About the two weeks hiatus

I have missed my self-imposed release schedule of one a week twice, and I apologize for that. These past weeks have been some busy weeks for me and my editors and proofreaders in real life, amongst exam and other things. I expected that this will go on for a little while longer, so I decided to put any chapter release on hold for another month and a half. This will allow me to build a substantial translations stockpile to keep the future release schedule consistent, give my proofreaders/editors some breather room, and also allow them to build a proofreaded chapter stockpile. One month and a half may seem long, but I’m taking a more pessimistic estimation. We may start releasing before then, but I wouldn’t be holding my breath for that. Thank you for all your support and patience. 🙏

May we start with renewed spirit and vigour in the future!

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