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Prologue – Where is this?

There was a game called Midgard online.

The game was abbreviated as MGO, it was famous for an old-style RPG game due to its unusual mix of 2D and 3D graphics in this glorious era of VRMMO.

The reason this game used such a low-tech system was because of the long years of uptime this game had been operating for.

It had a lifespan of over twenty years, that was long enough for the mainstream of games to change.

Developed with old technology, this game still stood proudly due to its 100,000+ active users.

◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇

“Yup yup, Ymir is cute after all, she’s like an angel.”

I was praising my own avatar in Midgard Online.

The biggest selling point of this game lies in the variety appearance modification item.

Due to its vast amount of selection, you’ll never see a 2D character with the same appearance in a crowded 3D map.

Head equipment, shoulder equipment, shield, weapon, belt. 2D graphics of all kind were prepared for each body part.

Besides that, there were even mounts that the players could ride. MGO was proud of the number of fashion items that other large VR or 3D games couldn’t handle.

Of course, the production team labored day and night to produce these items.

The character I use, Ymir, is a Magic Knight. They once used to be the mainstream of this game.

Boasting of high HP and offensive power, they can also attack by riding a dragon. The Magic Knight powered up by using magic stones called Runes.

— However, that didn’t last long.

That was due to the aftermath of a downward revision called balance adjustment.

The skill’s attack power was lowered, and it became to be the same as other jobs.

Rather, it was to be said to be inferior to other jobs due to the long cooldown time of skills.

The HP was also lowered, destroying its identity as a frontline fighter.

As a result, the number of Magic Knights, which was about 20% of the total number of players, decreased with frightening momentum.

However, the setting capable of tickling people’s delusional (chuni) hearts helped the profession avoid extinction, the remaining players researched the ways to make a proper Magic Knight or discovered other ways to have fun.

In other words, a certain number of players didn’t abandon this job.

I’m one of them. Even as a player with an unusual composition, I have a rather good reputation.

I liked weapons which automatically cast magic when an attack hits, the so-called auto-cast. I’ve been gathering pieces of equipment with that function, and my status value was also boosted by it.

These weapons were originally used by magicians, so it was a really hot topic when a job with physical focus like my Magic Knight using them.

However, due to its inefficiency, I had a very difficult time trying to enter guilds and parties.

A famous player who joined temporary parties that neglected efficiency and continued playing as a single character which almost reached upper level limit, that’s me.

Why am I sticking to such character?

Of course, it is because of “love”.

It’s a full blast chuni setting. A loli avatar wielding weapons larger than herself. Riding on a dragon, swinging a two-handed sword, and dropping magics like rain. Defeating enemies by unleashing magic with sword and runes. I was fascinated by such a setting.

I fell in love with this battle style, and because I enjoyed it while neglecting the efficiency, I was able to fight with high-level monsters.

One day, I hit the ice golem with high-speed shooting. I rained down [Thunderbolt] magic with auto-cast at a reasonable pace. It was defeated one-sidedly within a few seconds and a smile leaked from my face.

“It’s harder to level up the higher the level. I’ve heard you need tens of thousands of experience points to reach the highest level. To be honest, I don’t think my character can walk this far.”

“Well, I already have the equipment I wanted and there’s no need to rush. I think it’s almost about time for the infinite ice labyrinth to open again.”

Infinite ice labyrinth was a type of dungeon in MGO, which repeatedly sent players to the same map.

However, the monsters were different on each level, and a powerful boss never failed to appear at the end of every level.

Of course, there was a possibility that a rare item will drop if the boss was defeated.

And this dungeon could only be challenged once a week.
“Alright, should I go buy myself a meal after preparing the item?”

I only prepared recovery items and weapons for infinite ice labyrinth, “Guess I’ll wait in a safe zone and then go out to buy a lunch box.”

My parents who always made lunch for me had already passed away. Though my grandparents were still around, they only visit once a year.

Recently I think that there’s no problem with my daily life, be it at work, games, or sleep. However, I don’t have any friend who wants to meet up in real life.

My boss and others said, “Make a girlfriend,” but to be honest it’s troublesome.

“In the first place, 3D people are no good.”

I changed my clothes and put on my shoes. I’ll be troubled if I said I prefer living alone.

I feel bad in many ways, but I think it’s enough to keep love in the 2D world.
It is getting cold, so getting out is quite a hassle.

It’s already three days since the last time I went outside, with the exception of going to work.

I lightly stretch my body and bend my back. I don’t know if I’ve played too many games, but my head feels heavy.

“Head hurts …… I should go soon.”

There is no food left in the refrigerator. If I don’t go shopping, I’ll be in trouble for tomorrow’s dinner.

I turned the cold doorknob and stepped outside.


Behind the door, it was a grassland.

Sunlight poured out from the slightly tilted sun, and a warm wind brushed against my feet.

I was in Japan surrounded by a solid wall, and it should have been winter.

But the scenery spreading before my eyes is early summer no matter how you look at it. Moreover, the natural landscape.

“What…… is going on?”

I let a somewhat high pitched voice, my voice is… high-pitched?

“Eh, this voice……? What?”

My voice isn’t this high. And what about the wind brushing against my feet……?

Lowering my line of sight… A fluffy and slightly bulging chest, exposed bare thighs, and a pretty dress stretched out until knee length.

The limbs are slender, just like a girl… or a woman! What?

“Wha , What is thisssssssss!?”

However you look, this is not Japan… I let out a scream to me who just became a woman.