming area close to the Melromarc Kingdom. It’s a convenient route for commerce so being a lord here means you have need a fair amount of influence and dignity.

I caught the eyes of the Ryuuto villagers by keeping the damage from the wave to a minimum. When my bad name spread, he must have lost favor with the king, but he endured it for the sake of the villagers….but his face is bright in spite of that.

“…in consideration of your bad name, this will help your business not fail.”

He was offering it out of good will, so I honestly expressed my thanks.

“Thank you, I’ll make use of it.”

“Have a good trip.”

“….yeah. I’ll come back.”

“We shall also work so that we may be of help to hero-sama’s work.”

“Make sure to keep it to a level where your not trying the impossible.”


As so we set out on our journey as a jack of all trades.

To start off we sold medicine.

We didn’t have as many, but we sold it for cheaper than the market.

The eyeball (!) worked as a remedy and nutrient supplement. This alone was higher level than basic medicine so it sold for a high price.

And at villages we stopped at we bought herbs with our earnings, then turned them into medicine during the trip.

Firo was fast, so in a day we could basically reach the next village, but there were times we would camp in the field.

When that happened, we stopped the carriage, made a campfire, and had dinner.

“Master! There’s a space next to me! Let’s sleep together!”

Firo patted the ground while in her monster form, trying to get me to sleep next to her.

“It’s hot next to you.”

It seemed like Firo wanted me to sleep with her. It might have been since I ordered her not to turn into her monster form at the inn, but while in the field she was even more selfish.

Well, in the field there’s no one to cause trouble for so it’s okay once in a while but…

“Firo, you must really like Naofumi-sama.”

“Yep! I won’t lose to you Raphtalia Onee-chan.”

“Why did it go in that direction!?”

Raphtalia’s and Firo’s relationship was complicated. They seemed to be on good terms, but also on bad terms, they would sometimes argue.

Firo’s just a kid so I don’t know why she gets so worked up.

Ah, Raphtalia’s essentially a kid too. I guess their mental ages are the same.

“Okay okay. Hurry up and go to sleep you two. I’ll wake you when the when it’s time to change watch.”

“Aaah, you’re treating me like a kid again!”

“That’s right! Please don’t treat me like a kid.”

“That’s right, both Raphtalia and Firo are all grown up.”

“You definitely aren’t really thinking that!”

“Yeah! That’s mean master!”

We had that kind of stupid conversation, and continued with our peddling.


  1. In Japanese the word for “carriage” implies that it is a horse-drawn carriage. More specifically, it has the kanji for horse in it. 

Chapter 33 – Peddling

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Circle-warning.gif This chapter is translated by Baka-Tsuki
and is rehosted due to dead link.

The next day.

As we showed up at the dressmaker’s shop that otaku-like girl came out to meet us with a smile.

“Yes, yes. The clothes are done. I stayed up all night for the first time in a while.”

In spite of that the dressmaking seemed in good spirits and excited. She brought out Firo’s clothes from the back of the shop.

The foundation was a white one piece. Right in the center was a blue ribbon and here and there it was decorated with blue as a contrast.

How to say it; they were clothes that seemed like they would choose their wear and had a ‘simple is best’ feeling.

“Master, do I get to wear these?”



Firo, who had been wearing my cloak up until now, stripped and became stark naked right there.

“That’s no good.”


Raphtalia put a stop to that and led her to the back of the shop.

I waited inside the shop for Firo to finish changing.

“Alright then, change into your monster form.”

I heard that sales clerk’s voice coming from further in the shop.


“If you don’t then that ribbon will bite into your body.”


She was weirdly saying something scary.

“I got it.”

I heard the poof that occurs when Firo transforms, and then

“Yep. Like I thought it really suits you…”

I heard a somehow entranced voice.

“Well then, let’s go.”


The women came out from the back of the shop.

And me eyes went to Firo.

…yeah. She had a good appearance from the start so now she really looked like an angel.

A white one piece with pure white wings…and a blue ribbon on her chest for accent. How to say it.

It seemed like an angel heroine from the 2D world.



“How is it? Does it look good?”

“Well, I guess it suits you.”

To make clothes that raised Firo’s looks to this level, the otaku-like clothes-maker had quite of bit of talent herself.


Firo bashfully waved her clothes around while smiling.

The old guy from the weapon shop had already paid for the clothes.

Man, what a horrible spending spree.

We hooked up Firo to the cart so we could head back to Riyuuto Village that we were using as our base.

Those clothes, when Firo changed to her monster form they really disappeared. The ribbon seemed to be set up so that it would changed to a collar.

It had convenient functions to match its high price.

“Ah, Shield Hero-sama.”

We happened to meet the old lady from the magic shop as we were leaving the castle town.

“Are you heading to Riyuuto Village?”


“I also have a little business there, would it be alright if I rode along with you?”

The old lady proposed with a smile.

Well, we are heading there anyway, and we caused her a lot of trouble so turning her down didn’t seem right.

“It’s not a very smooth ride is that okay?”


Raphtalia was already looking out far away to fight her motion sickness.

“Well then, excuse me.”

The old lady from the magic shop got onto the cart.

“Okay, Firo. Let’s head forward without speeding up too much.”


The people passing by looked at Firo with surprise. I guess talking monsters are rare.

The cart advanced at a good pace.

Man, I really felt how busy these last few days have been.

Well, we are usually busy, but it’s been particularly busy.

Piling all of that onto Firo doesn’t seem quite…

“How is it going? Are your magic studies advancing?”


The old lady from the magic shop hit a painful spot.

Truth be told, I can’t really say it has been advancing.

Telling her to that it will be fine if she just gives me a crystal ball also won’t work. She made the thread for Firo’s clothes cheap so it’s hard to complain.

“I came from a different world, so I still don’t understand the writing.”

“Is that right…I’m sorry.”

The old lady apologized like she really felt bad, so it made me really regret that I hadn’t studied enough.

I repay what’s done to me.

Whether it’s something good or bad.

That’s why I wanted to repay the old lady’s good will.

I need to learn as much as I can.

I don’t have the same knowledge as that ****** hero, precisely because of that I need to continue studying.

And, in order to survive the waves I need to get my hands on the best equipment I can.

I can’t forget deciphering letters and realizing new possible recipes.

It will probably take a lot of time, but I decided to learn.

“Fua…it’s light.”

Firo cried out with a yawn while steadily pulling the cart.

The cart is light even with three people riding it?

That’s a good sign. I already had an idea, it was something we couldn’t do without Firo.

When we reached Riyuuto Village the old lady from the magic shop handed me 25 copper coins.

“This is?”

“Money for carrying me here.”

“Ah, I see.”

Let’s add this into my ideas.

Riyuuto Village was, as always, in the middle of reconstruction. As we showed up at the inn the owner came out to meet us himself.

For now I apologized for the chimera meat.

He saved me by giving in and saying that what’s gone is gone.

“Alright, next let’s head out and work on fixing Raphtalia’s motion sickness while transporting lumber.”

In order to make up for the meat I promised to help out with the reconstruction. It wasn’t a lot but he also said he would pay me.


Raphtalia made a sulky face. Well,she’s working on overcoming something she’s bad with so I guess that’s a given.

“From here on our main mode of travel will be Firo pulling us on the cart, get used to it.”



“Firo, you’re the one pulling it.”


Filolials really do seem to like pulling carts. Firo’s eyes were shining like crazy.

“Um…are you thinking of something?”

“Yeah, from here on I think we’ll start peddling?”


“We don’t have a huge selection of goods, but I guess our main item will be medicine. Also we can work as a taxi, I want to do as many things as possible.”


Raphtalia didn’t seem to really take to it. Well, I myself can’t predict whether we’ll be successful, but, it’s about time that we’ll have to go to a lot of different places.

Since we have a cart there’s no sense in wasting it.

“That’s how it is. Since we’re working as a taxi, Firo will have to run at top speed while pulling the cart. If you don’t fix your motion sickness I’ll be troubled.”

“I understand the reasoning but…”

“Don’t worry…I know a place where it will be harder to get motion sick. We’ll start be getting you used to it while you’re there.”

“Dose a place like that exist?”


So, before starting today’s job, I had Raphtalia ride in the hard to get sick spot…on Firo’s back.

“It would be good if it was master, but why do I have to carry Onee-chan on my back…”

Firo mumbled as Raphtalia rode on her back.

“It’s the same for me. This is, pretty embarrassing.”

It felt kind of weird that Raphtalia was riding on Firo who now had an owl-like body.

“Is it too hard?”

“No, it’s easy~”

I might have been since it was close to her original form, but it seemed there was no problem on Firo’s end.

“Ok let’s go.”


Firo started pulling the cart while Raphtalia was riding on her back.

It should have been pretty heavy, put the person herself said it wasn’t.

During that, I started reading an intermediate recipe book while translating it.

….bump, bump

………..bump, bump

The sound of the cart made good background music while I was concentrating on an obscure language of a different world when


…………….bump, bump



It caught my attention so I looked towards Firo and for some reason she had changed to her human form while still carrying Raphtalia. Raphtalia had been calling out to me with a troubled face.

I heard the sound of the surrounding adventurers whispering to each other while pointing at us.

“Don’t do stuff that will cause weird rumors!”

If the weird rumor that I was forcing a slave girl to ride on another girl’s back while she was pulling a cart spread then my reputation which had finally become good would become worse than ever.


“When you’re pulling the cart don’t change to human form.”


Firo looked unsatisfied as nodded and changed back to monster form.

She was probably bored. Raphtalia seemed like she hadn’t gotten sick yet.

Then it should be okay to make it a little rougher.

“Alright, then let’s speed up.”


At my order Firo’s tension rose as she nodded and took of running.


The wheels of the cart made noise as they spun.


Raphtalia let out a surprised voice, and clung to Firo.

Well, we’ll probably get to our destination pretty fast.


Chapter 32 – Reward

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Circle-warning.gif This chapter is translated by Baka-Tsuki
and is rehosted due to dead link.

Firo was wearing my mantle as we head to the weapon shop.

Old Man: “Hey lad.”

The Old Man waved as we approach.

Naofumi: “Did something happen?”

Old Man: “Yeah. Wait a moment.”

The Old Man closed the weapon shop and guided us.

We arrived at the magic shop where I received the magic book.

Magic Shop SK: “Oh my.”

The aunt from the magic shop beamed when she saw the Old Man.

Magic Shop SK: “Why don’t you guys come in?”

Naofumi: “Right, Firo, don’t change into your true form until I permit you to.”

Firo: “Okay.”

At the back of the magic shop, there was a workplace that smelled like nature.

We were guided to that workplace.

The ceiling was quite high, about three meters.

In the middle of the floor was a magic square with a crystal.

Magic Shop SK: “Sorry that it’s a little small because I’m working.”

Naofumi: “No it’s fine. Anyway, is there any clothing for children here?”

Old Man: “This Aunty from the magic shop is an acquaintance that could help you.”

Magic Shop SK: “That’s right~”

She removed the crystal and put an outdated sewing machine on a pedestal.1

Magic Shop SK: “Is that child really a demon?”

Naofumi: “Yeah, let me take off the mantle first before she changes. Firo, return to your original form.”

There should be enough room in here for her original form.

Firo: “Ok.”

When I gave the command, Firo removed the mantle and returned to her original form.

Magic Shop SK: “Oh my, oh dearǃ”

The magic shop Aunty looked up at Firo who had returned to her Philorial Queen form in surprise.

Firo: “Is this all right?”

The scene was very strange as Firo’s voice contrasted greatly with her body.

Even though this was a fantasy world, it was still weird…

I looked towards Raphtalia

Raphtalia: “What is it?”

Naofumi: “Nothing”

That reminds me, Raphtalia was also a Demi-human.

Now that I think about it, if it was the past me, I would agree in regards to Motoyasu’s behavior in trying to attain a relationship with her. However, that is what the past me would have done.(!)

Magic Shop SK: “So what kind of clothes do you need?”

Naofumi: “Can you make something that won’t break when she transforms?”

Magic Shop SK: “Strictly speaking, I’m not sure I can make clothes.”

Naofumi: “What!?”

Magic Shop SK: “Hero-sama, what do you see?”

Naofumi: “Magic shop… And a witch.”

Magic Shop SK: “That’s right. I only have some knowledge on transformation.”

Though I don’t really know what is considered common sense in this world… But I know that witches can transform into animals.

Magic Shop SK: “Oh my, it takes a great amount of magical power and a very troublesome procedure to transform yourself into an animal. Wouldn’t it be bothersome to put on clothes every time you transformed?”

Hm? So it seems it was possible for witches to transform.

The Aunty answered while working on the bobbin.

By appearances alone it resembles a sewing machine from my world.

Magic Shop SK: “It would be fine if she transformed at home. But if she does so in a crowded place, it would be pretty serious.”

Naofumi: “Yeah, that’s right.”

That’s why Firo’s clothes are my main concern. Walking around naked would stand out.

Magic Shop SK: “Therefore, it would be best if the clothes can be automatically worn when she transformed and stored safely when reverting.”

Naofumi: “I see.”

True, if the clothes just disappear after she reverts back, the problem would be solved.

Magic Shop SK: “There’s a technique passed down by a certain demon category of the Demi-humans that is able to deal with this problem. A famous example of a clothing incorporating this technique is the vampire’s mantle.” 2

Yeah, like when they transformed into bats or wolves. So it was also true in this world too.

Magic Shop SK: “Well, this bobbin machine makes the materials for those clothes.”

Naofumi: “Oh… So how exactly do the clothes transform?”

Magic Shop SK: “Strictly speaking…… what are clothes exactly? It is something that can be seen by others right?”

I tilted my neck and gave the Aunty of the magic shop a puzzled look.

What is she trying to get at?

Magic Shop SK: “What I mean is, this item can transform the threads to magical power and magical power to threads. Therefore, the user can change the threads to magical power at any time.”

Magic Shop SK: “To put it simply, the user can change the threads to magical power and vice-versa.”

Naofumi: “Oh, I see.”

Now I understand why the Old Man from the weapon shop brought us here.

It’ll certainly be weird to call these clothes. When not in human form the magical power would circulate in the body, and it would become “clothes” once back to human form.

Magic Shop SK: “Now then, Firo-chan right? Turn the handle of this tool slowly.”

Firo: “Ok”

Firo begins to slowly turn the handle of the bobbin machine.

A thread comes out immediately and the Aunty wrapped it around a spool.

Then, the threads started to gather on the spool.

Firo: “Hmm? I feel like some power is leaving me.”

Magic Shop SK: “This changes magical power to threads. It is tiring but please endure. It is still insufficient to make the clothes”

Naofumi: “Hmm… Interesting.”

Firo was still a child who was barely one week old.

Firo looked tired while spinning the machine.

Naofumi: “Endure it and I’ll promise you something.”

Firo: “Food? Delicious food?”

Naofumi: “Sure.”

I am a man who keeps his promises. I’ll let you eat your fill of delicious food later, Firo.

Firo: “I’ll do my best!”

Firo begins to energetically turn the bobbin machine.

Firo: “Yay, I’ll work hard!”

The Aunty seemed surprised at the speed at which Firo worked.

Naofumi: “Old Man, I remembered that owe you a meal. Are you free after this?”

Old Man: “I left a note at the shop explaining I’ll be closed till early afternoon. So what’re you going to treat me to, lad?”

Naofumi: “How about this, can you prepare a big iron plate?

Old Man: “What’re you going to use that for?”

Naofumi: “I’m going to cook.”

Old Man: “The lad’s home cooking? I was expecting something different.”

Naofumi: “What was that?”

I was slightly offended by the Old Man’s disappointed expression.

Old Man: “Oh well, what did I expect.”

Naofumi: “Raphtalia, go to the market to get meat, vegetables, and charcoal. I think Firo can eat the portion of 5 people.”

Raphtalia: “Understood.”

I handed some silver coins to Raphtalia to go shopping.

Firo: “Food~ Food~”

Firo was in high spirits while spinning the bobbin machine.

Magic Shop SK: “That’s enough. You can stop spinning now.”

After awhile, the Aunty told her to stop.

Firo: “Will there be more food if I turn it more?”

Naofumi: “No. you can stop.”

Firo: “Okay~”

Firo returned to her original form.

Firo: “Master~ food~”

Naofumi:”Hold on a bit.”

Firo: “Eh-…”

Firo sounded very disappointed. Raphtalia hadn’t returned yet, so there was no food.

Naofumi: “When we leave the shop, return to your human form.”

Firo: “Ok”

Do you really understand?

Magic Shop SK: “You can use this to make your clothes.”

The magic shop Aunty gave us the threads.

Old Man?: “I’ll go ask someone who knows how to weave this.”(!)

Naofumi: “I have high hopes for that fellow. Firo, let’s go.”

Magic Shop SK?: “What should I tell the young lady who went shopping?”

Naofumi: “Tell her we’ll be waiting at the gate leaving town.”

Magic Shop SK?: “Understood.”

Following the Old Man from the weapon shop, we left the magic shop.

Magic Shop SK: “As for the fee, I’ll be sending it to the weapon shop~”

Naofumi: “How much would that be…?”

I asked a little anxiously.

Magic Shop SK: “Making the magic string? Because the crystal is expensive, I’ll charge Hero-sama 50 silver.”

Damn! Why is Firo so expensive?

In the future, we need to be careful with her clothes, it was like wearing money.

We headed to the weaver with the threads.

Weaver: “This is some unusual material, I could do a lot with this. Go to the dressing room and measure your size. I should be able to complete the dress tonight. You can pick it up later.”

After she said that, we went straight to the dressing room.

Even though it was only making a piece of clothing, it will still take quite a while.

Dressmaker: “Wow…… What a very cute child!”

The Dressmaker was a girl with glasses and a scarf.

She seems a little plain. By that, I mean she looks like someone from my world who would write doujinshi.

Dressmaker: “Her wings are just like an angel. She seems similar to a Demi-human… Well enough of that, I’ll work on your order now.”

Naofumi: “Is that so?”

The Old Man puts a hand on my shoulder.

Old Man: “Bird Demi-humans usually have the hands or legs of birds, or features of a bird in other parts. But this child only have wings so it’s very wonderful”

Firo: “Hm~?”

Firo tilted her neck while looking up at the Dressmaker.

Naofumi: “Yeah… This fellow is a demon that can transform into a human. When she reverts to her true form, her clothes break.”

Dressmaker: “Interesting…… So that’s why you need clothes made from magical power.”

Her glasses gave off a dangerous light.

As I thought, this girl reminded me of an Otaku.

I felt a little nostalgic because I had an acquaintance selling doujinshi within a circle. She would often give me admission tickets for the circle and was quite friendly.

Sigh… There was no such thing in a different world.

Dressmaker: “Because the material is excellent, making a simple one piece dress may be good. And if she does not receive any impact during the change from magic to clothes, then it would be perfect.”(!)

Naofumi: “Eh? Uh sure?”

Firo was measured again after she put on her mantle and then the dressmaker started designing something.

Dressmaker: “I want to see her true form!”

Firo looked at me with a troubled face. I gulp and looked around.

Naofumi: “Looks like she would barely fit here”

When Firo returns to her original form, her head would hit against the ceiling of less than two meters high.

Dressmaker: “Can you sit down?”

Naofumi: “Yeah, I think that’s better.”

Firo stared at the dressmaker girl while changing back to her demon form and worrying about the ceiling.

Dressmaker: “Oh-… This gap is good!”(!)

To be unfazed even after seeing Firo’s true form… This dressmaker is capable!

But at the same time, she’s absolutely the doujinshi-type that has a very unpleasant personality. I’m glad this is a different world.(!)

Dressmaker: “I’ll bet that a ribbon will suit her.”

Firo’s neck size was measured by the dressmaker. Then she went back designing clothes again.

Dressmaker: “Well I’m going to wait for materials to arrive!”

She seems excited while answering.

Old Man?: “This fellow is a good craftsman.”

Naofumi: “I guess…”

She’s the type to be absorbed in her work and will accomplish it by all means.

Old Man?: “Well, looks like everything would be completed by tomorrow.”

Naofumi: “That’s fast. By the way, how much is this going to cost in total?”

Old Man?: “I recommended you to this place so it should be around 100 silver pieces.”(!)

Ugh… I received a shock.

Naofumi: “Firo, do you understand? I spent a grand total of 400 pieces of silver on you. I expect you to work diligently.”

Firo: “Okay!”

Do you really understand? We left the shop with Firo in her human form.

We joined up with Raphtalia, who was waiting at the gate of the castle town.

Raphtalia: “Naofumi-sama, I bought the ingredients you asked for.”

Naofumi: “Firo costs 400 pieces of silver. Raphtalia was cheaper.”

Raphtalia: “Please don’t say it like I’m a cheap woman!”

Sigh… Guess I have to live with this.

Naofumi: “Alright, Old Man, bring the iron plate. Firo, get a cart and carry it from the weapon shop.”

Firo: “Ok!”

Old Man: “Alright…”

Firo left with the Old Man for the weapon shop and came back pulling a cart.

…… Why was she pulling it in her human form?

An iron plate around the size I had imagined was inside the cart.

Naofumi: “Alright, let’s leave the castle town and go to the riverbank near the grassy plains.”

We arrived at the riverbank.

I took out the iron plate, put it on a griddle and immediately put charcoal under it.

Naofumi: “Raphtalia and Old Man, take care of the fire.”

Old Man: “Yeah yeah.”

Raphtalia: “Okay”

As expected of the Old Man of a weapon shop, it seems managing fire is his forte.

Firo: “What about Firo?”

Naofumi: “Be on guard so that balloons won’t approach us…”

Firo: “Okay~!”

I had Firo, who was curious on what we were doing for some strange reason, do something else because she is likely to mess up at the chores we were doing.

I cut the meat and vegetables, that Raphtalia brought, into appropriate sizes and put it near the grill.

Old Man: “Lad, the charcoal is ready.”

Naofumi: “Yeah.”

Raphtalia and the Old Man had already heated the plate as per my instructions, so I just put the fatty meat onto the grill for the oil.

Then I spread out the vegetables and meat so that they aren’t directly on top of the fire.

Old Man: “You sure are skilful.”

I used a stick and a knife to turn the meat and vegetables so they don’t burn.

Naofumi: “Well, this should be fine.”

Yup. Today’s lunch is a barbecue by the riverbank. Firo’s reward.

Naofumi: “Firo, it’s ready.”

Firo: “Okay~”

Firo was already drooling from the smell when she took the skewer I handed her.

Firo: “Yaay~! This is delicious!”

Firo started throwing meat and vegetables that were just cooked into her mouth.

Naofumi: “Hey don’t eat everything, this is for everyone.”

Firo: “Mfkay~”

Firo nodded while stuffing her mouth.

Do you really understand?

Naofumi: “Well no matter. Raphtalia and Old Man go and eat.”

Raphtalia: “Okay.”

Old Man: “Sure.”

I put the meat and vegetables onto some leaves and handed it to Raphtalia and the Old Man.

Old Man: “Oh, this is deliciousǃ I’m surprised grilled meat tastes so good.”

Raphtalia: “For some reason, the dishes that Naofumi-sama makes are strangely delicious.”

Naofumi: “I’ll take that as a compliment”

Old Man: “I’m not flattering you. Why does it taste so good?”

The Old Man looked at his plate with a puzzled expression.

Naofumi: “It’s probably because of the cooking skill from my shield.”

Old Man: “The power of the shield?”

Naofumi: “Well, at least I think so.”

From the corner of my sight I see, Barbeque is now available. Quality: Good -> Great quality.

To think that such a strange icon would exist.

Old Man: “That’s quite a mysterious shield. I’m envious.”

Naofumi: “I can’t take it off so it’s quite inconvenient.”

Not to mention the non-existent offensive power.

Oh right, there was the special effect from the Bee Needle Shield. So now I can use the [Shield of the Needle] to attack enemies.

Although the enemy would have escaped before I beat it, unless it’s slow like a balloon.

As expected, when the monster realize it was in a disadvantageous position, it would just run away.

Sometimes, a smart monster would ignore me and aim for Raphtalia.

Old Man: “Haven’t you become quite strong?”

Naofumi: “I don’t know… Compared to the other heroes…”

Old Man: “Is that so, are the legendary weapons that powerful?”

Naofumi: “That’s right, I learned from experience.”

Old Man: “I see”

Naofumi: “Then-”

Because skills could be acquired in various ways, the power of a legendary weapon was way above average.

Moreover, accumulating status improvements whenever a shield was unsealed was good.

Monsters, materials, levels, and the skill tree. There were many different conditions that would unseal new shields.

Besides, the exclusive effects of any shield that was released would give permanent bonuses.

Even a weak shield could be helpful if I unsealed it.

Due to the Equipment bonuses carrying over, the more shields I unsealed, the stronger the skills I could use.

I can see how many bonus stats I got. My stats in general were higher than Raphtalia’s. Maybe it was because I’m a hero.

Especially in the aspect of defence. I have 3 times more and that’s not including the permanent bonuses from unsealing other shields.

Because I never attack, all the better gears went to Raphtalia. After all, the Hero of the Shield only has the potential in defending, that’s why my defence is so high. But the price for that is having 1/10th of attack power.

The only difference between a resident of this world and a hero are the effects granted by this shield.

If I didn’t have these effects, I would never be able to beat a monster with just defence.

After all, the only reason a hero is different from a normal person was because of the legendary weapon.

It could be considered that you are only a hero because you have the legendary weapon.

I hate it, but I am only a hero because of this shield.

It seems there is an influence from being the companion of a hero.

Raphtalia is superior to normal Demi-humans because of the effects from Slave trainer Shield and Firo’s abilities are on par with her despite the level difference.

I don’t know how much effect Growth Correction had, but it seemed to be quite large.

The effects of Slave Trainer Shield and Demon Trainer Shield were good. I wonder what effects Friend Shield would have, if that even existed.

Basically, existences called companions are essential for a hero.

Friend huh…… something that I don’t have.

Old Man: “I see… It seems that heroes really are different from us commoners.”

Naofumi: “That seems to be the case.”

Travelling around the world, absorbing various demons and materials to grow stronger.

Honestly, there’s just so much more to know.

I don’t understand how much I can improve the shield.

And even if I don’t do anything, the wave of disaster will strike.

I don’t know how many times it will come either.

It’s been twice already. Maybe 5 times, 10 times, or even 100 times, I don’t know.

Whatever it is, I can’t just sit around and do nothing.

That reminds me…There seems to be a worrisome shield called Curse Series.

At that time when I almost lost Raphtalia, the Curse series was released and had started to erode the shield.

I’ve looked for that skill tree many times. (!)

However, I can’t find it no matter how hard I look.

I’ll try asking for help.

[Curse Series]

I hesitated to even touch it.

I had only written that sentence. But when I checked it many times, I felt a shock and the letters change(!)

Curse Series The Curse Series bestows power but consumes the user. Hero, Do Not Use It!

Therefore, I decided to stay away from this topic.

When I need it, the power will appear. This shield seems to have many limitations.

Firo: “Master~ there’s no more meat”

Naofumi: “What!”

When I looked, there was no more meat. Everyone had already finished eating the stuff I prepared.

All that was left were vegetables.

Firo: “Is it already over? Firo still wants to eat more.”

Naofumi: “Uhmm, well… Go to the forest and catch 5 Usapiru. I’ll cook those too.”

Firo: “Okay~!”

Firo rushed to the forest at full speed.

Old Man: “Oh man, that was delicious. Totally worth it.”

Naofumi: “If you think that, then discount the price of clothes.”

Old Man: “Lad, if I gave you anymore discount, I would suffer a huge loss.”

Oh well, we barbecued next to the riverbank till evening and then called it a day.

By the way, Firo caught 10 Usapiru.

I barely had time to eat. Mostly because of managing the barbecue and dismembering the Usapiru to roast.


  1. Remember the bobbin machine? That one from Sleeping Beauty. 
  2. The wording is really awkward here, TLC pleasse 

Chapter 31 – Carrot and the Stick

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Circle-warning.gif This chapter is translated by Baka-Tsuki
and is rehosted due to dead link.

“Slave Trader!”

First thing in the morning I barged into the slave trader’s tent.

“What is it from so early in the morning Hero-sama? Yes.”

“The curse mark from your place was defective. Depending on your answer, my dangerous slave and monster will start going wild in here, okay?”

“My stomach is empty so I’ll do it later.”

“… if you don’t start behaving I’ll turn you into breakfast.”

The curse mark on Firo won’t activate like it should. On top of that it isn’t going away.

“Huh? What does that mean?”

I explained to the slave trader what had happened this morning. After that it was horrible. I somehow managed to coax Firo into human form and we went to the tent.

Firo was led here by Raphtalia who was on constant watch for Firo doing anything weird. Seems like it’s tough.

“It seems that a normal curse mark won’t restrict a Filolial queen. Yes.”

“And that means?”

“A normal curse mark won’t bind a high rank monster. The dragon that was the prize of that lottery has a special curse mark carved on it.”

“In other words a normal curse mark won’t work on this guy?”


The slave trader was writing something in his notebook very excitedly.

“So, will you apply that special curse mark?”

“No no, that would not be something we could give for free. Yes.”

“What was that?”

“This isn’t something that will be cheap, so giving it for free would be tough. We’ve also neared the limit of the damage we can take.”

Ku-! It seems I can’t expect any more service.

Well, they did suffer that much damage so I guess there’s no helping it…

“How much?”

“Expecting much from Hero-sama in the future, how does the great discount of 200 silver coins sound?”

Kuuuu… that’s expensive.

“Couldn’t you-”

“By the way 800 silver coins would be considered cheap in the current market. I’m expecting much from Hero-sama so I’m not lying.”


My wallet took a lot of damage.

I admitted defeat and very regretfully handed 200 silver coins to the slave trader.

“… If that’s a lie my dangerous underlings will hold a festival in your blood.”

“Of course I understand.”

Raphtalia led in Firo by the hand while Firo was looking around in her Filolial queen form.

“Stand still right there Firo.”


“If you stay still then afterwards I’ll give you something good to eat.”



Firo had sparkling eyes as she headed to where the slave trader was pointing and stood still.

Alright, if we’re casting the magic now’s the time.

I gave a signal to the slave trader with my eyes. He nodded, called 12 of his underlings who had their faces hidden with robes, and had them surround Firo.

They poured some kind of chemical on the ground and started chanting magic.

The floor shined with light, and a magic square formed with Firo in the center.

“Eh, wh-what?”

Firo tried resisting and sparks flew, but it was no use and the magic square started invading into Firo’s body.

“Ow,Ouch—-! Stop it-!”

Feeling the pain of the update to the curse mark, Firo started thrashing around. At that the magic square gave off sparks and started to sway.

The Slave trader’s underlings let out voices of surprise.

“To be on the safe side, I had a lot of people cast the magic but still… to be able to move under this pressure, this young one would be scary in the future. Yes.”

Come to think of it she is still only lvl 19. If she was to become lvl 70 like this exactly how strong would she become? I nodded to the slave trader’s words.

Eventually, the magic square was completely carved onto Firo’s stomach, and it became quiet.

“It’s finished. Yes.”

My display also showed a more advanced monster icon than before. Without hesitation, I checked the part that made what I said absolute.

“Haa… haa…”

Firo walked towards me while breathing heavily.

“That was horrible master, it hurt a lot.”

Even I thought I had an evil smile on my face as I ordered Firo.

“First, change to human form.”

“Ehhh, that hurt so no way. Give me something tasty!”

She rejected my order in an disrespectful tone, while she was asking for food the curse mark shone.

“Eh, no! What, no no!”

Firo sent some kind of magic at the curse mark, but this time the curse repelled it and activated.

“Ow, ow, ow!”

Firo fell over from the curse mark’s pain.

“If you don’t listen to what I say, it’ll hurt.”

“Ow, ow! Uuu…”

Firo unhappily transformed into human form. After that the curse mark’s light faded.

“Hm… this time it properly activated. Good job, slave trader.”

“Yes, it is a fairly strong pattern, so it’s not easily tampered with. Yes.”

I went in front of the collapsed Firo and told her.

“You yourself were 100 silver coins, next that curse mark was 200 coins. In total I’m out 300 silver coins. I’ll have you pay that back by obeying my orders.”


Firo swayed and reached her hand out to me.

It kind of hurts my conscience to say this to a child with such a pure face, but I don’t think she can survive outside if she’s this selfish. (!)

“Listen to what I say.”


“I see I see, If you don’t want to listen to what I say no matter what, then I’ll sell you to this scary old man here.”


Firo seemed to finally understand her position as her face distorted into fear.

The slave trader was wearing some kind of troubled yet happy expression while looking at me…

“How much would you buy this guy for?”

“Let’s see. She is rare so even including the fee for the trouble I’d want her even for 30 gold coins. A effective curse mark is already carved on her so she won’t be able to go wild anymore, there would be many ways to use her. Yes.”

Even the slave trader who didn’t like buying back goods was willing to offer this high of a price on her.

I don’t know his true intentions, but if Firo falls into his hand I can expect that her life would be over.

However Firo was looking up at me with an incredibly fearful expression.

This is tough… my conscience which was supposed to be gone was speaking up.

But depending on Firo’s attitude I might really have to choose that future.

I’m not a kind older brother or someone who spoils their pet.

“That’s how it is. So if you act violently again, I won’t see you anymore… you’ll drink really bitter medicine, have your body messed with a lot and in the end… you’ll probably die…?”


Firo rejected that in a loud voice.

“Master don’t hate me…”

Firo clung to my legs and begged me.

Ku-! This is tough…

Even so I can’t back down.

“If you honestly listen to what I say then I won’t hate you. Therefore from now on, you must properly listen to me”


“Good good, then when we’re sleeping at the inn don’t turn back into your real form no matter what. This is your first promise.”


When Firo smiled with her whole face, what was left of my conscience ached.

Okay, today after this we have to head to the weapon shop…

As I moved my gaze from Firo, I saw the slave trader smiling with an unbelievably amused expression.

“Such a wonderful and evil method. It sent shivers down my spine. You truly are the legendary hero of the shield!”

I feel like his way of praising me was off… but complaining about it doesn’t seem right either.

And, beside him Raphtalia was also looking at me with a difficult expression.

“Naofumi-sama… wasn’t that a bit too…”

“If I don’t do this then she won’t listen to me. Even you were like that at first right?”

At my reply Raphtalia nodded.

“Now that you say that, I was.”

“Selfishness has parts where it can be forgiven and parts where it can’t.”

After hearing my, her master’s, true thoughts she couldn’t challenge them.

“Carrot and stick right? I understand. Yes.”

“I wasn’t talking to you slave trader.”

Also, don’t just decide you understand me.

“I guess I caused you a lot of trouble.”

“If that’s what you think then please, take and raise a Filolial that we prepared so that it would be easy to use-“

“Now then, we still have places to go today. We’ll be leaving now.”

“At hero-sama’s strong will that keeps from getting caught up in our pace as much as possible, I hold true feelings of respect. Yes.”

With this we ended our discussion and left the tent behind.


Chapter 30 – Transformation Ability

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Circle-warning.gif This chapter is translated by Baka-Tsuki
and is rehosted due to dead link.

“Oyaji! Oyaji! Oyaji!”

I knocked on the door of the closed weapon shop over and over.

After I did the unpleased weapon shop Oyaji reluctantly opened the door.

“What is it all of a sudden shield an-chan1? The shop closed a long time ago.”

“It’s not like that!”

I showed Oyaji Filo who I had dressed in my cloak.

“An-chan, don’t come bragging because you got a good slave.”

“You’re wrong!”

What does Oyaji think I am!

If I me the me that’s inside Oyaji’s mind, it seems like I could kill him without regret.

“Master? What’s wrong?”

“You be quiet.”

“No way.”

Damn! What the heck is happening!

After that the was no end to the panic.

That slave trader, he had his mouth hanging open while pointing. His men also were too shocked to speak.

Even Raphtalia was speechless.

Filo had really wanted to be by my side so she became human.

By the time I noticed I had carried her over to Oyaji’s shop.


Poof! Sreeeech!

She transformed and I heard the sound of the cloak I put on her ripping.

In a moment Filo transformed to a Filolial Queen’s (pending) body.

This bird! Cloaks aren’t free you know.


Oyaji also lost his words. He looked up at Filo.

Filo returned to a human form, and grabbed my hand. A thing that resembled a mantle fell on top of her head.

“…do you get the situation?”


Oyaji led me into the store with a really complicated face.

“So, the reason you came to me, is for that girl’s equipment?”

“Just leaving aside defensive power, isn’t there some outfit that won’t break even if she transforms?”

I knew it was unreasonable as I asked Oyaji.

“I mean why is she transforming!?”

“An-chan, calm down a bit.”

That’s right. Thinking about it carefully why is Filo transforming into a human?

Maybe there were the remains of her true form but there were wings growing out of her back. She was a blond and blue-eyed girl so she kind of looked like an angel.

On top of that, she was so cute she had a face like a painting.

She looked around 10 years old. Her physique was like Raphtalia’s from a while ago.


A classic loud stomach growl.

“Master I’m hungry.”

“Bear with it.”

“No way.”

Ku! What the heck is happening.

“For now do you want to eat what I’m having for dinner?”

Oyaji said as he brought a pot out from the back of the store. It seemed like a soup.


“Yaaaay, thanks for the food”

Filo stole the pot from Oyaji and drank it down, the entire pot.

“Hmm…it doesn’t taste that great.”

She gave the pot back to Oyaji.

Oyaji looked at me, stunned.

“Um, sorry.”

“….An-chan, treat me to a meal after this.”

I felt more and more like despair was waiting for me.

“Right…I feel like I might of had some clothes for demi-humans that had transformation powers but…I mean go to a clothes store an-chan.”

“Are you telling me to go to a clothes store that doesn’t know me at this time of night with a completely naked girl? On top of that the girl can change into a monster you know?”

“…that’s true, hold on a sec.”

Rustle rustle, Oyaji rummaged through the back of the store.

“I don’t know if the size will fit, and they’re some odd clothes so don’t expect much.”

“I got it.”

In the end, Oyaji spent some time before coming back.

“Sorry. None of the clothes look like they’ll fit her after she transforms.”

“What, was that!?”

This was my last option, what should I do now. Are you telling me there are no clothes for this young girl who looks at me dearly and comes into contact with me?

With this, the recent good opinion I’ve gotten is going to take a steep dive.


“Don’t transform!”

Even if I have to use the magic crest, there’s no choice but to forbid her from transforming into a human. A monster transforming into a human has to be pretty rare.

“No way.”

Ku…what does this kid what to do!

Plus she’s completely going against what I say.

Is it her rebellious phase? She shouldn’t be allowed to enter a rebellious phase a few days after being born.

“‘Cause…if I’m in my true form master won’t sleep with me.”

Filo tightened her grip on my hand and smiled with her whole face.

“…why do we have to sleep together?”

“’cause I’m lonely.”

“Ahh…. how to say this, an-chan. You have it rough huh.”

I didn’t come to this world to take care of kids though…

“Come to think of it where’s Raphtalia?”

“I finally caught up.”

Raphtalia entered the shop breathing heavily.

“You suddenly took off running…I searched for you.”

“Ah, sorry.”

“Ahhh Raphtalia onee-chan.”

Filo happily waved her hand.

“I’m not giving you master ok?”

“What is this child saying!”

“Not giving me, I’m not your thing. More like you guys are mine right.”

Meaning they’re slaves.

“Well, for now I’ll see if there’s a way to tailor clothes for her so go back for today.”

“Right, sorry about this.”

“Thanks for the food~”

“Man…you manage to surprise me again and again, an-chan.”

I left the weapon shop and started tiredly making my way towards the inn when Raphtalia called out to me.

“Ah, that sla-… the monster trader asked you to come back.”

“Hm? Got it.”

We returned to the tent and the slave trader, who was just waiting for us, came out to greet us.

“Well, that was a surprising development. Yes.”


“So, I’ve realized why sightings of filolial kings are so rare.”

“Oh? You figured it out?”

“Yes. I mean, I think Sheild Hero-sama will also be able to understand.”

What? The slave trader’s using quite a round-about why of speaking.

“You don’t understand?”

“…no so tell me.”

The slave trader pointed to the human shaped Filo who was wearing the torn up cloak.

“Filolial kings have a high level transformation ability, so they transform into regular filolials to avoid human eyes, is what we think.”

I see…they have the power to transform and hide so that people won’t realize they’re the filolials’ boss on sight. They could also use it to transform into humans.

“Well well, to be able to see with my own eyes the filolial king that can rarely be studied, I’m moved by Hero-sama’s high monster taming ability. Yes.”


“To raise a normal filolial into a queen…what raising method would you use to raise a queen do you think?”

…I understood the slave traders aim. This guy wants to hear how to raise filolial kings from me and mass produce them.

It must be a pretty rare class of monster, plus it has transforming power. He’ll raise them at minimal cost and sell them at a high price for huge profit.

“It’s probably, the legendary shield’s power I think.”

I reasoned that the power of growth compensation raised her to this height, otherwise it wouldn’t be worthy of being legendary.

“When Hero-sama is vague like that, it makes me all tingly. How much would I have to pay to have you teach me I wonder?”

“That’s not what I mean!”

“Well then, I’ll present you with one more filolial, so please try-”

“I refuse!”

If they increase any more my wallet won’t hold out. I already have to do something about Filo’s clothes, if my food expenses increase any more it will be downright indecent.

“Sigh…thinking of any other possibilities, I guess there was that.”

“What was it, if you please.”

uu…the slave trader’s eyes are sparkling.

It’s feels sick.

“I fed her meat from a huge monster that was beaten during the wave, so I can’t deny the possibility that affected her.”

Well, even I think that that sounds crazy.

But she did eat the chimera’s meat so I’m not saying anything wrong.

“Hmm…then no helping it.”

The slave trader didn’t believe it either, but he didn’t want to irritate me so he backed off.

“I’m give you a filolial anytime, so please try raising one. Yes.”

“If possible I want to decline but…”

“If you raise it to be easy to use the money will pile up.”

“Hm, if I’m not busy I’ll think about it.”

With that one phrase, I became even more self-aware that I’m a miser.

“Have you finished talking to him?”


“By the way what shall we do?”

“About want?”

Filo was drawn into the conversation so she had a question mark above her head.

“About your treatment.”

“I’m sleeping together with master~.”

“I won’t let you!”

“Ahh no fair! Raphtalia’s onee-chan, you’re trying to keep master to yourself~”

“No I’m not!”

What are they getting so worked up for…

“Alright, then Filo will sleep in the stable attached to the inn.”

“No way!”

I was clearly rebelled at by a bird.

“I’m sleeping with master!:

…this is the same as a child having a tantrum because they want to sleep with their parents.

“I see I see, no helping it.”


“Even if I reject her, she’ll just keep being selfish so I should meet in the middle somewhere right?”

“Well…yes but..”

Raphtalia muttered like she wasn’t satisfied.

“But make sure you’re not naked in front of other people.”


Does she really get it? Well whatever. I’ll pray that the weapon shop owner can do something about it tomorrow, nothing to do but return to the inn.

I returned to the inn, paid the inn keeper for one more and went back to my room.

Studying or mixing potions…the free time for that disappeared when Filo transformed into a human.

“Yay! A soft bed~!”

I warned Filo who was jumping on the bed and decided to turn in early.

…It’s hot!

Why is it hot!?


My body won’t move as I want.

What’s happening?

I fearfully opened my eyes and the world was pure white.

I was wrapped in wings.


This bed is breathing!

I slowly raised my to see I wasn’t sleeping on a bed. I was on top of Filo’s belly after she had returned to her real form.

At about the same time, Filo’s original body rolled in her sleep, falling of the bed while hugging me like a pillow.

“Wake up! You fat bird!”

Who said it was okay to return to your original form.


This guy’s speaking even though she’s in her real form.

“Wh-what are you doing!?”

Raphtalia yelled at me while looking half asleep.

“Oh, Raphtalia, help me!”

This guy’s not waking up even if I punch her. My attack power is just too low.

“Wake up Filo!”

Filo rolled over on the floor.

Creak creak creak…

I had a bad noise coming from the floor. With just a wooden floor, we’re near the breaking point.

“Get up!”

However, Filo kept smothering me showing no sign of waking up.

“Wake up now!”

Raphtalia forcefully pulled Filo’s smothering arm open.

I didn’t miss that chance and somehow managed to escape.

“Whew…it’s only morning and it’s already terrible.”


Filo realized I was gone and opened her eyes.

Filo noticed me and Raphtalia glaring at her and tilted her head.

“What’s wrong?”

“First return to human form!”

“Ehhh..I just woke up.”

Ku! This is the last thing I wanted to do but no helping it!

I used the status magic and chose the monster icon. and in the restrictions index I put a check on the part that said my orders were absolute.

If I do this she won’t be able to go against any kind of order I make.

“Become human!”

I faced Filo and issued an order.

“Ehhh…I want to sleep with master for a bit more.”

After taking action against my order the curse mark on Filo’s belly emerged.


“If you don’t listen it’s going to hurt.”

The shining red curse mark spread across Filo’s body.


Some kind of pattern showed on Filo’s wing. It flew to the curse make and, with a fizzle, the mark stopped.


I checked the monster icon. For some reason the part of the restrictions index I had mark had become unmarked.

I tried to check it again, but even if I messed with it it didn’t change.

Damn! I brought a monster because it would listen to my orders.

Slave trader…I’m heading to your place right now, so wash your neck and wait2.


  1. An-chan is a term that literally means older brother and can be used to refer to young to middle-aged men you’re familiar with. It carries a bit of a folksy inflection. 
  2. This is a common phrase used in Jaapanese. It’s original meaning was “I’m going to behead you so wash your neck and wait” but it’s basically now equivalent to the “I’m going to kill him” used in English when you’re mad at someone. 

Chapter 29 – Those with Wings

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Circle-warning.gif This chapter is translated by Baka-Tsuki
and is rehosted due to dead link.

I didn’t encounter Motoyasu on the path back.

I thought he probably would have gone mad with anger and searched around for me, but it looked like that was a needless worry.

After I dropped off the cargo at the village, I returned to see Raphtalia feeling better.

“Were you okay?”


“Th-that was fast…”

The lumberjack was surprised at how quickly we had returned.

“Seems like this guy is a good walker.”

I answered the lumberjack while petting Firo.


Firo answered energetically. Yeah, you’re fast.

“Well then, shall we start seriously searching the forest?”


“Run slowly on the way back okay.”



What is that? That noise, her growing period should be over right?

I heard it coming from Firo again.

It’s okay if it’s not a strange disease but..

That day’s harvest was pretty good.

Raphtalia put in a particularly good effort and while she was at it, I got to see Firo’s movement and attack power.

To be honest, she might be beating Raphtalia in speed and hitting power.

Me, Lv26

Raphtalia, Lv29

Firo, Lv19

The requirements for White Usapiru Shield have been met.

The requirements for Dark Porcupine Shield have been met.

The requirements for Usapiru Bone Shield have been met.

The requirements for Porcupine Bone Shield have been met.

White Usapiru Shield True power sealed…..Equipment bonus, defense +2

Dark Porcupine Shield True power sealed…..Equipment bonus, wit +2

Usapiru Bone Shield True power sealed…..Equipment bonus, stamina up (small)

Porcupine Bone Shield True power sealed…..Equipment bonus, SP up (small)

They’re all great status up types.

It would be good if I could unlock a high performing shield and become more efficient, but I don’t know places that have good money or exp. So I have no choice but to honestly work hard to raise the ability of the shield.

What all these abilities I’ve unlocked add up to… there are too many so I don’t know.

In the first place I haven’t used the beginning equipment like the Orange Small Shield even once since unlocking them.

At best I’ve just been using the shields with exclusive effects like the Whetstone Shield when I need them.

If it’s not exclusive then it affects all the shields after all.

Well at least, I won’t be using the four from today again after unlocking them.

The sun went down as we slowly walked back into the village.

Raphtalia required training to get used to the cart after all.

During the trip, she felt sick many times so we repeatedly rested while slowly making progress.

In the end, we made it back after the sun had mostly set.

“I’m very sorry.”

”Don’t worry about it, you’ll eventually get used to it.”

Even I think it’s odd that I don’t get motion sickness at all, but I have no intention saying that other people do not have any willpower.

I’ve hear that if you get used to it then you wont get motion sickness anymore.

So I want to get Raphtalia used to the cart quickly.

Well, if something happens then the sprinting Firo will be at fault.


At this time, something strange was already happening.

To be correct it had been happening for quite a while, but we still hadn’t noticed it. No, we noticed it but decided to ignored it.

The next day.

Even I noticed the change at this point. Raphtalia was the same as me, deep in thought.


When we showed up at the stable, the change had already ended.

Firo had… no matter how you looked at it, grown far larger than the average Filoliara.

Filoliaras usually grow to about 2m 30cm. This about the same height as an ostrich.

But, Filoliaras’ have a larger skeleton, in particular their heads and necks are larger.

However…Firo’s height had passed 2m 80cm.

She was already at the point where if she stood up her head would reach the ceiling of the stable.

“Did I really buy a Filoliara’s egg? I’m starting to want to think that I bought some other thing.”

“Yes… I also think so.”


Gulp, and Firo swallowed something down.

Looking closely, the chimera meat that the villagers had left in the stable was gone.

There should have been about two cows’ worth of it, but it had tragically all disappeared.

Did she just eat the last of it?

“I had thought she lost her appetite but…”

“Um, is it possible that Naofumi-sama’s shield’s power caused her to grow this big?”

“It’s plenty possible. The Familiar Shield III had a bonus called growth compensation (middle).

Na-naofumi-sama… there was a Slave Shield as well right?

“Yeah, the Slave User Shield had a similar bonus with it.”

“…Um, did the power affect me?”

”Yeah, it was unlocked a while ago. So it has been affecting you a little.”


Raphtalia ran out of the stable while screaming.


“Recently, I thought my body felt light. But it was just because of Naofumi-sama right!”

“Ca-calm down!”

“A-am I going to become big like Firo!? That’s scary!”

“You’re not making any growing noises right!”

“O-oh, that’s right. Thank goodness, really thank goodness!”

… This doesn’t change the fact that we can’t make guesses in this situation.

While imagining a Raphtalia that’s grown to be super macho, I turned my gaze to Firo.

“Are you thinking something rude?”

“… What should we do?”

I ignored Raphtalia’s question and advanced the conversation.

“I think it would be good to return to that tent and get confirmation.”


No helping it. I don’t like the idea of returning to the castle town for no reason but… there was no other way.


We left Riyuuto Village as Firo energetically pulled the cart. At the same time, I was worried for Raphtalia as she fought with motion sickness.

During the trip, Firo stomach rumbled, so I fed her some food. We also fought with a few monsters. When we got to the city it was after noon.


I noticed that Firo’s appearance was still changing.

Her legs and neck were gradually getting shorter. By the time I noticed she had changed to a body with short legs and a long torso like an owl.

Even then she enjoyed pulling the cart, and kept pulling it without change.

However, there was a big change in how she pulled it.

Right now she was skillfully using her hand-like wing to grip the cart’s harness and pull it along.


Even her call was different, and she was becoming pure white.


As I slowly got off the cart I got a look at Firo’s height.

She shrunk?

She had shrunk to about 2m 30cm. However, she was wider too, and it seemed like she might be more intimidating. To put it badly, she looked like an amusement park’s mascot, strangely fat.


“No, it’s nothing”

Had Firo noticed her own change?

It was to the point where you couldn’t tell what kind of animal she was.

“Well… I wonder what this was, thinking about it I had nothing but words of surprise, yes.

The slave trader, while repeatedly wiping away his sweat, looked closely at Firo.


Firo had gotten an even larger breadth and width, making her look like some kind of owl monster.

Where did that friendly ostrich-like form go to.

“So, I wanted to ask directly. This guy is the monster hatched from the egg I bought from here. What kind of egg did you give me?”

Depending on how this turns out…

I whistled with my finger and Firo threatened to attack.


The slave traded seemed to panic and check over some kind of document several times.

“Th-that’s weird. The supply papers we have show that the egg Hero-sama bought definitely had a Filolial inside of it.”

“This is a Filolial?”


I threw a fairly big piece of food to Firo and she skillfully caught it in her mouth and swallowed it down.


Come to think of it, I feel like that growing noise that had been coming from Firo stopped.

Did she finally grow into an adult body…?

“Still, even though it’s only been a few days to have grown it this large, as expected of Hero-sama. I’m moved.”

“Don’t use flattery to get out of this. Hurry up and tell me what kind of egg I bought.”

“Uh… did this monster have this shape from the start?”


I gave the slave trader a rundown on Firo’s growth from when she was born to now.

“Well then, she was definitely a proper Filolial up to the middle right?”

”Yeah, and it has grown to the point where you can’t tell what kind of monster she is now though.”


While tilting her head in a somehow cute pose, Firo seemed to pick up on my slight irritation.

Who’s fault do you think it is that I have to do this.


Using her whole body, Firo slid up and snuggled me. Being hugged by her fairly large wings I felt Firo’s body heat that was hotter than a bird’s. Truthfully it was just hot.


Raphtalia frowned and grabbed my hand.


It somehow seemed like Raphtalia and Firo were talking with their eyes.

“What’s with you guys?”

“No, it’s nothing.”

“Kue kue”

Both of them shook their heads to convey their intentions. What was that?

“So? What is it?”

“Uhh… umm”

The slave trader was very troubled.

He deals with monsters but does he not know how monsters grow?

“For the time being, I will quickly contact a specialist and investigate, so could I have you leave her with me? Yes.”

“Yeah, don’t make a mistake and kill her so you won’t have to say ‘I don’t know'”


“I understand of course, but it will take a little time for the specialist to come here. Yes.”

“…Well, that’s fine. I’ll leave it to you. If something happens I’ll just take compensation money.”


At my response Firo flapped her wings like she was protesting.

However, the slave trader’s workers put a collar on her and moved her to a cage. It might have been since I was close by, she entered the cage surprisingly obediently.

“Alright then, I’ll be back to get her tomorrow. Have an answer by then.”

I warned him just in case, and left the tent with Raphtalia.


I still heard Firo’s loud voice even after leaving the tent.

That night…I was staying at the inn when suddenly the inn keeper called out to me.

“Um Hero-sama.”

“Hm? What is it?”

“There’s a customer here to see you.”

Who is it? I thought as I went up to the counter where the inn keeper was waiting. There was a man I hadn’t seen before.

“What business do you have?”

“Umm, I… am someone from the monster trader.”

Monster trader… ahh, the slave trader. He definitely can’t make a public introduction that way.

“What happened?”

“Um, my master has ordered me to ask you to take the monster you left with us back.”


It’s only been a few hours… what exactly happened.

I went to the tent with Raphtalia to hear Firo’s cry still echoing.

“I’m sorry to disturb you so late at night. Yes.”

The slave trader, seeming a little tired, came out to greet us.

“What happened? The plan was for you to take care of her until morning right?”

“That was my intention, but Hero-sama’s monster is a little bit of a problem.”


Firo had been flapping wildly with her wings and finally calmed down when she saw us.

“She’s broken 3 iron locks, I’ve had 5 workers who tried to subdue her sent to the hospital, and 3 of the monsters I used have suffered serious injury. Yes.”

“I’m not paying for that.”

“I tip my hat to Hero-sama whose first concern even now is money.”

Is this slave trader serious?

“So, what happened? Did you figure it out?”

“No… just, I’ve found an eye-witness report that says she has a body similar to a Filolial king.”


“To be correct there’s talk that there is a Filolial that rules over a group. It’s quite famous among adventurers.”

It looks like the slave trader had used all his information network to check for some kind of hint to her identity.

It seems like there’s a large group of wild Filolials, and he heard a conversation mentioning that the one who runs it is the king.

The Filolial ruler that seldom appears before humans is the king Filolial… So his conjecture is that Firo is one too.


This is hearsay.

If I unlock the shield crest for this monster, I might be able to determine whether it’s true or not, but that would mean killing Firo.

Even if I use her feathers or blood, she’s my monster so the only thing to come out would be the Monster User Shield. It seems like a light bulb isn’t coming to me….

I don’t have the needed level or series.

I look closely at Firo.

“… Kue?”

The monster’s species name doesn’t come up in the part monster status… but if it’s an enemy I can get it though.

“So, what do you call that kind of monster.”

“It’s called a Filolial king, or queen.”

“Firo is female so I guess queen.”

“R-right… if it’s this attached to Hero-sama, then as it stands if you tried to sell it to me I’d be troubled.”

She went wild while crying out and broke 3 iron locks, was it?

Damn! My plan was completely ruined!

Well, I didn’t plan on selling her though.


“Hm? Did you just hear a strange voice?”

“Well now? I feel like I heard a voice like that too.”


While covering her mouth Raphtalia pointed to the cage Firo was in. Looking the same, the slave traders workers also pointed to the cage.

The slave trader and I tilted our heads wondering what was going on and turned around.


There, with a faint light remaining, white… with white wings was a naked girl inside the cage reaching her hand out to me.


Chapter 28 – Exit by a Kick

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Circle-warning.gif This chapter is translated by Baka-Tsuki
and is rehosted due to dead link.

The next morning. Raphtalia woke up early today, so she went to the stable with me.


When we got there Firo let out a happy-sounding shout and ran to us.

“Is your body an adult now?”

Somehow…I feel like her head has grown one size since yesterday, but I’m not too sure.

“For the most part, this size is about average, right?”

“Now that you say it, that’s true.”

Firo’s form was about the same as the appearance of the Filorials I saw around the castle town or on the road.

Her color has turned white… well, there was a little pink mixed in.

It was a beautiful mix of colors.

That slave dealer. He actually does a pretty good job.

“Are you not starving today?”


Firo tilted his head and chirped.

Yeah. Looks like the growing period has passed.


She was still making that weird noise though.

Well whatever.

After that, we finished breakfast and thought about what to do from now on. In the middle of that.


While going the the town Firo looked at the wooden carts with jealousy.

“Do you think she wants to pull those?”

“Probably so”

“Is something the matter, Hero-sama?”

While pointing to the carts and chatting with Raphtalia a man from the village asked us.

“Right, my Filolial was looking at the carts, so I was talking about whether she wanted to pull them.”

“Well… Filorials have that kind of habit after all.”

The man nodded and look satisfied as he turned towards Firo.

“Right now this village is in the middle of rebuilding our buildings and we don’t have enough people. Hero-sama, would you be willing to help out if we gave you one of the carts?”


That was not a bad offer. I finally got a monster like this so there was no reason not to use it.

If it goes well it seemed like we could do some other work while moving things.

“What would we have to do?”

“In the nearby forest we are cutting some timber, so we would like you to bring it to the village”

“The forest….”

Now that he mentioned it, we haven’t gone to that forest.

“We’ll be back late but is that ok?”


“I got it. We accept.”

And so I took on the villagers quest and received one of their carts.

The wheels and stuff were all made of wood. It was small and cheap-looking, but I got it for free so no helping that.

It wasn’t new but rather seemed a little old.


We set up Firo with her own cart. She seemed happy and started pulling the cart.

The villagers also prepared a bridle for us. If I just looked at it, it seemed like something for a horse.

“Ok! Today we’re setting out for the forest!”



I pointed to the way we were going and Firo, filled with energy, started pulling the cart.

Thud! Thud!

So the cart lightly…

Thud! Thud! Thud! Bumpbumpbumpbumpbump!

Gradually a loud noise sounded from the cart. Like yesterday the scenery swiftly passed by.

“Too fast! Too fast! Lower the speed!”


We slowed down, and Firo bumped the cart along letting out an unsatisfied cry while walking.

“Uu… somehow I’ve started to feel sick…”

Raphtalia might be getting motion sickness. She slumped down and laid down in the cart.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes… but, please don’t shake it too much…”

“I see, Raphtalia has gotten motion sickness.”

“…It looks like it. Are you okay Naofumi-sama?”

“I’ve never gotten it…”

Getting drunk from alcohol and getting motion sickness were unrelated.1 When I was a primary school kid, I remembered guys sitting next to me watching me read light novels or manga and said it made them feel sick so they changed seats.

Also, I remember when we took the voyage that lasted about a day to see our relatives, my entire family was down with sea sickness while I was playing phone games inside the ship.

“Well take it easy, Firo and I will carry you to our destination” “I’ll take you up on your offer…”

Raphtalia said weakly as she laid down in the cart.

In the middle of that journey… I met someone I didn’t want to on the road.

“Buha! What is that! Haha, oh no, that’s just too funny. Buwahahahahahahahahaaha!”

He looked at me and clutched his stomach while laughed out load. That ***** stood behind him and laughed along.

I don’t know what tickled their funny bones, but just being laughed at irritated me.

What’s with you Motoyasu, right off the bat.

Motoyasu found us on the town road while being surrounded with women and started laughing.

“I-I mean right! You’re super lame right now right!”

“What is?”

“Did you start peddling? I guess people without money get desperate. Your bird is lame too!

Mu… peddling! That’s not a bad option.

Depending on Firo’s ability it could be possible. I’ll start thinking about it seriously.

“Laaaame! It’s not a horse but a bird, and what’s with that color. There’s that thin pink mixed into the white. It’s normally just white right. Plus it’s slooow!”

“I don’t know what’s normal but…”

I don’t get this guy’s sense of humor.

This is becoming a waste of time. I’ll ignore these guys and get going.

While I was thinking that Motoyasu got close to Firo while pointing.

Right after that


Firo aimed at Motoyasu’s crotch and kicked up with her tough leg.

I saw it.

I saw Motoyasu’s stupidly laughing face distort into shock as he flew back about 5 meters while spinning.


“K-Kyaaaaaaaaa! Motoyasu-sama!”

Haha, that must have crushed his balls.

I felt really exhilarated. Just being able to see this made buying Firo worth it.

As expected of my monster. She must have gotten revenge for me.

Firo, tonight I’ll specially let you eat something delicious.


While flapping her wings around, Firo steadily took off running.

After a while I couldn’t see Motoyasu’s group.

Wow… I’m feeling very exhilarated. I didn’t even dream I’d be able to see a scene like that.

“Wh-what happened?”

Raphtalia who had been lying limp lifted her face and asked.

“Hm? Nothing.”

“… in spite of that you’re making a radiant face I haven’t seen before.”

Oooh. It’s showing on my face huh.

Still, that’s some amazing leg strength, to send the hero of the lance flying that far.

“Umm… please go a little slower.”

I ran Firo with a radiant feeling, enough that Raphtalia’s words didn’t enter my ears.

After that, Raphtalia threw up during the trip and when we reached the forest she seemed to be at her limit.


Raphtalia moaned with a white face. I realized I had gone too far and felt sorry.

It’s all Motoyasu’s fault. He had made me feel so energetic and exhilarated.



Firo, same as me, looked sad and sorry.

“I-I’m al…right”

“You definitely don’t look it. It’ll be nice if we could find a place to rest but..”

“Ah, Shield Hero-sama”

There was a cabin near the forest. A villager that looked like a lumberjack came out of it.

“Aah, the villagers asked me to come and get some lumber but..”

“Umm… is your companion alright?”

“I think, probably not. I want to let her rest, but do you know a good place?”

“Well then there’s a cabin over here, let’s let her lie down.”

He said that and led us to the cabin. I supported Raphtalia’s shoulder and laid her down on a bed.

“If we say that Firo can only fight easy-ish enemies, then for today we’ll focus on transporting things.”

Raphtalia seemed to be weak to vehicles, so until she gets used to it let’s not go fast enough to bump the cart around.

“So, sorry but could you place the lumber on the cart, we’ll be back in a little while.”

“Ah, yes.”

Firo was unhooked from the cart and was looking in at us from outside the cabin.

“Okay, let’s go.”


She had kicked Motoyasu that far into the air. It seemed like I can expect quite a bit from her attack power.

Let’s take a little stroll around the forest. (!)

We went into the forest and unexpectedly didn’t encounter any monsters.

I walked around the quiet forest with Firo.

It might have been me getting immersed in the forest, but I felt like the air was really clear.

Come to think of it… this was the first time since coming to this world that I took the time and looked around at my surroundings.

I wonder why.

Seeing Motoyasu’s pained face must have blown all my troubles away.

… No.

I think it was because Raphtalia believed in me.

That Raphtalia was now motion sick and not here.

I felt kind of lonely.

Thinking about it I’ve only been with her for half a month or three weeks or so. Even so, it seemed like we’ve developed a natural relationship.

“It would be nice if there was medicine that worked on motion sickness.”

For now I’ll gather any herbs I see around here.

“Even so… no monsters are coming out huh..”

I’ve been walking for a while but there was no presence of monsters.



I heard Firo’s voice from unexpectedly far away.

I ran towards it and saw that Firo had just put something into her mouth.

… Was it just my imagination? That looked like an animal resembling a Usapiru.

Eventually Firo swallowed with a gulp.


Firo walked over here like nothing had happened.

34 EXP gained.

… Let’s not worry about it.

After a little under an hour, we finished foraging around the woods and returned to the lumberjack’s cabin where we saw the lumber had been packed onto the cart.

Entering the cabin, Raphtalia was still lying limp on the bed.

This was a problematic effect.

Raphtalia won’t last if Firo ran at top speed.

This might require some training. If Raphtalia doesn’t get used to vehicles we won’t be able to do any transportation work.

“Seems like some training is needed to get used to the cart.” “Uu…uuuu”

Raphtalia let out a moan in response to my words. As I thought, it seemed tough.

“Umm… I finished loading the lumber but..”

“Ah, yeah. Then I’ll head to the village and back, so can I leave her to you?”

“Yes! If she’s Shield Hero-sama’s companion then I’ll protect her no matter what.”

I’m a little worried, but I don’t have the patience to sit around doing nothing.

“Then we’ll get going.”

I got on the cart and gave the order to Firo, who was all prepared, to set out.


Letting out an energetic voice, Firo took off running.


  1. In Japanese, motion sickness literally means getting vehicle drunk 

Chapter 27 – Growth

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Circle-warning.gif This chapter is translated by Baka-Tsuki
and is rehosted due to dead link.

The next morning.

Raphtalia had been studying until late last night, so I woke up and discreetly slipped out of the room in order to see Firo.

It would be troublesome if she were to die from hunger.

I gathered the excess medicinal herbs that I didn’t use in yesterday’s compounding.


I heard a hoarse voice coming from the stables.

Looking at her figure, her feet and neck got longer. From a manjū 1, now she looked very much like an ostrich.

It was an amazing change. Her growth was entirely different from the birds I knew.

Her height was around my chest level, so it was still impossible for a person to ride her.


It seemed that she was hungry. That was why I bought some animal feed from the farm.

Even though buying her food used up a lot of gold, it was still cheaper than buying equipment.

Seeing how rapid she was growing in just a day… I had a terrible feeling about this.

“You. Only a day had passed since you were born.”


‘Surisuri’ Firo clung to me and I smiled softly and naturally.

This doesn’t particularly mean my love towards animals has awoken.

I’m just excited about what she could do when she grows up.

Earning her keep as a substitute for a carriage… my chest swelled with anticipation.

Wait, I can see a tinge of white and cherry blossom colors when I look carefully at the feathers.

I let the shield absorb the feather as a way of grooming.

The requirement for Demon Tamer Shield III has been met.

Demon Tamer Shield III. True power unsealed… Equipment Bonus: Growth Revision (Medium)

Nothing… So it didn’t have to be blood. Then it might also be good to cut Raphtalia’s hair and absorb it again.

She played and ran energetically, even though Firo was still a newborn.


Although she wasn’t a dog, I played with Firo by throwing a tree branch a distance away, where she then picked it up and returned it to me.

Her legs seemed fast, swiftly catching the branch before it even fell on the ground and quickly returning it.

She was quite intelligent.

Kukuku… it looked like my luck has finally turned around.

I played with Firo until Raphtalia woke up.

It was a rejuvenating type of therapy, these pets.

“Mu.. I’ve never seen Naofumi-sama show such a refreshing smile until now.”

Raphtalia came over to me while softly murmuring her displeasure.

If anything, it was an impish smile.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing.”


Chon, Chon. Firo’s beak peck lightly at Raphtalia.

It seemed she wanted to engage in some skinship.

“Ha~a… Guess it can’t be helped.”

Raphtalia smiled while caressing Firo’s face with both hands.


Firo snuggled up to Raphtalia, squinting her eyes from the pleasant feeling of being caressed.

“Now then, where should we explore today?”

“That’s right. How about going to the southward grassland in order to save food expenses for Firo?”

“Fumu… I guess so.”

The medicinal herbs as well as weeds have grown in abundance within that vicinity. I also think that it’s a good place to go.

For now, the purpose was to save money for better equipment.

“Yosh, Let’s go then.”



Well, we blithely went to the grassland while fighting monsters and leveled up slightly.

Me: Lv 25

Raphtalia: Lv 28

Firo: Lv 15

Picking medicinal herbs among other things, we focused on Firo’s food and several other harvests.

We defeated various monsters, releasing shield requirements with the best status bonus at around +1 or +2.

… The shield’s Intermediate Compounding Recipe still has not been found.


Firo had grown into a splendid Filorial.

“It’s early…”

The inn’s shopkeeper and the farm owner are both surprised.

The reason might be because of Growth Revision (Small) and (Medium)

“… Raphtalia, incidentally, when I bought the ink did you recognize…”

“A wa wa…”

I wonder if Raphtalia also wanted to grow up like that.


A sound similar to a bone creaking was heard.


Shortly, Firo, who grew up so much that a person could now ride her, sat in front of me.

“You want me to ride?”


Turning her head as I rode on her back, Firo chirped as if it was natural.

“Then let’s go.”

But was it all right to not attach a saddle or rein?

While thinking about it, I got on since she wanted me to ride her. I was sturdy thanks to the shield.

It would be all right even if I fell.

Riding her… wasn’t so bad thanks to the feathers.

There seemed to be no problem in regards to maintaining my balance properly.


Firo readily stood up.


The view was quite high.

I felt deeply move as I proceeded to ride an animal, even though I don’t know a thing about horse riding.


Firo started running while I was thinking, her chirp is very cheery!

“You, hey!”

“Na, Naofumi-sama–”


Wa, so fast! The scenery passed by me in no time, and Raphtalia’s voice became distant in an instant.


I wanted to see what Firo could do. After going around town, she stopped in front of the stables

And sat, then I got down.

“Are you all right!?”

Raphtalia ran up to me anxiously.

“Oh, yeah. I’m all right. But it sure is fast.”

Firo appeared to not even be that tired and started tending to her own feathers.

I was surprised when it exceeded the speed which I imagined. I might have got a good bargain.

“Well then, that’s enough for today, let’s return to our room.”

And then, someone grabbed the collar of my armor.

When I looked behind, I saw Firo seizing my collar with her beak.

“What’s wrong?”


I got called to stop by a chirp that seemed like a wail.


Oh well.

And, when I tried to leave, I got grabbed once again.

“What is it?”


Firo cried in a slightly displeased way and stamped her foot on the ground.

“Huh, have you not played enough?”

Firo shook her head when Raphtalia asked.

She can understand words

“Are you lonely?”

She cheekily nodded to us.


Then, she tried to appeal to us by unfolding her wings.

“That said…”

I’m reluctant to sleep in the stable, and I can’t take such a big monster to a bedroom inside the inn.

“Let’s accompany her here until she falls asleep.”

“Mu… well, fine.”

This girl has a big body, although it has only been 2 days since her birth. Even if it’s an animal, it’s too early to leave her alone in the stable at night.

That day at the stables, I studied this world’s letters together with Raphtalia.

Firo watched us quietly while resting tensely in her nest.


“Ah… you really can’t read these letters easily!”

If there was a shield like that, I want to find it fast.

“It can’t be helped. Anyways, I don’t think it’s very Naofumi-sama-like if you depend on the legendary shield for everything.”

“… Raphtalia. You’ve learned to even say things like that now huh.”

“Yes. Therefore, let’s learn magic and the language together.”

… ****.

There was nothing that would make this thing easier. While praying that my efforts won’t be wasted, we continued to study at the stable until Firo fell asleep.

Afterwards, we returned to our room and began making medicine with the newly obtained herbs.

The result, well, don’t ask – since I wasn’t able to decipher the recipe.


Chapter 26 – Firo

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Circle-warning.gif This chapter is translated by Baka-Tsuki
and is rehosted due to dead link.

The next morning, Raphtalia overslept due to staying up late last night. I groaned while holding the magic book in one hand.

Eh? I was brewing medicinal herbs into medicine.

While I was preparing to leave to regain some time from oversleeping.

“Ah, it’s hatching.”(Naofumi)

I had left the egg by a window in the room. Raphtalia noticed that the egg, that I bought yesterday, has started to crack.

A fluffy wing with feathers could be seen peeking out from within the cracks.

It’s trying really hard to break free from it’s shell.


I’m interested in what was going to hatch from the egg.

I watched the egg as more cracks appeared.

The cracks noisily spread with a Piki Piki sound, the face of a baby demon emerged from the egg.


With soft and fluffy feathers along with eyes of a demon, the pink fledgling looked at me with a piece of shell on its head.


It jumped cheerfully and collided with my face.

It wasn’t painful at all, and the demon seemed to be very energetic despite just being born.

Although I don’t know its race, it seemed like its physical condition was good and it would grow up well if it was properly taken care of.

“What kind of demon is this? Is this thing from the Pikyu bird race?(Naofumi)

Pikyu is a demon that was similar to a condor that could not fly high due to it being deformed.

I observed the newborn chick’s body.

Its body seemed more agile than the balloons. So I can expect it to be able to attack when it grew up because it has a beak.

“Hmm… Well I am not familiar with demons.”(Raphtalia)

Raphtalia answered with an embarrassed face.

“It can’t be helped. Should we ask some villagers?”(Naofumi)

Because this was a purchased demon, it shouldn’t be dangerous to bring around. If there was any trouble, it would obey my commands.

When I extended my hand to the demon chick, it ran up my hand, onto my shoulder and jumped on top of my head to settle down.


Suri Suri* slipping from my head to my cheeks
This is… really cute.

“Fufu, Naofumi-sama, it must think of you as its father.”(Raphtalia)

“Oh, it’s probably due to imprinting.”(Naofumi)

It might be registered beforehand because the one who moved it first was me, so it must have assumed I am its parent.

When I picked up the egg shards, my shield reacted.

It might inform me what demon this is if I absorb a fragment of the egg.

Therefore, I let the shield absorb a fragment.

Requirements for Demon Trainer Shield has been revealed.

Requirements for Demon Egg Shield has been revealed.

Demon Trainer Shield Unsealing completed… Equipment Bonus: Demon Growth Correction (Small)

Demon Egg Shield Unsealing completed… Equipment Bonus: Cooking Skill +2

…A shield I wasn’t expecting came out. I’ll change it into Demon Trainer Shield from Slave Trainer 2 Shield because it seemed more convenient.

“Did you discover something?”(Raphtalia)

“No, but a shield I wasn’t expecting came out though.”(Naofumi)

What kind of demon was this young chick? Hopefully the guys from the village will know.

I thought about where to Level Up today while walking through the village that was in the middle of reconstruction.

Maybe we could go to the bog area near the western part of the village? I also want to search for a suitable enemy near the North-west mountains.

I saw a villager that I recognized.

“Ah, Hero of the Shield-sama.”(Villager)

“Good morning.”(Naofumi?)

“Good morning.”(Raphtalia?)

This was where I was defending last week during the wave, it seemed like there was a lot of familiar faces here rebuilding the village.

“Good morning.”(Villager?)

He bowed his head very deeply. I was feeling a little embarrassed.


The chick on my head chirped rather cheerfully.


The villager looked at the chick on my head.

“What’s wrong?”(Naofumi)

I pointed at the chick on my head.

“I bought an egg from a demon dealer.”(Naofumi)

“Aah, I see.”(Villager)

“However, I don’t know which demon I bought. Do you guys know what kind of demon this is?”(Naofumi)

The villagers stared intently at the chick.

“Let’s see… Do you think that is a Philorial?”(Villager)

“Eh? The birds who pull carriages?”(Naofumi)

It would seem I made a little more than the money I paid… Well, only if what the villager said was true.

“Yeah, you can go see check with the ranch near the outskirts of the village.”(Villager)

“Then I’m going to go see.”(Naofumi)

We arrived at the house of the fellow who was managing the ranch. The ranch seemed to have been damaged during the wave, half the bred demons were killed.

“In short, is this demon a Philorial?”(Naofumi)

The ranch man nodded when I ask.

“Let’s see. This is a female Philorial.”(Ranch man)

The young chick sat still while the ranch man appraised her.

“This breed of the Philo Aria Philorial species is good. However, unless she pulls a cart, she’ll be restless.”(Ranch man)

“… What kind of creature is that?”(Naofumi)

“Is there something strange?”(Ranch man)

Oh, it’s not that strange if you’re born in this world.

Hmm… I wonder if these birds treat the carts as their nest that protects their eggs.

“Well, at least I didn’t lose any money.”(Naofumi)

This wasn’t bad, when she matured, she’ll go for at least 200 silver coins. Quite a good deal for 100 Silvers.

Though, I don’t know how much time and money she will need before maturity.


The young Philorial chirped on my head.

“What does this fellow eat?”(Naofumi)

“In the beginning something soft, like boiled beans. After she matures anything is fine.”(Ranch man)

“I see, Thanks.”(Naofumi)

I was surprised I could bow and say thanks this easily.

For now I should look for boiled beans inside the village.

“Well, what should we name her?”(Raphtalia)

Raphtalia asked me while stroking the chick.

“You’re going to name a pet which may be sold?”(Naofumi)

Well, you will be attached the moment a name is given, and when it is time to sell, you won’t be able to.

“Do I call this Philorial chick all the time?”(Raphtalia)


This is surely troublesome.

“Then… let’s call you Firo.”(Naofumi)

“… So cheap.”(Raphtalia)

“Shut up.”(Naofumi)


The young chick chirped cheerfully when she understood that she was named.

After we had breakfast we headed out to hunt with Firo.

“Where should we go today?”(Raphtalia?)


“Let’s see… A place we can walk to safely.”(Naofumi)


Raphtalia was very reliable. Fights were easier compared to before.

Firo was happily chirping on my head.

It was noisy, but very comfortable.

When evening approached I noticed some strange sounds.

There were a lot of unexpected encounters with demons, but they were defeated easily.

It was probably due to the brand-new weapons and armor. I could defeat enemies coming from the front.

Today’s results were:

Me Lvl 23

Raphtalia Lvl 27

Firo Lvl 12

Though I hardly fought, I got enough experience for a level, while Firo’s Level soared.

This was good. For young Demi-humans I heard the body grew rapidly when leveling up, it seemed demons were the same.

But… I wondered…

Firo’s appearance changed considerably.

Before, Firo was a small chick that could be held with both hands, but now she was big and grown up.

Well… Her figure seems to resemble a steamed bun.

And her feathers grew lighter, the color changed from pink to light pink.

I stroked the wings slowly for feathers.

Requirement for Demon Trainer Shield 2 have been released.

Demon Trainer Shield 2 Unsealing completed… Equipment Bonus: Demon Status Correction (Small)

Still, I noticed Firo’s growth when I didn’t even notice Raphtalia’s.


She changed her chirp and was beginning to walk on her own with a pitter-patter, because she was heavy.


There was an unpleasant premonition from Firo who was constantly chirping.

Though I bought a little too much feed, it seemed grass on the roadside was already a suitable substitute.

Her appetite was unending… This was the proof of her rapid growth.

“Umm… Naofumi-sama…”(Raphtalia)

“I understand. Demons are amazing.”(Naofumi)

To grow so much in one day… It was only a matter of time before she could be rode.

Though her body was strong, it was a little scary that her mind would be immature.

Therefore I performed a considerably severe limitation.

I returned to the hotel and showed the storekeeper Firo and asked where I could put her.

Afterwards, we were guided to the stable of the hotel and substituted straw for a nest.

“Hm? The meat and bone of the Chimera were put here.”(Naofumi)

Is it because this place hasn’t been corrupted that the materials rot slower? Or due to it being a monster of a different world.

“For the time being, I am waiting for it to soften so it will be easier to process.”(Villager)


It might not be edible, so is it processed so that it may be easier to handle just in case?

“After that, I’ll make dried meat and look for buyers.I am still looking forward to selling them. It seems that a few mages are coming.”(Villager)

“That’s good.”(Naofumi)

Because it was quite a big chimera, there seemed to be a lot of stock. The meat was probably equivalent to two cows.

It may be tough to make it edible, but there were many who wanted to research it.

This would be a place to acquire it.



Are you still hungry?

Though I got additional feed in the village and fed her, it still doesn’t seem to be enough.

Where does it all go?

Biki… BikiBiki…

Is that the sound of meat and bones creaking? Are you still growing?

“To grow up so much in one day… That’s pretty unreasonable”

The shopkeeper watched my face anxiously.

“She is still level 12.”(Naofumi)

“Eh? 12?”(Villager)

The storekeeper was surprised at my answer.

“I think around 20 days was needed to let it grow to that level but I guess this was to be expected of the power of a Hero-sama”(Villager)

Hmm… There was the possibility of Demon Growth Correction (Small) having an influence.

It changed every time I checked her status. What amazing growth.

Still, I can’t send her to battle yet.


Firo who was growing up quickly healthily chirped.

After I pet Firo to sleep, I headed back to the room shared by me and Raphtalia. I would study this world’s letters afterwards.

The problem was that there were too many letters in this language.


Chapter 25 – Gift of Life

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Circle-warning.gif This chapter is translated by Baka-Tsuki
and is rehosted due to dead link.

Now then, what’s next?

I remembered that I still have leftover potions from the wave.

Even though I had them prepared beforehand, I never used them in the end. It might be better to just sell them to a medicine shop.

“Let’s go to the medicine shop and then, the blacksmith.”

“Naofumi-sama, we won’t be receiving any more aid so we need to be more careful with our money. We should refrain from what we’ve been doing up until now.”


“Right now, we’ll be fine with our current equipment. Let’s consider buying them only when we really need them.”


Fumu, that is a good idea.

However, we only have cheap goods compared to the equipment of the other Heroes.

I think it would be a good idea to get Raphtalia a better weapon when we start fighting stronger enemies.

“It has only been a few days since we got new weapons. Imagine what Oyaji would think.”


The Oyaji from the weapon shop has given us various services. Although he allows us to trade in our equipment, we won’t be able to afford better gear with our current funds…

“Alright, let’s save up then.”


Well it wasn’t a bad idea to be frugal with our money.

“Then, let’s go to the medicine shop.”

And so, we went to the medicine shop. The owner had a friendly smile when he saw us.

“What? What’s going on?”

Normally, he had a sour look on his face when he saw us, so seeing him smile sent a shiver down my spine.

“Nothing much. I just wanted to thank you if you came.”


We were both confused.

“I heard that you guys saved my relatives in Riyuuto Village. They told me to help you out if possible.”

“Oh… I see.”

When the wave ended, everyone from Riyuuto Village got together to thank us. It seems like his relatives were among them.

“So, thank you for that.”

The shop owner retrieved a book from a closet and handed it to me.

“What’s this?”

“You’ve been making beginner level medicines, this book has a bunch of recipes for mid-level medicines. This will be a good time for you try them out.”


I gently opened the book of mid-level recipes. The binding was in bad shape, but the letters were printed clearly.

Yup. Can’t read it.

“T-thanks. I’ll try them out.”

I should show him some gratitude for helping us out.

Recipes for medicines with higher sale value could probably be found in here.

“I’m happy to hear that.”

I felt pressured because I might not be able to answer his goodwill.

I had already given up on reading the language of this world… but it might be a good idea to learn.

“The owner of the magic shop also told you to drop by.”

“Magic shop?”

“Naofumi-sama, it’s the shop that sells magic books.”

“Oh, I see.”

I thought it was just a bookstore… but now that I think about it, they had things like crystal balls at the back.

“Where is that?”

“The big store along the main road.”

… Ahh. One of the biggest bookstores in town.

“So, how may I help you today?”

“Ah, today’s–”

I sold my potions for higher than the usual amount.

I also bought new tools using that money before heading to the magic shop.

“Oh, you’re the Shield Hero. You’ve been a great help to my grandchild.”


I had no idea who she was talking about, but it was probably someone from the village. The old lady at the magic shop politely greeted us.

The old lady was a bit plump and wore witch-like clothing.

“So what do you need?”

I looked around the magic shop that I thought was just a bookstore.

There were rows of stale books and lots of crystals placed behind the counter.

Along with items such as staffs, it definitely felt like a magic shop.

Anyway, how do you use magic in this world?

“Is that young lady over there your companion?”

“Hmm? Ah.”

I nod at Raphtalia.

“Please wait a moment.”

The old lady said and retrieved a crystal ball from behind the counter, then she began to chant some sort of spell.

“Okay, now then Shield Hero-sama. Can you take a look at the crystal ball?”

“Ah, sure.”

What’s going on?

Is what I thought as I gazed into the crystal ball.

… It was shining a bit but I didn’t notice anything else.

“Hmm… it seems that Shield Hero-sama is suitable for support and healing magic.”


I’m suited for magic!?

Hurry up and teach me then… well I can’t really complain since I wouldn’t understand.

“Next is the young lady there.”

“Ah, okay.”

I step to the side as Raphtalia looked into the crystal ball next.

“Hmm. As expected, the young lady of the Raccoon race is suited for light and dark magic.”

“‘As expected’, as in that’s normal?”

“Yes… her race is skilled at illusions using light distortion and darkness concealment.”

I see. So the Raccoon race is similar to Tanukis. It seems that even in Japan, Tanukis are a sort of creature that can transform into humans.

“So what now?”

“Here, just something from this old lady at the magic shop.”

The old lady then handed us three books.

Books again! Even though I said I couldn’t read, why were you also giving us books?

“I actually wanted to give you a crystal ball, but this old lady’s livelihood would be endangered if I did.”

“What do you mean?”

“Doesn’t Shield Hero-sama know that you can learn a spell by releasing compatible magic from a crystal ball?”

What!? That means that I can use magic even though I can’t read?

“The country recently made a large order… of crystal balls for the Heroes. A lot of them were delivered, does Shield Hero-sama not know?”

“I had no idea.”

Because of that trash king. They were probably given to the other heroes.

Geez, they left me out to die.

“Although magic books are a bother, one could learn 10 spells in a single month with dedicated studying.”

So, 1 spell with the crystal ball and around 3 spells per magic book; though I still can’t read it yet. No, since she said a month maybe there’s something more to it.

“My apologies.”

“No no, these magic books are more than enough.”

Raphtalia answered while smiling. I nod along.

“So how much magic will we be able to use?”

“These are all beginner level. For higher level… please buy them.”

“Ah- Ah.”

It is a shop. So we shouldn’t be ungrateful since she was hurting her own business by giving these books away.

“Thank you.”

It was hard to express but we accepted the magic books from her.


I let out a sigh.

I don’t really like studying. What could someone with low grades like me do with these?

Fine. I’ll definitely decipher the recipes and spells in these books.

Is what I want to say.

I kind of wish my shield had a ‘written language translation’ ability.

There’s a high chance that my shield has recipes for various medicines. I should be able to use them if I try.

However, I wonder which option would be better, spending the effort to search through the branches of my shield or learning the language to understand the medicine recipes from the books?

With the latter, I would have to deal with costs and other problems.

Still… just thinking about the possibility of my shield having a way to translate this world’s written language made me lose my willpower.

“Let’s learn magic together.”

Raphtalia happily said to me.

“But I can’t read the language of this world…”

“Eh, that’s why we should learn it together.”

“Well… I guess that’s fine.”

Well, it doesn’t hurt to study while making medicine.

“Anyways, when is the next wave?”

“Hm? Ah, one moment.”

I looked at the icon in the corner of my vision and check the menu for the next scheduled wave.

Next: 45 days and 14 hours.

“In 45 days.”

Wasn’t it every month!?

Hmm, well looking back, it has only been around 2 months since I was summoned here.

In that case, maybe the time limit is longer this time around.

It had only been a few days between Raphtalia becoming a slave and then meeting me.

A month is… a long time then.

“Well, having a lot of time is also good.”

It’s possible that there isn’t much we can accomplish in that period.

“For now, have we finished all we needed to do here?”

“Hmm… we have reapplied the curse and sold the medicines. We have also received the books. I think that’s it.”

Raphtalia confirmed.

Since coming back here because we forgot something would be a waste of time.

“Let’s get some food then grind some levels afterwards.”


Today’s breakfast surprised me. Because my sense of taste had returned.

I can now say that something tastes delicious.

Requirements for Mortar Shield has been unsealed. (note: mortar as in pestle & mortar)

Requirements for Beaker Shield has been unsealed. (note: beaker as in beaker & flask)

Requirements for Yagen Shield has been unsealed. (note: does this have an english name? it’s pretty much the same as pestle & mortar)

Mortar Shield

True power sealed… Equipment bonus: Novice Mixing

Beaker Shield

True power sealed… Equipment bonus: Liquid solutions bonus

Yagen Shield

True power sealed… Equipment bonus: Harvesting skill 2

After eating, we left the town and headed in the direction of Riyuuto Village.

Nearby was a place with a moderate amount of monsters.

I don’t know the grinding spots of the other Heroes. Because the only way to find these spots was either by asking the locals or searching for them yourself.

Finding a decent hunting spot just from looking at a map was pretty difficult; enough to be called a challenge.

Although it was not like we were competing, it was slightly frustrating to fall behind the other heroes. It was just that fighting new monsters and letting my shield evolve doesn’t sound too bad.

While I’ve left out many details, a lot of shields have been unlocked. Although my abilities have risen, that was also a small problem on its own.

Because of my shield, my defense had increased a lot. My other stats such as agility, stamina, magic power and SP have all risen. Everything other than attack.

For that reason, during the last wave I didn’t really receive any injuries.

While we were en route…

“… By the way, can I absorb any monsters from the wave?”

I completely forgot about it after returning from the invasion, but I want to see if my shield will react to them.

So near Riyuuto Village, we found the mob corpses from the wave.

Requirements for Netherworld Locust Shield has been unsealed.

Requirements for Netherworld Bee Shield has been unsealed.

Requirements for Netherworld Corpse Eater Demon Shield has been unsealed.1

Netherworld Locust Shield

True power sealed… Equipment bonus: Defense +6

Netherworld Bee Shield

True power sealed… Equipment bonus: Agility +6

Netherworld Corpse Eater Demon Shield

True power sealed… Equipment bonus: Decay Prevention (S)

Next I checked to see if any other shields would be unlocked from these.

However, the requirements for this shield series were not fulfilled and only one of them was unsealed.

Requirements for Bee Needle Shield has been unsealed.

Bee Needle Shield

True power sealed… Equipment bonus: Attack +1

Special Effect: Shield of Needles (S) Bee’s Poison (Paralysis)

With this we continued onward. The villagers were in the middle of disposing the Chimera corpse.


“Ah, Shield Hero-sama.”

Because of our efforts the other day, the villagers warmly welcomed us.

“Is that the boss of the wave?”

I grumble while looking at the Chimera corpse.

I closely look at the thing called a Chimera, but for some reason… it doesn’t quite look like the monsters in this world.

Maybe it’s the color or something, but I can’t pinpoint why.

“What a fearsome thing.”

“… Yeah.”

The villagers and I agree.

I wonder if the other heroes or knight brigade already harvested it. What’s left of the meat and fur are carved up.

“Can I take some of it as well?”

“Please go ahead, we’re having trouble disposing of it anyways. Do you need us to help process and prepare the parts?”

“That doesn’t sound too bad… but there doesn’t seem to be much I can use.”

The fur was carved up so it isn’t possible to make something like armor. So, all that are left are… the meat and bones… and the snake tail.

The heads have been removed and taken. Looking at it, it seemed that it had 3 heads.

Well whatever, Raphtalia and I cut apart the corpse and let my shield absorb the pieces.

Requirements for Chimera Meat Shield has been unsealed.

Requirements for Chimera Bone Shield has been unsealed.

Requirements for Chimera Leather Shield has been unsealed.

Requirements for Chimera Viper Shield has been unsealed.

Chimera Meat Shield

True power sealed… Equipment bonus: Cooking Skill+

Chimera Bone Shield

True power sealed… Equipment bonus: Darkness Resistance (M)

Chimera Leather Shield

True power sealed… Equipment bonus: Defense +10

Chimera Viper Shield

True power sealed… Equipment bonus: [Change Shield] skill, Antidote Mixing+, Poison Resistance (M)

Special Effect: Poisonous Snake Fang (M), Hook

The last one seemed to come with lots of useful bonuses. The defense increase was pretty high too.

However, using the shield requires a high level and unlocking more of the Chimera Series.

It should be fine to do this later, but there’s a big chance it could be important for the next wave.

“What about the rest?”

I ask the villagers.

“We were going to bury it anyways, so take whatever you need.”


Although it was a bit of a waste, all that was left were mostly just meat and bones.

I guess we can hold onto the bones, but I think we can use the meat for jerky.

There was no way it would be edible though.

So it was like that. I felt like it could be used for ingredients in some magic potions.

… But I’m not sure if anyone would ever buy it… Plus, it’d be bad if the remains became rotten. It would also be scary if it somehow regenerated because of it not being preserved properly.

About the bones, I think they should be fine.

However, even then we should probably be careful.

“Then I’ll take as much as possible.”

“Um, but it will be quite heavy.”

“Can I have the village look after the rest?”

“Eh? If Shield Hero-sama asks…”

“Just take the meat and dry it, but leave a bit and see if there’s anyone who would want to buy some. That should help with the reconstruction. There should be people who would buy the meat of the wave monsters in order to research it.”

“Yes, there should be.”

The villagers seemed interested in the reconstruction fund so they accept my suggestion.

I dealt with the innards and other easily decayed parts by absorbing them into my shield. The sun has set by the time we finally reach Riyuuto Village.

The village was half-destroyed, but the survivors all stayed together in the remaining, intact houses.

We received a room in a safe inn and quietly spent the rest of the day resting.

“… Although I do want to help out with the reconstruction, we don’t have the luxury to worry about others right now.”

Today, we were taken care of by the people of Riyuuto Village.

They were grateful for our help with the chimera parts, but for us to receive a free meal and room might have been overdoing it.

“You’re right. But it would be great if we could do something that would be mutually beneficial.”

A villager who could read and write had provided us with a chart of this world’s alphabet.

In other words, the Hiragana table. Or the alphabet table in English.

Afterwards, since Raphtalia could read a bit, I had her point out characters and teach me the pronunciation until I slowly deciphered the table.

With this, maybe even words can be formed, but figuring it all out would be difficult.

For now I don’t need to rush to learn the letters.

In between making medicine, I worked hard at memorizing the characters.


  1. note: I am not a creative man. literal translation. 

Chapter 24 – Egg Gacha

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Circle-warning.gif This chapter is translated by Baka-Tsuki
and is rehosted due to dead link.

“Oh, if it isn’t Hero-sama. How may I be of service today?”

The gentle owner of the slave shop appeared flourishingly to welcome us.


Surprised, he looked at Raphtalia curiously.

“What a surprising change. I did not think you would grow so well.”

He said in a disappointed voice while slumping.

“… What?”

“I thought you would be more like us, how unfortunate.”

What does he mean? But I’ll just keep that question to myself.

“Real slave traders would raise high quality slaves by keeping them half dead.”

He casually continued.

“Then the slaves you know of were discarded after being used, right?”


Raphtalia looked up at me concerned.

I’ve become a lot more confident now.

My current situation is much better than last time.

“Fufufu… Is that so, how exciting.”

The slave owner, perhaps amused by my reply, let out a laugh.

“Then, looking at her condition… she has grown quite well. For a non-virgin… how about 7 gold coins?”

“Why are you talking like I’m going to be sold! Also, I am still pure!”

Shocked at Raphtalia’s words, the slave owner let out a gasp.

“Oh my! Then how about 15 gold coins? May I confirm if she is a virgin?”


15 gold coins for Raphtalia!?

“Naofumi-sama! Hey, please say something?”

15 gold coins would be enough to buy the Level 75 male wolf!

While I was having those thoughts, Raphtalia tightly grabbed my shoulder with a scary look on her face.

“Naofumi-sama… If you keep playing around, I’ll get mad.”

“What’s wrong? You have a scary look on your face.”

“You’re not defending me at all even though I might be sold.”

“I’m just playing along.”

–That’s how I’ll have to play it off as. Although I did think it over, Raphtalia saw right through me.

I shouldn’t pretend to consider selling the one person in this world who believed in me.

“15 gold coins….”

Her grip became stronger when I murmured this.

“Ow, ouch!”

Raphtalia’s offensive strength… had become greater than my defense.

This was reliable in a combat sense.

“… I’ll run away, you know.”

“It’s a joke. I was just thinking of how amazing and beautiful you’ve become.”

“T-that… Oh, Naofumi-sama…”

For some reason, Raphtalia became bashful all of a sudden.

It’s kinda irritating.

… Is what I thought, but why? What did I say?

“Well, she’s not for sale.”

“I see… that’s too bad. So how may I help you?”

“Ah, didn’t you hear about the commotion at the castle?”

The slave trader grinned at my question.

“I have. The slave curse was removed, no?”

“If you understand already, then this will be simple… Don’t ask in the first place if you know beforehand.”

Since I’m already tired from dealing with Raphtalia.

Good grief…

“Of course, you know, despite what the king declared, the slave system will still exist.”

“Hmm, I thought the nobles didn’t buy slaves?”

“No, not at all. There are many slaves owned by the wealthy. After all, they are quite useful, of course.”

“That trash king, saying those things while supporting Motoyasu, the Spear Hero… Won’t the nobles become rebellious? I would if I were them.”

It’d be quite funny if that happened.

Although it’d be quite bad for the kingdom.

“Well, there are many factions within the kingdom. If they did rebel, the ones who will end up losing would be the nobles themselves. Yes.”

“That bearded old man has that much influence?”

Was it because this kingdom was a complete dictatorship?

Then maybe the kingdom will eventually collapse due to an uprising.

Since the kingdom currently had a trash king who will be succeeded by a ***** princess.

“Actually, in this country, rather than the king–”

“Um… back to the matter of the slave curse…”

“Ah, yes.”

We’ve digressed. Now that I think about it, I don’t care what will happen to that trash king.

“So, you’ve come to reapply the curse, yes?”

“Yeah, is that possible?”

“Whenever you wish.”

With a snap of his fingers, an assistant appeared with the same jar used when we first marked her.

An embarrassed Raphtalia took off her armor and exposed her chest.

“H-how is it?”

“How is what?”

“… Haa…”


Why is she acting so embarrassed?

Even sighing afterwards.

Did I do something?

Just like last time, I added my blood to the ink and the mix was coated on Raphtalia where the old mark used to be.

“Although the mark was erased, it is possible to restore it.”


The erased mark began to reappear as Raphtalia’s chest glowed.


As expected, it seemed to hurt. Raphtalia tried to bear the pain.

The mark was restored before my eyes.

I need to check the reaction from disobeying orders.

… It should be fine to go easy this time.

Raphtalia became a slave again to gain my trust. So I should trust her now as well.

“Now then.”

While thinking about what to do, I noticed that there’s some ink left on the plate.

“Hey, can I have some of that ink? I can pay for it.”

“Sure, go ahead.”

I spread the remaining ink from the plate onto my shield.

Suu- my shield absorbed the ink.

-The requirement for Slaver’s Shield has been unsealed.

-The requirement for Slaver’s Shield 2 has been unsealed1.

Slaver’s Shield.

True power sealed… Equipment Bonus: Slave growth+ (S)

Slaver’s Shield 2.

True power sealed… Equipment Bonus: Slave condition+ (S)

Slaver’s Shield… well, that’s somewhat expected.

Something new appeared in the tree, branching from Small Shield series. It was not that strong.

However, the equipment bonus caught my attention

Improved growth.

But two items were unlocked from just a little bit of ink?

I carefully look at Raphtalia.

“What is it?”

That reminds me that the shield absorbed her hair before. ‘Racoon Shield’ was unlocked at that time, but maybe that also fulfilled some of other conditions.

That was probably for Slaver’s Shield 2. With those conditions fulfilled, two shields were unlocked.2

I logically reasoned.

In that case…

“Raphtalia, give me a bit of your blood.”

“What, why?”

“There’s something I want to test.”

Puzzled, Raphtalia makes a little cut on her fingertip and spreads some blood onto the plate. I drip it onto my shield.

-The requirement for Slaver’s Shield 3 has been unsealed.

Slaver’s Shield 3.

True power sealed… Equipment Bonus: Slave growth+ (M)

Yes! As expected!

“Naofumi-sama? You seem like you’re having fun.”

“Ahh, an interesting shield appeared.”

“That’s great.”

I change my shield to the Slaver’s Shield and waited for it to unlock.3

“Now then… Hmm?”

We’ve finished our business here and began to leave, but a wooden box filled with eggs caught my eye.

I don’t remember seeing these last time. I was curious.

“What is that?”

I ask the slave trader.

“Ahh, that is what we sell as our business front.”

“What business is that?”

“A monster shop.”

For some reason he answered excitedly.

“Monsters? In that case, are there also monster tamers?”

“How perceptive, was Hero-sama not aware of this?”

“I don’t think I’ve seen any…”


Raphtalia raised her hand.


“Filo Rial are monsters raised by a tamer.”

The name of a monster I’ve never heard of. I have no idea what she meant.

“What is that?”

“It’s a bird used to pull carriages instead of horses within the city.”

“Oh, those things.”

Those birds that looked like chocobos. 4

I thought those were just animals unique to this world, but I guess they were monsters.

“In the village I lived in, there were also people who raised monsters. They were raised for their meat in many of the farms.”


Is that how it was? In this world it seems people who worked on farms also count as monster tamers.

“So then, those eggs are..?”

“It’s difficult for people to handle monsters otherwise. This way is easier to do business.”

“Is that so.”

“Would you like to see the cages with fully raised monsters?”

If I showed interest he would try selling them to me. The slave trader was a businessman.

“No, it’s fine.”

I have other matters to attend to.

“So what’s that sign on top of the box filled with eggs?”

Although I don’t know what’s written there, I saw an arrow pointing to the box and characters which looked like numbers.

“One try for 100 silver coins, a monster egg lottery!”

“100 coins is pretty high.”

We currently have 508 silver coins. That was a hefty price.

“Because they are expensive monsters.”

“Just making sure about Filo Rials, how much are they normally?”

“Starting at 200 coins for a grown one. They also provide lots of byproducts like feathers. Yes.”

“So chicks are cheaper than adults? So this is the price of a Filo Rial egg… but there’s also the cost of raising one?”

“No no, we also have other types of eggs in there.”

“I see… since it’s a lottery.”

So he’s saying there are losers and winners.

So a loss is worth less while a win is more than the attempt.

“So there’s probably no winners in there, right?”

“What! Hero-sama thinks that we would pull such a scam!?”

“Am I wrong?”

“We have pride in our business! Although we do like to trick our customers, we would never misrepresent our products.”5

“You like to deceive, but won’t lie…”

What kind of logic is that. I wonder dumbfounded.

“So? What is the winning prize?”

“An easy way to explain it to you would be a Kiryuu.”

Kiryuu? That’s maybe… a dragon that a knight commander would ride?6

“A horse-like dragon?”

“These are the flying types. They are quite popular… so nobles often vie for them.”

Flying dragons… like in dreams.


“The market price for one of these winners is about 20 gold coins.”

“What are the chances? Just for the Kiryuu.”

“Right now there are 250 eggs in the lottery. Among those, one.”

So 1/250.

“Strong magic has been cast so you can’t tell from the look or the weight. Only after customers acknowledge they may not win do we allow them to play.”

“What a good business.”

“Yes, if one wins we make sure to get their name. And from the publicity we get many participants.”

“Of course, it’s just luck…”

“If one buys 10 attempts then we allow them to pick another one from the box. Yes.”

“But, how about excluding the Kiryuu?”

“Yes. Nevertheless, there are ones worth 300 silver coins.”

Hearing that made me smile.

Wait a second… Isn’t this just CompuGacha? Hey!7

It’s easy to reap huge profits with something like this.

I was nearly tricked again.


Still, I ended up seeing something interesting here.

Thinking about it, I feel somewhat vulnerable with just Raphtalia.

So which would be better, buying another slave or raising a monster?

It would be interesting to try out the new Slave Shield. Raphtalia’s level has already gone up, so it would be difficult to get the benefits of Slave Growth+.

However, I was reminded of Motoyasu.

That guy sure was annoying about freeing slaves… Although, maybe it was just because Raphtalia was a pretty girl.

There were also many times when Raphtalia was in a lot of trouble.

Additionally, I would have to buy equipment for the slave. This would be a problem for my penniless self.

“Okay, then I will buy a single try.”

“Thank you very much! This time I will also throw in the slave ceremony for free.”

“Oh, how generous. I like that.”


“What’s the matter?”

“Are you going to buy a monster egg?”

“Ah, I was thinking that our last battle was tough with just Raptalia. Equipment for another slave would be expensive, so I thought raising a monster would be interesting.”

“Haa… But monsters can also be troublesome.”

“I know that. Don’t you want a pet though?”

“… But aren’t you aiming for a dragon?”

“Even a crappy Usapiru is fine.”

It’s not like I hate animals, even MMOs have pet taming features. Hopefully, raising it would be just as relaxing. Either way, as long as it’s able to obey orders like a slave, then it should have a higher attack than me.

I notice that since I have a bit of extra money now, I’m starting to be reckless with my spending. However, this should be a good investment.

Anyways, with the Slaver’s Shield it makes sense to own a monster.

“Selling it off after raising it won’t be as painful like with a slave.”

“Ah, I see. That makes sense.”

Although we may end up becoming attached to it, we have no money so we’ll just have to bear it should that happen.

Since a slave is another person, having to sell them would be very sad. If for some reason I need to sell a slave whom I’ve become close with like Raphtalia, I’m not sure I would be able to do it.

However, monsters aren’t able to talk, so no matter what it’ll just be slightly painful.

Leaving them behind with a ‘I hope you meet a good master’.

“So you also provide those services?”8

“I’m excited by how insightful Hero-sama is! Yes!”

This slave owner gets really enthusiastic.

Let’s just look at the eggs for now.

He said something about there being no way to search through them.

Well, I guess just randomly picking one is fine.

“This one then.”

Using my intuition, I pick one out from near the right.

“Please mark this seal with your blood to remember which one you chose.”9

Like he instructed, I smeared my blood onto the design on the egg.

A bright red light shined as an icon representing the monster tamer appeared.

I guess this is the same as restricting what slaves can do.

… Setting a punishment for it if my orders are ignored. I’ll make it more severe than the one on Raphtalia.

It’s a monster after all. Since it can’t understand my words, then it would be better for the punishment to be harsh.

Though it hasn’t even hatched yet.

While grinning, the slave owner opened an incubator-like machine.

“If for some reason it doesn’t hatch, I’m going to ask for compensation.”

“How admirable! For the Hero-sama who won’t take a failure lying down.”

I take note of the slave owner’s mood and attitude. Geez, isn’t this guy a bit of a *********?

Although I don’t get off on verbally abusing other guys… well, I do want to see the suffering faces of those ****** heroes.

“Even though it’s just words now, I really will come. I’ll unleash my violent slave on you.”

“What are you going to make me do!”

“Duly noted.”

The slave owner was seriously in a good mood.

“Around when will it hatch?”

I ask the slave owner after handing over 100 silver coins.

“It is written on the incubator.”


The number-like characters were changing.

“Raphtalia can you read?”

“Um, Just a bit… it says around tomorrow.”

“So fast. Well that’s good.”

“We will await your next arrival.”

In the end we left the tent with our egg.


  1. can’t think of a way to word it so it fits with the names of all the other shields 
  2. I guess his logic is that absorbing things fulfill conditions in the skill tree. So since he absorbed her hair before and with the addition of the ink now, multiple shields were unlocked (ie. one from just the ink and the second from ink + hair). 
  3. He probably means unseal, as in unlocking the true power of the shield. 
  4. If you don’t what these adorable creatures are do look them up ^-^ 
  5. I guess there’s a slight difference… :-D 
  6. kiryuu kanji is horse + dragon roughly, he’s just randomly guessing using that 
  7. Wikipedia says its a mobile game. think of it like puzzle&dragons 
  8. reselling of slaves 
  9. pretty direct translation since hard to word while keeping the meaning.