Levelmaker is returning to Re-Library

New Chapters!

Hello everyone!

Those who follow the Levelmaker webnovel and made it past the translations of chapter 92-120 by Rockwall and Melon will know me already. I picked up the series in January and have been publishing chapters on my own WordPress page.

Over the past few weeks, I did retranslations for those chapters 92-120 in parallel to working on new chapters, and also reached out to Re-Library, if they would be interested to host my translations.

As a result, new chapters (plus those retranslations which haven’t been posted anywhere else for now) will be published on Re-Library again. I usually translate 4 chapters per week and post them on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

I tend to make a lot of footnotes in my translations, which are a mix of explanations, possible alternative meanings, and my own (often sarcastic) comments. I general, you should be able to enjoy them even without reading footnotes, though you might need them in case of food, unless you know a ton about Japanese dishes.

I hope you enjoy reading my translations.


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